Cowgirl Learns to Ride


“Come on! Faster! Come on you devil! Get up!”

Pat loved riding her steed. She called him Diablo. He was a three-year-old black stallion. She felt the wind streaming across her face. Her hat was hanging on by the strap.

“Come on, Diablo!” she shouted.

The cool prairie air made her feel good this morning. After Diablo’s run, she slowed him to a walk. She stopped to open the corral and led him inside the barn and to a water trough.

As he drank, she thought about her life. Her boyfriend, Beau, was a miserable pencil-dick urban cowboy. That was all she could find in this small West Texas town. The railroad once ran through here, but now it was a sleepy and decaying town with two bars and a dance hall.

She removed the saddle and bridle and sprayed water over Diablo’s back and combed him down. Giving him a slap on the haunches, she watched him gallop out to the pasture.

Pat was a 32-year-old cowgirl who lived on a ranch west of Austin. By day, she ran a saddle and tack shop in the small ranching community of Little Prairie. Pat was a country girl, but she wasn’t from Texas. She grew up in New England. After graduating from a prestigious New England college, she came to Austin, Texas, and migrated west. She loved the land, the fresh air, and the open spaces.

There was only one thing she missed from college. It was cock, especially black cock. She shrugged and breathed a sigh. For now, she would have to be satisfied with white boys. Diablo was the only black male in her life now.


She removed her clothes and turned on the shower. The warm clear water felt good against her 33C breasts. She was five-foot-two and very buff. Working around a ranch, running 10 K’s, and honest work as the owner of a saddle shop made her fit.

Her hand slowly moved to her cunt and began to massage her clit. It didn’t take long to bring herself to a controlled orgasm. She finished her shower and dried off.

Pat looked in the mirror and saw her slim waist, tight abdomen, and nice full derriere. She had the kind of ass that is said around here to be “two hands full”! She couldn’t say that about her tits. She wanted them bigger; but on her frame, big ones that might be out of proportion. She combed her light brown hair. It was wavy. She had it cut into a “Meg Ryan” look. If she let it get long, then it would get curly. She didn’t want to bother.

She leaned close to the mirror and applied her light red lipstick and admired her full, pouty, very inviting lips. She imagined them closing around a black cock and sending its owner into never-never land.

“That’s my strong point,” she thought. “I know how to suck cock.”

The ride into town in her Chevy pickup was bumpy but short. She entered the saddle shop and was greeted by that smell of tanned leather. She loved it! She flipped the window sign from CLOSED to OPEN and waited for her first customer.

She no one was around. She picked up her cell phone.

“Hello!” It was Laura, her best friend and alter ego.

“Oh, my gawd! I’m so glad you picked up!”

“Oh, sweetie! I always love to talk to you.”

“I feel like a wildcat in a cage! Beau just isn’t getting it done for me, Laura.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry it’s not working out.”

“It’s not that it is not working out. He just doesn’t excite me, Laura.”

“I know what you mean. I have quit dating the local cowboys. Look! It’s Friday. Let’s go to Austin and hang out.”

“OK!” Pat said excitedly.

“OK. We meet at the usual place?”



“Bye, Laura.” Pat hung up.

All day long as she greeted customers she had that trip to Austin on her mind.


It was a trendy club called the Midnight Rodeo for the twenty-something urban cowboys and cow chicks wanting a wild ride. Neon advertising signs littered the walls giving the inside an eerie glow. The music was loud and country. A band in the corner had a guitar player, a drummer, a fiddler, and sultry blonde singer, wearing boots and a cowgirl hat.

Laura ordered a shot of straight tequila at the bar. She turned and leaned her back against the bar and put her left boot on the foot rail. Her long blonde hair swept over her face and down her back. Her black, low riding micro-mini flared out showing a black lacy petticoat underneath.

Pat was wearing red camisole under a black leather vest that exposed the inside of her breasts. Her low-riding denim mini-skirt left her midriff bare. Her hemline stopped eight-inches above her knees, exposing her lacy-top black hose. She ordered a margarita and turned toward Laura.

“Do you know anyone?” Pat asked.

“No, but I expect to real soon,” Laura said confidently. She downed her shot of tequila and ordered another one.

A tall cowboy with handsome western attire stepped up and introduced himself to Laura. Pat noticed that his boots were dirty. “He’s real,” she thought.

“Want to dance?” he asked Laura.

Laura downed her shot of tequila.

