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“Look!” Matt’s arm showed me where to look. He pointed out to his right along the side of the country road we were on. Tied to a telephone pole was a woman! I couldn’t tell how old or much about her except she was badly beaten, bloody and naked! I stopped and backed up to her.

“What do we do?” Matt asked. Matt is my youngest brother. He was seventeen that morning, anxiously waiting for the next day when he would leave seventeen behind. Just like me, he had lived on the family farm all his life. Went to school in the small town near the farm, where all twelve grades met in six classrooms. His graduating class was two people bigger than mine. I graduated with Frank Stevens and Paul Benedict. He graduated in a class of five. Three girls, my brother Matt and Frank Steven’s younger brother Carl.

“We untie her, get her in here and maybe save her life.”

I got my K-bar from under the seat and got out. There was nothing around us for at least a quarter of a mile. No trees, bushes, side roads, shacks, houses, barns, people or vehicles. Matt got the blanket out of the cargo area of the SUV. He wrapped her in it and I cut the rope that held her wrists high above her head.

She was limp, unconscious and cold. We got her inside, onto the backseat. We got back in and I started down the road with the heater on. Half an hour and twenty-five miles later she moaned and Matt asked, “What next?”

“We could stop in the next town and see if a doctor can help her.”

“Nooo.” It wasn’t loud but it was her. “He’s the one who did this.”

I drove through town, obeying the speed limit as if our lives suddenly depended on it. South of town, I used another road to get me back to the main interstate. Two hours later we were no longer in that state. She moaned a little louder and Matt turned and asked her if she was thirsty.

“I’m thirsty, hungry and filthy. I hurt in places I didn’t know I could hurt two days ago.” The words came out slowly, softly and the pain was in every syllable. While Matt helped her with a bottle of water I kept driving. I was getting hungry and Matt is always hungry so I looked for a fast food place.

I saw a sign that three miles ahead there were three fast food places. I asked, “Could you eat something if we get it for you?”

She sat partially up and saw what was ahead. “Yes. I’m sore but I need some food. Anything you get, I’ll eat.” She slumped back down and covered herself with the blanket.

“Matt, toss our jackets over the top of the blanket, sort of hap-hazardly so it looks like we just have stuff back there, not a woman.” He did it. I pulled to the drive-through ordering station and ordered three hamburgers, a grilled cheese sandwich, three fries, two large beverages and one of their t-shirts. The girl inside asked what size. Matt said, “Extra large.”

I paid and she handed over a big bag of food and two huge drinks. I asked for extra napkins. She put them in the second bag which had the t-shirt in it. We drove farther south and stopped in a Wal-Mart parking lot to eat. Matt gave her the t-shirt first. He didn’t want to give it to her and he wanted her covered. Didn’t want to because she was the first live, adult, naked female he’d ever seen, close up. Wanted her covered because she looked like we beat her more than half to death.

We wolfed down our burgers while she slowly bit and chewed her sandwich. The progress she made on the fries was faster. I ate a burger, Matt ate two. After we ate I sent Matt inside to get two bottles of water and two towels. As soon as he left I turned and we talked.

“You want to tell me what happened?”

“I owe you that much, and more.”

“You don’t owe us anything. We wouldn’t be the men our parents raised if we left you back there. Just help me understand. Please.”

“I arrived in town two months ago, by bus. The diner had a sign in the window that advertised for a waitress. I needed a job and they gave me one. I got a room in a boarding house and started to get to know folks. Long story short I went to the roadhouse east of town a few times and someone got me drunk enough to take them home with me. Last week I took one of those pee-on-it pregnancy tests and it said I was pregnant.” She paused and took a drink of the diet Coke I offered.

“I knew I couldn’t be far along. I also knew I didn’t want a kid, so I went to the doctor and asked for an abortion. He acted sympathetic and asked me to come back last evening and he’d do it there in his office, rather than twenty miles away at the hospital. When I came back he and two other men yelled at me for a while about being a whore and a murderer. Then the doctor decided if they disfigured me I’d never get pregnant again. All three beat me, raped me and eventually tied me to the pole to die.”

She paused again. I waited.

She looked at me and said, “They beat me some more. I prayed to die. Then I woke up in your truck.”

“Any family or friends we should notify that you’re alive?”

“Nope. Parents are gone. No brothers or sisters.”

“You ankara escort do anything beside waitressing?”

