Father’s Friend

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Ramona got out of the shower and dried herself off, wrapping the towel securely around her curves… just yesterday she’d run into her father’s friend Victor after her shower and she’d been so startled that she’d jumped and the towel had fallen to the floor. Although it now gave her a rush of excitement when she saw Victor – even though he was almost twenty-five years older than her 20 years and was very attractive – she didn’t want to repeat the experiment. Especially because today her dad was home since it was the weekend.

Victor was staying with them until he could find his own place, his wife and him were in the middle of a complicated divorce – although fortunately no children – and Ramona was home for her winter vacation. One whole month of being there with her own father… a 20 year old girl living in the same house as two older divorced men. She giggled, if one of those men hadn’t been her father it could have been the start of a porno… actually, for a more risque movie it could STILL be the start of a porno! Well… maybe one day when Dad wasn’t home…

No. She sighed, that would probably make things too weird, even if Victor was really attractive. Even if he was her dad’s age. Making a face she headed towards her room to get dressed. Maybe she’d wear a skirt today, if there was one thing that was fun, it was having a man around who so obviously appreciated her assets. Poor Victor, she was having a lot of fun teasing him. Giggling, she thought about that possible porno scenario again, wondering if she could ever do something like that.

Well, he was handsome, older and so probably a better lover (more experience), he actually listened to what she had to say and he was cultured, fun to be around. Looking at herself in the mirror, she realized that during her musings she had put on one of the sexiest outfits she had; a short skirt that emphasized her long slender legs and a silky tank top that clung to her breasts. Hmmm. Well, she’d keep it. Obviously her subconscious thought it was a good idea… and she did remember her Dad saying something about her taking Victor to the museums while he did his weekend work at home. It was sexy, but comfortable.

Putting on a pair of low heels she pranced out the door of her bedroom, ready to greet the day.


The museums were incredibly enjoyable with Victor, and they had a nice lunch at an outdoor cafe as well… in fact she’d never had such a good “date” with any guy her own age. Victor was courteous and attentive, not to mention that he was very sophisticated and already knew a lot about the stuff in the museums. His knowledge of paintings in the art museum had been particularly impressive.

Eyeing him over her straw, she didn’t even realize that she was giving off very flirtatious and sexual vibes that were making Victor increasingly uncomfortable. Of course, he was flattered by the fact that her body language was showing interest in him, and that she kept flirting with him… but after all, she was his friend’s daughter. It would just be completely wrong… but that didn’t stop his groin from tightening as they walked out and she grinned over her shoulder at him, that delectable ass swaying under her skirt.

Ramona continued her flirtations all throughout the weekend, whenever her dad wasn’t around; occasionally even putting her arm around Victor’s waist. She liked the way that he started whenever she actually touched him. They watched a scary move together Sunday night – her dad had gone to bed early since he had to be up so early the next day – and she was pretty sure that he had a bulge by the end. She’d spent the entire movie clinging to him and pressing her head into his shoulder at particularly creepy parts… her breasts pushing against him every time. Although she hated scary movies, she’d known that watching one with him was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Teasing him was extremely enjoyable.

That week was also very enjoyable, they spent a lot of time together, and she was starting to find that she was actually becoming attracted to him. Plus, there was just something exciting and dangerous gaziantep bayan escort about the fact that he was her father’s friend, living with them, and so much older than her. Poor Victor didn’t know what to do, on one hand here was this beautiful younger woman constantly teasing and flirting with him, reaffirming that he was attractive (something that his now ex-wife had definitely made him doubt); and on the other… she was MUCH younger and his friend’s daughter! He didn’t feel as though he could fool around with her at all.

Eventually the situation, and his blue balls, became uncomfortable enough that he thanked Ramona’s father for putting up with him so long, and then went and moved into a temporary hotel room while he looked for an apartment.

Frustrated, Ramona thought about him all the time… and had some very erotic and exciting dreams about him as well. She became almost obsessed with him, wondering what it would have been like if she’d actually managed to seduce him, what kind of lover he would be like… add in the danger of her father finding out and it was the most illicit crush she’d ever had in her life. It made her constantly horny, and masturbating barely did anything to take the edge off… to her dismay she found that she wasn’t even interested in other guys. She couldn’t stop thinking about Victor.

Finally she got fed up with it. Putting on her sexiest outfit – with her sexiest lingerie underneath – she headed off to Victor’s hotel room.

He got the shock of his life when he opened the door to find Ramona standing there, a fierce and blazing look in her eyes.

