Dorm Room Ch. 01

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Belinda shook her head, trying her best to shake the ill feeling that was consuming her. “Perhaps mixing of beer and spirits wasn’t such a good idea after all,” she thought, as she made her way through the dorm hall.

Staggering with each step, her shapely hips swayed languorously in the air. Her long, blonde trestles cascaded down the length of her spine, her toned legs extending in pace as she dawdled along the hallway, hearing the shouts and screams of her fellow college students as they embarked on another night of fun and games. The party was still going without her; she could hear the music thumping in her head as she moved further down the hall.

“Damn, why won’t it stop!” She said to herself, trying to clear her head of the songs that had been bouncing off the walls inside that overly small dorm room. “I’ll kill Becky for talking me into this tonight. Just you wait girl.”

She groaned at the thought, a sharp stabbing pain hitting into her temple as she slowed her steps and came to rest against one of the many doors leading off the narrow hallway. Her pulse beat inside the curve of her slender neck, and she could feel herself giving into sleep as the minutes slowly ticked away. She tried hard to hold herself up against the wooden frame but was overtaken by the lack of strength in her legs. With a slight stumble, she crashed to the floor, her feet curling under the swell of her pert rump. She groaned again, the pain of a boot heel digging into the flesh of an arse cheek. She closed her eyes and waited, slumped in this position as her hands cradled together in her lap, fingers splayed out as though they had been dislocated. Slowly, but surely, after a few short moments, she felt herself drifting off to sleep. Her breathing slowed down, her heart rate beating gently in her chest, the smell of alcohol on her breath piercing her nostrils before she waved her thoughts away and gave in to slumber.

Brad heard the bang against the door, rustling him out of sleep. Pulling the covers off his muscled chest, he crawled out of bed and stepped towards the door, peering around the room in search of his room mate, who was nowhere in sight. With a feeble shrug of his shoulders, he continued towards the door. Curling his long, thick fingers around the knob as he turned the handle anti-clockwise, he heard the creak of the large frame as it swung open for him. Stepping back quickly with a gasp as he felt the weight of something fall over his feet, he looked down to see a girl spread out below him. His first thought being that she was obviously intoxicated from one of the parties still raving on into the early hours of the night.

Brad stared down at her. His eyes drew over the swell of her round breasts as they flattened over her chest. The tight pink shirt exposed her smallish cleavage, showing off her milky white skin inside the deep V that outlined her bosom. Brad growled low in his throat, a guttural type of sound that created a stirring in his loins, the mixture of lust and desire building slowly within him as his eyes shifted toward the girl’s thighs.

He knew this girl, Belinda was her name and he had laid eyes on her during his first semester of college. She had the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. He remembered his heart had skipped a beat that day, as they walked past one another. She hadn’t even noticed him, she just simply walked by with her eyes focused ahead of her. But Brad didn’t miss the way her hips had swayed with each step, or how the narrow of her waist was enhanced with the cute little button-down shirt she had worn. He could even recall the way her laugh echoed inside his head, that sweet little chuckle that seemed so infectious. He remembered it all. He had wanted her back then, and now, with her lithe frame spread out across his feet, he was tempted to fall to his knees beside the girl and take her here and now.

Brad refocused his thoughts, staring down to see her right leg bent at the knee, pointing towards the door and her left foot aiming at her buttocks, and he knew she was wasted. He also knew that he had waited for this moment for some time. This girl, the one he had dreamed about for so long, the one he had fantasized about swallowing his hard cock as it slid into her throat.

And here she was, splayed out in his dorm room, unaware of her surroundings, unconscious to the possibilities that she had exposed herself to. But he knew it wouldn’t be right to take advantage of her in this way. He couldn’t bring himself to rape the girl, he just wanted to touch her, just once. He wanted to know what her skin felt like beneath his fingertips. He wanted to feel the softness of her lips upon his own, the swell of her hips as his hands gripped them. He wanted to experience this girl in his arms, moaning out his name, begging for release, aching to feel her cunt squeezing around his hard flesh as it exploded inside of her. This was a dream come true for him. He had longed to hold her in his arms, to make love with her, to draw out a mixture of screams and moans as he took her body to Kadıköy Escort heights she had never known. He stared down over her breasts once again, eyeing the cleavage that threatened to burst his zipper.

