Entertainment For The Bosses


Working in an office can be a lot of fun, I’ve learned from previous experiences. But the office that I’m a secretary for–for almost a year now–has to be the greatest, and most fulfilling one there is. The escapades I’ve been involved in have opened my sexual delights to heights beyond measure.

Here is my first such sensual act; it happened on the first day I got the job, and I still masturbate to it to this very day.

My name is Trisha, and I just finished my first day of work at the offices of Devin and Devine, a small law firm that caters to the porn industry. The bosses are Devin–a thirty-four-year-old stunning blonde that loves to flaunt her long, curvaceous legs, and her best friend from their old days of starring in movies together, Devine. Devine is a fair-skinned, gray-eyed woman two years’ Devin’s junior. Her coal-black hair is always worn in large, spiral curls that always seem to be perfection itself.

I, myself, am a very sexually-enlightened mature gal of thirty-six. My looks never seemed to fade, as I was adamant about taking care of myself at an early age. They are both taller than me by about two inches (I am a tiny woman), and my slender body always ached to be touched and handled. Breasts that are firm and perky–and of adequate size–are mounted high on my chest. My eyes are small pools of emerald, and my hair is thin and red, spilling down my back like the lava from an extremely hot volcano.

Anyway, now that the introductions are over, I’ll tell you about my first day.

After hearing about this firm from a friend, and needing a new secretary job (I have been a professional one since I was eighteen), I decided to check it out. I was dressed to make mouths drool, and organs leak cream. I had my hair done up in that classy look, and my make-up was soft, but at the same time, alluring. The business jacket and skirt I donned were of a deep blue shade, with very thin vertical stripes. Under my jacket I wore a black, button-down shirt, and the collars folded over the collars of the blazer. The skirt came to right above my knee–about four inches–and I had on a pair of silk nylon thigh-highs. Strappy high-heels adorned my delicate feet. I was ready.

I strolled in with my briefcase in hand around eight-thirty in the morning. The office was air-conditioned (thank God!), and had the usual smells I was used to: ink, paper, metal, and that wonderful potpourri of many womanly scents combined.

I noticed the young girl sitting at the reception desk. She was no older than, say, nineteen or twenty, and she was beautiful. Her smile beamed at me as I approached.

“Hi, my name is Trisha Valun, and I’m supposed to start today. Can you help me find my way around?”

I returned her smile, and checked out her legs as she stood from her desk.

She reached out a hand, and said in a friendly voice: “Hi. My name’s Carrie, and I would love to. We’re still a small firm, yet, so it won’t take long. Follow me.”

No problem there, I thought, as I leered at her two cheeks swaying in her loose, plaid skirt. She had on a button-down shirt, also, but hers was tighter than mine; I could see her white bra-strap across her back. Her stockings had those lines going up from the ankle, splitting her shapely legs in half. Her heels were of the “fuck-me” variety, and made her calves more sinewy.

We walked down the aisle toward the rear, right-side of the office. She pointed to a comfy little cubicle just outside the windowless office of the bosses. It had all the basic components of a secretarial cubicle, so I won’t bore with the details. She pulled the chair out for me–which I thought was overly nice, but sweet. I sat, and asked her when I should expect instructions from one of the bosses.

She grinned down at me; it seemed like she was chewing on me with her blue eyes, and I felt my pussy getting heated. She leaned forward, placing the palms of her hands on the desk–giving me a view of her mounds of cleavage–and said, “Don’t worry, Ms. Valun. They’ll be out for you shortly. I think you’re gonna love working here; I know I do.” She winked at me, twirled so her skirt rode high, revealing the stocking-tops and straps that connected them to her garter belt, and walked off.

What in the world is goin’ on here? I wondered.

But, she was right: I was thinking that I could like this place….

I took this time to look around, scanning the office to see all the other people that worked here. Being a lover of pornography, I recognized some of the women and men as former stars. This was incredible! I knew this was the place for me. Quite a few of them I had actually fingered myself to, watching as they chugged cock, ate pussy, or just plain fucked in both the asshole and cunt.

I felt the sudden urge to go to the bathroom for a quick masturbation session, when the door to the bosses’ office opened up. Out walked Devin, platinum hair glimmering, with a full-lipped, red-painted smile. She beckoned me in with a French-manicured finger gesture.

Rising, Casibom I grabbed my briefcase off the desk, and followed her into their office.

