“Crete” – Chapter 7:- “Jerry”


As we stood in the queue for the gate, I looked down at Sarah’s right ankle. There, wrapped around it, was the thin gold chain which I had only given to her last night. Its presence made my cock stir, and once again I wondered what sexual adventures Sarah and I had in store on our first holiday together.As we crept forward, still in line, I had time to reflect on the week up to today. ***** I had only seen Clare once, and that was on Monday night. She looked tired, but then she had every right to be. Since the last time I had seen her, she had been, basically, nonstop fucking with Brenda and for a while, in a threesome with Paula.We did not discuss all the ins and outs then (Author’s Note:- Covered in Book 4) as we just needed to reconnect and adjust to the new relationship setups. These were the Sarah, David, and Clare three-way relationship, or as I call it, our relationship of three. Then there was the new Clare and Brenda relationship, where Clare’s girlfriend was a more dominant older bull lesbian and the fledgling Clare and Karen relationship. The last one was a surprise to Clare, as cleverly Brenda had manipulated her to date a seventeen-year-old ginger girl as a top, the same role that Brenda played with Clare.For me, tonight was the first step on that journey of adjustment, new knowledge and, above all, sexual understanding and honesty.We had gone for a pub meal at a new venue for both of us. It was a pub called “The Anchorage.” It overlooked the estuary where the city’s port was located. When we looked out of the window, we could see the cranes and several large ships moored out in the water. They were waiting for their turn to dock, while smaller ships, tugs, and boats seemed to skirt around them as if they were not there.Maybe it was not the most romantic view, I didn’t know, but I liked it.More importantly, Clare was happy, and we had time to chat as the ships outside our window entertained us. Tonight was important as I needed to know what Clare was thinking, now that she had been literarily under Brenda for the last day and a half.The first thing Clare said to me when I picked her up was, “I love you” and I returned those words before we kissed and drove to the pub. Then a short time later, when we were still en route, Clare sweetly added, “Thank you for letting me have Brenda as my girlfriend as I needed this experience and, as you probably have guessed, I have been enjoying myself.”  I smiled. I was happy for her, and maybe for us. But I just hoped it did not affect Clare’s love for me and our own fledgling relationship. I didn’t want to mess that up. We needed our love and laughter.We needed our relationship of three to Sex hikayeleri grow and become an unbreakable loving bond.Clare whispered, though her voice was still clear and steady. “I also know it cannot be easy for you to accept me having a full-time girlfriend and sleeping around.”Clare was right, it was not easy and my latest orange journal entry had said as much. But for some unexplained reason, I understood, and now I knew I could live with it.I had to!I also had become to realise that it wasn’t as hard for me to accept Clare with a girlfriend as it had been for Sarah to accept Clare with me.I hoped this phase of Clare’s sexual life would not last too long, but I had also accepted that it would not be over in an instant.Later, when we were sitting down eating in the pub enjoying the food, the atmosphere and, above all, each other’s company, Clare started talking about Sunday…“When you left Sunday lunchtime with Sarah, a big part of me, my heart, wanted to go with you, but my body was lusting after Brenda and the type of sex she would give me.”I looked at Clare, directly into her chocolate brown eyes, and I knew… Whatever she was going to say, literally anything, I would still want her as my girlfriend.“I am sorry, but it is true,” Clare stated, obviously reading my feelings through my green eyes. “I can’t help it, but Brenda makes me all gooey.”I laughed, “Gooey!”It could have been much worse.“I hope I make you gooey too,” I chuckled.Clare joined me in a giggle, and then winced; it looked like she was in pain. She moved a little closer; her face was once again as beautiful as normal, before whispering into my ear.It was something personal…“Actually, I am paying the price now for my energetic weekend.” Clare carefully giggled, “You could say I am a little sore as I am currently sitting on a cushion.”I looked down, I hadn’t noticed, and I chuckled, “You must have had a good time then!” I glanced down again, and noticed the cushion was thick and obviously soft, and my chuckle turned more into a laugh.I added, “It must have been a wonderful time, judging by the thickness of that cushion!”Clare nudged me. Then laughed with me but abruptly stopped as a stab of pain pulsed from her pussy and escaped her body through her face, in the form of another grimace.Honestly, I did try my best not to laugh too hard. Another nudge helped, but in the end, I had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom. I needed a little time to adjust to this new relationship situation as funny as it currently was.On my return, my face still with a grin on it, we moved on to more important things than Clare’s sore pussy. We both knew it would be the last Sikiş hikayeleri time that we see each other for the next two weeks, so we chatted about what Clare’s plans were for the next week.