Dad , I – Cry or Cum

Big Tits

I’d be graduating from high school in a couple weeks and I was enjoying every last minute of the hero status I had as the star quarterback who took use to state. I’d just dropped my wad in my cheerleading girlfriend and dropped her off at him. It was late and it was Saturday night. I parked the car in the drive, tried to be very quiet as I walked up the steps. I had to pass my dad’s room as my room was at the end of the hall. I tried to be very quiet; he hadn’t been sleeping well since Mom died five months ago.

As I passed his door, I heard a low moan. Without thinking, I looked through the partially open door. My father laid on his bed, fist wrapped around his cock, stroking it like mad. I was in shock, just stood there, my own cock beginning to pay attention to the hormones running rampant. The noise from his TV dragged my eyes away from the sight of Dad beating off. For the second time tonight, I got a shock. On TV one young guy had another dude’s huge pecker buried in his mouth. Suddenly my dick was aching for release against the front of my pants despite spilling a load not more than an hour ago. As my mind roiled in turmoil, Dad’s cock erupted with a geyser of goo shooting a foot up before falling on his stomach.

I beat a retreat to my room, freed my aching cock and began stroking it. My thoughts went from seeing a dude sucking off his buddy to the sight of my dad stroking. A fantasy suddenly erupted; me with Dad’s dick in my mouth, kneeling between his legs, gazing into his blue eyes focused far away. In my fantasy his dick slipped in and out of my lips as I pumped up and down on him like my hand was pumping my dick. Soon I blew my second load of the night.

Over the next two weeks the fantasy replayed itself time and again. Over the years I’d seen my mom hoovering dad when they were careless and left their door open or thought I’d be out and they’d get randy in the living room or game room. Of course I saw dad doing his fair share bursa eskort bayan of muff diving. Far more common was either Mom on top grinding Dad into oblivion or Dad on top drilling for the bottom of Mom’s hole. But those old Freudian fantasies couldn’t compare to the thought of having Dad’s dick in my mouth.

I turned 18, celebrated by walking into the local adult bookstore and renting some videos. One was a gay video. The next night, a Thursday, Dad’s bowling night, I played them in the game room, knowing he’d come through on the way up from the garage. He didn’t disappoint me. He stopped in his tracks as the TV displayed a girl bent over a pool table sucking one guy while another rammed himself in and out of her. Dad coughed in surprise.

“I’m 18 now Dad.” I said. “No need to sneak in and look at your porn stash.”

His face went beat red. Why do dads always think their sons won’t find the stash? Before he could say anything, I suggest “Why don’t you grab a beer and check this out.”

“Okay,” he agreed before walking past to go upstairs. My eyes detected the beginning of a bulge in his pants.

He returned fairly quickly, I was relieved. I was half afraid he’d paddle the pope. As the movie played through to finish a half hour later, we commented and laughed lewdly as men will. When the movie ended, he went back upstairs while I rewound the tape. When he returned, he had two beers, tossed me one with a wink. I nodded and cracked it open as I pressed play on the next tape.

It opened with a guy in a cop’s uniform having his tool slobber polished by some dude with goatee. I glanced over; my dad’s eyes were wide. My eyes wandered down, his tool was making a tent in his trousers.

“Want me to shut it off?” I asked. “They must have mixed things up at the bookstore. But I kinda always wondered anyway.”

That sounded lame as all hell and was nothing like the smooth seduction I had fantasized about.

“You’re bursa otele gelen eskort bayan an adult now,” Dad replied, the bulge in his pants pronounced as a guy licked up and down on his buddy’s cock.

“I kinda always wondered what it would be like,” I said, setting my plan into motion. “I mean when our head cheerleader is blowing me, she gets this far away look in her eyes like it’s a super turn on.”

“What?” Dad asked, confused, eyes still riveted to the screen.

“I wonder what it would be like to suck someone,” I pressed one. “Some of the guys swap hand jobs on the bus on the way to a game and one will blow any of us and I just wondered what it would be like.”

“Huh?” he asked, no doubt his mind having trouble processing the idea that his son was bi-curious.

“Dad, did you ever go down on a guy?” I asked. We had that kind of relationship, I could ask him anything. “Did you ever wonder what it would be like?”

“Um, well, when I was playing football we did a circle jerk a time or two,” he admitted.

“I thought about maybe going down on Dougie (our star receiver) but I don’t want anyone to think I’m gay,” I offered my opening gambit. “I’d like to touch another man’s dick just once. Maybe jack it off. And if that felt right, maybe suck it.”

“Um, oh, well according to psychologists everyone has a same sex crush sometime or another usually or so they say,” he offered.

“Can I touch yours?” I asked, turning on the sofa and letting my hand fall to his thigh before rubbing slowly up and down while Dad’s head spun. “I know you wouldn’t tell anyone and you don’t have any diseases. Right?”

“Uh, huh, wha…,” he sputtered as my other hand found his belt, opened it. “Oh what are you doing?” He asked, making no move to stop me. I opened his zipper, stroked his perfect suck me size cock through the fabric of his briefs. “Oh don’t, please?”

“Dad, bursa eve gelen escort I’m curious. Do you want me doing this to some stranger?” I asked as my hand slipped under the waist band to grip his cock and free it. “They might have a disease or something,” I continued as I stroked. “Cause I wouldn’t want to do it with someone I know. May I could get someone down the bookstore to stick it through the hole in the movie booths.”

“Oh…,” he moaned, all he could do. I slipped off the couch, knelt between his legs, let the tip of my desert dry tongue brush the purple knob. “Oh…”

My lips parted, I took Dad’s cock in my mouth, began working up and down on it like they do in the movies. I looked up, we locked eyes, and he had a distant look. Suddenly there was a bitter drip of pre-cum then he blew his wad against my tonsils as he struggled to pull his cock from my mouth. There was no way I was going to let a drop escape. None did.

I sucked and licked even as it softened between my lips. I reached up, fondled his balls, took his limp dick all the way in my mouth, licking it the whole time. He kept trying half heartedly trying to pull it out but to no avail. Soon he was hard again and he dumped his second nut in my eager mouth.

With that, I knew that even as much as I liked girls, I also like having a hard cock between my lips. This time I let his limp dick slip from my lips before getting up and drinking the last of my first beer shared with my dad. And that wasn’t all we shared. I half wanted to beat off, half wanted to sleep. Dad got up as I sit down, he zipped up before disappearing. I nodded off to sleep watching one dude getting reamed by the other.

I dreamed our head cheerleader was doing me good. Better that she ever had. She was doing it just right, making my cock ache as it built up. I opened my eyes, Dad was between my legs sucking my dick. My fantasy come true, I blew a huge load in his mouth. It was the most exciting load I ever dumped. I took my Dad’s head in my hands as I leaned over. We kissed, our tongues met, I could taste my own cum in his mouth, and I was rock hard again. Dad knew just how to take care of that, something told me my cock wasn’t the first he had in his mouth.

Anyone interested in reading more?

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