Displayed at the Drive-In


I had managed to sneak out of the house. Silly, I know, to have to sneak out of your parent’s house when you are 18 years old but my parents were insanely over-protective.

I wasn’t even allowed to date until I was 17 and that was only because I fought so long for it. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I hadn’t dated, just that I hadn’t permission until then.

I could get into trouble over anything. My mother would just kind of shake her head and walk away to leave my father to punish me. He’s not a big believer in grounding though so my punishments were usually things like crouch against the wall, stand with your hands on top of your head, or a spanking; and if you think crouching on your toes against a wall or standing with your hands on top of your head isn’t a punishment I suggest you try doing it for an hour at a time.

He gave the spankings up when I was about 13 but the others still got used. Whenever I had REALLY screwed up he would make me wear a sign reading what I had done and walk the neighbourhood; definitely a good deterrent because I hated that one.

He wouldn’t notice I had done anything wrong if it hadn’t been for my mother. He didn’t notice me unless I was absent from the table for a meal. My mother, though, never punished but served as an alarm for him. She’d make sure I was really in it then announce it like she had just noticed which got him all riled up and then she’d let him go.

Whatever; I knew I’d be moving out soon enough and then my problems would cease.

Until then, however, I was trying to fly under the radar.

I know. Sneaking out is hardly flying under the radar but I couldn’t help it.

Ewan was the hottest guy I had ever seen. He was the TA for a teacher at school and I hadn’t been able to think of anything else but getting him into my pants. He was really flirty too so when he asked me if I was going to be at the Drive-In that night like most of the school was I had to say yes and I had to be sure to be there.

So, there I was, successfully away from the ‘prison’ and the warden was none the wiser. I called my best friend, Cara and told her I had escaped. She hooted and promised to pick me up at the corner of the next street in five minutes.

When we got to the Drive-In we found a few friends already parked and we cranked the tunes and just hung out together, but I had an eye out for Ewan the entire time.

I didn’t have to wait long. About an hour after we had settled in Ewan pulled up in the laneway and called to me through his window.

I sauntered over like he wasn’t important and watched his eyes devour me. My pussy was tingling as I bent slowly over the window ledge to lean into the car. I knew this gave the other guys a great view of my ass and Ewan a great view of my cleavage.

“Hey there,” I said as casually as I could manage. He grinned.

“Hey there. I was looking for a parking spot but there seems to be a shortage of them. Want to help me find one?”

I glanced behind me and Cara nodded in encouragement. I smiled and gave her a little wave then turned back to Ewan. “Sure.”

We drove around only two laneways before we found a spot near the back between a couple in their twenties and a van of teenage boys. You couldn’t find anyone who cared less than they if you made out during the movie. Even if they did, there was a spot between their spots and ours anyway so they weren’t close enough to really see anything unless they looked.

Ewan smiled at me, “Good spot, no?” The spot was at a good angle for watching the movie but because it was far back there were a lot of spots empty around us and the other two cars.

“Good spot, yes!” I laughed. “I wonder why you had such a hard time finding a spot before,” I said coyly. He arched an eyebrow, cut his eyes to me and smiled, “Music?” he said and we laughed.

“Sure,” I said, “I’m going to sit outside for a bit to catch a breeze, ok?”

“Yeah, that sounds good to me too.”

He turned the music up and we sat on the hood of the car talking for a bit. After a while his hand touched mine and I smiled. Then his arm was behind me. I shifted so I was closer to him and he turned to me and kissed me.

“Hmmm, that was nice,” I told him.

“Yes it was.” He agreed, smiling. He stood up and moved to face me. I looked up at him and he shuffled closer so his knees were between mine. He placed a hand on either side of the car against my hips and leaned in and kissed me again. This time, it was longer, and incredibly sexy.

He pulled back slowly and I fluttered my eyes open to stare into his eyes. We both sighed deeply and smiled.

“I think,” he said, “that the movie will start pretty soon. I think I should get popcorn and such before it does. How does that sound?”

“Sounds great. Want me to come with?”

“No, it’s ok. No need both of us trapped inside on queue. Stay here and enjoy the breeze.”

I did stay there while I waited for Ewan to return with popcorn and drinks. I also called Cara.

“Hey you,” she said, “Everything ok?”

