Dealing with a Cheat

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This story contains scenes of pleasure and pain of which some readers may disapprove. I suggest that you seek your reading enjoyment elsewhere. By now you should all know what to expect from me and you have been warned. Everyone else – please enjoy.

For those who have experienced similar problems this is very definitely “Don’t try this at home” category.


Dealing With A Cheat: A ‘How To’ Guide.

The last thing I expected to find when I came home early from work that day was the tangled mass of naked limbs writhing on my bed. For several minutes I stood in the doorway trying to decipher which arm or leg belonged to which body. I’d finished work early that day and had come straight home wishing to surprise Rose my current partner, girlfriend and part time submissive. The strange animal noises that greeted me from upstairs as I opened the front door stopped me from calling out my usual cheery greeting and for some time I simply stood in the hallway trying to make sense of it. Eventually I came to the only possible conclusion and slowly and quietly climbed the stairs. What I saw when I looked into the bedroom was much as I had envisioned it. Rose and another, unknown, woman, both of them naked, were tangled together and giving off strange moans and squeals.

I coughed, loudly. The woman at the bottom of the heap stopped at once and struggled to see past an obscuring leg. Finally her puzzled looking face emerged looking in my direction. I must admit to finding amusing the slow change from puzzlement to horror in her expression but I managed to keep my face set in a stern expression. The second woman seemed to sense that something was amiss and she lifted her head up from where it had been nestled between Rose’s thighs.

“Oh shit!” she shouted, suddenly fully aware of the situation.

She rolled off to the side of the bed away from me looking just a little frightened. There was a joint scrambling for the blanket that lay crumpled at the foot of the bed and an attempt made to cover themselves.

“Christine, its not what you think,” pleaded Rose.

“And what the fuck do you think I think?” I demanded.

I very rarely swear and Rose knows only too well that I reserve those moments when I do for very serious times. If my presence in the doorway had not already warmed her then my use of the ‘f’ word set her alarm bells ringing immediately. I stepped toward the bed and grabbed the hem of the blanket and pulled it off them. They made little resistance and both cowered in a pale group staring at me.

“And who is this slut?” I asked Rose.

“She’s Syl … errr I mean Sylvia, Miss,” Rose managed to stammer back to me.

“And how long has this been going on? Don’t lie to me.”

“This is the first time I promise, Miss.”

I flung the blanket into the corner of the room and stepped back to examine them both. For a few minutes I let them suffer from a silent stare.

“Get off the bed both of you. Stand up … NOW!”

There was a hurried scrambling as they both climbed off the bed and stood side by side. Rose hung her head one arm by her side, the other lifted as she tried to wipe a tear from her eye. Sylvia, her new plaything, was trying to hide her breasts and pussy with her hands and was desperately avoiding my eyes.

“Hands behind your heads,” I ordered them.

Rose immediately took up the familiar position but Sylvia seemed frozen to the spot. I stepped forward and took her chin in my hand and lifted up her face so that she was forced to look at me.

“Are you deaf you little cunt? I said hands behind your head … NOW!”

Her hands quickly went behind her head and I released my grip and stepped back to examine her. My first impression was that she was young, possibly about 20. She had shoulder length blonde hair, the type of colour which I believe is called ‘dirty blonde’. She was a little below average height and skinny, almost unnaturally so. She still had the pert breasts that the young are so lucky to possess and what remained of her pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a small triangle.

“Step forward one pace.” I ordered her.

She took a tentative step forward and I walked to one side and then behind her. She had a small but colourful tattoo of a butterfly on her left buttock and she flinched when I touched it gently. Other than that I could see no others. I continued my slow tour of the two girls finally coming to stand in front of Rose. Her gaze dropped to the floor in shame and I waited for her to speak.

“Miss, I’m so sorry, please don’t be angry.”

“I think I have every right to be angry,” I hissed at her. I lifted her chin forcing her to look at me, “and where the fuck is your collar and why aren’t you wearing it?”

“Its downstairs, Miss, I took it off when I went to the pub.”

I slapped her hard across her face which brought a squeal, not from Rose but from the girl standing next to her.

