Finding a Lost Puppy Ch. 10


I woke up blissfully remembering last nights arduous affair. It reminded me of one of my kinky romance novels, one that started out in horror but ended in a state of happy bliss. My new lover was both the monster and the hero of the story, that rarely happens as I put it in perspective. Usually the damsel in distress is rescued by the hero from the monstrous villain. I stretched my limbs getting the cramps out and the blood flowing again. I was still dressed as I was when I had changed for my adventure. I pulled my stockings up as they had stretched and slid down my legs some. My Master still laid beside me, still asleep. I remembered all the stories, the doting slave was suppose to service her Master first thing every morning. Was this actually true or was it an agreed upon fantasy by writers? Was I suppose to go to the bathroom first as that is the reason I had awoken? Nature won out, I didn’t have much of a choice as I didn’t want to wet the bed.

I carefully extracted myself from his loving arms. Big surprise when I tried to stand, cramps set in from wearing the shoes. I tried rubbing my calves to help but the cramps were persistent. He had left the locking chains loose fortunately and were more decorative than the function they were designed for. I got them off my feet and finally got enough pressure to stretch the cramps out aided by my massaging hands. I basically ran to the bathroom before I made a wet mess everywhere. I looked in the mirror afterward, makeup smeared, bed hair, and my teeth needed brushed, egads I would scare the daylights out of someone. The bag with my supplies is somewhere near the entry way. I was proud of wearing the collar and leash like it was a prized possession. I checked my ass to see if the redness or bruising was gone and my nipples, everything was in great order. First I was going to do the best I could to service my loving and caring Master in case the stories were true.

Surprise, Master was leaning naked against the door frame smiling at me as I turned.

“Everything in functional order now my loving thrall? I noticed you had some cramps when you got up.” He asked curiously laughing.

“Yes Master. I need a makeover however as I look deplorable. I was just returning for your morning service.” I said meekly.

“No need this morning. I am not a despot as you will find out. Everyone has needs, including Mother Nature. Speaking of which.” He told me as he walked by. “Strip.” He ordered while pissing.

I didn’t need to be told twice as I removed the stockings and dress piling them neatly by the sink. Then removed the cuffs, collar and leash and placed them on top.

“Go get your bag. Makeup and underwear goes to the vanity. Lay your clothes out on the bed neatly. Soaps and shampoos in here. Hurry.” He ordered.

“Yes Master.” I walked smartly away then sprinted after I was out of site.

I gathered up my bag and ran back following his orders. I didn’t want to make a mistake by being in too much of a hurry. I accomplished the tasks as told and was bringing my soap, shampoo and conditioner to the bathroom. He had the towels ready and we took a shower together. It was fun because I had never done that before, him washing me and me washing him. He even pampered me more by drying me off. I felt like a princess more than a slave. Then he sent me to the vanity to get ready while he finished up. I got the idea right away the bathroom was to remain void of my clutter. I brushed my hair as it doesn’t take long for it to dry. I started putting on makeup and stopped with eyeliner and mascara. I didn’t have a clue what I was going to wear. He had me lay out what I had brought as I figured out it was his choice. I ruled out the somewhat sexy business suit for Monday. That left the white PVC bustier and mid thigh length skirt or the the blue vinyl corset and pencil skirt. I didn’t think he would choose the red PVC pants and tee except to romp around here. I didn’t bring my mini skirts, dresses or stockings. I made a choice that would satisfy all three selections in the end, multicolored and wild. Red lipstick and gloss. I looked good as I brushed my unruly hair once again trying to get it to lay right. Then added my perfume, Poison.

Master came out of the bathroom, looked at me and smiled.

“You did not fail. I am proud of you. Wear the white outfit no panties. Hang the rest in closet.” He ordered with a smile.

“Yes Master.” I replied happy as a lark.

I hung the clothes first and put all my shoes away except for the ones I was going to wear. Then went to the bathroom with my special cleaning soap I brought and hangers to take care of yesterdays wear and hang them in the tub to dry. I came back and dressed, the cuffs, collar and leash clashed. I heard him in the kitchen so I made my way there with my question.

