Finishing School For Ladies Ch. 09


Chapter Nine – Teacher Knows Best

“Well its back to the grind I suppose,” Valerie said sitting down to breakfast with Sally in their Soho flat on the last day of her holiday.

“I know you told me that you’re effectively still in hiding but I don’t know why you have to stay at fucking Saint Trinian’s,” Sally sounded a little exasperated.

“You know its Chelmsford Finishing School Sally, there is no need to be facetious. Are we having our first fight as a married couple?” Valerie smiled.

“I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll go back to school and sort out my businesses there and then I’ll leave at the end of the year ok?” Valerie said in conciliatory tone.

“Wonderful darling,” Sally replied.

“And you stop prostituting yourself as of right now,” Valerie countered.

“But I want to contribute to our income,” Sally whined.

“I’ll find you something with dignity but I don’t want my wife hawking her arse anymore ok?” Valerie took Sally’s hand in hers and looked her in the eyes.

“Ok; I’ll be a housewife until you find me a job darling?” Sally grinned.

“Mmm…housewife eh? I kind of like that idea. So why don’t we duck in the bedroom and you can carry out your housewife duties on this,” Valerie smiled and pointed to the tent in her skirt.

“So long as I don’t have to wear a pinafore. Besides I’m still fascinated by your new tits so how can I say no,” Sally took Valerie’s hand and heaved her out of her chair.

Valerie was still unpacking when Emily came into her dorm with three other students. She looked sheepishly at Valerie.

“Let me guess…the Roman river thing?” Valerie said a little rankled.

“Valerie; since you’ve been gone the business has just got out of control. Alice, Mary and I can’t keep up. Both bedrooms are going non-stop and we’re having to blow and fuck guys in their cars because there are three of us and only two bedrooms,” Emily sounded exhausted.

“We need more girls and we need more rooms!”

“Or we need a better business model. I’ve been thinking about it and I might have a better plan. It’s complicated but lucrative if we can pull it off,” Valerie replied.

“Ok you three sit down while I ask you some questions and tell you the rules,” Valerie pointed at the three young hopefuls.

Valerie got Billy to cancel all the punters for that evening and called a business meeting at the cottage with Emily, Billy, and Raul. Billy went in his car to fetch Sally.

Valerie began to explain her new business plan when they were all settled.

“Ok. We can’t keep going on like this, our business model is unsustainable and the cottage isn’t big enough to run a brothel with the girls I now have on the books. I have three girls already working and three more signed up today and they tell there are more who want to.”

“So…we either totally reorganise and make a handsome profit from all those randy schoolboys and students and possibly other clientele, or we close it down and walk away. I’ll be up front and say there is some risk in my plan but I think we can pull it off.”

“First off we stop running a house of ill repute and start running a callgirl agency. We keep the cottage and use it as our base of operations. We can still use the converted bedrooms for the punters who don’t have their own digs or can’t afford a hotel room. Also, we change a few roles and functions around.”

“Billy; you and Raul drop off and pick up the girls and provide protection and muscle. Sally; you run the outcall bookings. Emily; you will be the girl’s madam, looking after the girls working from the cottage and generally making sure all of them stay healthy, keep clean, and meet their contractual obligations.”

“Contractual obligations?” Sally and Emily asked in chorus.

“Yep. I’m happy to run a callgirl business but we gotta look after these girls. This needs to be a short term money maker for them, not a career, so we get them to sign them to a contract. First off utmost secrecy, they can’t blab to anyone about what they are doing and who they work for. Next, they maintain their grades, we set a minimum grade average and if the girls drop below it they stop working. And finally they get three monthly medical checks. How does that sound?” Valerie finished her presentation.

“Sounds like it’s doable with a bit of patience and reorganisation,” Sally said.

“Raul and I would much rather provide muscle and a chauffeur service than running a knocking shop like we are now. But what about our cottage? Can we still keep it?” Billy asked.

“No but we’ll rent you a place nearby. Also I think we’ll get Raul on the school payroll as the porter and handyman. That way he will have a legitimate reason to hang around the school,” Valerie replied.

“I like the idea of becoming a madam and Troy will be happy to see me off the game; I think he’s not far from proposing,” Emily seemed very happy.

“There is one other problem we are going to have to deal with,” Valerie continued.

“Regardless of how careful we are, gaziantep escort we aren’t going to be able to keep this a secret from the faculty. Most of teachers are old codgers and we can pull the wool over their eyes easy, but Lisa Meakins is as sharp as a whip so we are going to have to sort her out some way.”

