Etienne and Monique Ch. 07


[Author’s Note: The story of Etienne (Etiennette) and Monique is about two, lesbian, conjoined sisters who share genitalia. It contains BDSM, incest and a small amount of toilet play. All activities are fictitious and any resemblance to individuals either living or dead is purely coincidental…but if you happen to know any conjoined, albino, lesbian twins I could do with some help on the research ;)]


Chapter 7: Driving miss crazy


The sisters stepped out onto the sweeping steps in front of their house. Its contemporary design was regarded by many visitors as cold and clinical. To Etienne and Monique it was home; it spelled comfort, warmth and security and they loved it.

At the base of the steps were two small, black suitcases, a briefcase and a knapsack which Etienne had Veronique bring down earlier. Veronique had not a clue what was inside them, but guessed that some of their play-things lay within. Etienne was being quite mysterious about their destination and had pre-programmed the sat nav so that only she would know where they were headed.

Veronique pulled up in the white Citroen Metropolis, the sister’s own car which had a custom driver’s seat arrangement to compensate for their unique physique. Today however Veronique would be driving. She clambered out of the huge sedan, raced around to the door facing the twins and opened it for the girls to enter, standing to attention dutifully as they approached.

As they got in, each of the sisters planted a lingering kiss on Veronique’s lips. They truly did share everything, except for the secret of this mystery journey.

“Just follow the sat nav my pet.” Etienne said with mild satisfaction.

“And put on the special surprise from the glove compartment first.”

Etienne and Monique shuffled into place on the back seat, scrabbling for the seatbelts. It would seem no matter how rich you are, finding the seatbelt notch in the back of a car was a universal consternation.

As Monique finally found hers and clicked it into place she heard Veronique’s shocked voice utter “Oh mes non, mon dieu.” Just before giggling loudly.

“Is there a problem pet?” Etienne queried their sexy chauffeur.

“Mes non mistress, I understand, pardon et moi.”

“Very good little pet, very good.” Etienne grinned, much to the further confusion of her sister.

“What is going on sister?” Monique said finally, unable to take the little secretive events any longer without saying something.

“We’re going to play a little game on the way.”

“Oh goody, I like games.” Monique said innocently, before furrowing her brow, realising that Etienne did not usually like games.

“What sort of game sister?” Monique inquired, her voice pitched accusingly.

“Do not concern yourself with it, all will be revealed in good time. Read the contract and let me know when you’re finished.”

The first few miles were fairly quiet. Monique muttered occasionally as she trawled through the slave contract on her net book. Every now and then her eyebrows would raise, or she would glance up at either her sister or Veronique in astonishment. Eventually she closed the little laptop and placed it gently in her old, battered briefcase.

“So,” Etienne said at long last. “Are you ready for our little game?”

Monique breathed in deeply having finally absorbed the weight of the contract.

“I’m not sure, what does it involve?” She quizzed her sister.

“Here, take this.” Etienne said, handing her sister what seemed to be a small black remote control.

“Now that you have read the contract, we need to know that you understand bursa bayan eskort it.”

“Uh-huh.” Monique said in a voice that implied that she was still a little confused.

“That remote is linked to a device that our pet is wearing. It has two settings; the red button is for if you get the question wrong and the green one for if you get it right.”

“With you so far.” Monique said tentatively.

“If you get the question wrong, our pet will receive a mild electric shock.”


“To her pussy.” Etienne added.

“No, no way, she’ll crash the car.”

“No she won’t, it’s mild enough to be uncomfortable, but she can still focus…in fact it will probably help her to focus.”

“And what about the green button?”

“Ah, that one will buzz her clit, she’ll receive pleasure.”

Monique looked at Veronique in the rear-view mirror. Their little pet seemed strangely calm about it.

“Of course,” Etienne added. “If you keep answering incorrectly she could still end up cumming as a result of the shocks but it won’t be quite as pleasant.” Etienne grinned.

“Have you ever built a death ray or engineered some sort of super virus sister? Because you can be quite sinister.”

Ignoring Monique’s joke Etienne said sharply “Shall we begin?”

“I suppose so, are you ready Veronique?” Said Monique.

“Ah, ah, ah!” Etienne cut in.