He knew the problem before I asked and ordered me to leave them on the vanity for today, which I did. He had made coffee and had poured me a cup. He made great coffee even if he didn’t know how to cook. I checked the cupboards and fridge to see what he had available. At least he had pots, pans, utensils and dishes. Pop tarts, chips Betturkey and dip with wine didn’t sound like a good breakfast. I would definitely need a grocery store and find out his likes and dislikes.

After coffee it was time to go to breakfast. Master and I had a simple breakfast at a pancake and waffle bistro along the way. After breakfast, Master led us to the subway station, I didn’t know where we were going but it was clear he did. The car wasn’t crowded but instead of sitting he had me hold the metal pole in the middle with both hands and stand with my legs spread and not move. I felt like a stripper waiting for her song to begin, the clack of the subway car provided the music with the gentle sway as the dance. I looked at the people feeling a little ashamed though most absorbed in reading their books, papers, kindles or texting on their phones. Nobody was paying attention to me and I felt relieved. Then I felt his hand sliding up my leg under my skirt solicitously. His fingers tapping an unknown tune as he teasingly swept near my cunt. I was biting my lip gently, knowing he was testing me. So decadent I thought as he touched and stroked my naked pussy lips. He withdrew his hand as we came to the first stop and gathered up and dispersed passengers. I heard his despairing sigh and only stroked my neck, arms and jaw lines for several stops. I heard a mother with her baby crying then it dawned on me why he stopped his decadence. We finally got off at the 8th street stop. We walked a couple blocks before he took me down a side street. The window displayed several wigs in different styles and colors, not all of them natural colors. I do the common colored fad every now and then but this seemed rather unlike him. He rang the door bell which I thought odd instead of just walking in.

A woman in a tight black leather mini dress, six inch heels, neon pink hair and several piercings answered the door. “Mr Green I presume. Right this way Sir.” She stated business like. He sort of guided me forward with a gentle push to the small of my back. I was kind of confused as this seemed like a beauty salon by the smells that permeated the air. Obvious with all the wigs in the window but I am somewhat confused. We were led to a private room though she never shut the door.

“Strip.” He ordered. I was stunned at the order but didn’t hesitate as I started removing my bustier and skirt.

“The closet is there. You will find slippers to wear.” The woman spoke and pointed to a simple cabinet. I went to the cabinet and finished undressing and hanging my clothes. I put on the little blue slippers contained with in. She and Master had talked quietly and he showed her something.

“I will be back in a little while. Follow their orders as if they were mine and no talking or disrespect.” Master ordered me.

“Yes Master.” I said with a little reluctance. Was I suppose to use Master or Sir? He ordered me so I used Master automatically not thinking til after I spoke.

The woman pointed to the chair and I sat down. She looked in the mirror then ran her fingers in my hair, pulled here, tousled there, not gently like you would expect. Turned my head to and fro rather sharply.

“He is absolutely right.” She said absentmindedly out loud.

She washed my hair, I liked the way her long nails massaged my scalp. She rinsed my hair out as I thought I was getting a desired hair cut from Master and was overjoyed at that prospect though I was a little uneasy about having it done naked. She was done washing my hair then turned me around in the chair and sprayed me quickly with cold water at my breasts. I gasped and shivered as the cold rivulets tickled as they trickled down my body.

“Making sure you are awake slave.” She said laughing. I didn’t think it was funny but I never said a word as Master had instructed.

She started cutting, snipping away my hair. It tickled as it fell on my shoulders and slid down my back, some was even sticking to the water she sprayed on me. I didn’t have much hair but I ended up with a cute pixie style cut that was long in places. Next she fitted me with some wigs. The first was long dark red with bangs across the front, two or three inches down my back. The next was short blonde that fell even with my chin. The third was raven black that framed my face in front and long in the back. The fourth was neon blue and shoulder length. The last was a long flowing light red, that was the one I liked the most but I didn’t let on that I did.

“This way slave. You know, I wish these guys would name you bitches before coming here the first time.” She smirked. As she pushed me into a shower and turned on the cold water. I gasped loudly as the ice cold water poured over me.

“Make sure all the loose hair is gone slave.” She ordered.

I was shivering from the water but I wasn’t going to disappoint as I made an attempt to get the loose strands off quickly. She turned off the water as my feet stood in the pool of cold draining water. The water finally drained away taking its slow ride through the strainer.