Sally, Billy, and Raul had nothing to do with the Deputy Headmistress so they just shrugged their shoulders and left the problem with Valerie.

Later that evening Emily came into Valerie’s dorm. She had a duplicitous look on her face.

“Ok honey. What’s got you looking so shifty?” Valerie asked.

“I may have a way of getting Miss Meakins onside,” Emily grinned.

“I’m intrigued so go on,” Valerie was genuinely interested.

Emily had been at the school longer than Valerie so obviously she knew more about the faculty than Valerie did.

“Well I happen to know that Miss Meakins, is Miss and not Mrs Meakins for a good reason,” Emily smiled.

“Our Miss Meakins is a carpet muncher,” Emily snickered.

“A lesbian? Well that explains a lot but it’s the nineteen seventies sugar and being a lesbian isn’t a crime. I can try to blackmail her if she’s in the closet but I doubt it will work,” Valerie shook her head and offered cigarettes.

Emily lit up her ciggie but she was still grinning.

“Unless of course she was caught in flagrante delicto with a student,” Emily beamed.

“She’s not stupid enough to be fucking one of the students surely? That would just be too easy for us,” Valerie said.

“No but she’s got the hots for one,” Emily grinned.

Valerie grinned back at her.

“And would I be right in guessing that student is you?”

Emily blew smoke from her lips and nodded her head.

“Ok…so you’ve got Troy Bingham on the hook who’s undoubtedly giving you all the dick you can handle now that you too are almost engaged, you’ve tried a bit of tranny, are you up for a bit of lesbian action?” Valerie mused.

“Here is how I see this going down,” Valerie went on to describe the nucleus of her plan and she and Emily worked into the night to perfect it.

Two days later Emily confronted the Deputy Headmistress in her study and made the most outrageous of accusations.

“I have to show you Miss Meakins; you won’t believe it until you see it!” Emily declared.

“If it was anybody else but you Emily Milford I wouldn’t believe it. But because I trust you; I’ll come and have a look but if what you say is true then there is going to be some serious trouble,” Lisa said.

They were walking toward the gardener’s cottage set back in the small wood at the back of the school. Emily was leading the way and Lisa was admiring her pert behind clad in that tight pleated short skirt. She also admired Emily’s coltish legs clad in the sheer grey uniform stockings, the backseam running perfectly up the centre of her legs. Lisa was getting a little wet between the legs.

Emily slowed down her pace and when she was sure that Lisa was close behind her she deliberately stumbled.

She twisted and fell into Lisa’s arms; their bodies pressed together as Lisa held onto and steadied Emily. She felt Emily’s small breasts press against hers and inhaled her perfume. Their faces were only inches from each others and Lisa stared into Emily’s deep blue eyes.

“Sorry,” Emily apologised but kept her body pressed against Lisa’s.

Lisa made no real effort to let go of Emily, she was enjoying the feel of the young woman’s body pressed against her.

After a while the situation became awkward and Emily extricated herself from Lisa’s grasp. Emily was surprised at how titillating it felt pressing herself against Lisa. Lisa was mid forties and slim, but with an ample bosom, good legs and an attractive open face framed by brunette shoulder-length hair which she sometimes wore in a ponytail when alone in her study. Her makeup was a little heavy and she had a penchant for bright red lipstick.

Lisa’s breath was sweet and her perfume subtle; she was so close that Emily could smell the scent of her shampoo and conditioner.

Lisa continued the conversation to break the tension.

“Are you sure Billy Butler isn’t home? That guy scares the shit out of me,” Lisa asked.

“No, I’m certain he’s gone Miss Meakins otherwise I wouldn’t come here. Alice Corinda told me she was working here as a part time prostitute and of course I didn’t believe her one bit.”

“But I did have a quick look inside the cottage earlier today when I heard that Billy was away in Birmingham. The place looks suspicious to me, but I can’t be certain so that’s why I came to you.”

“You did the right thing Emily. Ok, here we are, let’s just make sure there’s no one home before we go inside,” Lisa said.

Of course Emily knew that Billy and Raul had taken the day off and were on a road trip but she made a show of checking that the cottage was empty.

“Look at that Miss Meakins; doesn’t that look konya escort like a professional bar, the way its stocked and the way the seating is arranged,” Emily said as they entered the lounge room.

“Your drawing a long bow there Emily, knowing Billy, he entertains, what would he call them, geezers, on a regular basis,” Lisa observed.