“Why sure, cowboy!” Laura gaziantep escort said looking up at his eyes. She offered her hand, and he led her to the dance floor. Pat watched has Laura whirled around letting her skirt flare out, revealing her hot pink thong. She had everyone watching her. Pat took another drink of her margarita and smiled.

“Wanna dance?” a geeky-looking urban cowboy asked. She always referred his ilk as “ur-boys”. Laura almost said no, but she had to do something. They walked out on the floor. She soon learned that he was no dancer. In fact, Pat had to take the lead. She breathed a sigh of relief when the song ended. She noticed that the bar was crowded now. She noticed that Laura was dancing another number with the “real” cowboy. Pat wandered to the back patio and looked around.

“Can I buy you a drink?” another “ur-boy” said.

‘Sure!” she responded. “What the hell,” she thought, “It’s a free drink. That can’t be that bad.”

“What do you do?” Pat asked as they danced a slow number.

“I go to the university,” he said and launched into a long dribbled about calculus.

“Excuse me! I got to go pee,” Pat said and hurried to the restroom. It was the only excuse she could think of to get away from this “ur-boy”, she thought. She washed her hands and looked at her makeup. It was fine. Then she wondered how she was going to get away from him.

As she exited the restroom, she saw him. He was coming out of the men’s room at the same time, and he was black! She inspected him with her elevator eyes. He was wearing so-so boots, old faded jeans, and a black western style shirt. She looked up at his face. He was black! Pat’s heart leaped! He was lighting a joint.

Pat stopped. He took a deep toke and held it for a moment. Then he exhaled slowly.

“Want a toke?” he said.

“Yes!” Pat took the joint and drew in the smoke. She held it, feeling the pleasure sweep over her. She handed it back, letting her hand lightly touch his black hand.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Pat. What’s yours, cowboy,” she said coyly. She tilted her head down and to the right. It was a natural coy look for Pat.

“Harlon,” he said and offered her another toke. Pat took it. He let her hand touch his hand longer.

“What do you do?” she asked.

“Ride broncs,” he said.

“Do ya ride ’em hard?” Pat said teasingly.

“Yeah! What about you? Do you ride?”

“Yes! I can ride.”

“Ever ridden bareback?”

“Sure! Cowboy! Have you ever been ridden bareback?” Pat gave him that coy grin that she does naturally.

“Oh Baby! You have no idea what that does to me!” he said grinning with his big white teeth showing.

Pat moved closer and reached down and put her hand on the crotch of his jeans. It was impulsive of her. She would never have done it. It has been too long. She could feel his cock growing. She began to tremble. It took her breath away!

“Careful, baby. You’re playing with some heavy meat there,” he said smiling.

“I would like to be your meat inspector…” she wanted to say, but a cowgirl walking into the restroom interrupted her.

“Let’s walk outside,” he said. Once outside he handed her the joint. Pat took a deep toke and thought about suddenly falling down to her knees and taking her pleasure. But she was a natural passive and that would never happen, she thought. She handed the joint back to him.

“Come with me,” he said. It was a command. Pat felt compelled to obey. He led her to a black Ford F-150 with a camper. He opened the door at the rear and stepped back for her to enter first. She was greeted with a manly smell not unlike a bunkhouse.

She stepped inside and turned around. Harlon put his arms around her. She looked up and made a gesture that she wanted to be kissed. Their lips met. She savored those big thick lips. His tongue snaked out, and she met his tongue with hers.

She pressed her tits against him, hoping that that would stimulate him. It did. He seemed to become more aggressive. Pat broke away.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Harlon asked. He was puzzled.

“You will see,” she whispered. She kept her eyes on his face as she sank down to her knees. On the way down, she unzipped his fly and unbuckled his silver cowboy belt buckle. She slipped his pants over his narrow hips. She gasped! He was not wearing underwear! She was pleased.

Pat cupped his velvety ball sack with her left hand and put her little hand around his enormous semi-erect cock. She felt it sensually growing in her hand. The thought that she was causing it to grow sent another sensual wave through her body. Her cunt was oozing hot woman juices. She pointed the cockhead to her mouth. A small orgasm rumbled through her cunt, and her woman juices burst forth like a dam had broken.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could get it and slid his foreskin back, releasing a pungent manly scent. It was a scent that she had not experience in a very long time. konya escort His glans barely passed through her lips.

“Oh baby!” he moaned. His moan gave her the feedback she needed. After years of being black celibate, she was now worshiping at the high temple. Her mouth was watering profusely. Instinctively, he tongue touched the tip of his evil snake to taste the honey nectar, which was oozing forth.

