Daughter’s Incestuous Therapy Ch. 04

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Session 7 with Jill Daniels

Jill Daniels gasped as I fingered her pussy. I had my hand pressed inside her panties as she lay on her back upon my cuddling bed in my office. The sexy MILF was one of my patients. I’d just listened to her describe having sex with her son for the first time, turning us both on.

“I’m going to eat you out,” I whispered in the brunette’s ear, my pussy on fire. “It’s time to start working on your relationship with your daughter. That’s the point of being here.”

“What?” she moaned, her pussy squeezing down around my fingers probing into her depths.

“Close your eyes,” I purred. “You’ve enjoyed one child, now it’s time for the other.”

She whimpered, staring at me. I licked my lips as my fingers pumped in and out of her cunt. I jabbed my fingers deep into her pussy, her flesh squeezing around me. My tongue licked her earlobe, my own pussy getting hotter.

“Dr. Elliston,” she whimpered.

“Close them,” I whispered. “Oh, Mommy, I’m going to eat you out.”

She shuddered and then closed her eyes.

In a girlish voice, I said, “I just want to love you, Mommy.” I moved down her body between her thighs, my fingers sliding out of her twat. “To feast on you. It’s going to be great, Mommy.”

I pulled out my fingers from her pussy and then pulled the gusset of her panties to the side as I settled between her thighs. I had this hunger inside of me. I wanted to devour her. I leaned down, inhaling the tart scent of her pussy. My mouth watered. My silky, black hair spilled down around her thighs as I nuzzled into her cunt.

She gasped as my mouth made contact with her married pussy. Her son had fucked this pussy over the weekend. She’d had her first taste of incest. I wanted to make her family so close and united. My tongue darted through her folds, lapping up her cream.

My hands wrapped around her thighs. I held her tight and thrust my tongue deep into her cunt. I fluttered around inside of her. I enjoyed it. This amazing passion. I savored the flavor of her twat. I feasted on her.

“Oh, Mommy, I love your pussy,” I whimpered. “You taste so good.”

“Oh, god, Dr. Elliston,” the MILF whimpered.

“It’s Mercedes, Mommy,” I purred. “Your daughter. I’m loving you.”

She gasped as my tongue darted into her twat. I fluttered my tongue through her folds. I swirled around inside her cunt. My nose rubbed against her clit. I devoured her with hunger. My tongue caressed her as my pussy grew hotter and hotter.

I slid my tongue through her folds. I licked and lapped at her. I thrust my tongue into the depths of her cunt. I buried to the hilt in her pussy. I swirled around, stroking her walls. She tasted amazing. I could eat her all day.

“Mercedes,” the MILF moaned. I shuddered as she called out her daughter’s name. “Oh, oh, Mercedes. I’ve never had a woman eat my pussy.”

“You taste so good, Mommy,” I moaned, loving this roleplay. I’d eaten my own mother’s pussy. It was such a treat.

I licked up to her clit. I latched onto that cute bud and sucked hard on it. My fingers slid up her slit. I caressed her and then thrust into her depths. I pumped in and out of her cunt. I buried my digits over and over into her depths as I sucked on her. I nibbled on her. I loved the feel of her. My tongue darted around her clit.

This was just such a delicious treat.

Her pussy clenched around my digits. I nibbled on her clit. I sucked hard on it. Her little bud felt amazing between my lips, spongy and silky all at the same time. Her pussy squeezed down on my digits. I buried into her cunt faster and harder. I swirled my tongue around her bud, stroking her.

“Mercedes!” she gasped, her back arching. “Oh, yes, yes. This is… I’ve never… You’re teasing me. Oh, my god, yes!”

Her pussy convulsed around my fingers. Her juices gushed out. I licked and lapped at her tart cream. I savored the MILF cumming while pretending I was her eighteen-year-old daughter. It sent such a rush of naughty heat through me.

I breathed in that wonderful musk, growing drunk on it as I devoured the cream gushing out of her. My pussy soaked my panties. My cunt burned. I wanted to touch myself, but I resisted as I buried my fingers deep into her cunt.

“Mercedes!” she whimpered. “This… I…” Her eyes fluttered open. “Dr. Elliston, what was this? Why are you pretending to be my daughter? Why are eating my pussy? What is going on?”

“Mmm, I’m making your family close.” I smiled at her. “You don’t have to feel guilty about cheating on your husband. You weren’t the only one to enjoy one of your children this weekend.”

She gasped and I shuddered. It was time to get to work.

“My daughter and my husband had sex?” Jill said, her eyes shocked. “He cheated on me?”

“You cheated on him with your son,” I said.

“Well, that’s different,” she said, shuddering. “He’s like a younger version of him and… Oh.”