“I am on a date with Karen tomorrow and Wednesday as I have use of my mum’s car. On Friday, I will be going to the Rainbow Bar with Brenda as her official girlfriend and will probably stay with her over the weekend. After that, I am not too sure.”“What do you tell your parents?” I asked, as it seemed that Clare was now getting more freedom.“Well, I tell them I am staying with my girlfriend. They have Brenda’s telephone number, but of course, they think my girlfriend is Karen. The main thing is they know I am safe.”“So, what did Brenda say about you and Karen?” I asked, already knowing the answer, which encouraged my grin to break cover once again.Clare looked at me and then smiled back. She was happy, notwithstanding her sore pussy or my grin.“You were right!” Clare exclaimed, sounding like it surprised her that I could be correct. “I am her project, though her words were. It is part of your lesbian education, my dear.”We both laughed. Clare had said it deliberately, impersonating Brenda, complete with her slight Scottish accent.Brenda wanted Clare, one of the most feminine girls I had ever met, to become a bull lesbian, complete with a fake strap-on cock. I had suggested to Clare that it was part of Brenda’s entertainment, but I have to admit, the thought of what Brenda wanted to do with Clare had me equally entertained.“What do you think? Now you have the facts?” I asked. I did wonder, and I tried my best to cover my smile.“I warming to it,” was Clare’s surprising initial answer. “But it will not be a long-term project,” Clare then added, more strongly. “I am not going to switch to being a full-time butch lesbian. It is just not me, but I play along for a while.” “Are you sure about that, my dear?” I asked, as I both impersonated Brenda and grinned. I was trying to provoke a reaction from Clare. She knew it, and I received the appropriate nudge before getting a more considered answer.“Yes, but I do want to date Karen as a top, if that is what she wants.”Clare looked at me. She was waiting for me to say something… funny.I didn’t, mainly because I couldn’t think of anything witty and just maybe, because I realised that this was important to Clare and, therefore, to me.“David, I want that experience. To know what it is like to be a top,” Clare added before she took a long sip of her pint of cider. She was clearly thinking about something.She continued. “I do not want to just tell Brenda that I am not going to do it and just stop Erotik hikaye before I have even tried it. I like Karen. She is sweet and innocent, well in body, as her mind seems to be full of dirty thoughts.”I laughed, “Go on.” I was hoping that I was going to hear all about Karen’s dirty thoughts. But I didn’t. Instead, Clare knowingly carried on talking about Brenda.“Brenda could not have picked a better person for me to date as a top. I want to experiment and Karen is perfect for me.”I smiled but did not say anything. I was going to let Clare carry on doing all the talking, as this was giving me a wonderful insight into what she was thinking and doing when Sarah and I were away.“Brenda has even promised to dress me when I take Karen out tomorrow night. I am not sure what that exactly means, but I guess it is part of my education.”Clare smiled. “As you might have guessed with you and Sarah away for ten days and with college not yet started, I will have a lot of free time to spend with Brenda. After all, she is only a fifteen-minute walk away from my home and we are now officially a couple.”I smiled. I wanted Clare to think I was entirely happy, and that was true, but only to a point, as I rather Clare was with other girls rather than with men. But I still did not see Clare as a lesbian, especially a butch one; though I was pleased, she had a female distraction when Sarah and I were in Crete.I had, of course, already guessed that Clare would see Brenda while we were away and I hoped my Clare would still be my Clare on the return from holiday, but there was one last thing that I needed to bring up with her tonight.“Has Brenda mentioned modelling for money yet?”“Yes, she has mentioned it and I have looked through the red albums if that is what you hinting at.”I smiled. Clare knew me. Or perhaps it was more that we both have very similar minds, dirty ones. With that thought turned my smile turned into a grin.Clare had been watching me. She smiled and then said a little more…“I looked at ones with nude models, and the models using dildos and various toys on one another. It was all porn.”“Did she show you the photos of the girls peeing?” I carefully asked, then added. “Apparently, that type of photo is a top seller in the butch lesbian community. Brenda told me that you would earn a lot of money for those types of shots. Apparently, she has a private lesbian club she sells this type of photo to.”Clare seemed unfazed by what I had just said. I should have been surprised, but somehow I wasn’t.“Yes, we went through hundreds of photos, including the watersports pictures, and I said I would think about it.”Clare stopped and looked at me, before telling me, “I promise you I will not sign anything when you are away. I have got enough money at the moment. So it is not an urgent issue. But sometime soon I will need to get a job, just to get through the college year, let alone pay my mother any bed tax.”

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