Daddy Cop and Daughter Ch. 05

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Friday was a slow day at work; looking at a couple dead end cases trying to find a thread to pull.

At a little after four my cell rang. I saw it was Mac and I perked up from a half sleep state.

“Hey Dad, how’s it goin’?”

“Not bad now that I hear your voice. What’s up on your end?”

“I’m taking a break. Just two weeks but I’m gonna drive home and see my old man. Matter of fact I’m about fifty miles down the road, out of the city and flying low.” Mac laughed, he loved to tell his dad he was doing anything beyond the letter of the law even if it was just speeding.

I groaned, knowing he’d thrown the bait. “Yeah, well I can’t fix speeding tickets that far from home so watch yourself.”

Mac laughed in response. “So I should be there about five on Saturday. I am going to stop and sleep.” He was heading off the ‘don’t drive too long’ speech he knew his dad would serve up next.

At the same time my head was rejoicing at seeing my son it was spinning with how the hell this was going to play out with Jena.

“I’ll have steaks ready to grill, along with all your other deprived favorites.” Mac could eat more food than any human I’d ever met.

“You’re the best dad ever. And I’m gonna hang up before the ‘I shouldn’t drive and be on my cell at the same time’ talk comes.”

“You’re a pain in the ass you know!” I laughed even as I said it. Giving each other crap was part of our normal routine.

“See you tomorrow, love you.”

“Love you.” And we hung up.

Guess I’ve never said but my name is Ryan Jack McNeil, named after my dad. When Mac was born he was tagged to carry on the name. I’d been called Jack my whole life to keep the confusion down between me a Pop. We started calling my son Ryan, but it slipped to Mac around two or three and he refused to answer to anything else by the time he started school.

Now that he was in college and having to sign legal papers now and again he was back to Ryan other than to his family and childhood friends.

About fifteen minutes after Mac called I shut down my computer, threw paper work back in files and stood to leave.

“Early day?” my partner looked up from his monitor.

“Yeah, I’ll see ya Monday.”

The drive home was by rote with my mind on how this was going to work. Mac rarely if ever got mad about anything so I didn’t expect he’d be too pissed that Jena had been with me for six weeks and I hadn’t told him. But I expected some hurt feelings. Also I knew we had to get her moved into the guest room to make things look good.

My bedroom had a common wall with Mac’s and his had a common wall with Jena’s so sneaking around was gonna be out of the question. I laughed out loud thinking of how much noise she made when we were fucking. Okay, I might make a noise or two, but compared to her screaming and yelling I was pretty quiet.

When I turned into the driveway I realized I didn’t remember the drive at all and that’s a little scary; relying on reflex reaction alone.

Walking into the kitchen I hung my keys on a large replica of a police badge with my number that was a gift from a buddy. When I caught motion in the hall I took a deep breath getting ready to hit Jena with the news that her brother was headed home for a two week visit. No fucking for two weeks, unthinkable!

All thoughts of Mac’s visit and its ramifications were swept from my brain. Jena was standing there in a blue business suit, sensible blue heels, with a cream colored blouse that showed no cleavage, a string of pearls and her hair in a French twist.

I was speechless. She laughed, spinning around for my perusal.

“How do I look, professional enough for an office?”

“You look…great. Beautiful. Wow.” I was stuttering.

“I have a job.” She said it with such pride, her chin held high and eyes sparkling.

“A job? I didn’t even know you were thinking of a job. What, where, when, how, why?”

“Geez, an interrogation.” She walked over giving me a hug and a wonderful kiss, but not a kiss that leads to bed.

Jena sat me down at the kitchen table with a beer and explained about job hunting for the past four weeks, how she didn’t want to ‘live off me’ and how she wanted to be productive.

“I have another confession.” She looked sheepish now.

“Okay, I need another beer.”

Jena jumped up before I could even move my chair.

“You bursa eve gelen eskort bayan know how I’m always sunbathing in a skimpy bikini when you get home? Ever wonder why I’m not brown as a berry?”

She set the open beer in front of me. I shook my head and waited, words were escaping me.

“Well, I ran my job hunts using the want ads in the paper and on line. If I sit right there,” she pointed to the end of the table, “I can see you pull in the drive way. I shove everything onto the end chair under the table and scoot out to lie down on the deck before you get in the house. Really, Daddy, I’m not gonna ruin my skin lying in the sun.”

The expression her face was like ‘could you really be that dumb’.

“Go on, I think there’s more to this story.” I took a long swig of beer. I thought maybe this is going to make my news a little easier to tell her.

“I had three interviews. I was called back today and hired.” She clapped her hands smiling ear to ear. I start Monday morning.”

“It’s a brokerage firm five miles from here, in the Opus center. I’ll be an assistant to the CEO’s assistant. I know that sounds stupid, but the woman is getting buried and needs help. It’ll give me room to move up the ladder so to speak.”

I set my beer down, stood and pulled her into my arms. “I’m so proud of you and very impressed with how sneaky you are.” I gave her a good stern cop look, but then laughed.

Now she got that ‘let’s go to bed and celebrate kiss’ from me. She responded letting me know she was more than ready to hit the sheets.