“Oh sorry, are you ready pet?” Monique corrected herself.

“Oui mistress, I ‘ave faith in you.” Veronique said with a slightly strained tone.

“An easy one first,” Began Etienne. “Clamps, yes or no?”

Monique thought for a moment and said finally “Yes.”

“Very good, press the green button.”

Monique paused for an instant then pressed the green button. Veronique sat up in the seat suddenly pressing back into the leather, the car briefly accelerated as her foot pressed down, but slowly she reduced speed again. The sisters heard her whisper “Merdre.”

“Oh, one little detail.” Etienne added playfully.

“Now that you’ve activated it, the minimum each setting will run for is ten seconds before cutting out. Each consecutive correct or incorrect answer will increase the timer for that setting by five seconds.”

“Oh now you tell me!”

“It will reset if the button pressed changes.”

“Sister, you are too creative for your own good. Where did you get this?”

“Press the red button.”

“Huh? But I didn’t get a question wrong.”

“No, but you delayed me asking the next question and so pet will be punished.”

“Sorry pet.” Monique said sincerely as she pressed the red button.

“Ah, ah, ah!” Veronique exclaimed, shuffling on the seat a little.

“Next question; what is the longest any scene is allowed to continue for?”

“Oh, um.” Monique mumbled to herself, realising she had to answer quickly.

“Four hours.” She said finally.

“Correct, press green.”

Monique pressed the green button and again Veronique pushed back into the seat and gritted her teeth.

“Okay, something harder; does our pet prefer to be bound with rope or with straps?”

“Straps.” Monique said, pleased with herself.


Monique pressed the green button again. It was swiftly followed by an audible grunt from the front of the car.

“Well done sister, now, name three things that our pet refuses to do?”

Monique scratched her head for a moment before her eyes lit up.

“Whipping, strap-ons and candle wax.”

“Excellent! Press the button three times.”

“Oh, I thought it was one question.” Monique seemed puzzled.

“Three times, or I’ll press the red button three times.” Etienne threatened.

Tentatively bursa evi olan escort Monique pressed the green button three times. As she looked up from the remote she could see the reflection of Veronique in the rear-view mirror. Her face was flushed and she was starting to perspire.

“Last question.” Etienne spoke with a delighted expression on her face.

“During the working day which of us has the last say in everything?”

Monique pondered for a moment, she could not remember seeing anything about that on the contract. She started to look a little panicked before suddenly realising that it was not on the contract, this was a general agreement.

“You do sister.” Monique said at last.

“Excellent, well done! Now hold down the red button and don’t let go until I say.”

“But.” Monique began to say, before realising that her sister had trapped her with her own words.

Veronique felt the sensation quickly switch. Her loins were being buzzed by subtle pulsing vibrations, but that changed in an instant to needle-point, tingling jabs that made her dance about on the seat. The pain was not intense, but it was concentrated right on her most sensitive region.

She maintained focus on the road ahead, but as she did so she lost control below. The constant and focused stinging on the nerve endings of her clitoris began to overwhelm her. The sensation was unique and had a totally unexpected effect. Soon the pain became pleasurable, it still hurt, but she could feel herself racing toward orgasm. All the time she was trying to travel in a controlled fashion.

“Are you okay pet?” Etienne asked. The question almost seemed to annoy Veronique as all other outside distractions dulled and the intensity of orgasm overtook her. She bucked on her seat, still clenching her teeth. The car maintained a steady line along the road, which is more than could be said for Veronique, who by now was squirming so much in the seat that the leather was making embarrassing noises.

With a low growl she replied “Mmph, oui mistress, your pet is fine.”

But the tingle continued and soon she was racked with a second orgasm, which was far more painful, but in contradiction more pleasurable.

Etienne made Monique hold the button down until the tell-tale wriggling of Veronique occurred for a third time before showing Monique how to switch the device off.

Veronique was juddering for a few seconds afterwards. It seemed to Monique that after the device had been switched off Veronique had forgotten to breathe, but a nasal exhale exhibited the true wash of sensations as she bucked uncontrollably for a fourth time as she tried to settle back into her seat. Certainly she was finding it hard to breathe regularly and every now and again she would twitch.