“Oh,” I agreed, smiling. “And Mercedes’s is a younger version of you. She’s got all your desires. All your passions. bahis siteleri Why wouldn’t she be attracted to the man you love? Just as you see your husband in your son, she sees a husband in her father. You are both the same. It’s time to mend fences.”

Jill bit her lip. “What are you saying?”

“That I want to change up how therapy is working.” I licked at her pussy, making her shudder, my own cunt on fire. “We’re going to reach through to your daughter. You and her are going to be so close, sharing the men in your lives. Your family will be happy.”

“How? She hates me.”

I smiled at her. Love and hate were so close to each other. “That’s what we’re doing. We’re fixing it.”

* * *

Session 22 with Mercedes Daniels

After Jill Daniels left, it was time for my appointment with Mercedes. The eighteen-year-old girl darted into my office with a look of joy on her face, her nose ring glinting. Before she could even strip naked, like I was, I cupped her face and kissed her with her mother’s own pussy juices on my lips.

I thrust my tongue into her mouth. I swirled it around inside of her. I caressed her. I teased her, my pussy growing so wet giving this beautiful girl a taste of motherly incest. A preview for the harmony I would create in her family.

Mercedes shuddered when I broke the kiss. I smiled at her and asked, “How did it go?”

She beamed at me. “it was amazing. I didn’t let Daddy escape me. He…”

* * *

Mercedes’s Daniels’s story…

“Okay, we’re off to pick blackberries,” Mom said, holding my brother’s hand. Doug was eager to go pick blackberries with that annoying bitch. But it was perfect. It was time to have sex with my daddy. “We’ll be back in a few hours.”

“By,” Daddy said, the look crossing his face was almost horror. He glanced at me wearing a pair of short shorts that hugged my ass and a belly shirt that cupped my round and youthful breasts.

I winked at him.

The front door closed. Footsteps retreated. Daddy swallowed. He still felt guilty for that blowjob I’d given him two weeks ago. He’d been avoiding me ever since. No longer. I wouldn’t let him get away. He would be mine.

“Well, I, uh, need to get going, too,” Daddy said, heading for the door.

I hooked his arm and stopped him. “You are not going anywhere. I want you. It is happening, Daddy.”

“Mercedes!” he gasped. “What we did… We can’t do it again.”

“Oh, we can,” I said. “And we’re going to do more.” I released him and grabbed the bottom of my belly shirt. I pulled it up. My breasts popped out, round and firm. His eyes bulged as he stared at my tits. “Mmm, see how young and firm these are.”

He groaned, a gurgling sound. It was so hot the way he stared at my titties. He couldn’t look away.

“Touch them,” I purred as I unsnapped the fastener of my short shorts. “Feel them. They’re perky and delicious, Daddy.” I bounced on my heels, making my boobs jiggle.

His hands drifted to my tits almost like they had a mind of their own. I gasped as he touched my round tits. He squeezed them, his fingers digging into my flesh. I groaned and shoved my shorts and panties off my hips. They fell down my thighs to my feet. I stepped out of them as he kneaded my youthful breasts.

“Mmm, aren’t those nice, Daddy?”

He groaned again. It was like I’d rendered him speechless. I loved it.

I grabbed his wrist and pulled his right hand from my tit down my body. He felt so pliable. I shuddered as I pressed his fingers into my pussy. I groaned at the incestuous contact with his thick digits. I rubbed them up and down my shaved folds. I savored the feel of him. My juices flowed, coating his fingers.

“Feel that?” I whispered. “How wet I am Daddy. For you. My pussy is yours, Daddy. Love me.”

“Mercedes,” he croaked.

His fingers thrust into my twat. I shuddered at the feel of him invading me. His other hand squeezed my tit. He massaged me. This heat rippled through my body. I groaned, drinking in the feel of his touch. His fingers pumped deep into me, filling me up.

But there was something bigger I wanted inside of me.

I backed up from him, groaning as his fingers popped out of my twat. His hand released my breast. He stared at me, looking stunned. His eyes flicked up and down my eighteen-year-old body. I turned around, letting him see my rump.

As I sauntered away, I said over my shoulder, “I’ll be waiting in my room for you.”

I left the living room and hurried to the stairs. I darted up them, my tits heaving. This had to work. He had to come. He had felt my pussy. How wet I was for him. My incestuous lusts couldn’t wait any longer. Dr. Elliston was somehow behind my mom going to pick blackberries with my brother. My naughty therapist had given me the opportunity to love my daddy.

I would take it.

I reached my room and stretched out on it. I spread my legs, the juices dripping out of me. They soaked down to my rump. I shuddered, squirming on the bed. The heat roiled through me. It was this incredible canlı bahis siteleri rush. My heart pounded in my chest. This wicked heat surged through me.