“Get out,” I spat at Rose, “go downstairs and put it back on and bursa sınırsız escort wait for me there.”

Rose almost ran to the door and out of the bedroom. I could hear the slap, slap of her bare feet on the polished wooden stairs. I was left with her slut friend who started to move after Rose.

“I should be going as well,” she tried nervously.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her back. “You are going nowhere, slut. Stand still!”

“You have no right to keep me here.”

I took a deep breath. “This is my home and my rules, you little slut. I also have sole rights to that cunt you were so busy diving into when I came home. Do I make myself clear?”

For emphasis I gave her a sharp slap, not as hard as the one I had given to Rose but enough to make her cry out.

“But you can’t …”

I raised my hand again as if to repeat the slap and she fell silent.

“So, let me get this straight, you pick up my girlfriend in the pub and decide to have an afternoon of naughty fun with her. Without so much as asking if she was single.”

“If you let me go I promise never to come back, and my friends will be looking for me.”

“You think life is that easy? Oh no, little bitch, we all have to pay for our wrongful deeds. Why should Rose be the only one to be punished?”

I walked behind her once more and opened the drawer of the bedside cabinet before turning to look at her.

“Hands behind your back … now!”

Slowly and a little shakily her hand came from behind her head and appeared behind her. Deftly and with a skill born of many years of practice I clipped her wrists together with a pair of handcuffs. She immediately spun round to face me, a look of confusion and anger on her face.

“Let me go you crazy …”

I slapped her again, a little harder this time and I saw the pain flash across her face. I reached out and grabbed her right nipple and squeezed.

“Ow, fuck …”

“Do I now have your complete attention?”

I pulled the nipple upwards forcing her onto her toes. She nodded vigourously and I let her down slowly.

“Good. Now a few questions which I expect to be answered truthfully. Why did you visit the pub today?”

I applied a little extra pressure on her nipple and she gasped before replying, “I just wanted a quiet drink, honest.”

I relaxed my hold slightly. “How did you get here?”

I squeezed again. “I came in my car,” she managed to reply through gritted teeth.

“And these imaginary friends, where are they?”

Suddenly she looked frightened but another squeeze forced an answer from her. “I came here on my own,” her voice barely above a whisper.

“And when are you expected home?”

This time I took hold of her other nipple as well and squeezed both.

“I live on my own,” she finally confessed.

I released her nipples and she gasped with relief. I turned and rooted through the drawer once more and took out a black leather collar which I kept there for emergencies such as this. She looked puzzled as I fastened round her neck, locking it in place with a small padlock. I then clipped a leash to the collar. I clipped the key next to the one for the handcuffs to a cord that hung round my neck and let them drop out of sight inside my blouse.

“You can have those when I have finished with you. Now, follow me.”

I walked to the bedroom door and tugged on the lead forcing her to follow me out and down the stairs. I led her into the living room where Rose was patiently waiting, on her knees with her hands still behind her head. A flash of amazement crossed her face as she saw the cuffed, collared and very subdued Sylvia following me. I pointed to the floor next to Rose.

“Kneel there,” I told her and she obediently did so. She had changed in the last short while from the angry and rebellious to the quiet and submissive. I settled myself into my chair opposite them. I let a silence hang in the room.

“I’m sure all three of us realise that this afternoon’s behaviour cannot go unpunished. What that will entail I have yet to decide and I will sleep on it. Until then we will speak no more of it.”

I directed my gaze and Rose, “I assume you have been too busy to think about preparing dinner?”

She hung her head and nodded.

“I thought as much. You will have to raid the freezer then. I’m sure you can also find something for our new guest. Now, run along and get busy, I for one am starving.”

Rose got to her feet and scurried into the kitchen. I glanced at Sylvia before picking up a book from the occasional table next to my chair and, finding my place, began to read it. The only sound was the whirr of the microwave and the constant twittering of the birds in the woods outside the window.

Dinner was memorable only for its awkward silence. I am not even sure what it was we ate. Probably a repeat of a meal or meals that we had had in the previous weeks. I had re-cuffed Sylvia’s hand in front bursa escort bayan of her and I did notice one thing, that she ate all of hers at an almost reckless speed. I had been right about her needing a good meal.

