Danielle’s Dilemma Ch. 02


Here it is at last, the next chapter. Sorry it’s taken so long – things’re kinda hectic right now. You might want to read the other Danielle stories first, but that’s your choice. If big tits, big dicks and incest aren’t your bag, you might want to skip this one. As ever, everyone’s 18 or over even if not explicitly stated.


Danielle sat in her kitchen, waiting for her sons to come home. After speaking with Tanya about their father’s request to get back in touch, she’d left the coffee shop and returned home, wanting to talk to Jack and Billy about it.

It wasn’t long before both her sons entered the house, laughing and joking with each other and she was glad her sons got on so well; if not, the present arrangement in their house might not have worked so well.

“Boys? I’m in the kitchen. Can you come here for a second?” she called out.

“Hi mom, what’s up?” Billy asked, leaning down to kiss her on the lips. As he took a seat, Jack gave her a kiss as well before sitting next to his brother, the three of them leaning on the breakfast bar.

“You okay, mom? You look a bit down.” Jack said.

“I had lunch with your aunt today, after Billy had given us both a good fucking.” Danielle winked at Billy who grinned back. Danielle’s smile faltered a little as she continued. “As you know, my parents, your grandparents, disowned me when I became pregnant with you two. I was young and unmarried and that just wouldn’t do for them. When I started out in the porn business, they cut me off completely. Your aunt was the only one who stood by me.

“Tanya told me that our father, your grandfather, has been in touch with her and wants to see us, too.”

“Why? What does he want after all this time?” Jack asked.

Danielle sighed. “My mother was quite strict by the time I got to be a teenager. She’d fallen in with some kind of church and changed. She used to be a lot of fun and I can remember being kept awake at night by the sound of her and my father fucking, but it all changed. They never had sex any more, she went on a strict diet and, according to Tanya, she forced my father to do the same.

“He left her and this restrictive church a few years ago and has now moved back into town. When he found out that Tanya and I still lived here, Taksim Escort he got in touch with Tanya and asked if he could get back in touch with us and his grandchildren.”

“So he’s laying all the blame on our grandmother? Seems a bit of a cheap thing to do.” Billy said.

“Yeah, I say fuck him. He’s made his bed, let him lie in it.” Jack said.

“I told Tanya I wouldn’t agree to meet him without speaking to you pair first.” She looked at her sons in turn. “You boys are the most important people to me and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt either one of you. If you tell me not to speak to him or see him, then I won’t.”

Billy and Jack looked at each other. They were annoyed almost on behalf of their mother, but were both intelligent young men.

“What do you want to do, mom?” Jack asked her. “Do you want to see him?”

Danielle smiled sadly. “He is my father and, despite everything, I do remember him being very loving, even when I became pregnant.” She shrugged. “I’d like to see him, if only once, for old times’ sake.”

Jack sighed. “Then it’s up to you, mom. We can’t stop you doing what you want. We love you.”

“Yeah, mom. We want you to be happy. We appreciate the thought about not doing anything unless we say it’s okay, but you’re the one who should do what you want.” Billy said.

Danielle smiled at them both. “Oh I love you boys. I’m so proud of you.” She stood and moved between them, hugging them both at the same time, laughing when she felt them both grab her tight ass. “You pair are just constantly horny, aren’t you?” she chuckled, feeling Jack move his hand round to the split in her skirt and slip underneath the material.

“What do you expect when we’re faced with you, mom? You’d give a corpse a hard on.” Billy said. “Speaking of which . . . ” he said, unzipping his jeans and pulling out his half hard cock.

Danielle bent at the waist, taking a hold of Billy’s cock before sucking on the head, feeling it grow and reach full strength in her mouth. Behind her, Jack had pushed her skirt up to her waist and was now sliding two fingers in and out of her sopping pussy.

“Damn, mom, you’re such a good cocksucker.” Billy gasped as his mother’s blonde head bobbed up and down in his lap. He slipped Taksim Escort Bayan his hand under her and cupped one of her huge tits, gently pinching her hard nipple. Jack stood behind her and pushed his own jeans down, freeing his foot long cock, rubbing the big head against her pussy lips for a moment before easing it in.