“Mmmmm fuck! Damn you are tempting me girl.” Brad whispered to himself.

Gathering his composure, he quickly poked his head outside of the door to look around for movement. Finding none, he stepped back into the room and pulled the limp body inside along with him, leaning down to the floor to curl his strong arms underneath her and sweep her up against his chest. She was so light, it took little energy to carry her to his bed and lay her down upon it. Setting himself down onto his knees at the edge of the bed, he sat there and stared at her. Her long strands were flowing across his fluffy pillow as her head settled snuggly on top, her eyes flickering as he settled beside her, pulling the covers up over her half naked body. He wanted to leave her uncovered; he wanted to stare at her lithe frame as she lay there in his bed… his bed.

“Oh my God,” he thought as the realization of what was occurring finally hit home.”I have Belinda in my bed. I can’t believe this. I can’t believe this girl I have wanted for so long is actually lying in my bed. Fuck, no one will believe this.”

He chuckled to himself, shaking his head at the thoughts that waffled through his mind and suddenly froze in time as he saw the girl rouse from slumber. She opened her ocean blue eyes and stared up at the young man, squinting slightly as her lips parted to speak.

“B… Brad? Is that you?” She asked groggily.

He simply smiled at her and nodded, leaning his elbow onto the bed to stare down at her and smile. “Yeah, it’s me, Bel.”

She looked at him in amazement, then shock, and soon after, her memories came flooding back and she quickly shifted up in the bed, bending her knees and bringing them close to her chest as she wrapped her arms around them, digging her chin in between like a small child.

“But… how…. Ummmm… ” She nibbled her lower lip, trying to ask the right question, but instead, looking up to him, her eyes begging.

“How did you get into my room?” He asked her, a sly grin crossing his mouth.

“Yes.. how did I get here? I mean.. what happened? I think I remember walking down the hall.. I was drunk… I mean, I still am drunk I guess.. but… how am I here… with you… in your room?” Belinda said meekly, her words tinged with embarrassment.

He just smiled at her once again, amused at her innocence, empathetic to her nature. He spoke slowly and gently, tossing her that stunning smile of his that would have any girl melting if they only paid attention to it.

“I will tell you once I get some coffee into you. Come on, get up and I’ll boil the kettle. I’ll find a shirt for you to wear, you must be cold, yes?” Brad said with concern in his voice.

She nodded modestly at the question, watching him walk toward the wardrobe and pull out a white shirt, then tossing it to her with a wink, he made his way into a small space within the room and switched the kettle on.

Belinda had heard about these dorm rooms with a little extra space set aside for a mini-kitchen. In reality, it was just a little alcove cut out into the far end of the room with a small bench top and cupboard underneath. Above the bench was an electric socket with a switch, and the cupboard wasn’t large enough to be considered as one, yet it was enough to hold a few cups and saucers. I guess one could call that a kitchenette.

“Brad?” She called out to him as her arms slid through the sleeves, pulling the shirt over her shoulders and buttoning it up her chest.

Brad walked back over and stood before her, inches away from the bed, smiling down at her pretty face. “Yes Bel?” He knew her friends called her that, she never did like her name much so she insisted on being called Bel instead.

“I… I wanted to say I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you up, if you were sleeping before. I guess I shouldn’t have gone out tonight. I don’t drink, this was my first time and I guess I overdid it. I really am sorry. I know I must be—”

He cut her off with a wave of his hand. “No need, Bel. It’s fine.”

Her chin dipped downward, cheeks flushing with slight embarrassment once again. This wasn’t her usual behaviour, and she sure as hell didn’t want Brad seeing her this way.

“It’s no problem Bel. Truly. I wasn’t really sleeping anyhow, so you didn’t disturb me,” Brad said with a smile.

He turned back to face the other room as the sound of the kettle switching off refocused his attention. “I’ll be back in a minute with that coffee.”

He gently patted her thigh with the large palm of his hand before rising from the bed and walking over to the kettle.

“Mmm, nice soft hands,” she thought to herself, then remembering what he was up to, she yelled across the room at him. “Umm.. Brad, you wouldn’t happen to have any green tea would you? I don’t like coffee.”

