Creampies with Anne and Mike

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My name is Pete and I am forty seven years old. I want to tell you my story of how my close friendship with Anne and Mike developed over a period of time into a sexual one. If you are offended by erotic stories that involve creampies and sperm eating then this story is not for you and you need to move on and find one more to your taste (if you pardon the pun)! If you enjoy reading about sperm eating and cream pies in a sexual relationship then please carry on, and I hope that you enjoy my tale.


I was happily married to Tracy. We had been childhood sweethearts and had married each other not long after we had both turned eighteen. Our life together was good. We both had good professional jobs which earned a good income, and we owned a lovely home. We both worked out regularly in the gym and looked after our selves by watching what we ate, so as we got older we had not put on any weight. The only serious blight on our relationship was the fact that I was unable to give Tracy the children that she desired. After a couple of years of our marriage and Tracy had not fallen pregnant the doctors found out after many hospital tests that I had a low abnormal sperm count. However we had worked it through together and had finally accepted that for us a family of children was not going to happen. It was a fact that we had come to accept over time and were happy now living with just each other.

We enjoyed doing many things together and most of our spare time was spent in each others company. Anne was Tracy’s best friend and was the same age as her. She had initially met her through work then they had become close. Anne lived with her husband Mike across the other side of town and we enjoyed spending time with them. We met up every couple of weeks or so, sometimes we would all go out for a meal together, or take in a new movie or play at the theatre. They were good friends to the both of us.

Our life together seemed almost perfect until when I was aged forty five suddenly circumstances changed and our happy life together was shattered. It all seemed to happen so very quickly. Tracy felt unwell one day and after about a week when she hadn’t recovered she went to the doctors expecting him to say she had the ‘flu, or something. The doctor was concerned about her lack of energy and general apathy and he made her have some routine blood tests at the hospital. A few days later the results of the blood tests came back which showed that Tracy had a rare and aggressive cancer of the blood which was in a very advanced stage. This came as a severe shock for us and before we could even come to terms with this terrible diagnosis Tracy tragically died.

Tracy’s death hit me hard. I felt anger that I had lost the one that I loved. I could not believe that someone in the prime of their life could be so cruelly taken away from me. For weeks I could not do anything except grieve. I did not take care of myself, or my home. I felt ill and looked absolutely terrible. Through this period Mike and Anne were always there for me as good friends should. They visited me regularly. They invited me to stay at their house, they cared for me, they cooked for me and they listened to my anger and frustration.

As time went on Tracy’s death became easier to accept and deal with. They say that time is a great healer. It certainly does help, but life is still sometimes painful. Gradually I got my life together and back on track. I went back to work and involved myself in the every day routines of living. I still met up with Anne and Mike, although probably not as frequently as while Tracy was alive. We probably met up about once a month for a drink or a meal out.


It was about eighteen months after Tracy had died and Anne, Mike and I had been to see a new play at the theatre that had hit town. We had had a good evening and Anne and Mike had invited me back for a night cap before I drove home. We talked for a while and the night cap gradually turned into a few drinks. It was obvious that I would be over the legal alcohol limit to safely drive home so Anne kindly suggested that I stay the night with them in their guest bedroom and then drive home the next morning. I readily accepted this offer and we all enjoyed a few more drinks and lively conversation.

Some how the conversation came round to settle on me and how I was doing and we talked about Tracy for a while.

“How are you really doing?” Anne asked. “What do you miss about Tracy the most?”

I don’t know whether it was the alcohol that loosened my inhibitions but I honestly answered Anne by telling her that the thing that I missed the most now was the lack of sexual contact with a loving woman.

“You poor thing.” Anne said.

After a silence that was probably only a few seconds but seemed to last for minutes Mike said, “I think that we might be able to do something about that.”

I noticed that a furtive, hesitant, knowing look quickly passed quickly between Mike and Anne that I was clearly balıkesir escort not supposed to notice.

“What do you mean Mike?” I asked.

“Well we have all known each other for a long while now and I know that Anne has always found you attractive. She never wanted to harm your marriage by making this known to you while Tracy was alive. We also know that we are a little bit more liberated than Tracy ever was. If you are agreeable we could both share her.” Mike said.