After dinner I set Rose to changing the bedding on our bed and making up the bed in the spare room. I directed Sylvia to clean up after our meal and then the rest of the evening was spent with them both kneeling quietly while I watched a little TV. Eventually I stood up and motioned them both to get up. I re-fastened Sylvia’s hand behind her and then led her upstairs by her leash with Rose following behind. In the spare room I pulled back the covers on the bed and told her to lie down. I unclipped her leash and replaced it with a chain that was securely fixed to the bedpost. I wished her goodnight, switched off the light and closed the door. Rose followed me into our bedroom where she folded back the covers and started to climb into bed.

“Where do you think you’re going, slut? You’re on the floor tonight.”

I found a blanket and gave it to her. She reluctantly lay down on the floor, curled herself into a ball and tried to pull the blanket over herself. I undressed and climbed into bed to start thinking about tomorrow. I drifted off to sleep clutching the two small keys that hung on the cord around my neck.


When I woke the next morning the sun was already quite high and streaming through the open window. I could already feel its warmth on my shoulder that had slipped from under the covers. I peeked over the edge of the bed to find a neatly folded blanket and no sign of Rose. From the distance I could hear faint kitchen noises and hoped that a coffee would soon appear. I wondered how our guest had slept chained as she was to the bed. Softly I heard the footsteps coming up the stairs and Rose appeared in the doorway carrying a cup of coffee. I pointed to the bedside cabinet and she carefully placed it on top taking extra care not to spill any. I looked at her but she avoided my eyes.

“Breakfast in half an hour,” I told her, “and then we will go for a walk.”

“Yes, Miss,” she mumbled and left the room.

I sat up in bed and picked up my coffee. The elegant cup and saucer was one of my best. Rose was obviously trying to make a good impression. I sipped slowly and began to flesh out the vague ideas I had had last night for a suitable way to deal with the situation.

When I had finished I got up and had a nice shower before dressing. Today would be hot according to the forecast so I chose an almost sheer silk blouse in pale green with a darker green lightweight skirt. As we were going to be walking somewhat off the beaten track I chose a pair of thick socks and found my walking shoes at the bottom of my wardrobe. I looked around for the clothing that the two girls had so easily discarded yesterday and found them in two neatly folded piles on the dresser. A quick glance told me that none of them were suitable for what I had in mind so I looked in Rose’s wardrobe for something more fit for purpose. I selected a couple of simple shift-style dresses, one in khaki and the other in a very dark cream, and laid them on the bed. Sylvia’s shoes were totally unsuitable for a country walk with their 4″ heels so I also laid out two pairs of flip-flops. They would both have to put up with those and struggle as best they could. I wasn’t, after all, planning a nice gentle afternoon picnic.

Having sorted out myself and something for the two girls to wear I went into the spare room. Sylvia was lying on her back and her eyes widened when she saw me.

“Listen … about yesterday,” she started to say.

“Shut up,” I said to her sharply.

She shrank away from me as I reached over and unlocked the chained attached to her collar. I picked up the leash from the small table and clipped it on instead. A quick tug upwards was enough to bring her to her feet without any command. Sensing no danger of her making a run for it I also released her from the handcuffs and I led her downstairs to the kitchen. She was much more subdued that yesterday and I could sense that she was beginning to accept her position and role. I sat down at the table and pointed to the chair next to me. Rose came quickly to fill both our cups and she grabbed hers and started gulping it down eagerly. There was toasted home-made bread and jam laid out so I silently picked a couple of slices and began to spread butter on it. Sylvia looked at me quizzically.

“Go ahead, eat,” I said suppressing the urge to smile as she quickly grabbed some toast and mimicked me prepare her own breakfast.

“You too, Rose,” I said pointing to the third chair.

Rose sat down and also started tucking in to the toast. We ate in silence with both girls looking shame-faced and more than a little worried as well they might be. I think they were hoping that they might be let off lightly but it was becoming slowly clear to them that this nilüfer escort wasn’t my intent. When I finished eating I sat back and looked at them one by one.

