Discovering What Big Means Ch. 02


As we lay in our post coital cuddle, I felt safe at last to ask Adam the question that had been burning in my brain since he’d revealed the truth about his past…

“Well, I think we can safely say you’re not a virgin anymore. But how does a guy like you end up still a virgin at 21? Was it a religious thing?”

Adam giggled at my suggestion…

“No. It was more because both my girlfriends were scared by the size of it. They thought it would hurt them and didn’t want to try. So we stopped at hand jobs and fingering.”

“I thought you were rather good at that for a virgin. By the way, you know you found my g spot when you digitally penetrated me. I’ll let you know next time.”

Although, it occurred to me that, with what his shaft will do, who needs fingers up there.

“One of my girlfriends liked being stimulated that way — she’d even squirt – but the other didn’t like being digitally penetrated, so I was fairly cautious.”

“But really, with all the girls in the swim squad seeing what you had in your swimmers, surely some of them wanted a go at it.”

“My first girlfriend, Jane, was in the squad and was all very keen till she actually saw the size of it aroused and that changed her mind. And while there were others who just chased me for a go at it, that’s not really how I work. I’ve only ever wanted sex with someone I was in a relationship with. So I declined any random offers for a quickie. I didn’t mind a pash, but no full on sex. Although I did get sort of get gang banged by the girls in the squad most Christmas parties.”

“Er, what do you mean by that?”

“It started the first year we were all 18, so we were allowed some drink at the pool party hosted by the coach. We were all a bit drunk and Jane kept getting badgered by the girls about what I was like. So she offered to show them. She led me and the girls to a quite side corner of the yard, put me on my back, had them stand around me and jerked me off; aiming my jizz and the bikini tops and faces of all the girls standing around me.

That sort of repeated itself the next year when Jane was still my girlfriend; except she’d use my short recovery period to do it a second time to spray anyone who missed being hit the first time.

By the time we broke up, the girls in the squad had their curiosity aroused by what had happened in the previous years and they sort of lined up to have a go at me individually in the pool.’

“What do you mean a go at you?”

“They’d press me up against the wall of the pool and rub their crotches against my erection until they climaxed.”

“What, they each came up and just rode you?”

“For most of them it was a bit more nuanced than that. I was talking to Ashley standing in fairly deep water on the edge of the pool when Tina came up. She was probably the most out there of the girls and she half stood half floated really close to me and flirtatiously ran her finger down the front of my body as she lamented Jane wasn’t here to put on the show like she did in previous years. When she got down to my swimmers, she found I was already a bit aroused by her touch, so she kept sliding her finger across it as it got bigger and bigger. I hadn’t objected, so when it got too big to fit in them any more, she pulled the draw string and let it stand up out of them; asking if she could feel what it was like fully aroused.”

“And you agreed?”

“The girls were all long-time friends and because we were so often standing around half naked together during sessions, being tactile with each other was no big deal. I suppose being a bit drunk, that didn’t seem to be either.”

“Wow. What happened then?”

“As she trod water holding it as a sort of anchor and support, she just drifted against me until she had her legs around me and her crotch against it.”

“And you still hadn’t objected?”

‘She was talking to me as part of the conversation with Ashley and once I’d let her handle the thing, it was just hard to pick the point she’d crossed an unacceptable line. Next thing I knew I could feel her moving against it but above the water we’re still carrying on a normal conversation; at least until I feel her legs suddenly clamp around me and she just about choked me as she grabs me around the neck to pull herself against me while she moans into my ear. Ten seconds later she releases me and floats on her back away from me with a big grin on her face saying, loudly enough for half of the girls in the pool to hear, — ‘wow, that was the best clit dildo I’ve ever had’.”

“How did Ashley react to that?”

“As Tina floated away, she loosely put her arms around my neck and her legs around me to take Tina’s place. She took a bit longer than Tina but after hearing what Tina had said and seeing what Ashley was doing, next thing I knew, a whole lot of girls were coming up to join the conversation.”

“None of them tried to…well…push the point further.”

