Entomorph Breeding Program


The small village of Nookington was located near a forest where the various species of the now called ‘Entomorph’ were discovered. A collection of insectoid and arachnid humanoid creatures that sought to introduce themselves to the world, but were starting small so far. Several had come to open a small ‘farmers market’ of sorts, which included a bee people’s pure honey, ant treats, and even spiders who had caught and humanely taken care of wild animals that threatened the town.

Recent developments had led to the discovery that with aid from other creatures, Entomorphs could much more easily spread their species, and grow a closer bond with the rest of the world. Thus, a breeding program was put up for a vote and passed in this small town. Currently, there was a board outside the town library with several requests from eager Ento parents, hoping for a host to their young.

Emelia was dropped off outside town standing in loose-fitting clothing hiding her fairly plump exterior. Her auburn hair mixed into her dress’s colors as she made her way over to the small mating clinic. “Alright, you can do it. They all seem so nice and you could use the connections…” She took a deep breath before pushing the front door open. Looking around and seeing several groups of Entomorphs some dressed like doctors and others who looked like excited soon to be fathers or mothers.

The librarian smiled “Hello Ma’am, are you here to sign up for the first wave of the breeding program?” She smiles lightly “I can personally say that it is not only pleasurable but also surprisingly easy on the body to recover.”

Emilia blushed before nodding. “Yes I, Yes I’m here to do that.” She walked overlooking rather flustered as she eyed the driders in the corner of the room. “I am Emilia. I signed up for the drider program.”

She looks it over “Ah yes, Tara will be your partner.” She waves over and one of the driders skitters over. She looked to be about the size of a centaur, but with her spider lower half. “Thank you for signing up for our program Miss Emilia. My name is Tara.” She smiles and holds her hand out, her fangs glinting a little past her lips. “Most have been a little nervous about signing up for our program, so I hope I can coerce you into giving a good word when this is over.” She giggles a little bit.

Emilia’s face turned fully crimson before shaking her head. “Yeah, I have heard a good bit about all this. I’ve always been a tad lonely and hearing that this was a good way to make a connection made me excited to come in.” She looked back up into Tara in her bottom set of eyes nearly getting lost in the inky blackness.

Tara smiled “Alright then, one last question, and please be honest. Would you rather a hotel room, or my place? Either is fine, my place would at the end be more private, but the hotel room would be within the town limits.” Tara gently reaches down and rubs Emilia’s cheek with a smile. “You know, you truly are beautiful.”

Emilia shuddered slightly before smiling. “I think your place sounds good. The hotel idea just feels… cheap.” She shakily reached out putting her hand on one of Tara’s legs feeling the hard black near leather-like leg. “You’re also beautiful ya know… your legs are very pretty.”

Tara giggles a little bit and playfully picks Emilia up “Thank you for the compliment, and I thought so too, I just wanted to make sure you were fully comfortable.” She begins to walk out of the library, waving to the others who smiled at her. “So, what do you know of our kind? I’d be willing to answer any questions you have while I take you back home.” She skitters towards the edge of town and into the forest…though the well-trodden path was well lit.

Emilia nodded following closely next to Tara. “Well, I’ve been curious about how being a mate actually works? I know the pregnancy is gonna last a few months at least so… do you want to get to know me during it? I…” She looked down, rubbing her belly gently. “I would like to… know our children and such…”

Tara smiles wide “Of course I would like to get to know you more. Also most opt to let our colonies raise the young, though we have a few who have opted to be parents. If you want to spend the time here with us, I would be thrilled to support you.” She smiles lightly and rests a hand on Emilia’s shoulder. “Essentially, I am going to inject you with…well technically it is a venom, but it induces ovulation, heightens pleasure responses and dulls pain, and it affects the stretchiness and tensile strength of the flesh. As you take in my eggs, it will cause you to get larger much faster than normal pregnancy for humans, but everyone who has gone through it is fine at the end, no stretch marks or anything.”

Emilia smiled softly looking back to Tara. “If you’re offering I’ll definitely stay…” She was quiet as they continued down the path starting to lean into Tara as they walked. Just enjoying the presence of what would soon be her mate. “So do you have a husband or wife? Also how quickly escort bayan kağıthane do your young grow up? I’m more than willing to be in for the long haul.”