“Ramona-?” was all he got out before stepped forward, grabbing onto the front of his shirt and kissing him hard. His hands were on her shoulders but he found that he couldn’t bring himself to push her away. Attempting to retreat, he stepped back, but she followed him, her tongue pushing into his mouth as he backed into the room. Her heel lashed out to kick the door shut behind them.

Pulling her mouth away to look around the room, looking for the bed, Ramona also began to unbutton Victor’s shirt. Rallying his senses, he grabbed at her hands, protesting, “Ramona, no, we can’t… we shouldn’t.”

“You’re right,” she said, her eyes blazing, “We shouldn’t, but we CAN.” And with that she kissed him again, roughly as she pulled the shirt open… her hands slid along his bare skin, grazing contact with his nipples. It was like electricity as she touched him and he could feel his resistance giving way.

Gasping, he pulled back again, hitting the bed so that it made his knees collapse and he sat down hard on the mattress; “Ramona, we have to stop…”

“Don’t you want me?” she asked, her smile seductive as she began buttoning her shirt. He groaned as her cleavage was revealed, firm breasts tightly clasped in her lacy bra. “I want you Victor… I can’t stop thinking about you… I masturbate to you all the time. I want the real you.”

“We shouldn’t,” he whispered, his eyes were glued to her breasts though. Smiling, Ramona began to slide off her skirt and he groaned as her matching lace thong came into view. Spinning slowly in front of him so that he could get the full effect, she stopped and posed, facing him again with one hand on her hip and her legs slightly spread.

“I can see that you want me,” she told him and he gulped.

“Of course I want you,” he said, it would be foolish to admit it with his dick making a circus tent in his trousers, “But-“

“No buts,” she said, kneeling in front of him and running her hands up his thighs. With a gasp, he pressed her hands flat down on his thighs, stopping their upward movement. It had been far too long since the last time that he’d had sex and he was incredibly tempted… could it really do any real harm after all?

Inventive Ramona leaned forward and began to undo the button and zipper on his pants with her teeth… completely dumbfounded he just sat there and watched, feeling her cheek rub against his inner thigh as she pulled back the folds of his pants. His dick was poking up through gaziantep bayan escort ilanları the hole in his boxers, and she leaned down, her lips closing tightly around the head of his dick. With a gasp he thrust upwards, his sensitive head tingling with glee as her tongue lashed it and he slid further into her mouth.

She sucked hard, using all her skill to bring him the most pleasure possible… his hands pressed hers harder and harder against his thighs as she sucked more and more of him into her mouth. Although she was very good at giving head she couldn’t quite get all of him down her throat; but there was barely an inch left over. Victor couldn’t remember the last time he’d gotten a blow job, and he didn’t know if he’d every had one where this much of his dick was down the girl’s throat. His hands clutched at Ramona’s on this thighs as his hips jerked, thrusting into her mouth… he knew it was wrong but the pleasure was incredible.

Looking down at her young face, eagerly swallowing his cock, he knew that he wasn’t going to last long. It had been too long since he’d had any kind of sexual stimulation, and this was definitely amazing stimulation.

“I’m going to cum…” he gasped, wanting to warn her.

Ramona’s only response was to lash her tongue across his sensitive head and try to suck even more of his cock into her mouth. As her throat muscles tightened around his cock, he cried out, knowing that she was going to swallow everything he had to give her. It felt fantastic as he shot down her throat, her mouth working around him, sucking him for all she was worth… he felt incredibly limp as he finished and she continued to gently lick and suckle on his softening dick.

“Don’t get your hopes up,” he told her tiredly, “I’m an old man compared to you, I don’t get it up as easily as I used to.”

Looking up at him, Ramona grinned without a trace of worry, letting his limp dick fall from her mouth, “I’m not worried… we have plenty of time and it’s a long night.”

Getting up she straddled his thighs, basically sitting on his lap with her bra-covered breasts right in his face. Victor looked incredibly conflicted as the young beauty climbed on top of him… she didn’t even give a moment to consider. Taking his hands she put them on her own smooth thighs, running them up and down as her lips caught his for a deep kiss. It was their first kiss ever, and even though he was hesitant at first, once he started getting into it she found that he was one of the best kissers she’d ever had. His hands tightened on her thighs and she let her own hands drift away, sure that he would keep his there – and she was right. Reaching behind her back she undid her bra, letting her young breasts fall out – not that they had very far to fall, perky as they were with youth.

Victor moaned as she pulled her lips away and he was suddenly confronted with her gorgeous bare breasts right in his face. Practically shoving her nipple in his open mouth, Ramona also pulled up one of his other hands and closed it over her whole breast. He squeezed spasmodically, feeling the firm flesh give under the pressure as his mouth latched onto her nipple. Moaning she pressed her breasts against him, encouraging him with her soft pants and groans.