“Pick up the stainer and dump the contents Betturkey Giriş here.” She ordered.

I bent over, my ass displayed to her. I felt her fingers gently touch my pussy lips and I froze letting her feel. She rubbed my sex for a minute then stopped. I raised back up and finished the task.

“Nice, soft and smooth. Did it yourself slave?” She asked throwing me a fluffy towel.

I nodded my head yes then started drying myself off. She had me sit back in the chair where she combed my hair and quickly blow dried. I was impressed at the cut, the short styles I had before never looked this good on me.

“Step one is over. Step two in a minute I hope.” She stated leaving the room.

What is step two I wondered.

“This way slave.” She ordered when she returned.

I got up and followed. An older man was sitting in the waiting area reading a paper. I was a little embarrassed at my nudity as he looked up eying me but only nodded his head. Two girls were waiting dressed the same as the stylist and set to work manicuring all my nails. Massaging my arms and legs as they went and the little whirlpool tub for my feet felt fantastic. I got a little excited from their actions as they came close to my tits and sex but never touched. They lengthened my finger nails and painted them a bright red along with my toes. They left when they were done. I sat there for about fifteen minutes as I think they wanted to make sure my nails were completely dry. With all the mirrors around it looked like I had been changed into a sex kitten. The transformation was unbelievable as I thought I had always done a great job but I looked immaculate and it was simple.

“Last step slave.” As the women returned and guided me to another room with a black chair like you would find in a dentists office.

She had me get in the chair then strapped my wrists to the arms then my legs which were spread wide and bent like I would for an exam. She started playing with my cunt being careful with her long nails that tickled while teasing me.

“A little dry, we can fix that as it makes the process easier if your excited slave.” She said with a devious smile.

Proceess? What process I wondered.

She came back with a blue balled vibrator. She started licking my pussy lips with her pierced tongue. I had only had sex with a woman one time in college and I didn’t find it all that pleasurable. I was young, inexperienced and only experimented then. I don’t know how I really became so withdrawn from people, maybe it was because of my freakish desires, fears, failures or my upbringing. Here I was though, walking around an establishment naked without fear because I knew the man of my dreams was not far away. This is what he wanted and I wasn’t going to let him down.

She was turning me on and when the head of that tongue ring slid up the side of my clit, I gasped and trembled. She turned on the vibe and inserted it into my cunt hitting my g-spot. I could only bounce my ass up and down a little and she was in a position that I couldn’t do much else. I had my eyes closed enjoying the sensations and didn’t even know someone else was in the room. I felt my nipples being manipulated but I thought it was her and didn’t even bother to look until a sudden smarting pain struck as I screamed and a tear ran down my cheeks. I bucked my hips at the sensation and opened my eyes. A naked tattooed and many pierced woman stood over me laughing as her medical gloved hand inserted the bar into my nipple. I was on the cliff ready to jump and do a swan dive as she did the second. Coupled with the pain that wasn’t so bad the second time I struck the water and splashed. Waves of my orgasm spread through my body as I wailed away from the shear pleasure.

All the girls applauded my actions. I was too late to be embarrassed, just weakly smiled as I tried to regain my composure. They unbound me and the stylist led me back to the first room and ordered me to get dressed. I looked in the mirror first and looked at my new attachments with pride. I then got redressed as ordered. The woman then put the dark red wig on and made sure it was secure.

“I liked this one the best slave. Though it was a toss up with the other red one. The others will be delivered later today with the mannequin heads. Your Master will be proud of you.” She explained.

I felt proud and on top of the world with her admonition.

Master was waiting and looked me over with approval then handed me a jewelry box. I had problems opening it not wanting to mess up my new nails that I wasn’t quite use to. He opened it for me displaying its contents. A chrome circlet with a heart tag with three small diamonds, one at each hump and one at the point. Snoopie was lightly etched at an angle across the heart. He put it on and I almost fainted at the overwhelming pride I was feeling.

“Never leave the condo without it.” He ordered smiling.