He Ataşehir Escort peered over at her and chuckled at her words. “Uh huh. And you don’t like alcohol either right?”

With a cheeky wink, Brad dropped his gaze back to the bench top and went about finding some green tea, knowing his roommate had kept some in one of the cupboards for when his girlfriend came over. Finding the little box of teabags hidden in the cupboard below and pulling one out of it’s wrapper, he poured hot water into the cup and dipped the green teabag inside, jiggling it a few times so that it darkened the hot liquid into a steaming brown fog.

As Brad finished making the tea she requested, he returned to her once again, turning towards his study desk and setting the cup down. He looked back to Belinda and smiled at her, amused at her current display of shyness.

“Come on drunknut get up and drink this whilst it’s hot. It will be good for you. Just don’t tell Joe that I used a teabag or he’ll have my hide.” Brad chuckled.

She smiled at him, a smile that melted his heart and stirred his loins once again. What he wouldn’t give to have this female writhing beneath him as he pounded his cock into her, stroking harder and deeper with the force of his hips. Damn, he wanted this girl so much. He watched her slip out of the covers and tiptoe across the floor, stepping around the other side of the bed as she settled at his desk, nearly toppling over when her balance was lost, likely due to the volume of alcohol that was still in her system.

“Hmm, I guess you might need two of those.” Brad said cheekily whilst pointing to her cup of green tea.

She simply smirked at him and curled her forefinger into the small curve of the cup handle, lifting it to her soft, full lips to blow onto the hot liquid. He watched her closely, studying her features. He loved the way her luscious mouth curved upward as she smiled, the way her jaw line framed her face, and he adored those deep blue eyes that sparkled with light as it reflected off of them, even now with redness partly filling them.

As she sipped her tea and looked across his desk, her eyes glanced at the paperwork spread out before her. Hand-written scattered sheets explaining the management of natural resources had stolen her attention away for a moment, until her brain began to shut off. She couldn’t concentrate on what she was reading, so instead opted to finish drinking her tea and work out what her next move would be.

Brad settled back into bed to stare at her, pulling the covers back over his bare chest, feeling the chill of the night air. Dressed in only his boxers, he had forgotten his lack of clothing until now and felt a hint of embarrassment, being exposed to her like this. His current state hadn’t gone past her. He saw the way she looked at him when he moved from the bed to make her cuppa. His scantily dressed form had sauntered across the room as his strong legs moved in stride. He had also hoped she would notice his butt, staring at it whilst he walked away from her.

She had always liked him, had always wanted to talk to him and get to know him. But she didn’t know how to go about it. She figured he was well liked by all the girls, with that incredibly sexy smile of his and those gorgeous emerald eyes. She knew she didn’t have a chance with Brad, so she had simply moved away from such thoughts and continued to hang out with her friends and focus on her studies. But he was the one she wanted. Perhaps, now, this night, she would tell him. She was never shy to speak her mind, had always prided herself on her strength of character, even though her body was virtuous. But her mind, well.. that was another story. She tapped the desk with fingertips as she slowly drank from the tiny cup, sipping the liquid into her mouth.

Brad was seated with his back to the headboard of the bed, his smile focused on the girl sitting at his desk in his dorm room. He had a feeling of contentment wash over him as he sat there and watched her sip her cup of hot green tea that he had made for her earlier. Her long blonde hair was cascading down her back, covering a large portion of her spine as she sat with a raised leg upon the seat, her foot nestled tightly against her buttock and the heel of her boot digging into the chair. He was in love. He had wanted her for such a long time, had seen her walking around campus, laughing and playing with her friends, yet he had kept a distance, unconfident that she would accept his advances if he were to pursue her. Yet now, over a year later at 1.32am on a Saturday night, she was in his room sipping a hot cup of tea, dressed in only a skimpy pink tank which was concealed by a crisp white shirt he had given her earlier, and a black mini skirt, matched with a pair of knee high black boots with 5 inch heels.

