I would like to thank a special friend for her proof reading skills and for her advice generally which have made this story better than it would otherwise have been.

WARNING: This story contains a scene of “golden showers,” female on male consensual urination. If this is not for you then I would suggest that you proceed no further as I have no wish to offend anyone.

It’s the story of the visit, by an experienced older submissive, to a young dominatrix for the first time. It is an accurate story of what happened to a client during a real visit to a dominatrix not the usual D/s fantasy world. Although I do enjoy them because I write that type of story.


He glanced at his watch. For the twentieth time since setting off. Or was it the fiftieth time? He was going to be late. He should have left earlier. But he had no choice. It wasn’t down to him. It had depended on when filming was completed. As the car pulled up outside the hotel he called “thank you” to the chauffeur and ran past the startled receptionist, down the corridor, calling out “Would you please call me a taxi for twenty minutes, please.” Thank heaven he had a ground floor room. He only had time for a quick shower and a change of clothes. The shower wasn’t optional. He dare not arrive unclean. But he didn’t have time to clean himself out. He had to take a chance. But he had taken precautions and had nothing but liquids all day. So he should be safe. He hoped so.

He had changed trains, with a sprint between, to catch the second to get to his destination. His appointment time was 6.30. It was just after 6.20 when the train pulled in. Shouting, “Excuse me! Excuse me!” he fought his way through the throng of commuters. Angry responses rippled from all around as he shouldered people from his path. He headed for the disabled exit because it got him past the queue. A guard tried to stop him but he sidestepped him, slapping his credit card on the screen.

It seemed an age before the gates opened. He was through and taking the steps two at a time to get out and on to Avenue Road. He had memorised the directions and began to run. Not a good idea at his age. His running days were long gone.

He looked at his watch again. Four minutes. That’s what he called a challenge. Every ten yards there seemed to be someone deliberately barring his way. He began running on the road, his chest heaving and his heart threatening to burst. Cars flashed their headlights, blasted their horns, and swerved round him. He didn’t care. He could not be late. He rounded the corner and checked the number on the house. He hung on the wall outside trying to pull vital air into his lungs.

He glanced around at the ordinary suburban street of larger terraced houses. Who would think a dominatrix worked in this area? He took a few more seconds in a vain attempt to regain his breath and allow his out of condition body to recover. He looked at his watch. 6.28.

The dungeon was in the basement. He stumbled down the stone steps in the darkness, somehow getting to the bottom without falling. Why had lighting not been installed? He stood in front of the door. The door she had described in their emails. The forbidding black door that led to hell. Or heaven. Depending on where you wanted to be. He had to send the message to say he had arrived. His fingers wouldn’t work. He took a deep breath and forced himself to type the four letters on to the keypad. H…E…R…E. Tapped send and looked at the time. 6.29.

The door opened and there stood Mistress Dominica. He couldn’t help but stare. Her long dark hair cascaded over her shoulders; full red lips so inviting; the hint of danger shining from her bright brown eyes. She had the kind of beauty that made you look twice. She could be the young lady waiting in the queue at the supermarket or the receptionist at your doctors. The kind of loveliness that begged for a second, and third, furtive look. Except that the lady in the supermarket wouldn’t be wearing a skin tight sleeveless latex leotard. The black and red was split by a zip, open to show the top of breasts that yearned to be worshipped. He wanted to fall to his knees and kiss her feet.

“Good evening, William,” she said, and with a gesture invited him to step inside. “Please remove your shoes before entering the dungeon.” With that she left him alone in the hallway.

He was confused by her accent. He hadn’t expected her to be Eastern European. He had expected her to be English. Not that it was a problem. She had only spoken a few words but he was already entranced by her voice, not just her beauty. He did as she had instructed and then followed her through the door into what was, although not the largest, the best equipped dungeon he had been inside.

Mistress Dominica was standing beside the puppy cage looking relaxed and casual and completely at home. Which was natural. A dungeon was her domain. He stood before her, fully dressed but in stockinged feet, feeling slightly ridiculous. She was drinking from a large wine glass that contained what looked like çapa escort water. There was another glass beside her that looked as if it also contained water.

