Daughter’s Visit


This is the first part in a new series involving Cassandra and Aaron as well as a new character. Cassandra’s latest conquest joins the fun later on. I want to thank my editor Stephen7Redo for doing a great job of editing my stories. Hope you enjoy this story.


Cassandra returns from her business trip and prepares for her daughter to come visit her.

I had returned home from my business trip to Palm Springs and I was exhausted. Between the training I was providing to the hotel staff and the sexual escapades I’d had with Dylan, Isabel and then the incredible night with Amy and Jacob, I needed to rest. Aaron had texted me as soon as I landed about getting together, but I had to decline his invitation for a night at his house. I was just too tired for a session in the sack with him. I knew that I would have just laid there letting him fuck me and I would have fallen asleep on him.

A couple of days later though and I was back into my busy routine of work and life.

Aaron and I ended up getting together on Friday night for a good old straight up fucking. He ended up screwing me four 4 times before finally taking me in my ass. He didn’t spend the night as he was off to play golf early the next morning with his friends. The sex was hot with us that night but something was different. I don’t know if I was because I couldn’t stop thinking about Dylan and the night he and I had spent together in Palm Springs but it was very much on my mind. Both men are very skilled lovers and each has their own fine manly qualities that make them distinct in their own way.

Dylan was closer to me in age but still ten years younger. He intrigued me, as I spent time with him on the flight out and then we had a nice dinner before my pussy got the better of me and I couldn’t get him up to my room fast enough to have him fuck my brains out. I wanted to know more about him as a person and how far I could push the limits with him in bed. I wondered how far he would push me in a sexual capacity. Was he married? Was he in a relationship? I didn’t see a wedding band on his finger and he didn’t mention if he was in a relationship or had been? I never asked him, not wanting to know I suppose. On our night in Palm Spring, I dictated the pace of our lovemaking. I loved being in control of a man, but I also needed to know if he could be in control of me. Would he dominate me in a way that I hadn’t experienced in the past? I wondered if he would get kinky with me and what else did he like to do to women or have done to him. These were all questions I could only answer if I spent more time with him and allowed myself to get to know the man.

I knew what I had with Aaron. He was a passionate lover who was young and full of stamina. He was 22 years younger than me and he made me feel completely alive when I made love to him. He has a body of an underwear model and I loved every inch of it each time we were together. I don’t know if it was the age that bothered me with him or if it was because our relationship was just based on sex. Would I be able to give him everything he wanted in a relationship? Did he even want a relationship with a woman my age? He always complemented me on my body and my sexual prowess, but I didn’t know if he wanted more from me. Did he want to eventually get married and have kids? I could do the marriage part but not the kid part.

I felt like he would be better off with a woman closer to his age. A younger woman would be able to grow with him in a relationship and give him things that a man his age would come to want. I doubted I could give him all he needed. My past experience with my ex certainly steered my thinking to knowing eventually one day he would leave me for a younger woman. The two of us never discussed a relationship; we were just going with the flow and using each other for some really great and satisfying sex. Hell, we had never even been out on a formal date. Just about all of our time was spent naked seeing how much pleasure we could give one another. I didn’t find anything wrong with this and the sex was phenomenal, but being with Dylan put the thought in my head that I could see myself in a new meaningful relationship with a man like him.

I was lost in those thoughts, going back and forth in my head, when I realized my phone was ringing. I got up from my couch and grabbed it. Looking at the caller ID I saw it was my daughter Alexis calling.

“Hello Alexis. How come you’re calling his early?” I asked her as I tucked my hair back behind my ear.

“Mom, it isn’t that early, it’s already 10:30 in the morning.” My younger daughter said.

I looked at the clock on the wall and indeed it was 10:32 already. How long had I been lost in thought over the two suitors that my pussy was growing very fond of?

“Why are you up so early sweetie? ” I asked my daughter. “Don’t you normally sleep later on Saturdays?”

“I was up early because I spent the night at a guy’s place and I had to make a quick getaway.” She responded.

“Oh? And why did you leave?” I asked with a grin on my Escort Güngören face.