“I grew up on a farm till I was twelve. Learned to type in high school. When I ran away from home I started waitressing and selling booze in a few clubs. Did a little bookkeeping for one of the clubs where I worked.”

“Ok. Matt and I are on our way to Orlando. He starts college there next week. You’re going with us, unless you choose something else. I’m prepared to trust you, a little. I’ll spring for some clothes and I’ll feed you for the week. Matt doesn’t need the whole story. Just tell him some men beat you up and left you to die. Ok?”


I got out a small notepad and pen. “Tell me your sizes. I’ll go in and get you some clothes.” She told me and I wrote. Matt came back. He closed the door and handed me the water and towels. I handed them to her, realizing we didn’t even know her name.

“I’m Pete and this is Matt.”

“I’m Mira. Mira Fiorino. Very glad to meet you.”

I looked at Matt and said, “I’m going in and get a few things. You stay here with Mira. If trouble comes looking for you, run, don’t fight. If I come out and you’re gone I’ll expect you back on the hour.”

I turned and faced Mira and said, “The water is for you. You can wash a little, drink a little, whatever. I think it would be wise for you to get back under the blanket and sleep. I shouldn’t be gone long.”

As I got out I saw her cover up. Three steps after I closed the door I heard Matt lock the doors.

I bought her two outfits, comfortable, not fashionable. I bought some bandages and Neosporin too. At the check out I saw a bottle of Tylenol. I got it. I was gone less than twenty minutes. Matt unlocked the doors and I got in. The SUV started and we headed farther south.

“Can I sit up?” She asked.

A quick check of the mirrors told me no one was following us. “Sure. How are you feeling?”

“Like I went three rounds with Hulk Hogan.”

“Sorry.” Matt said.

“What’s next?”

“We’re going to stop for the night. One room, two beds. You’ll get cleaned up and doctored, then we all get a good night’s sleep.”

“Ok.” She looked out the window and I glanced back at her in the mirror. When I turned into the parking for a nice hotel her eyebrows went up, for a second. I went inside. The room I got was near the back of the hotel, away from the highway. I had Matt drive to the back and park near the back door. I went through the hotel and opened the back door. We brought in a suitcase, the Wal-Mart bag and Mira.

When the door to our room closed I locked it. We sent Mira into the bathroom. I told her to get cleaned up and ready for bed. I gave her both our dop kits and said she could use anything she found useful. She went in, closed the door and came right back out.

She motioned us to sit on one of the beds. We did. She stood in front of us.

“You said go in and get ready for bed. I want to know what that means. Which of you am I sleeping with? Is the price of food and clothes and a ride out of Alabama that I get fucked all the time we’re together?”

Matt looked at me. Mira looked at both of us.

I spoke, “I’m going to sleep in this bed. Matt will be in that one. You can choose either bed, to share. I have never forced myself on a woman. Ever. I’m not going to start now. I can’t say what Matt will do or not do. I’m pretty sure he has never been in bed with a woman. You might just be a huge temptation for him. Does that answer your questions?”

“Yes.” She turned to go into the bathroom.

Matt spoke, “You’ll be safe in my bed too. If I can ask a favor, I’d need the bathroom pretty badly.”

Mira smiled and pointed to the door. “Go!” He was in and the door closed in two seconds.

Mira took Matt’s seat next to me. “He’s a good buy.”

“Yes! I’m proud of him.”

“We drop him at college tomorrow?”

“Sort of. He has orientation tomorrow afternoon. He moves into the dorm tomorrow. I figured to hang around for an extra day, just for moral support.”

“Then, if it’s Ok with you I’ll sleep with Matt tonight and you tomorrow night. Boys in college talk to each other. He needs at least one good story.”

Matt came out and Mira went in. Matt and I undressed and got in our beds.

“I wonder which bed she’ll pick?” He asked.

“My money says yours. If she picks your bed, let her lead. If she wants to cuddle, do it. If she wants to spoon, do it. Anything else she wants, give it to her, but no intercourse.”

“With you in the same room? No chance.”

“Even if you both scream in pleasure, I’m not looking. Good night Matt.” I rolled onto my side, facing away from him and went to sleep. Mira slept with Matt. What they did that night I couldn’t tell you, even if I was willing. I slept.

When I woke up in the morning they were whispering. I said “Good Morning” and rolled over. Mira was half on top of Matt. She wasn’t wearing a t-shirt. I could see enough of her chest to know she çankaya escort was bare. Matt was on his back and smiling like the grin would never go away.