She was dressed in a white business skirt and blazer like me–except for the color. She was also wearing stockings or pantyhose that were as white as winter snow. Covering her feet, all the way up to her knees, were cotton-shaded leather, spike-heeled boots. Her ass looked glorious as I shut the door behind me.

Their office was very spacious. A large, rectangle table was set in the center. At the left and right sides were their desks, facing each other. Couches lined the other walls. The most interesting objects in the room, though, were hanging on the walls. Almost every single sexual toy and device that existed were displayed on them.

I was really taken aback by all this, when Devin sat down on the table in front of me next to Devine, crossing her legs slowly, said, “Do you like what you see of our business so far?”

I stole a glance at the two sets of lengthy legs before me, and responded: “You bet I do, Ms. Devin. You have a very interesting office here.”

“Just Devin, please, Trisha. Now, do you know why we hired you?”

“Of course. I am to be your secretary. And yours, as well,” I nodded to Devine, who looked scrumptious in her very tight-fitting and extremely short spandex shorts. Her legs were glistening with sweat, like she just got through running or something. Her sports-bra was stretched taught across her huge tits; her nipples were trying to pierce the thin fabric. Her feet were covered with athletic sneakers.

“Well, yes, that.” Devin grinned at her partner. “But there are other reasons why we chose you to work here. For legal reasons, though, we’ll need you to to sign this waver before we discuss any of that. I assure you, I think you’ll like what we have to say.”

She produced a paper from behind her, and handed it to me. I read through it. All that it said was that, if I didn’t like what was being asked of me, I couldn’t tell anyone what we had discussed in here; that it was confidential. If I did like it, then it wouldn’t matter what I said, as long as it was in friendly conversation. Not anything that would be considered negative to the firm. I agreed, and signed it.

After Devine placed the paper inside a briefcase, she started talking. “Well, first of all. Let me say that right now, you are just a secretary. And, after we proposition you, if you do not agree, you can remain so without having to feel like you might be fired or something. So don’t worry.” She paused, trailing her gaze from my feet, all the way up to my face. “You are an extremely sexy and beautiful woman. We have another position in mind for you if you would like to hear about it? One that would almost triple your salary–plus many other perks that I think you would find interesting. Would you like to hear about it, Trisha?”

“Yes I would, Deivine. It sounds very interesting, indeed.” I thought I knew where this was heading, and moisture bubbled out into my panties from my juicy cunt.


Devin took over the proposal. “We have a special kind of firm here, Trisha. At times, when we have meetings with men and women who want to settle certain cases, we offer them males or females for sexual encounters. And we’re always on the lookout for new–skin, you might say.” She laughed, and it was musical. “But we need special women. Women who are into it all: blowjobs, swallowing cum, anal sex, sex with another girl, orgies, even some fetishes. As you have probably noticed already, one of the major fetishes that a lot of our clients love, is the nylon fetish. And I am so happy to see that you love to wear them, too. That’s a bonus.” She uncrossed her legs, allowing me a peek up her slitted skirt to the area where her panties were shrouding her twat. I peeked, and she smiled wide. After crossing them the other way, she continued. “I see you also like other women. Of course, we would love to have sex with you first, if you would want that? Do you want to lick and suck with me and Devine?”

Nipples stiffened; cunt pulsed; and panties soaked, as I nodded–almost hypnotically–yes.

“Now, before we go on, we would like to know: Do you want this new job, or no?” She stood up from the table, along with Devine. I noticed that Devine had a prominent camel toe between her thighs; it looked delicious.

“If I didn’t accept this job, I would have to get my fuckin’ head checked! Of course I accept; I’m into all of that stuff you mentioned. My experience with girl-on-girl sex is limited, though. I was only with one other woman before, so….”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, shugah. We’re excellent teachers. Now here’s your contract. Look it over, and sign all the forms.”

I did, and it took ten minutes. Handing it back, I inquired, “So, what next?”

“Next,” Devine spoke up, “we have to inspect your sexual areas, just to see if you take care of yourself. And, of course, ’cause we’re horny” All three of us laughed Casibom Giriş at that. “We’ll sit right here in the chairs, and you get that sweet ass up on the desk.”

“Okay,” I said, as I dropped my briefcase to the floor. The women sat down in two leather chairs, facing the huge table. I climbed on top of it, crawling on all-fours towards them. “Now what?”