“Did you wet yourself pet?” Etienne asked after Veronique’s breathing had slowed.

“Oui mistress.” Veronique replied, tutting under her breath.

“Then we had better stop and get you cleaned up, there’s a lay-by over there.” Etienne said nonchalantly.

“I see it mistress.” Veronique said breathlessly, pulling over.

“Oh you poor dear.” Said Monique showing genuine concern for her abused lover.

The lay-by was on a secluded stretch of road, they had seen no other traffic here for at least half an hour. Lush fields and verdant growth surrounded them, but all Veronique could think of was how her groin still hummed with a dull throbbing.

She climbed out of the car, her skirt was sodden down the back.

“You had better remove that, here’s a replacement.” Etienne said holding an almost identical garment she had drawn from her bag, showing that she had already bursa rus escort prepared for this eventuality.

“Uh, mistress, I ‘ave to umm.” Veronique said nervously.

“You have to what pet?”

“I am still wiz ze tingling, can I ask mistress Monique somesing?”

“Of course dear, but be quick.”

Veronique whispered in Monique’s ear. Monique replied with an “Oh? Certainly my sweet.”

Monique turned to her sister and said “I need to borrow that thing again at some point.” Before turning back to Veronique.

Etienne watched for a moment as her sister’s hand delved under Veronique’s skirt. The two girls kissed passionately, all the time Monique’s hand danced under the fabric until Veronique pulled her face away and gasped out loud.

“Hmm,” Etienne said to herself. “Mental note; the new device makes you very randy.”

“We’re almost there by the way, only five more miles to go. Sister, when we get there I’ll do all the talking, you can hold the leash.”

Veronique wiped the seat down with her original skirt. Then by Monique’s direction she sprayed it with a deodoriser before changing into her new skirt and discarding it along with her underwear into a vacuum bag in the boot at Etienne’s command.

The new skirt was of the same material as the old, but it narrowed so much that Veronique was unable to separate her knees. It was a hobble skirt. To Monique she looked extremely sexy in it as she shuffled around the car. To get into the car Veronique had to sit on the seat first before swinging her legs in.

Etienne’s perverted distraction had made the journey fly by, at least for the sisters.

Etienne watched Monique for the last few miles, she was gazing out of the window and smiling broadly, occasionally she would grin and would catch Veronique’s gaze in the rear view mirror before glancing away again. As lovers, separate from the unusual role Veronique played in her working day, Veronique and Monique were very cute together.

A cursory glance by Etienne into the front of the car showed that Veronique was almost doing the same, a similar ‘Cheshire cat’ grin across her face. This outing seemed to be bonding the young women closer already. From Etienne’s perspective things were coming together nicely.

All the while Monique clutched onto the leash that ran to the tight, tall, white leather posture collar around Veronique’s neck and Etienne noticed that Monique was stroking the loop at the end. Etienne smiled.

A few minutes later and the car crested over the brow of a hill, the sat nav’s chequered flag marker was on screen and all three pairs of eyes looked in the direction of their intended destination.

Near the top of a distant hill stood a forested area, the girls could just make out the white plaster, tall chimneys and glinting windows of a large country pile between the boughs of trees. Etienne clutched her sister’s hand, it was clear this was a momentous occasion for her. The classic French mansion house was quite striking, even through the light mist that had at that moment descended.

“Now, when we arrive we are to pull up in front of the main entrance and toot the horn three times, then twice, understood.” Etienne commanded.

“Oui mistress.” Veronique replied without a backward glance.

“The lady who lives here is quite old and has been keeping slaves for some time, in the playful sense of course.” Etienne added cordially.

“I have been talking to her on-line for some months, but it is her daughter that we are coming to see really. Madame Ricqot is one of the worlds foremost writers on bondage subculture.”

“Bondage subculture?” Monique quizzed.

“Yes, she’s like a Marquis de Sade of our day.” Etienne’s statement came with a wash of enthusiasm and more than a little child-like excitement, something that a couple of weeks before would never have crossed Monique or Veronique’s minds.

Monique considered what her sister had said for a moment, she looked across at Veronique and grasped the leash loop in her hand a little more tightly.

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