“You two getting hungry?” I asked.

“I was born hungry.” Matt told the truth. Mira nodded.

“I get the bathroom first. It’s seven-twenty. Let’s be out of here before eight-thirty, Ok?”

“Ok.” Mira answered. I moved from bed to the bathroom and did my morning ritual. I came out wrapped in a towel and Mira sent Matt in. As soon as the door closed she got up. She was nude, unless you count bandages, bruises and scrapes as clothes. She came to me, pulled the towel off me and said, “You have a strong young son. I woke up this morning wanting him inside me. We didn’t. Whatever will have you be comfortable filling me tonight, I want you to know I want you tonight.”

She bent and kissed my growing interest, once. We both dressed. I noticed bandages on her back.

“Matt bandage you last night?”

“Yes. He has gentle hands. Be proud of him.”

When Matt came out we were packed and ready to go. We loaded up and were on the road. We stopped and had a good breakfast at a Cracker Barrel. Matt needed to be on campus by noon. We were there at ten-fifty. Got his things stowed in his dorm room and met his roommate, a sophomore named Jeremy from Biloxi. He took over as tour guide and friend for Matt and as Mira and I got ready to go Mira gave Matt a kiss that got all three of us hard! Her parting words were, “Thanks for last night, Honey.”

Somehow we kept from laughing until we were off campus.

“Was it Ok that I did that?”

“I would think so! A new kid on campus has a tough row to hoe. He now starts with an older guy seeing a woman kiss him good bye and thank him for a great night… in front of family!”

“I thought it might help.” We drove into town and found a nice place to stay. Mira was quiet for a lot of the drive.

When she decided to talk she asked, “Can I ask questions?”

“I expected them yesterday.”

“Yesterday I kept expecting to have to fight for my life or be left at the side of the road… again.”

“Ok. Questions.”

“Where is Matt’s Momma?”

“South Carolina. I’m not married. Matt is my brother. Dad and Mom are busy on the farm and asked me to truck him down here.”

“Your brother? I had it all wrong.”

“He’s the youngest. I’m the oldest.”

“What’s next for us?”

“Tell me something about you, please.”

“Ok. My family name is Italian. I don’t think I am. I took the last name of the best foster family I was in. When I turned eighteen they told me I suddenly had rights and one of them was the right to choose my own name. So, I did it. I grew up being passed from foster home to faster home in three different states. South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. I graduated from high school three days before I turned eighteen. I left home four days later. I’ve worked on farms, as a waitress, a teller in a bank and a bookkeeper. I’m thirty-four years old.”

“So am I. Do you want the abortion?”

“Yes! I’ve got no right to bring a child into my messed up life. If I knew someone who wanted a baby, couldn’t have one, I’d carry this one and give it to them, but I’m not putting a kid into the system.”

We pulled into a big shopping center and walked to a restaurant. We ordered and I pulled out my cell phone. I hit my speed dial and Mom answered.

“Mom, do you know if Beth and Tommy still want a baby?” Her answer lasted fifteen minutes. It was yes. When I could get a word or two in I told her to call them and have them call me. She wanted all the details and I told her she could learn everything from Beth, after I talked to Beth and Tommy. I folded the phone and Mira asked, “Will they call?”

“Before we finish lunch. Beth and Tommy are two years younger than us. He has his family farm. His Dad and Mom are still helping him there, but it’s his farm. Beth was hurt when we were just kids. She’s mostly Ok, but she can’t get pregnant.”

Our food was about half gone when my cell rang. I moved to sit beside Mira before I answered. Mira put her ear next to mine so we could both hear.

“Pete!” Beth screamed, “Did you call your Momma and say baby and my name in the same breath?”


“Oh, God bless you! Tell me everything!”

“I met a beautiful woman on our trip to Florida. She’s pregnant and wants to find a good family for the baby.”

“What’s wrong with the baby?”

“Far as we know, nothing. She just feels she isn’t able to be a mom yet and doesn’t want her baby in the system or dead.”

“When is she due?”

Mira whispered, “Late January or early February.”

I said, “Late January or early February.”

“Was that her whispering the answer?”

“Yes. Would you like an introduction?”

“Yes!” I didn’t hear Beth any more. She and Mira talked for almost half an hour. Finally I took back the phone and told Beth, “You can talk for free on the weekend. I’m bringing her home with me. Please demetevler escort call my Momma and ask her to change the sheets on my bed. We’ll call you when we get in.”