“What do you mean?” It was probably the number of drinks that I had consumed as I didn’t really completely understand what Mike was getting at.

“I don’t mind if we share Anne” Mike told me again. “If Anne gets pleasure then so do I, so we don’t mind if you join us in our lovemaking. You can then have a sexual experience with a very loving woman after all this time.”

The penny finally dropped and I understood what Mike was meaning. “You mean you want me to share Anne with you and make love with her.”

“That’s right,” Mike said. “If you want to have sex with a very loving woman then I’m sure that Anne would be very willing to help you out. Isn’t that right love?” Mike said as he turned and looked directly at Anne.

“If you want to Pete I would love to help you out, why don’t you come over here and sit with Mike and me on the settee.”

I looked at Anne and Mike sitting together on their large settee and realised that they were being serious. Mike was offering me sexual contact with his wife, and Anne appeared very willing even if it was after several glasses of chilled white wine. I put my drink down on the side table and slowly rose to my feet and moved over the room to the settee and sat down next to Anne.

“Ooh, I’m sitting in between two lovely sexy men.” Anne said. Then turning to me she said “I’ve fancied you for ages Pete, but until now I’ve never been able to do anything about it.”

Anne looked at me, sensuously ran her tongue across her upper lip, and then moved her head in to kiss me. She forced open my lips with her tongue and probed the inside of my mouth. Her mouth was warm and soft and she tasted of white wine. I closed my eyes and savoured her kiss. This was the first time that I had been kissed like this in the eighteen months since Tracy had died. After a while I opened my eyes and saw that while we were kissing Mike had unbuttoned his wife’s dress and was massaging her large breasts, rubbing his thumbs over her rapidly hardening nipples. Anne moaned into my mouth as Mike rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

I looked at Mike and he grinned at me. I took his grin as permission to get more involved with Anne so as I again kissed her open wet mouth I slid my hand up her leg to her thigh and felt her soft flesh. As I kissed her Mike moved to take one of her nipples into his mouth and gently sucked on it. I moved my hand to find the gusset of Anne’s panties and started to stroke her pussy through the flimsy material. As I made contact with her pussy Anne pushed herself up to meet my hand and I felt the hotness between her legs as I stroked her.

“I think that we should get a bit more comfortable now,” Mike said after a while. “Why don’t you take your clothes off for us Anne?”

I watched as in front of us both Anne seductively slipped off her dress and let it fall in a heap on the floor, she then slowly eased her panties down to reveal a very hairy pussy. She clearly did not believe in trimming or shaving. As her panties came down I could smell her arousal and knew that she was getting turned on.

“Come on boys,” Anne said. “I want to see you naked as well.”

I watched as Mike started to take his shirt off, and then joined him myself. Soon all three of us were completely naked. I glanced across at Mike and was reassured that his cock was probably about the same size as mine so was not too embarrassed to be naked in front of him.

All three of us were now naked and getting very turned on. My cock was fully hard and I noticed that Mike was fully erect as well. Anne turned to me and enthusiastically kissed me again while Mike continued to give her nipples some attention. After a while Anne asked me if I would like to eat her pussy and she leaned back on the settee and spread her legs wide to give me access. I moved to the floor in front of her and positioned myself between her open legs. I gazed at Anne’s very hairy pussy. As she spread her legs her lips parted and I saw the pink wetness of her hole within. I leaned forward and licked from the bottom of her slit up to her clit causing her to moan in pleasure. I saw that Anne was stroking her husband’s hard cock and that he was sucking on a nipple and massaging her breast.

I forced my tongue inside Anne’s slippery pussy tasting her sticky wetness. She was very sticky and juicy. I circled her hard little clit with my tongue which sent her wild. As I licked and sucked on her pussy Anne’s thighs clamped my head tighter between her thighs. It only took a few bartın escort minutes of licking before her hips bucked and she moaned and grunted as an orgasm ripped through her body. As she came she ground her pussy on my mouth and chin coating my face with her musky sticky sex juices.

“ummmmm that was lovely Pete.” Anne said.

“Why don’t you suck Pete’s cock now Anne.” Mike virtually commanded her. “I’m sure that he would enjoy that.”