I waited. The tension squeezed around my chest. My fingers grabbed my nipples, twisting them. I needed the stimulation to fight my nervousness. I whimpered, my stomach squirming. He had to succumb. I needed him. He had to come up here and claim me.

He moved.

His footsteps thudded through the house. They pounded up the stairs. I shuddered, feeling him coming. I glanced at my open doorway, pinching my nipples hard. The pleasure shot through my body. My cunt clenched.

Daddy burst into my room looking like a wild beast. He stared at me, this dark-haired, gorgeous man. His goatee surrounded his strong lips. He looked fit beneath his t-shirt and jeans. A strong man. Powerful.

“Ravish me, Daddy!” I moaned, feeling his desire for me.

He snarled and sprang at me. In a flash, he mounted the bed, the springs squeaking as he pressed my thighs further apart. My shaved pussy felt on display, my labia parting, showing off my pink depths.

He buried his face between my thighs. His goatee rasped on my pussy lips. I gasped, the scratching whiskers teasing me. They were bristles, rough and naughty. It was so different from a boy or Dr. Elliston going down on me.

This was a man feasting on me. My daddy.

Pleasure exploded through me as his tongue dug through my folds. His strong hands shoved beneath my ass to grip my rump. He squeezed me hard as his tongue darted into my folds. He thrust his tongue hard into my cunt. He swirled around inside of my depths. His whiskers pressed into my inner lips.

I gasped and squirmed, grinding on him. I drank in the wiry caress of his goatee. It was incredible. Pleasure flowed through me. His tongue whipped up my cunt. My breasts jiggled as I grabbed his short, black hair. I held him tight, whimpering, groaning.

“Daddy!” I gasped. “Oh, Daddy! Daddy! Yes, yes, eat me! Feast on me!”

He growled and lapped at my pussy.

He brushed my clit over and over. He caressed my bud, sending pleasure burning through me. I squeezed tight about his head. His whiskers rubbed against my folds and clit as he thrust his tongue back into my cunt. He buried deep into my pussy, swirling it around inside of me.

He teased me. Feasted on me.

It was incredible. My daddy was finally loving me. Finally feasting on me. He was giving me all the pleasure I’d craved. The rapture that I wanted. The bliss that would make me explode. I shuddered in passion. My heart pounded in my chest. The bliss surged through my body.

“Daddy, you’re going to make me cum!”

“Good,” he snarled. “That’s what you want! You’ve been teasing me, driving me wild. You naughty girl! Prancing around the house. Making me fucking hard.”

“I wanted you to use my body to satisfy yourself!” I moaned. “To fuck me, Daddy! I’ll love you so much better than Mommy!”

His hands gripped my ass, fingers digging into my flesh. His tongue thrust into my cunt. He swirled it around inside of me. I gasped in delight. I humped against his hunger. Those amazing whiskers. His tongue.

The pleasure swelled so fast. He found my clit. He sucked on it with his hungry lips. My twat squeezed tight. I gasped, my orgasm building and building. Sparks exploded through me. My bud throbbed in his mouth.

“Daddy!” I howled. “Oh, fuck, Daddy, I love you! You’re amazing! I’m going to cum! I’m going to… CUM!”

My orgasm exploded through me. This wild detonation of incestuous rapture. It surged through my body. Wave after wave of ecstasy drowned my nervous system. My mind. I swam in the currents of bliss. They buffeted me.

Daddy licked at my cunt, drinking the juices gushing out of me. My bed creaked and groaned as I spasmed on it. My fingers dug into his hair. My tits jiggled as the darkness devoured the edges of my vision, swallowing the world.

It was so intense. It was amazing.

“Mercedes,” he snarled, his whiskers rubbing against my sensitive folds. “You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped, my body bucking through the pleasure. “Fuck me, Daddy! I want you in me!”

He rose. I trembled, abandoning my pussy. My cunt kept spasming as the pleasure rushed through me. Through lidded eyes, I watched him pull off his shirt, exposing his muscular body. I whimpered at how sexy he was. His hands shot down, unsnapping his jeans. The zipper rasped.

I whimpered.

My orgasm died as he ripped out his cock. It thrust hard before him. That big, thick dick. He was like Clint, Dr. Elliston’s sexy brother. I licked my lips. I hadn’t had sex with any of the boys at my college since I realized what I truly wanted.

I needed this.

Daddy pounced on me. His heavy body was over me, his cock nudging at my pussy. He growled as he rammed his cock into my cunt. I gasped, my back arching. My tits jiggled as he filled me. A rush of bliss shot through me. I whimpered, squirming beneath him. My breasts canlı bahis jiggled as he filled me. I squeezed down around him.

He was in me. My daddy’s dick filled me. I gasped and whimpered, my pussy squeezing around his dick. He drew back and then slammed into me. He buried into my cunt hard. He fucked me, his face twisting in rapture as he pounded me.