“Stand up, and show us your big titties, Trisha. Let’s see how they look without that blazer, shirt, then bra on.” Devine placed her hand on the mound of spandex that was covering the dark-haired woman’s snatch. She squeezed, and Devine let out a little moan.

I stood, rising from the table like a cobra out of its basket. Starting from the top, I unfastened button after button, exposing the shirt underneath. I let the jacket slide off my arms, landing in a cloth-puddle behind me.

“Those are quite lovely inside that shirt, Trisha. Your nipples are very striking; that’s another bonus. Now–off with the shirt,” Devine ordered.

Once again beginning at the top, I slowly undid all the buttons. The smooth, white skin of my flat stomach and black bra exposed themselves to the sexy women below me. I felt like I was a stripper in some club, dancing for these women.

Devine slipped a hand under Devin’s skirt; her legs were parted as far as the skirt would allow, and the dreamy facade of her face told me that she was really enjoying herself.

“You have a perfect tummy; very lickable. Now the bra, hun. Show off those tits for us,” Devin said, her voice low from the obvious pleasure her friend was giving her. “Finger my cunt harder, D; I want our new friend to enjoy the show.” She slid her skirt up, revealing the lacy tops of her thigh-highs, and pantied pussy, where Devine’s fingers were playing a concerto over her fleshy folds. I spotted not a single hair anywhere on that puss, as I undid the clasp on the front of my bra. Watching these two lovely ladies getting off in front of me was making my twat expell drop after slippery drop of juice, drenching my black panties profusely.

I needed to taste them both, and soon. Pulling the bra apart, my tits were finally showing themselves to my new bosses. The air-conditioning (along with my own horniness) stiffened my nips incredibly. I saw both girls lick their lips at the same time.

Devine said, “Those are glorious tits, Trish. Perfect size for lickin’, suckin’, and fuckin’. Can you bring them down here so we can have a taste?”

“Yes I can. I was hoping you would ask me that.”

I got down like a dog again, and crept towards them; my large breasts swinging seductively under me.

When I reached the end of the table, I leaned forward as far as I could go. Both women bent to my chest, each grabbing a handful of tit. They caressed, squeezed, and pinched, making my cunt turn into a fire pit of passion and longing. First, they indulged in a sloppy, loving kiss; I watched as their tongues swiped all around the other’s lips. After tonguing each other’s mouths, they turned their attention to my tits again. Each one pulled a heavy breast to their warm mouths, kissing softly all around the sensitive area. I couldn’t believe that I had not one–but two–beautiful women suckling on my tits like they were starving for them. I noticed that Devine was the more aggressive one, as she nibbled and bit hard on my nipple; it sent shivers and tingles through my body like a million tiny fingers were running all over me. I panted, feeling an orgasm nearing.

The sucking and slurping sounds that filled the office were incredible. Their wet, warm mouths, chewing on my fun-bags, was…well…devine! Trails of spit were spilling down my breasts, landing on the wooden table in droplets the size of dimes.

Devin and Devine gave each tit one last suck, and let them go gently. Each one bounced a little, as I stated, “That was the greatest sexual experience in my life; a few more minutes and I would have creamed my panties!”

Devine went back to frigging her friend’s clit, and responded, “Oh, don’t worry. You will have many orgasms today, I assure you. Now, let’s say we see what you have hiding down there, Trisha? I can’t wait any longer.”

I bobbed my head up and down, feeling like I was the submissive here. Which I was, and I was adoring it.

I stood again with shaking legs, trying to control my pulsing pussy. I brought my legs together, and began unzipping the side of my skirt. Both pairs of eyes were lingering on the part of my body where my cunt was kept.

“I hope you don’t have a lot of hair down there, Trish? Or else we’re gonna have to get rid of it.”

I just smiled as the zipper was all the way down. Slipping the skirt over my hips, I swayed my ass back and forth for the ladies. I turned my back on them, bending over at the waist as I shimmied the skirt over my tight ass. My thong was firmly stuck in between my ass cheeks, and I know they could see the plumpness of my cunt. I stepped out of it, leaving it with the rest of my clothing.

I Casibom Güncel Giriş turned back to them. Devin whispered, “That was extremely hot, Trisha. I love the way your putty looks all confined under your panties.” Devine had three fingers inserted into her partner’s vaginal hole, and Devin was having trouble speaking. “You wear your undergarments very well. Now for the final move. Strip them panties down, and let’s see that twat.”