“Well he was lousy in bed. He thought he was this big stud, but his dick wasn’t that big and he came so quickly, I…” she paused. I heard a heavy exhale of breath on the other end of the line. “Mom I didn’t even come close to cumming. I think he was done in two minutes. I was pissed off because I went down on him and then he didn’t even return the favor. I put on a sexy bra and thong and took time to shave and it was all for nothing. I had to fake it the first time and then I ran off to the bathroom to finish myself off. When I came out he told me he should be ready to go for round two already with this shit-eating grin and a start to another erection that I knew wasn’t going to be any bigger than my thumb.”

“What did you do?” I asked her

“I wanted to bail right then and there, but he came over to me and pulled me into bed with him. At that point I realized I was stuck for another round with this guy. He played with my tits and fingered me for a minute and then got on top of me and started to ease his way into me. I told him to slow down and I grabbed his dick and rubbed my clit with it. I also stroked him because he still wasn’t fully hard yet. I told him to lick my nipples as I tugged on his puny dick.” Again I heard a heavy sigh come from her.

“Well, it was a good idea to take control of the situation at least,” I responded in as consoling a way as I could without busting out laughing as I pictured this scrawny kid trying to fuck my daughter.

“I had to do something to take control of the situation and make it more enjoyable for myself.” Alexis added. “Anyway after a minute or so my juices started to flow somehow and I was ready for him. I slipped him into me and then he started thrusting like a little rabbit, all awkward and stuff. I wrapped my legs around him and slowed him down. He leaned down and went back to playing with my nipples. I figured since he’d already cum once he would last a little bit longer this time around. I gave him a few more thrusts before I turned us over so I was on top. I then really took control of the situation. I ground my hips down into his so that my clit would rub up against his pubic mound and then alternated between shallow and deeper thrusts. I told him just to play with my tits as I bounced up and down on his cock. Mom I don’t even think it was five minutes and he told me he was going to cum. I figured that it was too late to save him from cumming so I leaned back and rubbed my clit while he thrust up into me. I had a little orgasm but nothing to write home about. I climbed off of him and he told me how awesome it was. He then pulled me in close to him to cuddle with him.” Her voice turned to a pure whine at that point.

“Well at least he was complimentary of your efforts.” I told her, and then bit my lip hard holding back a serious chuckle.

“Mom, he fell asleep and I was stuck there with him. I had his cum leaking out of me and I wasn’t satisfied by any stretch of the imagination.”

“So what did you do?” I asked her.

“I was able reach over and get some tissues off the nightstand to clean myself up but he was dead to the world and I couldn’t move him off of me. I guess I ended up falling asleep.” Another whimpering sig. “He was still wrapped around me this morning and I was only able to escape by telling him I had to pee. I don’t think I have ever gotten dressed that quickly. I didn’t even put on my underwear. I just threw on my jeans and top and was out the door in a flash. I went straight back and changed into workout clothes to the gym to work off my frustration from last night on the stairclimber.”

“I’m sorry that you had such a lousy night, dear.” I said to her in my best consoling voice as I thought of how I had experienced the complete opposite from her during my night with Aaron. She needed to meet a nice guy like him and a guy with a dick like his that knew what to do with it.

“Anyway Mom, I didn’t just call to tell you about my lousy night. I called to let you know when my flight gets in on Thursday night.”

I snapped out of my thoughts of last night’s passionate interlude. “What time and do you need me to pick you up at the airport?”

“The flight arrives at 7:09. Would you pick me up at the airport?”

“Yes that isn’t a problem for my little girl. I’ll come right from work to get you and then we can grab a bite to eat on the way home.”

“That sounds great, Mom. By the way, are you going to set me up with that gorgeous neighbor of yours finally?”

Wow, I guess that didn’t necessarily come out of left field. I’d told her about Aaron, but I hadn’t thought she was that interested in him. If she only knew him the way that I knew him.

“After last night’s experience I would look forward to finding out if your hunky neighbor knows how to take care of a woman,” Alexis added during my thoughts of Aaron. I grinned broadly on my end of the line because I knew first-hand just how well he could take İnnovia Escort care of a womanly sexually. I even felt a clenching of my pussy at the thought of how well he had fucked me the last time.