He filled himself with her breasts, remembering his youth when he had last held boobs that were this firm and supple… without even thinking about it his other hand began to run up and down her smooth back, caressing the firm curves of her ass. Ramona writhed on his lap, her panty-clad pussy pressing up against his soft dick, rubbing it gently and he could feel his groin stirring again.

Suddenly she rolled off of him and onto the bed, pulling off her panties and spreading her legs. Victor stared, stunned at the vision of youthful beauty before him… her hair was spread out behind her head and her breasts stood erect and proud with the hard nipples topping them. Everything about her was flawless and supple… her pussy was shaved, making her look even younger as the pink lips spread before his eyes. gaziantep bayan escort reklamları With a groan he dove forward and buried his mouth into her muff, starving for the taste of pussy after so many years.

She was sweet, musky on his tongue, and she moaned and humped her pussy against his questing tongue. Ramona was amazed, this was the best pussy licking she’d ever gotten… it probably had something to do with experience, he definitely had some tricks she’d never felt before. Her pussy was teased and tantalized, thoroughly explored and she felt herself almost getting faint with the pleasure. When he sucked her clit between his lips and gently vibrated it, she went almost mad with passion, crying out as her orgasm crashed over her in pleasurable waves.

Feeling very proud of himself, Victor realized he was hard again… pulling back from her fantastic pussy he paused, unsure of himself. Ramona opened her eyes and saw him looking at her, his dick hard and proud, pointing straight at her.

“Don’t wait…” she said, stretching out her body, pussy juices glistening in her slit, “Fuck me Victor… fuck me hard…” she arched her back so that her breasts stood out, her young and lithe body writhing before him.

With a groan his resistance crumbled and he was on top of her, his dick pressing into her tight young hole. It felt amazing, incredibly wet and elastic, squeezing him tightly as he thrust his way in, hearing her moans of ecstatic pleasure as her recently orgasmic pussy was invaded. Her responses seemed almost foreign to him, it had been so long since he’d had sex. She was eager and excited, her legs wrapping around his waist as her fingers clawed at his back.

Tired of her nails digging into him, he pulled her hands down and put them on either side of her head as he pounded her hard, using every ounce of his experience to make the experience incredible. Moving and twisting, he ground against her pussy; watching her head thrash as she was held down, hips thrusting wildly up against him. Ramona thought it was incredibly hot that he was holding her secure, that she couldn’t even move her arms. It made her feel incredibly vulnerable and dominated, and her pussy burned with fire as he moved inside her, his hard dick filling her completely.

Pushing both of her wrists high above her head, he stretched out her upper body, holding them down with one hand as his other went straight for her breast, pinching and pulling on her nipple. Ramona had never been with a guy that had been so attentive to her pleasures. She didn’t know that Victor was barely thinking about that, that he just wanted to have his hands all over her body, that he wanted to take her hard and fast and make her cum and cum and cum… she was so much younger than him. Taking her and making her cum all over his cock was like the complete affirmation of his manhood, something that he hadn’t been so sure of since his ex-wife had practically emasculated him.

“OH! OH! OH VICTOR!!!!!!! OH VICTOR IT FEELS SO GOOD!!! OH I’M GOING TO CUM! OH GOD! OH GOD VICTOR!!!! I’M CUUUUUUUUMMMMMIINGGG!!!!!” Ramona thrashed underneath him, her arms fighting against his hand where he held her down.

Pounding even harder and faster, he removed his hand from her breast and down to her clit, rubbing the little nub furiously so that she screamed out with pleasure. It was incredible, waves that swept over her unending; tears sparked in her eyes as her body overloaded with sensation, her pussy clamping down on him and trying to stop the stimulation. Her legs kicked out at the air, and he thrust a few more times, pressing his fingers firmly against her clit, before he suddenly pulled out and his angry red dick began spewing cum all over her body.

Spurts hit her belly and tits, white stickiness that erupted as he groaned with pleasure… sad that he’d had to pull out – but he hadn’t been sure that she was on birth control – and yet physically complete, besides which she looked incredibly sexy with his cum on her young body. Ramona gasped and sobbed as her pussy was suddenly emptied, her insides were still twitching with the aftershocks of her incredible orgasm.

To Victor’s surprise and delight, Ramona managed to get him up twice more that night and they fucked like bunnies. The next morning he made her promise never to come to him again for something like this, it had just been a one time thing. He couldn’t betray her father’s trust like that. Ramona kept her promise, but it was noted by her friends and family that she seemed to have acquired a taste for older men.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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