“Yeah, uşak escort it’s great,” and I told her about the kiss.

“Any chance you’ll get anymore from him?”


“What? It’s not like you don’t want to. Go for it.”

“I just might. He is so hot!”

She laughed. “You’re doing better than I am! Listen, call me before you leave so I know you’re ok. I know we’ve seen Ewan all year but still, that doesn’t mean we know him.” Cara and I had always been this safe. We had known too many girls who weren’t and had paid the price later.

“You know it!” I told her the area of the lot we were in and then hung up.

The breeze was lovely but the further the sun went down the more I could tell it wasn’t summer yet. I was about to wimp out and get back in the car when Ewan appeared, snacks in hand.

“Fortification has arrived.” He joked.

I smiled and batted my eyelashes, “Are we going to be doing something we’ll need energy for?”

He grinned and looked me up and down for a moment and then said, “Hmm. I hope so.”

I laughed and climbed into the car.

We ate some popcorn and watched a little of the first movie but soon we were making out.

I turned toward him as he laced his fingers through my hair and gently pulled my head back to expose my neck.

He kissed his way along my jaw to my neck under my ears, taking firm but painless nibbles of my neck as he went. I just relaxed my head against his hand and let him make his sexy trail anywhere he wanted. I was in heaven.

He pulled me against him as he bent his head to my neck again, exposing his own. I flicked my tongue across his ear and he moaned. I love when a man makes noise. It makes me very wet; and that was no exception. I clenched my pussy and continued my path down his neck kissing, sucking, nibbling his skin and inhaling his scent.

Breathless we pulled away and smiled at each other. We sat holding hands for a few minutes and he said, “Sorry, but, I have to go to the bathroom.”

I laughed, “No worries, that happens.”

He laughed. “I don’t want to leave you alone now that it’s dark.”

“That’s sweet Ewan but the bathroom is only a few steps away. I’ll be fine.”

He was looking doubtful and about to disagree when my cell phone rang. It was Cara. I turned the phone to show him the display and said, “it’s ok. I’ll talk to Cara until you get back.”

He agreed and I answered her.

“You alright?” I asked her without saying hello.

“Yeah but you might not be.”

“What’s going on?”

“Your Mom called me to ask if I had seen you.”

“Crap! Crap and a half!” I got out of the car and paced to the back. “What did you tell her?”

“I said I hadn’t and that I was at the movies but that you weren’t with me.”

“Okay. Okay. That’ll be good. It’ll be fine.”

“Yeah. Should you go home now?”

“No!” I almost shouted, “then she’ll know you told me.”

“What are you going to do?’

“I’ll walk right back in the front door and tell her I had to meet with the TA.” I grinned widely at the amount of truth in the statement and Cara laughed.

Ewan walked past me with a quizzical look and I whispered, “Minor crisis. I’ll be right there.”

He smiled and I heard him get into the car and close the door.

“Did she sound pissed?” I asked Cara.

“Well, yeah! You’re grounded and if she’s looking for you then she knows you aren’t there.”

I sighed. This was ridiculous but as long as I had to live with my parents I had to put up with this crap. “OK. I know now so I can deal. Thanks!”

“No problem. You think your story will work?”

“Not sure, but I’ll let you know.”

I closed my phone and turned back to the car. I found Ewan sitting in the back seat with his back against the door. He had his right leg stretched the length of the seat and his left foot on the floor, leaving ample space on the seat for me.

I grinned and opened the back door. I sat on the edge of the back seat and closed the door. He smiled, reached forward, and put his hands under my arms. He slid me back over the seat until I was nestled between his legs with my back against his chest.

He kissed my neck and his hands roamed my entire body. Soon I was melting into him. He slowly slid his hand under my top to my breast and toyed with my nipple through the fabric of my bra. His other hand slid smoothly over me and found the other nipple. I moaned softly and let my head fall back and my eyes close.

His tongue played across my skin gently and soon I felt the hard edge of his teeth press against my skin, just hard enough to be a different sensation and then he would return to tracing his tongue over my skin. My nipples were like pebbles and my pussy was aching.