“Hmmm!” she moaned. She hadn’t tasted black pre-cum in a long time. It was like she remembered it. Pat was smitten with the taste and scent of cum, slightly sweet and slightly salty.

She moved her head forward and backward, paying attention to the cock head. Her tongue lapped at the pee hole. She took it deep and pulled back, leaving a wet sheen down the length of his shaft. Her saliva was pouring over her lower lip and onto her hand.

“Oh shit!” Harlon moaned. “Get up!” he ordered.

“Please, not now, baby,” Pat pleaded. “I haven’t sucked a black rattlesnake in years.”

Harlon jerked his snake out of her mouth and lifted her up. He lowered her onto his long, black cock. She was wet, and he entered easily.

“Oh baby! That feels so fucking good. Ride me bitch! Ride me!” Harlon screamed. Pat hadn’t been called a bitch in years. The word brought all the memories of black sex. She squeezed her cunt muscles to give Harlon the best sensation. The rhythm quickened. Pat’s head was swirling. She lot all track of time.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” he yelled.

Pat jerked free and scrambled to her knees. She put her mouth over his volcano just as it erupted. Spray after spray of delicious pungent cum filled her mouth as she fell over the edge. She was floating in space. She had reached the pinnacle of ecstasy! Pat didn’t swallow. She pulled off. She swished her tongue through the precious ooze. Looking up at Harlon, she opened her mouth and extended her tongue as far as she could without losing the load. She was proud.

“Swallow it!”

Pat swallowed. The hot sticky cum swirled down her throat. She had another orgasm. She fell back on the bunk and watched Harlon light another joint. He handed it to her. She sat up and took a toke and handed it back. Harlon took a drag.

“You are quite a cock sucker,” he said after exhaling the smoke. He handed the joint to Pat. He watched as she took a deep toke and exhale slowly. They passed back and forth until they finished. It made Pat feel sexy.

Harlon pushed her back on the bunk bed and frantically removed her boots. Then he removed her skirt and stripped her thong off. Pat instinctively opened her saddle. She expected him to mount her, but he went straight for her slick cunt with his mouth.

“Oh! Oh!” she moaned as Harlon’s tongue circle her clitoris and moved down to her slit. He played with her labia and then slipped his tongue into her pleasure pit like a snake. Pat gasped. His tongue moved back to her clit and began a sensual rhythm.

“Oh! Harlon. That’s feels so good!” she said. A vortex started at her clit and spun around and around. She felt suspended. Her pelvis tightened and thrust up and out. Ripples of sensations spread out over her thighs and abdomen. She was shaking all over. She could hear someone screaming. It sounded far away. Then suddenly she realized that the screaming was her voice.

“Oh! That is so fucking hot, Harlon!” she gasped. She was breathing heavily and gasping for breath. Her chest felt like a horse had laid down on it.

“Yes … yes … yes … yes!” she gasped.

Harlon pulled off and sat up. He looked down and smiled, showing his teeth. He ran his hand over her belly and over her tits like a buyer inspecting a fine filly ready for sale.

Knock! Knock!

The noise startled Pat and made her come to her senses. It was someone knocking on the door.

“Yeah! What is it?” Harlon yelled.

“Need to get your ass on the road. We gotta ride tomorrow!” the voice returned.

“I gotta make Amarillo by morning,” Harlon explained.

Pat quickly dressed. There was not time to be neat. Her hair was a mess and her skirt was turned to the side. She slipped on her boots and looked for her hat.

“Where’s my hat?” she asked.

“Here it is,” Harlon said, handing it to her. He opened the door while Pat was slipping into her camisole and vest. She was still mostly bare when she stepped out onto the parking lot. A group of cowboys looked at her with big grins.

“Hope you enjoyed the ride, ma’am,” one of the cowboys said with a big grin on his face.

Pat blushed. Harlon grabbed her and planted a big kiss on her.

“Give me your phone number,” he whispered. Pat searched through her purse and found her business card.

“Call me anytime,” she said, looking up and into his eyes.

“I’ve gotta go. You’re hot, baby,” he said smiling.

“I bet she is, Harlon,” one of the cowboys said. They all laughed.

“There is more of that right here,” a cowboy taunted, gesturing with kayseri escort his hand on his crotch and making a forward and back movement with is hips.

Pat blushed. She did not why she blushed. She just finished sucking off a black cock in the back of a pickup in a public parking lot. She exposed from the waist up. She hurriedly fixed her camisole and buttoned her vest, and straightened her skirt.