“Yes, I can see if he is available on say Saturday night,” I said with a different sort of smirk on my face. “Do you want me to ask him if he wants to go to dinner with us?”

“No Mom, that’s okay. I think I am perfectly able to go out with him on my own.” She responded in a slighted huff.

“Okay, I’m sorry. You are a grown woman who is perfectly capable of asking out and being with a man, as you so alluded to already this morning.” I did chuckle this time finally. “Okay, so is there anything else that you need me to get you while you are up here?”

“I just need to get fucked good and hard,” my little girl wailed into the phone.

“Alexis, I know we’ve always been able to tell one another everything, even about you sexual encounters, the latest less than stellar encounter included, but that comment is rather crude even between us.”

“Well, it’s the truth,” Alexis huffed.

“Be that that as it may, I can’t guarantee you’ll get all that while you are up here. Maybe you need to go spend some quality time with your vibrator or whatever other sex toys you have stuffed in your nightstand these days. Take the edge off before you get up here and bite the head off an unsuspecting young man up here.” I told her seriously, knowing full well she had a generous toy collection.

“Trust me mom, I am going to spend some time with vibrator and my butt plug this afternoon.” She said to me while she giggled.

“Okay, well enjoy, I will be sure not too call and disturb you this afternoon,” I told her laughing out loud now.

“Please don’t mom, I just remembered I got a new porno movie I haven’t watched yet and I’ll get all hot and bothered before that with a couple of stories on Literotica. I will be pretty busy.”

“Alright sweetie, have a good time and I will talk to you during the week.” I told her.

“Thanks mom, I can’t wait to see you on Thursday.” She said as she hung up the phone.

I sat there on my couch for a few moments procrastinating, trying to decide on whether to go out and do my weekly grocery shopping or put that off and go to the gym and get a good workout that I hadn’t had in a while, well, unless you counted that heavy aerobic activity with all my lovers in the last few days. I then flashed to thinking about Dylan and thinking I should call to see if he wanted to make plans for the next weekend. I wasn’t going to stay home by myself if Alexis was going to go out with Aaron. I would tell Aaron he was taking my daughter out Saturday night when we got together for our next hot fuck session.

The next couple of days flew by and before I knew it is was Wednesday. Dylan and I had been texting back and forth with each other all day. We got to where we were sexting by mid-afternoon, so heavily in fact I started diddling under my desk. My hand was buried in my damp panties when a coworker came busting into my office. She didn’t catch me, but I was left sexually frustrated the rest of the afternoon.

I got home from work and was going to take a hot bath and get myself off, but was hungry since I had missed lunch. Aaron texted me as I was finishing dinner.

“Hi sexy what are u up too???” appeared on my phone.

“Not much, just got done with dinner and going to clean my guest room. My daughter is coming tomorrow” I replied.

“Is this the daughter that you want me to fuck???” he responded.

“She wants to go out with you!!” I texted him back actually startled his brusqueness.

“Yeah I can take her out first!”

“R U interested then??”

“Yes I am very interested if you are okay if we end up doing more than just going out…??”

“I am okay with it. I am sure that you guys will have a good time.”

I wasn’t sure if I should throw in that I was going to have a date that night, too. I had debated if I should tell Aaron how much Dylan for me, too. What the hell it’s not like we are exclusive and I knew he was going to end up fucking my daughter. So why couldn’t I go out and get fucked, too?

“I have a date on Saturday night so you have no excuse not to go out with her…xoxoxo” I texted him, waiting impatiently for his response.

“That’s cool, but maybe we should have a double date this way I could meet this other hot guy you’re gonna fuck”

When that last part popped up on my screen I inhaled sharply.

“Alexis told me she didn’t want me to come along and I am looking forward to my own date” I replied back with half a fib and very honest last part.

“That’s cool. Who is the guy?” he responded

“Just a guy that I met on my trip to Palm Springs. R U jealous?? J” I texted him back.

“No I am not, I was just wondering”

“Is this something we need to talk about??” I shot back to him.

