Danny Wants Me Girly Pt. 03

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Danny is indeed my mentor. We have been seeing each some twelve months. He rarely calls me by my real name, Alex now. When we first met it was all straight sex which was the time he showed me the fundamentals of how wonderful sex can be with another of your gender. But from the time he started calling me Lorraine our relationship grew even more deep and tender according to the mood of the day. I so loved being Lorraine for Danny, it brought out something I had not truly recognised in myself, the feminine side of me which was so captivating. When Danny wants me girly as he often does these days, he makes me feel like a woman, or my perception of how a woman feels when having sexual intercourse and all what leads up to it. When my anus transforms to be pussy for him and we can both really let go and enjoy the electrifying experience of role play.

It was truly wonderful being Lorraine for Danny. I loved the way he wanted me to girly dress for him in short skirts and low vests with all the attributes which made his passion overflow. I loved to feel his cock delving between my thighs and teasing my silken thong as I teased his balls with my red varnished fingertips. His kiss was divine when I was Lorraine, different to when I am Alex in a way I can’t explain, but feeling female for him I guess that made his kisses more sublime and sensual, especially when he delved to tease my ‘pussy’ with his fingertips as his tongue teased mine.

Heaven indeed!

But this week it was different and new again. I told you before Danny is always so unpredictable and that is what makes him so appealing and exciting.

“I have had my fill of sweet Lorraine and now I need you to be Loretta, my slut, Alex. I still adore you gaziantep escort as Lorraine but I know we can have some real good times with you being my girly slut huh?”

I looked at him with wonder and felt my body tingle with this new idea, the thought of being his slut exited me. I have always had this fantasy of releasing all those hidden inhibitions we all hold ball so much. Now I could really let loose and show dear Danny what I am really about when I am girly. It won’t be just about having sixty nine sensations with Danny head under my skirt and sucking me as I suck him, or when he sniffs me and cums over my made up face and slithers his hard throbbing cock over my ass.

It will be something more. It will be something really so awesome. He can have me slut as much as he wants.

“I want you in black – everything in sexy black, Loretta your bra, your thong – no, correction – red laced black panties and a real sexy suspender outfit with you wearing high heeled shoes,” Danny explained with that certain lust in his eyes I had grown to recognise so much.

“You know where all the gear is Loretta, so go and get it fixed for me pronto!”

I loved when Danny was being masterful. Heading for the bathroom to powder and scent myself I already felt myself becoming Loretta. She felt warm and really girly but at the same time relentlessly sexy to the point that she would be ready for anything Danny wanted of me.

I was well aware I had almost the figure of a woman. And when I dressed in feminine gear I sort of became a woman, and that was thrilling in itself, gently stepping back into the lounge after I had suitably changed and watching Danny’s reaction was always so wonderfully stimulating.

He was looking at me as a woman, his look was so enthralling. It was so much fun alluring him to me, doing what he wanted me to do, swaying my hips and showing him the splendorous curves of my ass bending over for him to sniff and feel and nudge and explore.

Now I was to be his slut. I was changed and well ready for him. I was in the mood to be anything he wanted me to be. His mood had changed from the gentle tone of his voice with Lorraine. Now it was loud and demanding. He ordered me to do things and dint ask me like he did with Lorraine, who generally took the initiative anyway.

But now seeing the collection of sex toys beside him laced there on the coffee table like I was ready fr0 the slaughter, he ordered me to kneel and sniff his cock through his jeans as he rendered several sound claps across my ass.

I sensed the smell of sex in his jeans and enjoyed feeling his cock grow as I sniffed.

Slapping me some more until it started to sting he said to undo his fly and suck his cock. That was really the action that set him off and Loretta was about to discover just what was wanted of her as Danny’s slut.

He grabbed me roughly and tore off my skirt.

He bent me over and pushed his face into my crotch and sucked me through my panties like he was an animal. He rolled me over to nibble and suck my ass cheeks, spreading them so wide apart it hurt and I said so.

“Just you fucking shut up else you will know what pain really is you slut!” I felt like a piece of meat to be used at Danny’s pleasure and although it shocked me at first, I soon got into the swing of the Danny I had not known before and if this is what being a slut was all about then, because I op0ve Danny I am prepared to go through to serve his fantasies In my book that is part of what o0ving is all about. The way he sues a paddle on me was truly hard and stung like hell and then I heard the swish of a cane come down on my already numbed rear which made me jump every time he came down.

Strangely though I felt the twinge of passion in my rear and hoped Danny would soon remedy that.

But still he used me for all his wants and desires, he slapped me and sucked my ass in turn, he nudged and twisted me and I felt his tongue lick me deeply into my crack and all those lovely sensations seemed to make all what had gone on before worthwhile.

“Now you fucking deep throat me else you will be in for another plundering, girl!” he yelled and meant it.

Now naked I crouched over his lap I sucked his hard sticky cock into my mouth and tasted the pre-cum he had deliberated I guess when he used me to his needs.

“Deeper, deeper you slut!” he yells again, grasping my hair like he was going to scalp me.

“I went for it hook, line and sinker. I felt the head of his cock nudge tight in my throat and took a deep breath so I could hold it there. All the time his finger was up my ass, stretching and lubricating and I knew he would soon be fucking me.

I held for six minutes, gave him a good frigging with my hand and let him free, his hard- on throbbing and so ready for me. I closed my eyes and took the doggy position as he wanted. I felt him stretching my ass cheeks roughly and insert his cock deep inside and he was relentlessly fucking his ‘slut’ like I had never know as Lorraine.

It was all so wonderful though. Just to be making Danny so happy with me. For a while I sucked him some more before he slumbered and enjoyed the taste of our fuck.

I wonder how he will want his girly next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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