“But how do you explain this then Miss Meakins,” Emily was at the door leading to one of the bedrooms which had been converted to a workroom for the prossies.

It had of course been embellished by Valerie and Emily so as to leave no doubt as to its purpose.

To start with there were three pairs of soiled knickers and a couple of pairs of laddered stockings on the floor which was also littered with several opened condom wrappers. The double bed was dishevelled, with the bedspread pulled back to reveal satin sheets. On the bedside table was a roll of twenty-four condoms, an near empty tube of KY jelly and a full tube next to it alongside a box of Kleenex. The bin had what appeared to be several used condoms in it.

The room reeked of cheap perfume and the lighting was deliberately subdued with a pinkish hue

Emily approached the bed and inspected it. She pushed the button on the side of the bed and a buzzer sounded in the lounge.

“What do you think? A panic button in case the customer plays up?” Emily feigned ignorance.

Lisa raised her eyebrows.

“And this?” She pressed the button on the bedside table and a red light came on above the door.

“Next please? I’m ready? Something like that I’ll bet,” Emily pretended to guess.

Lisa Meakins was flabbergasted. Actually shocked. She sat on the bed without giving a thought as to the purpose it had been recently used.

“I can’t believe any of our girls would do this…it’s…it’s unimaginable,” she sighed.

Emily sat down next to Lisa. Very close to her and her skirt rode up showing off the gauzy welts on her stockings.

“I can’t believe that Alice would do that. Let men do that to her for money, yuck!” she spat.

Lisa turned to face Emily, surprised at her vehemence.

“What do you find the most disturbing Emily, that she’s prostituting herself or that she’s having sex with men. Do you suspect she might not like men?” Lisa had inadvertently put her hand on Emily’s thigh and was absentmindedly stroking it.

‘Gotcha’ Emily thought to herself.

“Oh no Miss Meakins, Alice likes men, I just find them…what’s the word…rather irksome. They let that little head in their trousers make most of their decisions and they are so selfish,” Emily replied.

She reached out and touched Lisa’s arm.

“They are not as sensual and considerate as women,” Emily batted her eyelashes like a coquette.

“Don’t overplay it you dozy bint!” Valerie whispered to herself in the stuffy closet.

She looked through the viewfinder of the camera and adjusted the focus.

“Yes. I suppose you are right; women are generally more accommodating and sympathetic,” Lisa agreed.

Emily squeezed Lisa’s arm.

“That’s not what I meant Miss,” she looked Lisa directly in the eyes.

“It’s such a waste. Alice giving herself to men, even thought she’s being paid. Now if it was women that would be a different story all together,” she smiled conspiratorially.

“Ahem…I didn’t…err…I never thought you were that way inclined,” Lisa blushed.

“Can I confess something to you? It’s not illegal like what Alice is doing here with Billy, but it’s against the school’s code of conduct,” Emily brushed her fingers down Lisa’s arm and entangled their fingers together.

Lisa held Emily’s hand and squeezed it gently.

“I can’t grant you amnesty Emily; not if you have broken the rules,” she said, her voice choked.

“I trust you Lisa,” Emily said.

Lisa was about to protest Emily using her first name when Emily continued.

“I’ve been having a sexual relationship with Valerie Swindon ever since she arrived at the school.”

Lisa gasped.

Of course Lisa had no idea whatsoever that Valerie was a trans woman. She thought she was a young woman like the rest of her charges. A rather engaging young woman who’s breasts had budded rather magnificently recently.

“Well that’s certainly against our code of conduct,” Lisa gulped, she couldn’t help but imagine Valerie and Emily locked in embrace.

Images of the two young, attractive, lithe, women locked in a passionate clutch swam in her conscience. It was provocative enough sitting thigh to thigh beside this young vixen, holding her hand, breathing her perfume, trying not to look down at her firm stockinged thighs, in a room that reeked of sex. Her panties were becoming moist again.

“But it’s not against my own personal moral code though,” Lisa whispered.

“Really?” Emily took her other hand in hers and turned to Lisa.

They were now sitting knee to knee, Lisa examining Emily’s pretty face, getting lost in those big kayseri escort blue eyes. They both leaned forward instinctively; their lips only millimetres apart.

“Yes really,” Lisa’s lips barely opened as she responded.

Emily leaned forward and their lips touched. She squeezed Lisa’s hand and extended the tip of her tongue. Lisa opened her mouth slightly and crushed Emily’s lips and invited her to explore her mouth.