I sat back on the settee with my cock standing out hard from my lap. Anne moved so that she was the one on the floor and she manoeuvred herself between my thighs. I watched in anticipation as she leaned forward and took most of the length of my cock into her mouth. As she sucked me into the warm wetness of her mouth I moaned in pleasure. Anne sucked me deep into her mouth and pushed my foreskin back swirling her tongue over the tip of my cock.

As Anne sucked me Mike moved from his place on the settee and moved behind Anne. I realised that he was going to take her from behind while she was still sucking me. Anne moaned on my cock and I knew that Mike’s hard cock had slipped inside her wet pussy. Mike began thrusting and as he did so Anne moved her mouth back and forth on my cock in the same rhythm that Mike’s thrust into her. The scenario was so hot and sexy I came almost immediately. I flooded Anne’s mouth with my sticky sperm and she gulped it down. I watched her swallow rapidly until every last drop had disappeared.

Mike was still thrusting into her and as my cock began to soften Anne released it from her mouth and moaned loudly as Mike thrust deeply into her pussy from behind. All I could hear in between her moans was the slapping noise that Mike made as his thighs smacked into her buttocks. I moved my hands so that I could cradle Ann’s breasts as they hung beneath her. They were swinging freely in time with Mikes thrusts. I pinched both of her nipples making her moan even louder.

The tempo of Mike’s thrusts was increasing and as Anne moaned Mike grunted and I realised that he had reached his own orgasm and was pumping his seed deep into her. As he came Anne also reached her orgasm and she let out a little scream as her pussy tightened its grip round his hard cock.

As Mikes cock started to soften he pulled out of Anne and sat back on the settee. I noticed that his cock was very shiny and wet. Anne moved from the floor and as she turned to sit back on the settee between us she laughed as a huge wad of Mikes sperm dripped from her swollen pussy and made a small white puddle on the floor.

“Never mind,” she said. “I’ll clean the carpet in the morning.”

Due to the sex and the alcohol all three of us were feeling tired. I apologised to Anne that I had not lasted long before I came and she told me not to worry about it.

“I think that we had all better get some sleep now.” Mike said.

“Ummmm, I’m tired now.” Annie sleepily said. “I’ll clear up the mess in here when we get up in the morning. I’ve made your bed up in the guest room Pete so we’ll see you in the morning. Sleep well and good night.”

We all made our way upstairs and I made myself comfortable in the guest bedroom. As I dozed off to sleep I thought how lucky I was to have friends like Anne and Mike. I thought about Tracy and surprisingly did not have any feelings of regret or embarrassment about what I had just been involved with. I thought to myself that Tracy would have been pleased that someone she knew had made me happy. It was marvellous to get some sexual release from a woman after the last eighteen months without any female contact at all.


I woke to hear the bed from Anne and Mike’s room down the landing making squeaking noises. The tempo of the bed springs rubbing together seemed to increase in speed and get faster and faster, and as I listened very carefully I could hear stifled moans. I realised that Anne and Mike had woken up and were making love. My cock became hard as I imagined what was going on behind their closed bedroom door. When they had finished making love and all was silent once again I heard their bedroom door creak open. Anne walked out into the landing obviously on her way to the bathroom. As she passed my guestroom door I called out to her and asked her to come in. Anne opened my door and came over and sat on the edge of my bed. Even though her hair was tousled and messy she looked flushed and radiant. Anne was wearing a loose fitting dressing gown which concealed her curvaceous womanly figure.

“Good morning Pete,” she cheerily said. “Did you sleep well?”

“I slept great,” I replied. “In fact probably better than I have done in a long time.”

“That’s good.”

“Why don’t you slip yourself into bed and give me a nice good morning hug.” I asked.

Anne pulled back the cover to the guest bed and snuggled in beside me. I could feel the soft warmth of her body through her robe.

“Were you Ok with what happened last night?” Anne asked me.

“Yes” batıkent escort I nervously replied. “Although I’m sorry that I didn’t last very long before I came in your mouth.”

“That’s nothing to worry about, I’m sure it will be better next time,” she said giving me a tighter hug and a quick wink. “You do want there to be a next time don’t you?”