“Hmmmm . . . ” Danielle moaned as she felt her son fuck her, her mouth still wrapped around her other son’s cock, the pair of them double teaming her. She lifted her head from Billy’s dick, still wanking him, and looked at him. “I love you, baby.” She said, before looking over at her shoulder at Jack. “I love you, too, honey.”

“We love you, too, mom.” Jack said, sliding his big dick into her cunt, gripping her firm ass cheeks.

“Let me move a second, honey.” She said to Jack, easing herself forward and off his dick. She undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor, then climbed up on to Billy’s lap using the footrests on the stool, holding on to his shoulders. Billy held his big tool upright as she squatted down, her pussy engulfing his cock in one smooth movement, making them both gasp. When she was all the way down, she looked over her shoulder again at Jack. “Can you guess where I want you to put that big dick of yours?” she asked him.

“Oh I think so, mom.” He smiled and quickly grabbed the butter that stood on the side, scooping some out of the tub and smearing it on to his cock. Jack stepped up behind his mom, in between his brother’s legs, knelt down and guided the swollen head of his cock to her asshole. With a gentle push, his dick slipped inside her tight ass, made even tighter by her pussy being stuffed with Billy’s cock.

“Ohhhh fuck that feels so good.” Danielle moaned as Jack inched his tool deeper into her butt until the entire length was embedded in her back door. Slowly, as her sons remained still, she eased herself up, her pussy and asshole sliding up their cocks before she lowered herself down, swallowing them both again. “Oh my darling boys.” She sighed. “Fuck that’s good.”

Billy untied the halter top that was knotted beneath her big tits and pulled it aside, allowing him to suck on her stiff nipples while she raised and lowered her pussy and ass on their dicks.

“Oh Escort Taksim babies . . . mmmmm, fuck . . . I’m so full of cock.” She moaned in delight.

“Bet you’d like another one in your mouth, wouldn’t you mom?” Jack asked, holding her hips and beginning to move himself, pushing his thick cock up her ass.

“Mmmmm, yeah.”

“Maybe your dad’s, huh?”

“What?” Danielle asked, turning to look at him.

“Yeah, why not, mom?” Billy asked, taking his mouth off her tits for a moment. “If your sons can’t stop fucking you, you think your dad stands a chance?”

“Oh boys . . . I hadn’t thought . . . mmmmm fuck . . . ” she gasped as they both moved, shoving their big dicks in and out of her pussy and ass together.

“Think you can get your dad interested, mom?” Jack asked her.

“Oh God . . . I don’t know . . . fuck me you bastards! Harder!”

The twins began hammering their dicks into their mother, making her cum almost instantly, her body shaking as the orgasm overtook her, her pussy and ass gripping their cocks tightly.

“Fuck . . . wanna cum.” Billy gasped.

“In my mouth . . . I want you both . . . uhhhh . . . to cum in my mouth.” Danielle gasped.

Jack reluctantly pulled his cock free of her asshole, allowing her to raiser herself off Billy’s dick. She climbed off the stool on slightly shaky legs and knelt between them as they stood either side, her hands mauling her huge tits as she watched her sons jerk off.

“Here it comes, mom.” Billy said, aiming his thick cock right at her open mouth. The first shot went wide, splashing up her cheek leaving a huge streak of jism on her face, before the next blast spilled into her mouth.

“Fuck . . . cumming!” Jack groaned, his cock beginning to spurt his thick load into his mom’s mouth. The twins came again and again, their big loads quickly filling Danielle’s mouth to overflowing, streams of spunk spilling over her lips, running down her chin and falling on to her heaving tits. Despite her best efforts, Danielle coughed as a load from Billy hit her straight in the back of her throat, and she spilled all the cum she’d saved out of her mouth and on to her juggs.

The boys kept cumming, now shooting on to her face, managing to coat her in jism before their loads finally dwindled. She took hold of their cocks and first took Billy’s in her mouth, then Jack’s, sucking out the last few drops.

“Fuck, mom, you’re the best.” Billy said.

She smiled up at them both, cum smeared over her face.

“I love you, boys.” She said.

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