She hurried to the restroom. Two cowgirls giggled as she readjusted her clothes, fixed her makeup, and combed her hair.

“Honey! You look like you had a wild ride,” of the one of the cowgirls said.

“Sweetie! You have no idea how wild it was!” Pat said blushing.

She hurried back out to the parking lot to see the F-150 pulling out.

“Damn!” Pat cursed. She wanted to see him one more time. “Now where is Laura,” she thought.


The lights from her pickup pierced the darkness as she rode back to Little Prairie. She kept thinking about Harlon. Would he call?

“I was worried when I couldn’t find you,” Pat said.

“I rode down to a motel. Marshall had a room,” Laura said grinning.

“Lucky you!” Pat said laughing. “I got off in the back of a pickup truck.” The two cowgirls laughed.


Pat flipped the sign from CLOSED to OPEN and got ready for her first customer of the day. In the back of her mind was the vision of her handing Harlon her business card. “Would he call?” she thought. She felt her cunt dripping as the memory of that wild ride in the back of the F-150 came back to her mind.

The day dragged on to noon. Each time the phone rang her heart leaped, but the calls were inquiries about saddles and bridles.

She called Laura.

“Hi sweetie,” Laura said.

“I thought he would have called by now,” Pat said.

“Don’t worry. He’ll call.”

“How can you be so sure.”

“Who wouldn’t call after what you described last night.” The two cowgirls laughed.

“How about your man?”

“He called this morning. We’re going out tonight.”

“If Harlon’s in Amarillo, I don’t see how he could be back tonight. I don’t think he’ll call.”

“He’ll call. Don’t worry.”

“I hope so.”

“Gotta go. Bye Pat.”



Pat ordered a drink and put one boot on the boot rail. “It looks like another dry hole she thought,” she thought. Harlon did call her, but he explained that he was riding in a rodeo that night. He was going to call her as soon as he got back to Austin.

“Want to dance?” It was one of the local cowboys. Archie was his name.

“Sure cowboy!” Pat accepted. “What the hell! Archie is always good for a free drink,” she thought.

“How’s the saddle business?” he asked as they stepped onto the dance floor.

“Damn good!” she said. “How’s the well digging business?” she asked. They were silent as they danced. Pat tried to concentrate and keep Harlon out of her mind. The music stopped.

“Thank you for the dance,” Archie said.

“Thank you, Harlon. I mean Archie!” she said. She was embarrassed by the slip. She couldn’t get Harlon out of her mind. She paid her bar tab and walked out and got into her pickup. It was a short drive over to Beau’s house.


Pat crawled up onto Diablo’s back and dug her spurs into his flanks. “Get up!” she shouted. Diablo responded by trotting out of the corral into the pasture. He knew the route. Another nudge from her spurs starting him galloping. “Come on, Diablo!” she urged him on. Her hat blew back and dangled on a leather string on her back. “Diablo is the only male I can depend on,” she thought. She laughed at that.

Beau got off in her last night. Then he rolled off and went to sleep. She was pissed! Pat left him and went home.

“Why doesn’t Harlon call?” Pat thought. The ride lasted an hour. Afterward, Pat felt good again. She put Diablo away, and picked up her cell phone.

“Hi! Pat.”

“Are you busy, Laura?”

“No! What’s up?”

“I went over to Beau’s place last night. He was miserable!”

“I know sweetie. There just ain’t no hot men around here. I went back into Austin last night and danced and found a stallion.” Laura laughed.

Pat laughed.

“If he’s not riding he can call? Can’t he?”

“Don’t worry, honey! He’s just busy. He’ll call.”

Pat said goodbye and hung up.


Pat opened the door of her saddle shop. The smell of tanned leather made her feel good. She flipped the CLOSED sign over and waited for her first customer.

At mid-morning she got a call. It was Harlon!

“Hey baby! How are you?” he said. Laura could see his smiling face and black cock!

“Doing fine! How are you?”

“I came in first last night. Won a $1,500 prize! I’ll be in Fort Worth tomorrow and then back to Austin on Wednesday. I want to meet you,” he said.

Pat’s heart leaped! She was almost speechless.

“I’ll be waiting for you, Harlon.”

“I can’t wait to feel those hot lips and cunt.”

“You know I’m a cock sucker. I want to wrap my lips around you shaft and let it slide down my throat.”

“That was the best blow job I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to get another.”

“Gotta go. Bye baby!”

“Bye, Harlon.”

Pat hung up. She started to tremble. Her little corner of paradise was interrupted when a customer walked in.


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