“Mostly no. It was more of a naughty drunken game for most of them; fascinated Escort bayan by the size I suppose. A lot of them said it felt really nice to pleasure themselves on because it was so thick. A couple tried. But I wouldn’t let them. The erection might have been out of my swimmers, but even when I was drunk, I insisted they had to keep their bikini bottoms on and in place.”

“Didn’t the coach object to an orgy being held at his place?”

“I don’t think he noticed. He was busy organising. The gang bangs happened out of sight and didn’t take long enough for him to come and investigate. He might have wondered why there was a sudden rush of giggling girls into the pool as they dove in to wash the cum off; but group sex probably wasn’t the first thing that came to his mind. As for the individual touch ups; well, there never was any shortage of public displays of affection and cuddling in the pool. It wasn’t as though the girls would go at it hammer and tongs. Most of them leaned back in a v shape with their legs around me and their crotches against my shaft and actually engaged me in a conversation; at least until they got too aroused to talk any more. But it was just a subtle rubbing as they cuddled me. Fortunately no one did any loud crying out with their climax, they just tended to put their head over my shoulder and breathe heavily.”

“Did they make you come?”

“A lot of them would have liked me too. After all they were pretty fascinated that Jane had been able to have me shoot a load onto their chest when they were standing and I was lying on my back and they wanted to see it closer up. But mostly no. It was little slow short rubs against their bikini gussets I felt. It was nice and nice to be so intimate with so many of them, but not orgasmic. Still, a few of them would set out with that objective and one succeeded.”

“What happened then?”

“Jane had shown them how quick my recovery period was and how easy it was to do it, so one of the braver girls still waiting played with it until she got a reaction again.”

“You seem to have left a lot of jizz in the coach’s pool.”

“Small amounts well spread around would be closer to the mark.”

“Didn’t you feel used or get annoyed they were prick teasing you?”

“They were all friends and it was nice to be so intimate with them, and indeed nice to be able to give them that pleasure. Even nice to see the differences in female arousal between them all. And they’d visually tease me with nipple slips and stuff while they were against me. So no, I didn’t feel used. And I’ve never believed in prick teasing being a pejorative. It’s every woman’s right.”

“Didn’t they all want to chase you for a relationship after that?”

“You’d be surprised how many were quite happy to use it externally but were scared of it if it came to real sex. But in any case, the very fact I knew them as friends often meant I knew their flaws. There were very few of them I would have actually wanted a relationship with.”

So, within half an hour, I’d gone from thinking of my new boyfriend as being pure, virginal and unpolluted by other women, to having spread his cum and the benefit of his manhood around most of the female swim squad fraternity of the Northern Beaches; even if only externally.

I rather liked the second version. It made me feel I owned something other women desired; and now owned it in a way no one else had before. The best of both worlds.

And he wasn’t kidding about his short recovery periods. By the time we’d finished our conversation, the monster was back again; pushing firmly up between our stomachs and leaking pre-cum. I was still feeling a bit stretched by the first time, so, as aroused as I was too, wasn’t sure if I was ready for more of the same.

I could have just let it be. After all, he’d cum twice since we got to his place.

But I had my own desires.

I rolled him over on his back with me on top of him; locating his erection in my crease and against my clit.

“I’m not ready to take you inside me again yet, but we can have some fun with what we’ve got.”

My crotch was already a sticky, slippery mess of my juices and Adam’s copious cum. It slipped along Adam’s shaft like a well-greased pole; igniting once again the nerve ending in the tip of my clit.

There was no need this time for a light touch. His shaft was solid and full of blood that wasn’t going anywhere until I gave it the release it wanted. I lifted myself up on outstretched arms and looked down at his hard body as I started enthuastically rubbing myself firmly along it.

Adam grinned up at me, his hands on my naked butt encouraging me as I could see his eyes following the wobbling of my breasts.

I was getting quite excited when I looked down between our bodies to see half the length of Adam’s erection was above the section of it I was using to pleasure myself on. The hole at the tip of it was looking evilly back at me; rising and falling as I rubbed up and down on his shaft, Bayan escort as if trying to work out where to deliver the powerful jets of his cum when he finally climaxed.

