Do a Little Dance…Make a Little Love

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She knew he would be home any minute, so she had to hurry. This night had to be perfect as it was their anniversary. The candles were glowing, the table was set, and the dinner was done. He would be surprised for this was not their wedding anniversary, no this was something else. This was the anniversary of the first time they had made love. (And, yes, we women tend to remember these things.)

He arrived home and seeing the candles assumed he had forgotten something. She giggled girlishly at him and assured him everything was ok. They proceeded to have dinner and she then suggested he take a shower. He quickly agreed to this upon seeing the naughty gleam in her eyes.

“Care to join me?” he asked hopefully.

“No, I have something…else…in mind,” she said while giggling wickedly.


“Just go. I have to…um…change.”

While he was in the shower, she changed into a little see through bra and panty set. Red..his favorite color. She laughed when she thought that the price tag had more substance to it than the fabric itself. She then topped it off with one of his dress shirts, cosmic love france izle a pearl necklace, and a pair of black stiletto heels. She adjusted her thong and “accidentally” touched her pussy in the process. God, she was so wet already!! She had wanted to do this for a while.

She heard the shower stop and quickly ran to the living room. She lit the candles and was just turning around when he entered. He wore only a towel and a grin. She could see the bulge beneath his towel and felt her juices begin to flow. He started towards her but she stopped him and told him to sit in the chair. She then went to the stereo and put on some very sultry music. She turned towards him with a come hither look in her eyes. She began to swivel her hips and run her hands over her body. She had the pearls in her mouth and began sucking them. Slithering to the music.

She watched his face as she began to slowly unbutton his shirt that she wore. She would unbutton a few and slide the shirt off of a tanned shoulder, teasing him, all the while swinging her hips back and forth and tossing dahmer monster the jeffrey dahmer story izle her hair about. Slowly she opens the shirt. He catches a glimpse of the see through undies and bra. He feels his cock twitch as he sees her body turning, and writhing, and bending. She takes off the shirt and tosses it at him. Slowly she removes the remaining clothes and bends over in front of him wriggling her bare ass in front of him. He sees her hand slide up her leg and then two fingers slide deep into her wet pussy. He hears her low moan and knows she is enjoying this little tease as much as he is, maybe more.

She stands and faces him in only her pearls and heels. She walks towards him and removes his towel. She looks down in appreciation of his big beautiful cock and feels her pussy tighten. She kneels before him and takes his cock into her mouth. Just the tip at first, swirling her tongue around it. She hears him gasp and laughs into his member. He feels the vibrations from her laugh and his cock becomes ever harder, damned saint izle if possible. She then takes his whole penis into her mouth suddenly. His hips start bucking as if they have a mind of their own. She plays her tongue up and down his shaft while her lips grip the base. He feels himself slide into her throat as she reaches her tongue out and licks his balls.

She sucks deeper and faster taking him all in. She sucks one of his balls into her mouth along with his cock. She moans and the vibrations go from his shaft all the way up his spine. He moans loudly as he begins to fuck her mouth. She knows he is getting close and she doubles her efforts. Sucking harder and faster. Rolling his balls in one hand and playing with her clit with the other. Swirling her tongue up and down, making slurping noises. He’s so close and she knows it. Faster, harder, deeper. His hips jerk as he cums in her mouth. She smiles and swallows it all, every single drop. Milking his cock with her throat, sucking him dry. She loves the taste of him. He stops cumming and she licks him clean. She then gets up and moves towards the bedroom.

“Where are you going?”, he asks between breaths.

“To bed…I’m bushed.”

“But…what about you?”

“Ah, darling, tonight was just for you…” she giggles, “You can owe me.”

And with that, she winks and goes to bed.

* * * * *

I hope you liked this…it is a true story. It is also my first attempt at writing erotica. So, be gentle with your

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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