In the dark closet Valerie began to take a series of pictures.

Emily moved a hand to the back of Lisa’s head and pulled her face to hers. They kissed lovingly but excitedly. It was awkward sitting side by side on the bed and they stopped briefly to get rid of their blazers.

Emily lay down on the satin sheets and opened her arms and Lisa fell between them, straddling the young student as their lips met again and they resumed their fervid kisses. Emily’s pleated shirt had ridden up to the very top of her thighs. Lisa was wearing a navy blue business suit; the skirt was tight and but it was now bunched high on her legs. The women’s legs entangled and their nylons rustled as they rubbed against each other.

Lisa broke the kiss and she looked down at Emily and smiled. Emily’s lipstick was smeared and her hair fanned around her on the satin pillow. They began to unbutton each other’s blouses and wriggled out of them. Lisa grinned at Emily and unzipped her skirt and pulled it down her legs and threw it on the floor. While she was kneeling, Emily reciprocated and undid the zip on the side of Lisa’s skirt and dropped it beside her own.

Emily reclined on the bed in all her glory. Her pretty face with her smudged makeup, a result of their ardour, her pert breasts cupped in her white lace and satin brassiere, her flat belly and generous hips, white satin full-cut panties encased the treasures between her legs, and those long legs sheathed in sheer grey fully—fashioned stockings. Lisa gasped, beguiled by the gorgeous creature lying beneath her.

Emily smiled up at Lisa. Lisa’s lipstick and makeup was also smeared and her hair was in disarray. She was by no means fat but she was thicker than Emily, as would be expected of a woman in her forties. Her breasts were full and rather ponderous, the C-cups of her black lace bra just managed to contain the creamy orbs and her nipples were erect. Her skin was smooth and milky white, with a little bulge of excess flesh above the waistband of her control-top pantyhose. She wore her black lace panties over the gusset of her pantyhose for aesthetics. Her thighs were thick but well-formed and her legs shapely, her hosiery glittered in the dull light of the bedroom.

Lisa fell on Emily and kissed her; her hands found Emily’s breasts and their legs entwined as they arched their backs and thrust against each other.

Hiding in the closet Valerie was erect in her knickers. She was here to take pictures of the encounter for later use but she was extremely aroused watching the two pretty women rut and caress each other. She cleared her head and looked through the viewfinder again. Sally was definitely going to get a good humping when she got home Valerie smiled to herself.

Lisa lowered her face to Emily’s breasts and flicked her tongue across her nipples. Emily gasped. Lisa nipped on Emily’s nipples, gently biting them and bringing them to full tumescence.

“Oh yes!” Emily pushed Lisa’s face down to her bosom and writhed underneath her as Lisa slathered and nibbled on her sensitive teats.

Emily tried to get her hands between their bodies so she could caress Lisa’s breasts but Lisa shook her head.

“No. Let me pleasure you honey,” Lisa gasped and then lowered her face back to Emily’s bosom.

Emily moaned. She was getting wet and wanted release.

She eased Lisa’s face from her breasts so they could kiss. Her hand snaked down Lisa’s belly and slid inside the gusset of her pantyhose and found her sex hot and moist. She parted the outer lips and slid a finger inside Lisa’s labia and found her clitoris peeking from its hood. She gently manipulated the firm bud and Lisa squealed.

“Oh god!”

Lisa’s hand investigated the inside of Emily’s panties. She stroked Emily’s mound and found that she too was sopping wet and her folds engorged. She gently circled the pad of her index finger on her erect nubbin and slid her tongue deeper into Emily’s mouth to smother her gasps.

She grinned against Emily’s lips.

“So did you and Valerie ever try this?” Lisa smiled.

She ripped off Emily’s knickers and shucked out of her own. She pushed a red-painted fingernail into the crotch of her tights and enlarged the hole to expose her sex.

“You’re going to love this,” Lisa gushed.

She opened Emily’s legs and she scooted to the bottom of the bed and lay on her side. Emily pushed one leg under Lisa and placed the other across her belly.

Then she pushed up hard.

The two cunts squished together and Lisa began a slow grind.

“Oh my god that is so sensuous!” Emily moaned.

The two women squirmed and wriggled together, working hard to get pressure on their clitorises. Their vaginas were sopping wet, making liquid squishing sounds as they mashed together. They groaned and shuddered at the intensity of the pleasure that radiated from their sopping clefts as they squeezed and pressed their sexes together.

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