I felt like I had accomplished something after all my failures in life. I would never forget that order. I laughed inside at the name he bestowed upon me, very fitting. He changed the spelling Betturkey Güncel Giriş so it wouldn’t seem comic I assumed. He put the box back into the bag he was carrying and produced another. He took the studs out of my ears I was wearing then produced a set of matching chrome earrings with three different length strands with bells at the end. I was awe struck with the presents. With that we had lunch at a sidewalk bistro not far away. I could always hear the little bells tinkle when my head move or the breeze caught them just right.

We returned to our neighborhood and did some local grocery shopping picking up a few essentials for breakfast and some meat and cheese at the deli. Carrying armloads of groceries is something to avoid and is actually easier to accomplish on a daily or every other day schedule. Something I could easily do during my lunch time. Cooking isn’t my strong suit but I knew enough to get by, weekend TV cooking shows help a lot in that area.

Once at the condo he handed me the bag and told me to get dressed while he put away the meager food supplies we picked up. We were at the condo so I knew part of what the instructions was about. I rushed off to the bedroom knowing I should not even think about hesitating. I dumped the contents of the bag on the bed and it became clear. Bras, panties and shorts each the same but in a different matching color all in my favorite material. The bras were all the same type, quarter cup that gave just enough support to hold the little girls high but leave my now pierced nipples exposed. Thong panties that I didn’t really need but he made sure I had a matching set. Then the tight stretch shorts like my yoga pants. Since I didn’t have the head to put my wig on I assumed I was to wear it. I put the circlet in its case and placed it on the vanity open so I would never forget it. I put on the dark red outfit to match the wig and redid my makeup to match. The little shorts left my ass cheeks hanging out, PVC version of daisy dukes. I put on the collar, leash, wrist cuffs and shoes that I wore last night. I hung my outfit in the closet as it wasn’t dirty and could be worn again and put the rest of my things in the vanity. I added my perfume as the finishing touch as it had been more or less washed off. I felt I was missing something but couldn’t figure out what for the life of me, maybe my imagination.

I returned to Master, who was waiting for me. He had me stand with my legs spread, hands behind me with my fingers interlaced, high up my back, far as possible, chin up and chest out. A little uncomfortable but a good stretching technique.

“I am surprised you got it right with minimal instructions. You do aim to please me Snoopie. Sorry about the stockings, they had a run on them for a party, they will be delivered when the stock is refilled.” Master stated smiling. Of course, that is what I was missing and I forgot to check to see if the outfit was dry hanging in the bathroom. He grabbed my crotch hard and squeezed.

“What is this Snoopie?” He asked menacingly.

“Your cunt Master as is everything about this thrall is yours to do with as you desire.” I said knowingly. I knew he was testing me.

“You have earned yourself a reward Snoopie. Go open a bottle of wine and bring each of us a glass.” He ordered amused.

“Yes Master.” I acknowledged and trod off to the kitchen happily to fulfill his order.

I was proud of myself so far and I am sure he is proud of me. I am his and he claimed me as I desired. I brought his wine to the living room where he was seated on the couch. He had the TV turned on to one of the business news channels watching intently. I handed him his wine and he told me to sit beside him. I figured this was part of his job so I remained silent and sipped my wine.

I could not believe what had transpired in a few short hours, Cale Green thought. A life I had tried to leave behind because of the memories, came storming back because of what I expected to be a sick joke. It may have been just that originally but an accidental snooping Condo Manager changed the morbid joke into something special. I know, I could have said no and sent her away but I had to find out the truth first, that was my intention and downfall.

I was actually married to my ex, not in the traditional sense, our lifestyle. It was a beautiful ceremony, between us and our lifestyle friends. We were married eight of those ten years and actually dated in high school where it all began. College separated us, but we waited for one another, that is how much our love endured.

Then came that day I will never forget, no one could. She was complaining about a severe headache that would not go away and felt weak. I was concerned and took her to the hospital, they called in a specialist after an MRI revealed the problem. She had an aneurysm brought on by a cancerous tumor in her brain. They operated a few days later as it progressed slowly as the meds failed but she didn’t survive the procedure. It ripped my heart out, it would any ones I think. Her family already made up their minds that it was my fault and would prove it. They hounded me constantly even with the restraining orders, that combined with all the memories everywhere I looked, caused severe depression. My therapist decided it was time I moved somewhere new, some place we had never been. I got a new job here on the other side of the continent and things were going great.

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