“Will you do me a favor?” We’d made it to the bedroom in record time and I had a flash of something that sounded hot as hell, at least to me.

“Anything you want Daddy.” She actually purred when she said it, seductive as any good sin.

“I’m gonna strip and lay on the bed. I want you to slowly take off your clothes, hanging up each piece and putting things away like a good little girl at the end of her day. Make it last baby, and a lot of bending won’t hurt at all. And do it all like I’m not even here.”

I’d been taking off my clothes as I talked and her eyes were lighting up like million watt bulbs. Once I was on the bed naked with the beginnings of a hard on just thinking about this she started undressing.

Man a slow striptease is amazing. Removing one piece at a time; bending to take off her shoes, then her fine hose. Unbuttoning her blouse one slow button at a time, turning to hang things in the closet, her ass bare in a thong and finally her bra freeing those hot tits with hardened nipples had me totally hard.

She bent way down to remove her thong, sliding it slowly down those long hot legs, lifting one then the other to step out of it. She hung the thong on a bed post and walked over to slide between the sheets, giving a long sigh.

I ran my hand from her shoulder to her breast to her taut belly and on to her smooth freshly shaven cunt. One finger slid down the center of her pussy feeling her wetness. I slid it a back up her cunt with slightly more pressure. As I move my hand back up her hot body I felt her shiver.

“You are so fucking hot baby. Daddy loves you so much.”

I kissed her long and deep, running my tongue between her lips parting them for an invasion. She opened her mouth accepting my tongue to suck it deeper into her hot mouth. I moved over her mounting her hot body, pressing my rock hard cock against her belly.

“Oh God Daddy, you feel so good on top of me.” She spread her legs lifting them into the air giving me full access to that hot wet needy cunt.

“Are you ready for Daddy’s cock honey? You want me to fuck you good and hard?”

“Yes Daddy, yes, yes, yes.”

She was moaning and begging now. Fuck I loved it when she sounded so needy and ready, wanting me inside her.

My cock found its own way to her hole, with a little adjusting of my hips the cock head entered its target.

Her legs moved higher on my body which tilted her pussy up and sucked my cock in further. I pushed once with a steady slow entry going to the root right up to my balls.

“Daddy’s home honey,” I whispered in her ear.

Her fingers dug into my ass as her legs clamped around me. “Fuck your baby girl Daddy. Ride me hard. Fuck I love you. I love your cock so much.”

With that I started humping bursa eskort bayanlar hard and fast, ramming in…pulling out for the next hard slam. Her cunt muscles flexed working my cock trying to milk it. With both hands full of firm diamond hard tipped tits I was out of my mind with pleasure.

“Daddy is gonna make my baby girl scream. Cum for me little girl, cum for your Daddy.”

Her hips were pumping now matching my rhythm. We’d entered the world of sex madden hedonism. All that matter was physical pleasure, total lease. My balls were tightening, my ass hole puckering, the sensation moving down my legs and up my belly. I wanted to flood her with cum.

“AH, oh fuck yeah. Daddy, here I cummmmm. Oh fuck YES!” I had her screaming now. Nothing compares to my little girl screaming with pleasure under me.

I let go of any holding back, pounding into her hot hole as hard as I could and the cum started shooting out of me like bullets out of a magnum. With each released load I grunted, held it in for one second, pulled back and gave another ramming shot.

After the final shot of hot jizz left my cock I held her tight to me, enjoying that warm sexy body.

“God Daddy, that was intense. My cunt was squeezing so hard my asshole puckered up.” She giggled, “That sounded awful.”

“No it didn’t baby. It makes me happy that you enjoy fucking me that much.”

“Relax Daddy; I want to feel your full weight on me.”

She didn’t have to say it twice. She liked this when we were done with a good fuck, to feel me on her. It was some kind of reassurance that I was there, fully and completely.

As I lay there thoughts of having Mac in the house came back to me, intruding on the relaxation of an after cum. I twitched my dick inside her and she moaned.

“Can we do it again Daddy? I’d like some cowgirl or doggy. I’m feeling extra horny today.”

I started kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear lobe. “I’d like nothing better baby girl. Just got to get my pecker to cooperate and get hard again. You got any ideas on how to speed that along?”

She was rubbing my ass and flexing her cunt muscles. “I can think of one sure fire way to bring him back to life.”

I chuckled and whispered in her ear with warm moist air, “Does it involve your mouth being wrapped around my limp dick?”

She pushed me off, slid down my body taking my cock into her mouth. After a couple quick suck she said, “You mean like this?” She looked up at me with that teasing ‘want more’ face.

“Yeah, but you gotta keep contact and suck. Suck and lick and maybe massage my balls, get them into the act too.” I spread my legs bending my knees outward to give her room to move. God I loved having her down there working me over. Looking down at her head moving between my legs and the feeling of her hot wet mouth sucking me always worked to bring my cock up again.

She pushed my legs back and up, I grabbed behind my knees pulling back to raise my ass for her. She wet her finger and pushed it into my hot asshole, all the while licking at my balls and cock.