“Yes, yes, Daddy!” I moaned, my orgasm building already. It was so amazing to have him in me. His cock fucked me. The cock that had started me in my mother’s womb. “Oh, yes, Daddy! I’ve wanted this for so long! Isn’t it amazing?”

“This is what you want?” he growled. “Huh? Me fucking you.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled. “Pound me, Daddy!”

I savored it. His cock thrust deep and hard into me. His powerful strokes buried into me again and again. I whimpered, my cunt clenching about his dick, drinking in the friction of his hard thrusts. I threw my arms around his neck. I held him tight and pulled him down.

I kissed him, his goatee soaked in my tart juices. I whimpered at the rasping feel on my delicate lips and nose. I breathed in my musk as his dick slammed into me. His strong chest crushed my small breasts. My nipples throbbed and ached.

Our tongues danced together as he plundered my cunt. He fucked me with passion. He buried deep and hard into my twat. It was this amazing rapture. His cock rammed into my cunt. He filled me to the hilt again and again.

Daddy pounded me.

He fucked me.

The headboard smacked into the wall.

I loved it. I writhed beneath him, being fucked hard by him. My fingernails clawed his back as he drove me towards another orgasm. My pussy clenched about him, drinking in that friction. That amazing bliss. I would cum so hard on him. I would explode over and over.

It would be the best. Incredible. I squeezed my cunt down around his cock. I whimpered as he drove into me. He fucked me so hard. He loved me. He gave me what I craved. His heavy balls smacked into my taint.

They were full of his seed.

I wanted him flooding me.

“Daddy!” I whimpered, coming closer and closer to that moment. That hot rush of bliss surging through me. “Oh, Daddy, I’m so close!”

“Good!” he grunted. “You’re going to cum so hard, aren’t you?”

“God, yes!” I gasped, squeezing my thighs around his back. “Yes!”

He buried into me hard. His pubic bone crushed my clit. His wiry bush caressed my labia and bud. The pleasure sparked inside my cunt. The rapture surged through me. I came on his dick. My pussy convulsed.

“Daddy!” I squealed.

This wonderful explosion of bliss rushed out of my cunt. This amazing delight. It had me gasping. Moaning. Shouting out in rapture. His cock plunged over and over into my convulsing twat. He grunted as he buried into me. He filled my pussy over and over.

“Yes, yes, that’s it!” I moaned. “Daddy, cum in me!”

I writhed beneath him, holding him tight. My pussy massaged him. The pleasure rippled through me. The sparks burned through my mind. It was incredible. My thoughts blazed with ecstasy. They consumed my thoughts.

“Cum in me, Daddy! Please!”

He pulled away from me as I reached the pinnacle of my orgasm. I gasped as he broke from my embrace. His cock ripped out of my cumming twat. I blinked in shock as I stared up at him, his dick thrusting hard before him, throbbing and aching. My pussy felt so empty without his cum in me.

“Daddy?” I whimpered.

I gasped as he flipped me over onto my hands and knees. My breasts swayed. I shook my head, my mind blazing with my dying rapture. I opened my mouth to say something when his cock slammed into my cunt from behind. My entire body rocked forward from the thrust.

“Oh, my god, yes!” I hissed as his pubic hair caressed my pussy lips and ass, his balls smacking my clit. He drew back and rammed back in. “Oh, yes, yes, fuck me hard.”

“You want this, huh?” he demanded, his strong hands stroking my sides. “My dick fucking your pussy? You want to be a slut!”

“Your slut, Daddy!” I moaned, loving it. His cock rammed hard and deep into me. He filled me over and over. It was such a great experience. “Oh, my god, I’m your slut! Pound me hard, Daddy!”

He hammered his cock hard into my cunt. He fucked me with passion. His dick buried again and again into my twat. That amazing cock filled me. My cunt squeezed around his dick, holding him tight. He massaged my depths. He stimulated me.

The pleasure built in me again as he fucked me from behind. I climbed towards another climax. His crotch smacked my butt-cheeks. I rocked back into him, sliding my pussy down his thick cock as he rammed into my juicy cunt. My snatch clenched on him, tits swinging beneath me.

His hands stroked me. They roamed my body as that amazing cock drilled in and out of my juicy pussy. My orgasm swelled so fast. Cream ran down my thighs. He churned my wicked cunt to a froth with his amazing dick.

My daddy was in me. He belonged here.

“Oh, yes, yes, Daddy!” I gasped. “Oh, you’re amazing. I’m going to cum again on your cock! You’re such a stud!”

His hands slid up my body and seized my tits. He squeezed them hard. “I want to feel your slutty cunt spasming about my dick again. You want my cum, huh?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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