His mind rewound to when she had awoken in his bed, thinking back to what she had looked like as she fell back onto his feet once he had opened the door on her. Splayed out like that in front of him, it would have Maltepe Escort been so easy to take advantage of her, but he knew it wasn’t right. He was more a man then most thought. He was after all, a gentleman, born and raised in the countryside and his mannered nature took precedence before anything else. But he had hoped, that one day perhaps, she may smile at him. Perhaps she would even take the time to look at him for more than a moment as they sat across from one another in study group. Sure, he had stolen glances from her, but not in the way he wanted. Not in the way that would tell him she wanted him too. Perhaps, tonight was the night.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the girl slurping, and as he watched her rise from the chair and step towards the bathroom, he noticed she was considerate enough to rinse the cup out before walking back into the room and placing the wet crockery facedown upon the bench top in the alcove.

He wondered what would happen now. “Would she just leave and return to her dorm room? Would she want to stay and chat a while?”

He was hopeful of the latter. He could even find himself praying for it if it were not for her soft words that spoke to him at that moment.

“Brad, do you mind if I stay a little while? I’m too tired to walk back to my room. I can just sit on the chair if you’d like and we could… maybe talk?” She sounded hopeful, a hint of optimism lingering in her voice.

He smiled at her again. “Sure, but I tell you what, Bel. You can just lay in bed with me and we can talk. It’s too cold to sit up tonight, it must be close to freezing out there and it’s not much warmer in here either. I promise I won’t touch you or do anything to make you feel uncomfortable.” He nodded at her and tore the covers from his chest, baring his body to her eyes.

She returned his smile and without saying a word, slowly stepped toward the small framed bed and jumped into it, kicking her legs down under the covers and snuggling up to herself, trying to find some warmth now that she had relaxed a little. He threw the covers over her and settled down into the mattress, lying close enough to her to smell the sweet fragrance of her perfume, inhaling deeply through his nostrils as they flared from the scent of her skin. God how he loved the way she smelled. He just wanted to nuzzle his face into the crook of her neck and stay there forever.

“So Brad.. can I ask you something?” Belinda raised a brow at him, wondering if this was a good time to ask the question, but what the hell she thought, it was as good a time as ever, and Lord knew that she half wasted anyhow.

He smiled across at her and nodded, “Sure. Shoot.”

She pursed her lips together, her bright blue eyes darting across the room as her mind ticked away, trying to contrive the right of way of asking what was on her mind.

“Ummm.. I don’t really know how to say this to you, and I don’t want to embarrass you, but… do you like me at all?” Her teeth came down to clamp over her lower lip, anxiety setting in once the question was posed.

Brad pulled his chin back and gasped under his breath, shocked at her words as he stared closely at her. “Uhh, yeah.. sure I do.. of course I do. Why do you ask, Bel?” He whispered the question to her, his voice becoming slightly raspy.

“Well, you know I have a strong mind and I usually say what’s on it. So here goes. I like you. I’ve always liked you.” She stopped for a moment’s pause, not wanting to spoil the moment with a silly comment. She drew in a breath, filling her lungs completely before continuing. “And I wasn’t sure if you liked me back.. in that way. And I think….” Again, she stopped herself, inhaling deeply before saying what had been on her mind for quite a while, “that you have the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Brad was taken aback by her frankness. He knew she was one to always speak her mind. He knew she was opinionated and sometimes overly so, but this… wow. She had taken his breath away. He never expected to hear these words from her mouth. All of this time, she had liked him just the same as he liked her?

“My God, I can’t believe this. Fucking hell.” Brad’s thoughts there were scattered, trying hard to find the words to express himself. “Umm… wow.. I don’t know what to say Bel.” His words were drawn out. He spoke slowly and softly, still a little shocked by her submission. “Yes I like you, I always have. I just didn’t think you… you know… liked me in that way.”

She smiled at him then. Her eyes closing gently as sleep was nearing, she couldn’t control it nor fight against it. It was closer to taking over her body, her mind. She needed to rest. She had heard enough from his lips.

“Mmm, those gorgeous lips. God I want to kiss him so much. Kiss me Brad. God, just lean forward and kiss me!” She was aching for a sweet kiss, just a peck on the cheek, a soft brush of lips against skin.

“I tell you what, Bel,” Brad said confidently, seeing the way she was slowly giving in to the drowsiness, “we’ll talk more in the morning ok? But for now, why don’t we just get some rest?” He smiled and laid his head against the pillow, drawing the covers up over them whilst his other arm spread out across the top of the bed, nestling above her head.

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