But right up Adam’s nose seemed like the more likely target. With Sven’s 200 millimetre projection, the angle of the cum shot didn’t matter much. With Adam’s 2 meter one, it mattered a lot.

There was little point in making love to a man with an overlength erection if I wasn’t going to put it to good effect. I slowly worked my way up along the shaft until I could feel the rim of the bell of his erection play pleasurably against my clit. That moved me further up Adam’s body, buried the squirt hole into our stomachs but most importantly, let me ease myself down until my nipple was playing against Adam’s lips.

Adam took the hint; extending his tongue to firstly tease the hardened nipple and the puffy areola it sat upon, then sweeping the whole of it in to again play it against the roof of his mouth.

Even more aroused now by his nipple stimulation of me, I started rubbing myself up and down on him harder and faster. I was sure I could feel every blood swollen vein on the surface of his massive shaft as my sensitive clit moved across them. I could certainly feel the special little tickle that the rim of the bell gave to my clit as I flipped it first one way and then the other at the top of each stroke.

I was grunting like a crazy woman; partly in response to the effort I was putting into it, but mainly as a signal of my growing arousal.

I was about to cum. My clit would be super sensitive for a short time afterwards; useless for finishing Adam until it had settled down. I needed him to come with me.

I slowed down my rubbing, lengthened the stroke as much as I could without pulling my breast from his mouth, angled my hips to try and take the focus off my clit and tried to embrace the girth of his shaft as firmly in my labia as anatomical design would permit.

Adam’s humming and moans, which I could feel almost reverberate through the breast in his mouth, increased. It ought to have. The length of my wet slippery crease was massaging that massive shaft as effectively as any vagina could — at least on one side of it. Thinking it was a particularly sensitive place for him, I made a point of giving special attention to where I rode over the edge of the bell at the tip of his shaft; rubbing back and forth on it with the entrance to my vagina before making a longer stroke down his shaft again.

I felt a pulse through his shaft and the next thing I know is his cum is hitting the underside of the breast I had in his mouth. My change of stroke had released the beast to squirt wherever it wanted. Even as it continued to cover my chest and upper stomach with additional eruptions, I angled my body again to take the final strokes that would finish my own climax.

A moment later we were bundled firmly in each other’s grasp as we pressed our bodies together in the throes of our orgasms, his sheets of cum a sticky mess between us. Had his cum been Araldite we would have been glued together for life.


The only way we’d both got Wednesday afternoon off work for sailing was by agreeing to work longer hours the other days, so our next meeting was on the yacht for the Saturday race. And so, by midday Saturday the yacht was once again covered in virtually naked men and woman preparing it for the race.

Adam had arrived before me. As I went below to strip down to my bikini, Adam followed me down; watching as I took off my polo shirt and shorts and then handing me a bottle of sun screen to put some on his back — and wherever else I chose to put it.

If you think that consummating our relationship reduced the sense of arousal we felt in each other’s presence dressed as skimpily as we were, you’d be wrong. I’d been watching Adam watch me as I stripped down and saw his cock thicken and lengthen in his swimmers; extending around nearly to the side seam and severely challenging the ability of the waist tie to hold it against his body; all while leaking copious amounts of pre-cum through the material.

And it wasn’t as though he failed to have an effect on me. It was just that, other than my puffy nipples pushing out the thin material of my bikini top, my arousal was less obvious; unless a damp stain permeated the material of the gusset of my pants.

All that had really changed was our lack of embarrassment.

With him facing forward, and so away from the vision of those looking down the companionway, I started on his front. The effect on him was electric. By the time I’d moved from his chest down to his stomach, the thing had escaped his swimmers and was standing fully upright; its full length and girth on display; the bulge of his balls stretching out the leg seam of his swimmers away from his thighs, so that they actually hung out of them.

How we got it back under control Escort so he could go on deck was another matter for the near future, but I was enjoying myself. There was something about the sight of that telegraph pole emerging from his swimmers that turned me on. Even before that moment I’d decided it was definitely going to be part of the foreplay for our sex tonight.