He slipped his hands between the cup of my bra and my skin and pressed down with the back of his hands. My bra slipped quickly beneath my breasts, pushing them up and out, resting on my gathered bra. He pulled one hand away and slipped open the top five buttons of my top. My nipples now completely exposed stiffened even more and the sensation made me moan aloud. I felt him grin as he skimmed my neck with his teeth and pinched and toyed with my nipples.

He trailed a hand down my tummy to the front of my skirt and started gathering it up near the waistband. Soon, he would have the skirt completely up and the next thing he would feel would be my bare mound. I shivered at the thought and wiggled my ass against him. His stiffening cock pressed pleasantly against my tailbone then and I was lost in the sensation of his hands and the thoughts of how that cock would feel inside me when the door banged wide.

My eyes flew open and there stood my father. My heart almost stopped with shock. He cast a look over me and then rolled his eyes closed and groaned.

I was frozen as I realized what he was seeing.

Daddy had found me in the back seat with my breasts jutting out from my top and my skirt pulled up, my pussy nearly exposed.

He was so angry. He grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me from the car. Then he spun me around and forced my upper body over the seat so I was still standing but bent over, my naked breasts and rock hard nipples pressing into the fabric of the seat. He was lecturing me but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. All I could hear was the voice in my head moaning about how hot it was to have Daddy manhandling me here at the drive-in where people could see.

I was getting wet. He lifted my skirt to expose my bare ass and slapped me hard with the palm of his hand. My pussy clenched and suddenly I desperately wanted Daddy’s cock to stretch my pussy wide…

He slapped me again, harder. I could feel my ass tingling and my skin felt warm and tight.

He slapped a third and a fourth time. I could feel how red my ass was but the tingling had moved to my pussy too. I was so wet I was sure it was obvious and I was torn between enjoying it and feeling awkward because it was my father.

“Clearly this isn’t working” he raged as he pulled me upright and spun me around. He had to have seen how wet I was; how swollen and pink my pussy lips had become. I glanced down and saw his cock straining against his zipper. I thought I would pass out from the rush of adrenaline that went through me and lay throbbing in my groin. Daddy had a hard on from spanking me. I smirked. I supposed that was the answer to why he had stopped using spanking as a punishment.

“Something about this is funny?!” he demanded.

“No,” I said meekly, “I just saw that… well… never mind.” I looked at my feet.

“If you can find anything in this situation entertaining then clearly I have to try more serious measures.”

“No, Daddy,” I gasped, “It’s fine. I’ve learned.”

“Clearly,” he said slapping one hard nipple, “NOT!” he said as he slapped the other. I bit back a moan and he grabbed my wrist and tugged me toward the front of the car. He reached into our back seat and pulled something out as we passed.

“Get up there!” he growled at me and pointed to the hood of our car. I put my hands on either side of me and lifted myself onto the hood, trying to keep my skirt from riding up and swung my legs as he had indicated; down the front with my back toward the windscreen.

Daddy looked over my shoulder at Ewan and barked, “You can go!”

I turned to look at him and smiled weakly, “it’s ok. It’s my Dad.” I told him. He looked hesitant but scared too so he got in his car and I watched him pull out as Daddy lectured me.

“No matter what I do you insist on doing whatever you want anyway!” he ranted as he slipped something around my knee and pulled my leg toward him. He had looped a bungie cord around my knee and had hooked it to the far left side of the grille. What was he doing?! I was panicking and looked at him desperately. He continued to lecture me as he tugged me down the hood so he could fasten my other leg similarly to the opposite side of the grille.

There I was lying on the hood of the car legs spread lewdly wide, like a slut in heat, and tied one to each side of the car.

“You want to expose yourself?” daddy said tersely, “then here you are, exposed like any slut would for the public to see and do as they would wish.”

I think most of the spanking had gone unnoticed by everyone but Ewan, but with Daddy being so loud more people had started paying attention. By the time he had me secured to the hood, the van of teenage boys on the left were staring openly and the man on the right waiting for his girlfriend was trying not to stare and failing miserably.

I desperately wanted to pull my bra up to cover my nipples at least, or to pull down my skirt which had hiked up to my hips when he pulled me down the hood and had exposed my freshly waxed naked pussy. I wanted to but I didn’t think Daddy would like it. I was still damp from the spanking and getting wetter now that I was being ogled. Apparently I liked the attention. My pussy certainly did.