“Would you like a drink of water, William?”

“Yes please, Mistress,” he said, eyeing her glass.

She noticed his glance, smiled, and said, “have a sip of mine,” holding her glass to his lips.

He took a sip and realised it was not water.

She laughed at his grimace. “It’s gin and soda. Not a very strong gin and soda but better than water.”

“Now, William,” she started, her voice becoming more serious, “when you contacted me you said that you liked being fucked?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he said, “more than anything else. I don’t just like it. I love it. Any position. I’m open to anything.”

“Anything? Hmm…that sounds like a challenge, William. You also have a glove fetish?” she said, picking up a latex glove. She slid it onto her right hand, squeezing her fingers all the way in, before pulling it up to her elbow then extended her arm towards him. “Stroke my arm, William. Feel the texture of the latex.”

He hesitantly touched her arm, running his fingers from wrist to elbow, smoothing the latex with his palm.

“Taste me.”

He took hold of her hand, his thumbs on her palm and his fingers gently pressing on her wrist.

“Finger by finger.”

His lips opened and slid over and down her little finger, savouring the taste and feel of the latex on his tongue. One by one he moved across her hand, feeling the knuckle and the nail on each finger.

She gently removed the last finger from his mouth. “Remove your clothes and use the hangers over there, then assume the position facing that chair,” she said, pointing to the leather chair by the door. She walked out without looking back, closing the door behind her as she left.

He stripped quickly, hanging up his clothes, and knelt in front of the chair. Knees slightly apart. Feet together. Resting on his ankles. Head bowed as low as he could go. Hands clasped in front of him. Eyes closed. She had been very explicit as to the submissive position she expected.

He began counting the seconds but quickly lost track as his mind began to wander. Suddenly he realised the door had opened as he heard her heels click on the polished hardwood floor before she stepped onto the rubberised flooring covering half the dungeon floor. He heard the squeak of the leather as she sat down in front of him on the leather chair.

“Open your eyes and lift your head, William. Keep your back bent.” The friendly young lady had gone. Her alter ego had appeared.

A smile appeared along with a silent “thank you.” He opened his eyes and just an inch away was the toe of her right shoe. He knew what was required, but he waited for permission.

“Now, William.”

He moved his head forward until his cheek was resting on the black leather and began licking, enjoying the sensations in his mind.


He closed his mouth around the spike of her stiletto and sucked it with the same enthusiasm women had shown when they had been gratifying him.

“Look at me William.” Her gentle voice brought him back to reality as she eased her heel from his mouth. His eyes took in the shape of her legs, one crossed over the other, stiletto heel swinging as she dangled the shoe from her toes. She uncrossed her legs, allowing him to see the shiny latex hiding her sex, the texture of the latex matching the smoothness of her skin. She was beautiful.

He looked up at her full red lips with the desire to touch them with his own and accept the consequences. A figure with curves in all the right places that knew how to move to make a man want to obey. Need to obey.

“Are you ready to play, William?” Her eyes twinkled with fun as she gazed into his soul.

He looked at her dark hair framing her face as it fell over her shoulders, his infatuation for her increasing. “Yes, Mistress.”

“You remember the safe words?”

His eyes lingered on her luscious, creamy breasts struggling to escape the latex that had them imprisoned. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Very well. From now on you will obey me. You will submit to my will. I will take pleasure from your submission. I will enjoy hurting you. You will take pleasure from your pain. Clear?”

“That’s what I’m paying for,” he said, with a smile and a laugh.

Whack! The slap to his cheek took him by surprise and he looked at her with startled eyes.

“Do not try and be funny with me, William. I don’t like it when a slave thinks what I say or do is funny. Address me as Mistress. Is that clear? Yes?” The menacing tone made even more so by her accent.

“Yes. Sorry, Mistress. It won’t happen again.”

“Good. Stay on your knees and straighten your back.”

He pushed himself up until he was resting on his hands.

“I said up straight. I want your back straight.” She gripped his hair and yanked, bringing him completely upright but still kneeling.

“Stay.” She fastened a wide collar in soft istanbul escort bayan leather around his neck. “This collar signifies that you are mine. You will wear this collar whenever you are in my presence.”