“I don’t know” he replied back, but only after several seconds went by. Kağıthane escort bayan

Such a typical guy answer, what the fuck is “I don’t know” supposed to mean? Did he want to talk about us sleeping with other people? I would be stupid to think a guy like him didn’t have other women wanting to fuck him. As far as I was concerned I knew we weren’t exclusive, I had hoped he didn’t think we were.

“If you want to talk about this come on over and you can help me organize my guest room” I finally texted him back.

Of course, the moment I hit ‘send’ I wasn’t sure if I should have told him that. I knew I’d end up with his cock buried in me before the end of the night if he did come over. I couldn’t resist his young charms and that young hard dick of his. I figured we needed to talk about this but also if we ended up having sex I wouldn’t be complaining.

“Give me 15 minutes and I will be over. I need to finish talking to my mom on the phone” he replied back with a short delay.

“Okay” I simply replied and put my phone down.

I cleaned up my dishes and then headed upstairs to my room to get changed. I took off my work blouse and slacks and hung them up in my closet. I had on a matching sexy black and white lace bra and thong. I figured I would leave it on and I threw on a pair of cut-off shorts and a top on over them before heading into the guest room. About ten minutes later I heard my front door open.

“Hello Cassandra,” Aaron called out from the bottom of the stairs.

“I’m up here in the guest room,” I yelled back to him. He got here more quickly than he had said. Did that mean he was jealous after all?

I heard him walk up the stairs and in no time he was walking into the room.

“Hi” I said to him as I put down a couple of books on the dresser.

I looked him in the face as I brushed a strand of my light brown hair out of my eyes. He just stood there looking at me, a very neutral look for him on that handsome face. My heart felt a bit of a heavy tug, so I moved over towards him and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. I took a step back and looked him in the eyes again. Those gorgeous green eyes stared right back me, still with that rather stagnant look. I figured there was no reason to waste any time and may as well get right into reason he was here. We needed to talk about us, about our relationship. But my eyes left his right then and traveled down the length of his toned young body. His faded jeans and t-shirt did nothing to hide that delicious body. My eyes locked on his crotch and although he was not hard he still had a sizable package. Right then I knew if I delayed talking about what I had started on our text conversation we would never end up talking about it and probably would be having sex before I did. No, not probably, I knew that we would end up having sex as he looked really good standing there before me and the total sexual frustration of the day texting with Dylan came rushing back into my own body. I knew what was underneath his t-shirt and those jeans the thought of it all got me moist between my thighs.

But I blinked and made myself snap out my thoughts of his sculpted abs, chiseled chest and that long hard cock of his. I purposefully turned around and walked over to the window. My back was too him as I looked upon nothing in particular.

“Aaron, we need to talk about us,” I said with my arms crossed over my chest. “What do you think we are, Aaron? Do you think we are together, a couple, or are we just kind of friends with benefits?”

“I don’t know what we are Cassandra.” He responded.

“Well what do you want us to be?” I asked him as I continued to look out across the street and a couple neighbor kids playing.

“I’m not sure, I like what we have been doing for the past couple months but I don’t know if I am ready for a relationship yet. I don’t get the feeling you want a real relationship with me, either,” he paused and I heard him take a couple of steps closer. “If you want to continue doing what we are doing, I’m good with it. But I also know eventually you will want a relationship, whether it’s with me or…” Again he paused.

Still looking out the window I jumped in, “Aaron, I have enjoyed what we have been doing for the past couple of months, too. We have had a ton of fun and you make me feel younger. You have opened me up to new things, really you have. I just feel that sooner or later you are going to want more than I am able to give you. I know that you will one day want to get married and want kids. I don’t think I can give you all of that. It wouldn’t be fair if I held you back from those things.” I finally turned to face him as I said the last.

My eyes were more than a little watery. His seemed a bit cloudy, too.

“Cassandra, eventually I will want those things I guess. And, yes, I realize there is a bit of an age difference between us and for us to have an exclusive relationship we would need do more of the things that couples do. I don’t want to pressure you to do those things because you are at a different point in your life and what you are looking for in a relationship. I would feel bad if I got in your way from finding someone that could give you everything you want as a couple. I know there is more to being a couple than just sex. I also know you deserve more.” He said as he moved another step closer.

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