“I do not have a mate of my own. I normally would give out unfertilized eggs, though they can absorb the eggs of a host mother to fill in the other parent’s genetics. That is why we induce ovulation. As for how long they take to grow. Unlike insects and arachnids, we age and grow slower, though our rate of growth is faster than a humans. Driders like me would be considered fully grown at 15, though mature at 17. Though for human’s sake, we are taking to waiting till at least 18…in human years. I am 25 for the sake of it.” She smiles gently and giggles “Ants grow at an astounding rate, and they can be fully grown in as little as 3 years, though the drones are 100% loyal to their parents, particularly their mother for 15 years. And they don’t reach sexual maturity for another year after that. Bees have a similar growth cycle…though that comes down to their base races. We driders have always been expected to be…somewhat solo loners…at least genetically.”

Emilia reached over rubbing Tara’s hand. “Well if you don’t want to be alone… you don’t have to. After all, we are starting to share our races’ cultures so hopefully, now there won’t be pressured to go solo anymore.” She perked up as the pair approached a large now well-lit cave with cabins surrounding it families of driders inhabiting each.

Tara smiled and nodded “That sounds nice to me, I’d really like to see where this goes.” She leads Emilia into a rather nice log cabin, large enough to support a good few extra bedrooms. Inside was a nice living room, then just past that a kitchen. A door in the side leads to the other half of the house where it was a short hallway with a few rooms off of it with a bathroom at the end. “I helped work on getting these newer homes put together…and I made mine in planning for having a family…though extensions should be pretty easy.” She blushes and opens one door. “Here is my room.” Inside there was an armoire, a lamp, bookcase, and while a normal bed was there, a web hammock in the corner, as well as the ceiling rafters being largely webbed went to show where she slept.

Emilia giggled walking into the room and sitting on the bed. “I will admit this is a far bigger home than I have ever lived in.” She ran her fingers through the sheets smiling. “Just getting to get to know someone and explore parenthood sounds like a massive gift to me. You’re coming off as nothing but kind to me so being your partner also sounds like tons of fun.”

Tara smiles and moves up to Emilia “So then, shall we start now? Or would you like a bit of a ‘wooing’ dinner?'” She leans in and plants a kiss firmly on the girl’s lips, her dainty yet strong fingers running down Emilia’s back and scalp.

Emilia moaned softly before pulling back. “Well I would enjoy getting to know you over a meal then we can get into it.” She then leaned back in kissing Tara again and hugging the spider. “You’re beautiful and I’m sure the children will be too.”

Tara playfully picks Emilia up before skittering back to the kitchen and living room, setting the girl on the couch before heading to start cooking. Before too long, the sizzling of something is heard. “I hope you like fish and rice. We catch and grow them here.” She is showing her dexterity with quickly grabbing and working on multiple things at once in the kitchen, even with her body size she is effortlessly moving around the space.

Emilia watched enthralled by the drider’s dexterity. “That sounds wonderful. I love fish and rice isn’t half bad either.” She sniffed a few times before sighing happily. “It also smells wonderful. I can make some other types of meals, most breakfasts, and meat. I don’t really… have any form of employment that’s a big reason I was sent out here. An opportunity for a better life and all.”

Tara smiles and soon brings out a pair of plates of a salmon with lemon and butter, along with some white rice. “Well, our community needs plenty of people willing to put in an honest day’s work. So I can assure you something to do beyond parenting if you wish.” She sets the plates down along with some silverware before curling her legs in, sitting technically on the ground, but level with Emilia all the same.

Emilia took the fish starting to eat quietly. Smiling at Tara between bites slightly nervous but on the whole, enjoying the experience of being near a new companion. “I am more than willing to do both after the children are born. Although I am more than willing to have as large of a family as you desire, and take care of them as my job if needed.”

Tara giggled and leaned in to kiss Emilia’s cheek. “Is that so? Well. I think I could accommodate for your wants and needs.” She smiles a little bit “So what all do you like? I’m learning just how much we don’t have yet that I enjoy. I particularly like all kinds of music and reading, escort bayan beyoğlu don’t really have a favorite yet. Oh, and while I’m strong enough to help lift things around here, I’m an excellent weaver. In fact, I weaved many of the things here.”