Walking behind him she placed her latex clad right hand and her warm, soft, left hand on his shoulders, gently massaging and kneading them.

“You’ve been embezzling money from my company, you horrid little man, and I’ve found out,” she hissed in his ear, as she covered his nose and mouth with the latex glove. “Did you think I was so stupid as to not realise that someone was stealing from me? After building a financial empire, I was stupid?” She released her hand, letting him breath again.

His lungs hungrily sucked in the much needed air. He’d not realised that she was going into the role play session so quickly. He also thought she would have warned him before she began. But his cock showed that he was loving it. He was a grow-er, not a show-er, and he was certainly growing.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Ma’am,” he replied, desperately trying to think of a way out.

“Don’t lie to me, William! I can see you’re pleased to see me but if you lie to me your pleasure will quickly disappear. I know you’ve stolen from me and I know how you did it, but I’m still trying to find out exactly how much. That’s why you’re here, in my office, after hours so I can get the information from you without being disturbed.”

He couldn’t believe how lucky he had been to find a dominatrix who suited him so well. This was the best role play scenario he had ever enjoyed.

She gripped him by the ring at the back of the collar and hauled him to his feet.

“Stand still. Don’t you dare move. Not one inch.”

She circled him like a hungry lioness and then faced him caressing his nipple with the fingers of her bare left hand. She flicked it then, taking it between her finger and thumb, squeezed and twisted.

His knees bent with pain, but the explosion of ecstasy more than compensated, as twin shards of pain collided at his genitals.

Quickly she grasped him by the collar and roughly pulled him upright.

“When I want you to kneel in my presence I’ll tell you.” she said, laughing with sarcasm. .

A whimper escaped his lips. He hadn’t found it funny, but he had found it pleasurable!

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Ma’am.”

Reaching down she took his engorged member in her hand, letting him feel the latex, as she stroked him towards an orgasm. He relaxed in contentment, believing that she was going to allow him to come.

She squeezed and twisted and this time his knees did buckle.

“Get up, you piece of shit,” she exclaimed, stepping away.

He slowly got back to his feet. His cock not so keen to become excited when she started stroking it once again.

Without warning she slapped his balls, with the palm of her hand, from underneath. “Don’t you dare collapse again,” she hissed as his knees began to buckle.

The adoration in his eyes fought with the flood wanting release. She returned to her chair, casually watching him struggle to regain control and not cry.

“Have you decided to give me the information that I want?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Ma’am.”

Without a word she rose and walked behind him. She remained motionless for what seemed an eternity. Suddenly his head was violently pulled back by his hair and her gloved hand was again smothering his mouth.

“I can keep this up all night, William. You will eventually tell me everything.”

She waited again until he was at the point of unconsciousness before she released him. She slid her hands through his armpits and grasped a nipple in each. This time he screamed as she tried to rip his nipples from his chest. But he still refused to speak. She came to face him again, his eyes rivetting themselves on her creamy white breasts, pushed together by her latex to form a deep cleft, and struggling to escape their imprisonment.

“Look at me, William.” She leaned forward, the tip of her tongue touching her upper lip then slowly sliding across and back. He was fascinated by this simple action, tempted to mirror her actions. She wrapped her arms around him, crushing her breasts to his bare chest. Without warning her knee flew between his legs and slammed into the softness of his sac.

“Give…me…the…information…I…need.” she demanded, each syllable punctuated by an assault on the most vulnerable part of his body.

“I did steal from you, Ma’am.”

She stepped away, looking at him expectantly. The words fought to leave his mouth as his brain tried to cope with the pain. “It was only small amounts at first and I intended to pay it back, but it seemed so easy, and then the amount became so large it was impossible to pay back on my salary.”

“Do you know how much you have embezzled?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“At least four hundred thousand pounds. What have you spent it on? Gambling? Women?”

“Both, Ma’am.”

Her güngören escort right leg shot forward and upwards, the toe of her shoe connecting with the underside of his sac,

He collapsed to the floor with an inaudible sound emanating from him, the agony combining with pleasure, a smile forcing its way through gritted teeth.