It was having its effect and before long I’d be buried in her again. With luck we could fuck solid till Mac got here. Well, a man can dream!

Running my fingers into her hair, helping her to move her head up and down on my ever growing prick made me harder and ready to work on her again.

“Cowgirl or doggy baby?”

“Doggy please maybe cowgirl later. Right now I want to feel you power fucking me.”

I groaned inwardly, she could conceivably kill me.

She moved into position. I have to tell you, this girl had the nicest ass I’ve ever seen; round, firm, and so nice and smooth. Having it presented to me like this, pushed back with her head on the bed begging for my cock to enter her made me dizzy.

I took a hold of her hips and then slid my hands down her ass with my thumbs riding down her crack. She moaned and pushed against my hands. I pulled her open. “Maybe I should get the lube and give you a good ass fucking.”

“Ah, Daddy yes! Give it to me in the pussy then move to my asshole.” He ass was wiggling in anticipation of being taken.

I managed to get the lube out of the nightstand while still keeping one hand on that firm ass. I pushed the tip of the tube into her hole, squeezed some out and then inserted my middle finger to grease görükle escort bayanlar her inside.

“One more time please Daddy?”

I reapplied with the tube pushing in further and then my finger in to the last knuckle working it around inside. I greased around the entrance and threw the tube aside. My cock was pulsating and wanting to go it a hole, any hole.

I grabbed her hips to hold her steady, “here it comes baby, Daddy’s dick is going into your pussy for a good hard ride.”

“Thank you Daddy.” It was her little girl voice and that did it. I rammed her as hard as I could. She yelped in response to the invasion.

Pacing now was the name of the game, I wanted her cunt to cum but I had to hold out to be able to pleasure her asshole too. Cumming the second time always takes me longer so it would help now that I’m trying to give both her holes their due rewards.

She started rocking under me. “Daddy, do you like your baby’s cunny?”

As much as I loved watching my cock disappear into her body I had my eyes closed concentrating on the feeling of my cock pumping in and out. She was soaked.

“Yes little girl, you have a very nice cunny. Daddy’s cock fits so good in there. Can my baby flex her cunny on Daddy’s big cock?”

I reached around to find a very swollen clit. Pinching, rubbing in a circular motion and putting pressure on it she was whining and moaning.

“Fuck me Daddy.” She was back to yelling, grunting as she pumped in rhythm with me. “Use my cunt, make me cum. Make me scream.”

One more hard pinch as I pulled her clit out and rolled it between my fingers put her over the edge. She got her wish to scream. Fuck did she scream!

When she gave a deep shudder I changed holes, plunging into her hot tight bung hole. The old cock wasn’t gonna last long now. Ramming her ass with all the power I could she continued to yell, some words some simply noises.

“Clit?” It was the most I could say.

“No, just power fuck my asshole.”

I follow instructions well and rammed from the cock head to the root with every stroke.

“GEEZUS FUCKING H I’m gonna fucking cum from an ass fuck.”

I filled my hand with her hair and pulled back on it, raising her head as I continued to pound.

“Fuck it baby, here it cums!”

We both exploded cumming like wild animals.

I dropped to the bed on my back sweating and breathing hard. Jena fell to her belly whimpering with small giggles mixed in.

I patted her ass, “Baby, I think that was the hottest fuck we’ve had.”

She rose to kiss me, “Daddy, every fuck you give me is hot. Every fuck you give me I love. Every fuck you give me just makes me want more fucks. Thank you.”

We rolled to each other, wrapping our arms and legs around one another. Kissing gently now, loving the feeling of being there. Not to mention being totally sated.

“You’re brother is coming tomorrow to visit.” That’s it asshole, drop a bomb.

Jena seemed to stop breathing. She pulled back and looked at me as if to see if I were teasing or meant it. When she decided it was for real she squealed so loud I cringed.

“Oh my God Daddy, that’s wonderful. I can’t wait to see him. No, I’m scared. What if he doesn’t like me?”

I laughed at her and said of course he will like you. He’s felt guilty for years that he didn’t bring you back here with him.

“I knew he couldn’t drag a ten year old girl two thousand miles. He told me he was making another break for it and this time he’d stay with you or die.”

“He’ll be here for two weeks.” I watched her face as what that meant set in. She got sober fast and the color drained from her face.

“What are we going to do?” Her voice was so small.

“I guess we are going to act like a proper father and daughter. We’ll get you set up in the guest room, such as it is. We’ll have to make it look lived in, and be sure nothing is left lying around in my room that shouldn’t be.” I lifted my leg toward her thong handing on the bedpost; that made her giggle again.

“Wow Daddy two weeks, that’s gonna be hard.” She pushed her pelvis into my limp manhood.

I hugged her running my hands over her ass and back. “Don’t say the word hard.”

She snuggled against me. God I was gonna go crazy knowing she was sleeping down the hall and I couldn’t get at her.

We got some food in us, moved things into the guest room and decided it would be a good idea to go shopping the next day to fill out the room to look like she’d been in it for awhile.

As for the rest of the night Jena suggested that the guest bed should be initiated into the world of father daughter love. I agreed and spent the night trying to cram two weeks of fucking into about eight hours.

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