Emilia blushed while looking around at all the tapestries in the house. “I must admit they are all lovely. I have a passion for writing and books so I’m sure reading together could be lots of fun.” After finishing her meal Emilia scooted over to lean into Tara’s side. “You’re really soft ya know that? It’s nice…”

She giggles “Why thank you, your skin is quite soft as well.” She finishes her food before gently wrapping an arm around Emilia “So how do you like it? Later I can show you what I know of cooking…then we can experiment with cooking together.” She rubs Emilia’s back a little bit “Also what kinds of writings do you do?”

“I mostly write romantic short stories. That and I love mystery.” Emilia started hugging Tara’s side, closing her eyes and enjoying the closeness. “But now I have my mysterious romance right here so I don’t need to daydream about it anymore.”

Tara giggles a little and helps Emilia onto her spider back before carrying their dishes to the sink. “Well then, what say we…investigate the bedroom fun that I am sure is on your mind Emi.” She giggles and starts to head back towards the bedroom.

Emilia hugged Tara tight, relaxed on her partners back as they moved over to the webbing in the corner of the bedroom. “So do you wanna do it on your webs or the bed.” She blushed looking at the webbing in front of her. “Both could be very fun.”

Tara giggles and starts to remove what coverings she has on the top of her body. “Well, if you want to go for the most fun, I think you would enjoy the webs. Especially if you want to feel like a helpless little fly.” She turns and runs her fingers through Emilia’s hair.

“Well, then webs it is.” Emilia nuzzled into the hand before starting to move off of Tara’s back and onto the webbing. At first, it wasn’t that hard but after she got her first hand on tight she fell tangling herself helplessly in the webbing being held upside-down and diagonally.

Tara giggles a little bit and starts to remove Emilia’s clothing. “You are adorable Emi, let me help you get…more comfortable.” She leans in to kiss the girl before pulling her top off and playing with the bra hooks, getting it off too.

As her clothes came off piece by piece Emilia’s curvy body was truly showing off how gentle and soft it looks. Her breasts both decompressing from her D cup bra and jiggling slightly as Tara moved them around to remove the rest of her clothing. “Well… uh… thank you. This is very comfortable.” By the time Tara was done, Emilia was fully nude other than the webs around her wrists, ankles, and waist holding her in place.

Tara giggles and crawls up on the webs, her legs expertly navigating the netting she had made. “Well well well, what a delicious morsel I have here.” She wiggles as a cock like tube begins to grow out from her lower body, prodding at the exposed pussy. “And look at this, the perfect egg sack, though I think I need to prep it a little more.” She leans down and bites into Emilia’s neck, injecting her…causing a wonderful heat to spread through her veins.

As the venom spread through her Emilia’s blush turned from red to crimson her mouth slowly falling open as she began panting. “F… Fuck. Tara! I need something inside me!” She whimpered her legs quivering helplessly because of the heat overwhelming her senses. Her pussy began dripping from the stimulation of the prodding tube as her hips thrust forward trying to get it inside.

Tara smiles and begins to slide her ovi-posterior into Emi “Oh you feel like you are already trying to get my eggs into your belly. I can’t wait to fill you to the brim!” She begins to thrust in and out, purposefully holding back her eggs to play with her new mate.

Emilia continued her helpless humping letting out gasps and moans as the first egg just barely teased her pussy, trying desperately to get it inside her. Her hips widening welcomingly for the first of her mates’ eggs. “T… Tara! P… Please! I need it!” She moaned out and nuzzled her head helplessly into Tara’s chest.

Tara shoved all the way in, her tip painlessly pressing into Emilia’s womb as she began to let her eggs pump into the woman. The first large egg entered, making a bulge in her belly, then the second joined its sibling…and finally a third. Emilia’s belly already looked to be 6 months pregnant as Tara gently pet her mate. “There we go, how do you feel with that?”

Emilia’s eyes had rolled back into her head as the eggs rolled around in her now stretched wide womb adjusting to their proper places. After ten minutes of moaning and squirming the heat started to drain out of her. “I… feel wonderful.” She leaned into the petting before letting Tara pick her up off of the webbing and lay her back down onto the bed. “I’m… excited for the little ones.” She started to absentmindedly rub her swollen belly still clearly slightly hazy from the session.