I hung up. Mira was crying. I finished my lunch. I’d been taught by Momma that they were probably happy tears and I shouldn’t worry over them.

When we were done eating we drove around. She rambled on about everything. We drove by SeaWorld and she let me know she had never been to any kind of amusement park. We drove by a multi-plex theatre and she told me she had been inside a theatre twice in her life. At six we met up with Matt and Jeremy. Jeremy led us to a favorite restaurant (for when he wasn’t paying) and we had a good meal. Mira nearly smothered Matt with little displays of affection. Jeremy was so jealous he wanted to scream. I kept reminding myself of what she promised me.

We dropped the boys at the dorm at nine-thirty. I gave Matt two hundred in cash and a hug. Mira hugged both boys and squeezed their butts as she kissed them good-bye.

They walked inside the dorm happy. We got in the SUV and Mira said, “We just did a good thing.”

We were in the hotel and in bed by ten-thirty. We had showered together and I found out that Mira could shave a man like an expert. She also knew something about pleasing this man and making sure she got pleased a few times herself. I hoped the people in rooms near us were deaf.

My original schedule had me back on the road home the next morning. We didn’t go. By ten that morning we were at the gate into Epcot. I’d been there when Matt was about ten and our whole family loved it. Mira walked me nearly to death. She was excited all day long. At about three in the afternoon, Epcot had a rain and thunderstorm roll through. Mira dragged us both out in it and we got soaked. We laughed and later I found out she thought Disney had arranged the storm.

When we got back to the hotel it was midnight. I put in a wake up call for eight o’clock. By nine we were headed north. Mira called Matt on the cell and thanked him for being so nice to her. She told him she was headed to the farm and maybe to give her baby to Beth and Tommy.

Fifty miles later I realized she was acting like family. Two miles after that I realized I liked that idea.

When we stopped Friday night we put the wake up call in for five in the morning. We had dinner at six and were in bed before seven. I’m sure we got six or seven hours sleep. My aim was home by lunch time.

We no sooner crossed the county line than a County Mountie turned on his flashing lights and pulled us over.

“You Pete Evans?” He asked.

“Yes. You want my license and registration?”

“Nope. Call your Momma right now. When the call ends I’ll give you an escort home.”

I called. Momma was fast. She told me twice not to stop for food. When I hung up the County Mountie said, “Can you go a hundred in that?”

“Don’t know. Never tried.”

“Buckle up. We’ll go ninety.”

I followed his bright lights and noise until we were two miles from the farm, then he waved and turned the lights and noise off. Momma and Beth were on the porch. Tommy and Dad were in the yard. Doc Williams stood beside Dad.

We had a noisy lunch. I’m pretty sure none of the women took a breath until the sun started to go down. They talked, laughed and even cried as they got to know each other. Doc gave Mira a good going over and said she sustained no lasting damage to her or the baby. As evening came we ate dinner together and Dad and I went to the barn to make sure all the animals were handled for the night.

Once out of sight and hearing of the women Dad asked, “Linking Mira with Beth and Tommy is a good thing. I can’t remember seeing Beth so happy. My question is, what are your plans?”

“My plans? I’ll be right here Dad. When you are ready to retire I’m right here to take over the farm. That’s my plan.”

“You need a wife.”

“I’ve been thinking about that. I don’t know if Mira is the one, but while she carries the baby I aim to find out.”

“She’s lived a different life. She might not like living on a farm away from the excitement of the city. Farm life is hard.”

“Like I said, we’ll find all the answers in the months till the baby is born.”

We got all the animals taken care of and walked back to the house. Beth and Tommy were getting ready to go home. It was obvious they didn’t want to go. Mira was exhausted. I stood beside her, put my arm around her shoulders and said, “Don’t wait until January to see us again. You have a farm to look after and so do we. You take care of your farm and I’ll do my best to take care of Mira and the baby.”

Hugs and kisses were given and shared. Mira and I walked Tommy and Beth out to their truck and watched as they drove away.

“You have wonderful friends and I already love your Momma.”

“Momma had included you on our Christmas card before the cop brought us home.”

“I felt it. It scares me some.”

“You can be scared if you want. Momma will love you, scared or not.”

“What about you?”

I stopped. We faced each other and I said, “I think she loves me too.”

Mira smiled a shy smile and said, “Nice deflection. That wasn’t my question and you know it. No pressure. I can wait for an answer.”

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