Dreaming for My Sister

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The following is the result of a dream, and thus the chance this happening to someone in the real world is a number very close to zero. So make of it as u will, but hopefully u enjoy.

Amy – my sister, aged 18 5 feet 7 inches, b cup, slim waist strong legs from horseback riding. Blond sun streaked hair, freckled face, shapely butt.

It was a sunny afternoon in California as me and my sister where cleaning out our Grandmothers room, at the assisted living place where she used to live. She was declining in health and as result we had moved here to Texas where Grandma’s other kids could look after her. So after moving her it was up to me and my sister Amy to clear her room and sort stuff into trash/goodwill/keep sakes and so on. We had been working for 3 hours or so and where close to finishing when I glanced at Amy’s iPhone to get the time.

When the phone light up and showed the time, 4:30-ish, and showed a surprising pic of my sister. There she was a ball gag in her mouth, nipple clamps and what looked like one of those vibrating eggs in here pussy. She had a look of utter lust and was to me one of the sexist pics I had ever seen. Of course my being a 20 year old guy I got an immediate hard on. But I was also to some part of be freaked out that this was my SISTER! And she was wearing freaking NIPPLE CLAMPS AND A BALL GAG!

I stood there for several minutes zoned out of the world as I toke in pic and how that changed my view towards my sister. I was so zoned out I didn’t notice she was looking at me with a quizzical look on her face. I didn’t snap out of it till she looked at the phone, saw the pic and immediately snatched the phone out of my hand.

“What are you doing Patrick?” She yelled at me.

I looked at her and aydınlı escort thought about how I could use this to my advantage, and whether or not I should. I liked light bdsm, things with gag’s, vibrators and role playing stuff, and it seemed that Amy did as well. Better yet she seemed into being the dominated one while I liked being the on top.

“I didn’t know you where into bdsm? How long has that been going on?” I asked her with a small grin on my face.

“I don’t know, just seemed like something new and kinky. But you had better keep your mouth shut Patrick. Don’t make me tell mom and dad all the shit you’re got into that they have no idea.” Amy told me as she turned back to her work after putting her phone in her back pocket.

Knowing that if I said anything she would delete the pic of herself and then spill the beans on me to my parents I didn’t say a word. We worked for a probably another 15 minutes or so when I asked “So have you told anyone your into that stuff?”

She paused for a second and then continued collecting trash from Grandma’s closet as she answered me.

“No one but you knows about it.” She said matter factly.

“Not even Jenny” I asked. Jenny was her best friend and where almost sisters for how much they hanged out and went out together.

“I was going to tell her, but then decided that it was something left better unsaid. Now drop it” She demanded in her annoying sister voice that most girls have.


With that we toke about half an hour or so till the room was cleaned out and everything was loaded into the back of the truck. We talked about some other things, such as dinner plans and what not, as we went about dumping off the goodwill stuff, bağdat caddesi escort and then stowing the keep sakes in our garage. By the time we had eaten dinner and got home it was around 6. Mom and Dad where at the dining room table having a pow-wow with my dad siblings.

Amy went upstairs and jumped in the shower while I went to my room and sat and thought some more on the days finds. My sister liked being fucked and in a way I liked, rough, dirty and kinky. Better yet she wasn’t one of those crazy’s that wanted to be dominated all the time and every day. She was her own woman, but she had a wild side that liked the kinky stuff. My perfect type of woman, now if only she wasn’t MY SISTER!

I went back and forth over how fucking hot the pic was and how epic that sex would be if I could convince her of doing it with me. I paced around my room, when an idea hit me. If she has one pic of that what where the chances of their being more? And those toys she had they had to be in her room somewhere. It wasn’t like there was anywhere else she could hide them and not risk some really weird and awkward explanations if mom or dad found them one day.

So I walked into her room and began looking though the various piles of clothes and what not she had tossed all across her floor. Luckily Amy takes forever to get done with a shower or bath so I knew I had plenty of time for some brotherly snooping. After shifting through a few piles I found her phone next to the jeans she had been wearing earlier. So after entering the simple numbered passcode, I began looking though the pics she had.

Most of them where harmless and had either her horses in them, or one of her friends. A few had her in a one bahçelievler escort of several dresses, so she could show it off to one of her many girl friends or to post it on facebook for an opinion. Than after going through several more pics and folders I hit pay dirt. About 10 pics with my sister nude and showing her body off. There was one pic of here with ass in the air with a vibrating egg next to her asshole. Another of her held a riding crop in her left hand and was twisted over with her phone in the right. Her ass was facing a body length mirror, and she was showing off her ass with telltale marks of a riding crop on it. The others where in more modest pics of her, one had Amy’s arms under her breasts making them seem larger than they were, while see looked at the camera.

I rubbed my aching hard on as I toke the erotic sight of my sister naked body. I knew that I had to talk to her about this. Since this wasn’t something she would normally do and while I would have loved to fuck her. I still had to look after her as a brother is supposed. The only problem was finding the right time and the right environment. I wasn’t above convincing her to fuck me, but I knew that would take some time and very articulate persuasion on my part.

I put the backed out of the pics and set the phone down roughly where I had found it since I Amy would never notice the difference between where she had left it and I had. I than kept looking for the box of toys she had to have somewhere. I looked in her closet, in her dresser drawers, the mess under the bed. I couldn’t find them, and I know that if I was running out of time. So I figured I would look tomorrow when she off at the stables doing horse choirs.

So off I sneaked back to my room and jacked off the rest of the night with the images of my sister in my head till I fell asleep.

I will write and post part 2 later this week I just need to figure out where I should pick off where my dream left off. Please feel free to comment and let me know what u think. I know this is no masterpiece and is very much a work in progress.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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