Tara pulled out and laid next to Emilia, pulling up the blanket. “I am also excited for the little ones. 3 is a pretty good load for me, and I can’t wait to see how they come out.” She rubs Emi’s belly gently “You may need a little time to adjust, but I really look forward to the family we are going to raise together.”

Emilia nodded before nuzzling into Tara’s chest. “This is going to be a wonderful experience for the two of us.” She yawned softly before closing her eyes and holding onto Tara letting her legs hide under Tara’s body and letting her swollen belly be supported by Tara’s side. “Have you considered any names you want for the little ones when they hatch?”

Tara thinks a little bit “Well…I was named for “Tarantula”…but I haven’t thought too much about what my own would be called, figured I would work that out with whoever my mate was.” She smiles a bit “So Emi, I’m all up for figuring that out together.”

Emilia giggled leaning up to kiss Tara. “So umm… we are mates now…” She blushed a bit but had a wide smile on her face. “I was always conflicted about human ways of partnership but… I like this a lot. When it comes to the little one’s names. I’m sure we can find some cute punny names like yours.”

Tara rolls her eyes but smiles and kisses Emilia back “I’m sure they will all come to us when it comes time for them to hatch.” She closes her eyes, holding Emilia close before nuzzling into her. “Love you Emi…thank you for giving this a chance.”

“It was an opportunity for me too… I…” Emilia looked down rubbing her now swollen belly. “Was infertile. I had always desired a chance to start a family or romance but because of my inability to have children the ‘human’ way I was struggling to find a partner to belong with… then I got the ad for this program and nearly cried on the spot before signing up. The other species weren’t compatible with me so… here I am… here we are.” She let a few tears drip down her face before kissing Tara hard. “Thank you Tara I love you.”

Tara kisses Emilia deeply “I can already tell, you are going to be a wonderful mother…and wonderful to help us move forward into interacting with others.” She rocks Emilia gently “even if you can’t support a normal human pregnancy, my eggs are absorbing some of your DNA, one way or another. Usually through absorbing sperm or egg cells of the host, but in absence they can passively take in surrounding DNA, they will just grow a little slower.”

Emilia started crying softly holding onto Tara enjoying her mates’ touch. “Well, then I’m sure they will be beautiful.” She took deep breaths holding onto Tara until she was able to fully calm herself the exhaustion setting in as she drifted off in Tara’s arms.

-3 Months Later-

Tara walked inside their cabin, happily lugging in several bags of groceries “I’m home, and I brought the snacks you wanted as well as our food restock.” She began to put down some bags of various veggies she had gotten from their neighbors, as well as an assortment of foods from the town market.

Emilia smiled sitting on the living room couch as Tara came in. “Thank you so much, sweetie.” She slowly stood up her swollen belly making her movements sluggish as she came over kissing Tara on the cheek and starting to help unload the groceries. “The little ones have been wiggling around in their eggs a lot today.” She giggled as Tara could see her belly start to jiggle slightly before calming down. “It really tickles.”

Tara giggles and rubs the belly “Are you three being nice to mommy?” She smiles a little “Them being lively is a good thing, it means they are comfortable and enjoy where they are. I bet your heartbeat soothes them.” She gently rests her head on Emilia’s chest and closes her eyes. “It soothes me.”

Emilia kisses Tara on the lips gently before heading over to the kitchen to get some water. “I’m always happy to hear that. I will admit that these have been the happiest months of my life. Even if the little ones make it tough to get around.” She grabbed a glass pouring a cup before grabbing an apple and heading back to the couch to snack on it.

Tara smiles and sits down, pulling Emilia onto her so she can wrap her arms around her mate, rubbing the egg bump happily. “You are positively glowing, I really can tell how much you personally want to be a mother.” She kisses Emilia on the neck right where she had bitten during their first night together. “I do have one question, and if you don’t want to talk about it, it’s ok. But do you want any family to know that everything is going ok? I haven’t noticed you call anyone on a phone or anything.”

Emilia looked down slightly before shaking her head. “My family didn’t approve of my choice to come to be with you and gave me an ultimatum. Stay with humans and them or go here and never talk to them again. I chose to come here with you and they dropped me off.” She sighed before leaning more into Tara’s chest. “That doesn’t matter though I’m happy with my choice. I love my mate with all my heart and that’s all I could ever ask for.”

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