“We are going for a walk in the woods today, all three of us. But first you need to get cleaned up, you both still stink from yesterday.” I picked up the end of the leash and held it out. “Rose, take your smelly friend upstairs to the bathroom. You both need a good shower. Make sure you do a thorough job. After which you will find two dresses and shoes laid out on my bed. Put them on and then return here. Oh, and bring my walking boots with you, they’re on the floor by the bed.”

With a mumbled “yes, Miss,” Rose took the leash and she led Sylvia out of the kitchen and up the stairs. When I heard the sound of splashing water I went to my special cupboard in the study and took out a few choice items and put them in a small rucksack before returning to the kitchen. I opened a drawer and added another couple of bits and pieces I thought might come in useful before pouring a third cup of coffee and resuming my seat. I waited patiently until finally the two girls came down. Sylvia was seemingly content to be led by Rose who also carried my boots. I pointed to the floor and they both immediately knelt on the hard flagstones. I put out a foot and Rose scuttled forward on her knees and helped me on with my boots lacing them with a practised air. She then went back to her position. I stood up and held out my hand and Rose passed me the leash.

“The expedition is ready,” I said theatrically, “let the adventure begin,” and I tugged on the leash as a signal that Sylvia should stand. She did so quickly followed by Rose. We left by the back door and went through the garden to the back gate which let on to a rutted farm track. I led the way with Sylvia stumbling behind me and Rose bringing up the rear. A few yards along there was a stile with a clear footpath leading into the woods that covered the steep hillside. I climbed over followed by Sylvia who nearly lost one of her flip-flops in the process. Rose, more used to our little excursions, quickly followed. We walked along the path for maybe a mile before a familiar holly tree appeared. The main path went on past it but by carefully stepping around it a vague path could be seen. Probably originally a deer track we had somehow discovered it on a previous walk and it had since become a favourite part of our walks. It was almost invisible from the main path and led into unvisited parts of the wood. With a lot of ‘ow’ and ‘ouch’ and some encouraging tugs on the leash Sylvia managed to fight her way past the holly tree. We set off up the steep path in single file. Poor Sylvia struggled to keep up and a few times I had to wait while she retrieved one of her flip-flops. She was looking sweaty and a little distressed before we finally reached the clearing that I had been aiming for.

It really was an enchanted place with a carpet of yellow flower in the dappled sunshine. We were circled by large oaks and beeches and in one corner two pollarded willows. They were one of the main reasons for us coming here. Two willow trees, originally quite large had, several years ago, been cut down almost to ground level. Their lives had continued in the form of a forest of willow withies growing up from the base. A long ago fallen beech made a convenient seat which I used gratefully. I pointed to an area of grass just in front of me and both girls dropped to their knees, grateful for the rest.

For a while I sat in a patch of sunlight that came through the canopy of leaves. I closed my eyes and felt warm and content. I was interrupted by a rustling sound and when I opened my eyes Sylvia was moving around trying to make herself more comfortable.

“Stop fidgeting, bitch,” I snapped at her and she quickly became still again. I looked from one to the other slowly.

“Time to deal with you two,” I said calmly. I rummaged in my back and found a pair of secateurs that I had brought along especially for the occasion. I motioned for Rose to stand up and handed them to her. I pointed to one of the pollarded willows.

“Go and cut me half a dozen good branches. You know what I’m looking for.”

She took the secateurs and walked slowly over. Looking though the various offerings she slowly made her selections before returning to me. She handed over both the secateurs and the withies to me before resuming her position. I selected each withy in turn and examined it. Rose had chosen carefully and, more importantly, correctly. Each branch was about four feet long and about the thickness of my thumb at its base, tapering to nothing with a healthy growth of new leaves near the tip. I flexed them each experimentally and they made a satisfying swishing noise through the air. I laid them next to each other along the log at my side before turning my attention once more to the two girls silently kneeling in front of me.

“Time to get started,” I said, “I will start with you Rose and you, little cunt, will watch and wait your turn. I’m sure you both thought you could get away with it yesterday but you were both wrong and now you must both suffer the consequences.”

I paused to let that sink in before continuing. “Rose, stand up.” With a look of fear she did so. “Now, strip and assume the correct position over this trunk.”

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