And so I did. Hooking my thumbs under the thin band, I pulled them down to my ankles. I stepped out of them, as well, and stood back up. The coolness of the room muffled the growing heat emanating from my wet cunt. I placed my hands on my hips, and asked, “You like?”

“I see I didn’t have any reason to worry about hair; you’re as bald as me!” Devin said. “Now, lay down and spread for us, dear. We need to see that pussy close up and in our faces.”

I clicked my heels over to the edge of the table; with every step, I could feel the silky nylon rubbing against my outer vulva as my stockings were pulled up high. I got down on my back, edging my ass towards them. After spreading my legs with my knees up, I said: “Inspect away, ladies. I think you’ll find everything up to code.” I giggled. Life couldn’t get any better than this, I thought then.

Devin and Devine leaned in, each gripping a nylon-covered calf. I watched them as they were only under a foot away from my mound. They inhaled deeply.

“You smell exquisite, my dear. Just perfect,” the blonde-haired seductress breathed. “Your vulva is puffy; your lips are thick and long; and your clit is very prominant. This definitely has to be one of the most beautiful and amazing twats I have ever seen. You are most certainly hired, Trish. How could I say no to a pussy that has beads of cum dribbling out of it?”

She wet her lips with her tongue again, and looked to her partner. “I think that she just got a raise because of this cunt, don’t you?”

“Yes. I. Do. I can’t wait any longer; I need to bury my face in that snatch before I lose my fucking mind!” Devine was getting edgy; I think I saw her actually drool after she said that.

“Trish, honey. Would you like it if Devine and I ate your cunt while you ate mine? I think that would be wonderful.”

“I would love to do that. But how are we going to?” I inquired; I was a new to the lesbian game, and, plus, my mind was reeling from all that was transpiring.

“You’ll see,” Devin said, as she crawled onto the table. She stood above my head so I could see up her skirt. She removed it first, then her panties. I finally got to see all of her mons: completely bare, and she had, what I always thought of as, an “inney”. Which means is that she just had a slit; her outer area was puffy like mine, but she didn’t have any lips flopping around. Actually, her pussy looked almost identical to Pam Anderson’s. I wanted to suck on some lips, but these kinds of cunts were beautiful, also.

I felt Devine breathing on my exposed clitoris and labia; I was drooling from my hole again. I felt it slip down into the cleft of my asscheeks, and I guess she couldn’t take it anymore. She dove right in, and I almost screamed at the pleasure she was giving to me. Her nose was drilling my clit, as her tongue snaked inside of my tight vagina. She was alternating from tongue-fucking me, to chewing on my cunt with a wildness that I have never experienced before.

I was just chanting “Oh, God! Oh, God!” over and over as she delved into my pretty pussy, smearing my fluids all over her face. She widened my twat with both hands so she could have more oral access to my insides.

As Devin was slowly shaking her ass, and lowering her lipless cunt down onto me, I had a my first orgasm with my new bosses. It was a quick one–one that was building deep within all day long. I moaned and groaned as my legs shook from the power of this woman eating me and sucking me. My juicyness pumped out of my hot hole, soaking Devine’s face.

“Oh, Devine. Keep lickin’, baby. Suck all my cum outta me! Unnnnnngh!”

The last thing I saw before my mouth was engulfed by Devin’s snatch, was Devine’s eyes–dreamy and glossy–staring right into mine as she continued lapping at my cunt-flesh.

The odor pouring out of this beautiful pussy drove my brain crazy! She smelled so fucking sweet, and I saw dribbles of her own semen along her crack. I let my tongue slip out, and worm around her plumpy vulva. She was squatting, so I reached under and spread her cunt as wide as I could.

“Trish, eat that cunt; I have a surprise for you, baby,” Devine informed me. I saw from under the pussy above me that she licked my juice off of her lips, and then she disappeared out of sight.

Devin just drove her twat into my hungry mouth, letting me delve deeper and deeper into her inner-lovliness. Then she said, “Mmmmm, honey, you sure know how to eat a taco. Here comes Devine with her ‘surprise’. Are you ready, Trisha?”

“Mm-hmmmmm!,” I mumbled into her wet folds. I tongued away at Devin’s tight hole, while sliding my middle finger around her asshole. With long swipes, my tongue trailed its saliva from her clit…all the way to where my finger was dancing around her most forbidden of areas. Even her asshole smelled exquisite.

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