I took my time. Lifting it away from the flesh of his stomach as I applied the cream underneath it –watching the pre-cum continue to ooze from the tip – and then slipping my fingers under his waistband to ensure he didn’t get a burnt strip around it.

Reluctantly, I moved around to his back to apply the sunscreen there too; occasionally reaching around to his shaft to make sure I still had it at full attention.

I was half way down his back when a sailbag dropped down the forward hatch, quickly followed by Amy. Facing aft as she dropped, it would be fair to say Adam’s shaft all but filled her field of vision.

Personally I thought both their reactions were a credit to them although we’d learned enough about the sexualised environment on the boat by now that Amy’s didn’t surprise me…

“Oh my god, that’s enormous. You be gentle with her.”

I stuck my head around Adam’s waist and gave Amy a grin.

Amy went about locating the replacement sailbag for the one she’d thrown down the hatch; never quite able to take her eyes off the sight before her.

Because that was the other part of the equation. Adam just stood there, unfazed by the display, as I continued to cream his back. I would have half expected him to have folded double and disappear into the head, but no, it was as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

Finding what she was looking for, Amy, almost reluctantly disappeared back up the forward hatch just as I handed the bottle to Adam for him to cream me.

A few moments after Amy disappeared, the heads of both Ellen and Issie appeared down the hatch. By now, any view of Adam’s erection was hidden behind my body. But that didn’t discourage them…

“Come on Adam, let’s see it.”

Adam whispered into my ear…

“Will I?”

“You might as well get it over with. They’re not going to stop until they see it.”

Adam took one step out to the side from behind me; standing there in full display to them. I looked surreptitiously down at it. It hadn’t shrunk while he was putting the cream on me. It was still at full height.

I’d missed Amy’s initial reaction to the sight because Adam’s body had blocked my view. There was no missing the reaction of these two. Their eyes widened into a cartoon like double take. Issie was the one who put their reaction into words…

“Oh wow. I’ve never seen one like that before. That is some monster. Go girl dealing with that one.”

She gave Ellen almost a grimace followed by a giggle, before their heads disappeared again.

Adam finished putting the sunscreen on me, but especially as he’d applied it to my front, it had done nothing to settle his erection. Indeed, it had made it worse. By now the pre-cum was running down the side of it. We really had to get on deck to help the others, but even his shorts wouldn’t cover it. We had to get it down and fast.

And he wasn’t the only one with arousal problems. I had a lady boner in my pants that was causing me no end of distraction too.

Maybe it was the stories of the swim squad girls getting off on him in the pool, but I knew there was one sure cure for a boner like that and, cheeky though it was, on the spur of the moment, it seemed like the fastest way.

I took Adam’s hand and led him into the bathroom; closing the door firmly behind us. Who needed foreplay when we’d just touched each other up like that? I embraced him face to face, lifting my right leg up and hanging it over his hip, then standing on my toes trying to bring my open crotch over the tip of his erection. On a shorter man or one with a shorter erection, it might have worked. But my toes were nowhere near long enough to get over Adam’s standing up right as it was.

“I have a cure for that erection.”

“I thought that’s what you had in mind.”

Adam dipped his knees enough that his erection slipped into my crotch and pushed firmly into the gusset of my bikini pants. They were already messy enough just from my sense of arousal. They could do without the extra mess we were about to create. I pulled the side ties on the pants and stripped them off me; tossing them onto the sink unit.

The tip of Adam’s erection quickly found the warm wet void that was the opening to my waiting vagina. He slowly penetrated me shallowly; then waited for me to take control.

As I pressed down slowly on him, he flipped the left triangle of my bikini top off my breast and bent down to suck the nipple; again taking the whole puffy nipple and part of the breast itself into his mouth to let him roll the nipple against the roof of his mouth.

I figured that, since this was only the second time he’d penetrated a woman and there was no way, with the thickness of his shaft, I could grip him anything but tightly, this was going to be a quickie. It had better be. We weren’t here as crew to make out in the bathroom.

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