“Oh yes,” I whispered back to her in reply.

I rolled over to face her and kissed her. As I gently forced open her lips and eased my tongue inside her warm wet mouth Anne responded and our tongues swirled together mixing our saliva. As we kissed I opened the front of Anne’s robe and my hands found the soft mounds of her breasts. I gently teased one of her nipples between my thumb and finger making her moan softly. I broke off our kiss and nuzzled and kissed her neck as my tongue made its way down towards her breast. Her nipples were tender and engorged; obviously still aroused from the attention that Mike had only minutes before been giving them. I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked on it rolling my tongue round the sensitive hard flesh.

I sucked on each of Anne’s large nipples in turn making each one stand out even further from her breasts. Anne was clearly enjoying the attention and was stroking the back of my head as I suckled on her. I slowly moved from her nipple and licked and nibbled the pale fleshy underside of her breast. At the same time I managed to loosen the tie around the middle of her robe and push it apart exposing her belly. I gradually kissed and licked my way down towards her belly button.

“Stop it.” Anne said.

“Why, aren’t you enjoying it? I asked.

“Yes, but stop now. Not down there you know.”

I ignored Anne’s plea to stop and licked at the small indentation of her belly button. I kissed her lower belly then quickly pushed aside her robe to reveal that she was wearing white cotton panties.

“Stop it Pete, please.” She said as she clamped her legs tightly together.

“Why, I like giving you pleasure?”

“Listen to me, please stop now,” she once again said as my tongue continued to trace its way along the lacy material that was the top of her plain white panties.

“ummm,” I replied.

“Please don’t do that now. I’m all messy down there.”

“What do you mean?” I innocently asked her.

“Do I have to spell it out for you?”

“Why won’t you let me near your pussy?” I asked.

“You know, me and Mike have just done it.”

“I know.” I told her. “I heard you both and it sounded like you had a good time”

“Well you know why you should stop and come up from there then don’t you, as you know from last night Mikes had a vasectomy so doesn’t need to use protection with me.”

I ignored Anne and placed my lips on the front of her panties and flicked her pussy with my tongue through the thin damp material. Being so close to her I could smell her musky aroma and almost feel the warmth that was emanating from between her legs.

“What are you doing?”

“Eating your panties”

“But I told you I’m all dirty in there.”

“I certainly hope that you are,” I replied.

As Anne protested I gently nibbled on her pussy lips through the material of her panties. The front of her panties were damp as Mikes sperm was obviously starting to dribble out from inside her. I pulled her panties to the side. As I did so a strand of sticky sperm bridged the gap between her hairy pussy flesh and the cotton material of her panties. As I pulled her panties further away from her body the string of sperm broke and fell back onto the hairs surrounding her pussy. Anne’s pussy looked wonderful. Her lips were full and engorged and her hole was still slightly gaping open from the recent fucking that Mike had given her. Her dense pubic hair above and to the sides of her slit was sticky and matted with a combination of her own and Mikes love juices.

Pulling the sticky gusset of her panties completely to the side and without hesitation I plunged my tongue deeply into her wet hole. This caused Anne to moan out loud as my tongue made contact with her sensitive flesh and I explored the sloppy wetness deep inside her. I swallowed the mixture that Anne pushed out from her pussy savouring the flavour. She tasted slightly tangy and I could clearly taste the more bitter salty sperm from her husband that had mingled with her own juices. I licked at her slit enthusiastically tasting the thick juices that were copiously dribbling out from inside her. Anne reached down with her hands and placed them behind my head pulling me in closer to her as she ground her pussy onto my lips and mouth. It did not take much of my licking and Anne let out a series of little whimpers followed by a long moan as she had an orgasm on my tongue.

As Anne’s orgasm subsided I moved up the bed and kissed her letting her taste the mixture of juices that still coated my mouth and chin.

“God, that was so dirty,” Anne said. “No one has done that to me before; no one has ever sucked on my dirty sperm filled pussy.”

“You tasted really good,” I told her. “Mike made you really wet and juicy.”

“You really got off on that didn’t you? Look how hard you are” Anne said as she pulled the bedcover away from my straining cock.

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