“See how they look at you?” he ranted, pacing back and forth in front of the car. “See the way they look at you like they are hungry animals and you are meat?”

I was pretty sure this speech was having the opposite to the desired effect because now all I could think of was how good it would feel to be devoured by this crowd.

I was so turned on I couldn’t pay attention to the lecture. It was a positively surreal moment; watching these people as they watched my situation unfold. What was Daddy thinking?

I turned to look at him just as he turned toward me and I saw it. Daddy still had a hard on. He liked this. He liked spanking me and showing me off to these strangers.

When he paced in front of me I sat up and ran my hand up the length of his cock. He froze.

“What do you think you are doing?” he asked, coldly. I almost lost my nerve but then his cock twitched and I knew I could go on.

“You like me this way,” I said quietly.

“Like how? Trussed like a dirty whore?”

“Mm hmm and on display for strangers.”

He turned and looked at me, “What do you think I am some dirty Daddy pervert?”


Daddy looked at me in silence for so long that when he moved I jumped in surprise.

He placed a hand on my shoulder pushing me to lie back against the windscreen and took both my wrists in his hand and raised my arms above my head. I was definitely on display and I definitely liked it.

Daddy leaned in so he was very close to my ear and said, “This is how I found you. This is almost the exact view of you that man had.” A couple walked by and stopped to look in shock and then quickly moved on.

“See what people think when they see a dirty little slut exposing herself? The view they had is what I saw when I opened the door.” He motioned his head in the direction of the boys van. “It’s what they all saw and were all wanking for when I got here.”

I turned to look closely at the van and saw that the three boys I could see definitely looked like they were stroking their cocks. The thought made me even wetter. Suddenly I wanted them to stand in front of me and jerk off so I could feel their cum splash over me. The thought made my hips twitch upward and Daddy saw it.

“Oh,” he said, “that was the point was it? You wanted to get fucked publicly so people could watch?”

“No.” I didn’t sound very convincing, though, even to myself.

“You like this? You like being exposed to be used however these men like?”

Thoughts like that had never really occurred to me before but for some reason the way my father said it made me want it desperately.

“No.” Once again it was not convincing.

I looked around at the crowd and saw my van audience was still there but the man with his girlfriend had left and beside them had been a car with two couples in their early twenties. They were outside their vehicle watching avidly. Clearly this display of my fathers was turning everyone on. Including him! He was even harder than before.

I turned my face toward him, slowly snaked out my tongue and licked his zipper. He kept staring ahead but his hand flexed tightly on my wrists. I heard a moan from the direction of the van but my father didn’t move.

I shifted to the left slightly and licked his zipper again. This time he swayed and his cock jumped.

He looked down at me and I turned my face up to him.

“You like this,” he stated quietly.

“Yes, just as much as you do.”

“You like knowing they think you are a slut?”

“Do you like knowing they think you are a dirty Daddy?”

He stepped around to the front of the hood and yanked on my hands to sit me up.

I looked around and gasped.

The couples were twined together on the trunk and the hood of their car in various states of undress and clearly nearly fucking. All the boys from the van – 7 by my count – were standing against the van pulling on their cocks. I moaned.

“See this?’ Daddy hissed, “See what people do when they look at you? See what it makes them think about? And you just moan like a wanton slut.”

“Please.” I whispered.

“Please what?” he snapped.

“Just … please!”

He reached down and released one leg and then stepped over to release the other. Then he grabbed me by the waist and dragged me down the hood of the car. He had one hand on my shoulder as he pushed me to my knees in front of him.

“Let’s see what you do with it. Take it out” he demanded.

I lowered the zipper and eased Daddy’s hard cock out into the night air. It twitched in my hand and without thinking I spit on it and slid it into my mouth. My father buried his hands in my hair and moaned loudly as I sucked his cock into the back of my throat.

“Yes” he drawled. “That’s a good cocksucker.”

One of the guys from the van blew his load and I watched it spill over his hand and drip on the ground.

“You’re a good little slut for Daddy aren’t you?”

I slid him into my hand and pumped his cock, “Yes, Daddy.”

He moaned and I slid him along my tongue and down my throat.

I put a hand between my legs and rubbed my clit while I sucked his hard cock. I would have cum fast if he hadn’t pulled his cock out and stood me up.

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