She knelt beside him, her hand on his arm. “We’ve finished the role play, William. You’ve done well. I expected you to use your safe word long ago.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

She helped him to his feet and assisted him to the couch. She arranged the cushions and lifted his feet so he was comfortable before retrieving his glass of water and holding it for him to drink.

“Would you like something stronger? I’ve got a bottle of Captain Morgan’s dark rum that a client brought me as a gift. Why he thought I was a rum drinker I’ve no idea.”

“Perhaps he wanted a pirate role play and thought it would suit the occasion? Or perhaps he wanted it for himself to ease the pain?” he said with a wan smile.

“Would you like to finish the session, William? I have been very hard on you.”

“Oh no, Mistress. If it had been too much for me I would have used my safe word. I’m ready to continue now.”

“Good. To be honest, that role play has really got me excited. I can’t wait to fuck that tight arse of yours. When you’re ready, get on the whipping bench.”

“I’m ready now, Mistress.” he said, rising from the couch.

“Before we begin, William, there’s just one thing to do.”

She produced a pair of adjustable nipple clamp bars and proceeded to attach them to his nipples. Even though he enjoyed having his nipples trapped by clamps the initial pain always produced a groan.

“Sorry William. I think I was a little over enthusiastic fixing them.”

“That’s okay, Mistress. I love the way you treat my nipples.”

“Or mistreat them?”

They both laughed. She tightened them until he began to wince. He knelt on the arms of the whipping bench, leaning over the back rest, and without thinking rested his chest on the leather. The clamps, trapped between skin and leather, twisted as he vainly attempted to get comfortable. His mind caught between loving the pain and cursing it.

He watched out of the corner of his eye as she fastened on her harness and selected the appropriate item. The size surprised him because it was much smaller than other dommes had used on him in the past. One final tug on the straps and she walked behind him ready to begin. In his case, unlike many submissive clients, there was no need to fasten him down on the bench. He had told her that no domme had ever broken him with a strapon, something of which he was very proud, and she would not be any different. When others might be crying out their safeword he would be shouting, “More! More!”

She lubed both him and the strapon, then entered him. It slipped in too easily so she went to select a larger one. Out of his eyeline she selected one and as soon as she placed it as his entrance he knew she had selected one that was significantly bigger than he was used to. Not much. But more than enough to be uncomfortable.

He concentrated to open up his sphincter, she pushed steadily, and suddenly in it popped.

Because it was bigger she took it slow, applied more lube, and gradually worked up to a steady rhythm. His body relaxed, enjoying the sensation of her making love to him with her rubber pleasure provider. His mind started drifting away, until her voice brought him back.

“Enjoying yourself, William? She asked as she pulled almost all the way out.

“Yes, Mistress. But I really like it…”

She rammed all the way in up to her balls so hard it moved the heavy bench forward.

“…rough and hard.”

She was already on the way out, and began slamming into him again and again, filling him to her full length.

“Still enjoying yourself, William?” she asked him with a calm but cruel tone to her voice. “You want more, you fucking bitch boy whore?”

“Yes. Yes, Mistress. Fuck me. Please, fuck me hard. As hard as you can. Try and make me use my safe word. It won’t happen.”

She increased the speed and force of her fucking and moved the heavy bench forward even farther.

The feeling as she forced herself inside him was beyond description. The perspiration ran down his forehead, dripping from his face, and he gripped the arms of the bench. A goddess was raping him and he was enjoying every second. The smoothness of rubber in contact with the nerves within him causing his nerves to tingle. Skin banged against leather as his thighs hit the bench. He felt himself growing and the leather damp from him leaking. His body hung limply over the bench. But he didn’t use his safe word. He was lost in the emotions coursing through his mind and body. She had given him, was giving him, what he wanted. Complete domination.

“Stay on the bench, William. I haven’t finished yet,” she said as she removed her harness. “Or would you like a drink of water?”

“I’d better have a drink, Mistress.” He slowly pulled himself upright and staggered towards his glass. After taking a mouthful he watched her sipping her gin and soda. With the regularity of her drinking why had the amount in her glass not gone down?

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