Daydreams Ch. 02

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Dylan smiles at Sam while they talk about the song blasting through their headphones. He noticed that Sam’s eyes are a very light sexy blue and his face is extremely thin. If he shaved off the peach fuzz and waxed his eye brows he could pass as a girl. Dylan has come to terms with the sexual desires he has for Sam so thoughts of taking Sam were fairly under control but today was strange. Dylan keeps see Sam dressed up as a girl but his dick is sticking out of the hem of a dress or the outline prominently in a pair of short shorts.

“Is there something on my face?” Sam asks rubbing at his cheeks.

“Huh? Oh, no just thinking.” Dylan says shaking his head to clear the thoughts of Sam as a girl.

They go into the school and part ways and Dylan can’t focus on anything but Sam and making love to Sam.


Dylan walks into a room and sees Sam sitting on a bed blushing in a pretty little dress and his dick head peeking out from the hem his short brown hair now around his shoulders with a slight curl to it. Dylan feels his dick twitch in his pants and Ankara escort he walks over to Sam.

“Dylan, I love you. Please make love to me” Sam says in a girly tone making Dylan grow steadily harder. Dylan gets on the bed and pushes Sam down and kisses him, running his hands all over Sam’s upper body

“Sam, I love you.” Dylan says as he kisses down Sam’s body and slowly pulls the hem of Sam’s dress up to show Sam’s hard dick sticking straight up. Dylan reaches down and plays with Sam’s balls and licks his head making Sam whimper in excitement.

“Dylan, let me do it instead. I’m your girl I should please you” Sam says and bats his clear blue eyes at Dylan. At this Dylan leans back as Sam crawls on top of him, his dress falling loosely around his thin body and his soft hair brushes Dylan’s cheeks as they kiss. Sam works Dylan’s jeans off and starts to jack his dick making him moan and twitch. Sam leans down and wraps his shiny lip glossed lips around the thick shaft of Dylan’s hard dick making him shudder from the pleasure. Dylan runs his hands through Sam’s soft hair pushing Ankara escort bayan him down onto the pulsing rod that begs to be sucked dry. Sam runs a finger around to Dylan’s asshole and slowly works a slender finger deep in making Dylan pant and hump into Sam’s mouth feeling his balls tighten, nearing his climax. Sam buries his nose in Dylan’s pubic hair as he cums in Sam’s mouth as Sam tries to swallow it all but some leaks out at the corners of his mouth. Dylan falls back panting and Sam cleans his mouth off eating all of his lover’s cum.

“Baby, I love you. Please make love to me.” Sam says laying down on top of Dylan stoking his dick making it hard again. Dylan wraps his arms around Sam and brushes his hair away from his cute face.

“Sam, you’re so cute” Dylan says as he rolls over onto Sam “I need to be in you.” Dylan pulls Sam’s legs up over his shoulders and positions his dick head at Sam’s ass and slowly pushes until his head pops into Sam and they are both panting heavy. Once Dylan feels Sam loosen up he pushes forward until he has to stop not to hurt his beautiful Escort Ankara lover. Dylan pulls out and pushes back in loosening Sam’s tight hole until he bottoms out and leans over his lover.

“God, you feel good!” Dylan pants as his hips move instinctually pumping his tool in and out of Sam. Sam is lost in pure bliss and pulls Dylan to him and kisses him wildly as Dylan moans and starts to fuck faster. Sam starts to feel his balls tighten as his lover pounds into his hole and he pulls away from the hot kiss.

“Dylan! Cum in me! Make me yours!” Sam moans to his love “Plant your seed in me!”

At this Dylan loses control and bucks wildly hitting Sam’s g-spot and making him cum all over his dress and stomach. With Sam’s climax his already tight ass ring tightens around Dylan’s dick, milking his dick for all its seed, as Dylan cums deep into Sam.

Dylan pulls out of Sam and rolls over panting. Sam curls up to him as they fall asleep.


Dylan opens his locker and throws his stuff in dreaming of Sam going through school with his cum slowly leaking out into a pair of panties when he hears Sam calling his name.

“Dylan! We are heading out to the lower field to play truth or dare! If two guys kiss the girls will all kiss!”

“Who are the two guys?”

“Um well…us…”

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