Cousins Reunion Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: The Arrival

The blizzard seemed to be abating and the temperature was dropping below zero, or so the local Boulder radio station informed me as I struggled to keep my eyes open. The road signs were difficult to read in the early morning light, but there it was, my cousin Kay’s house. I could hardly wait to get inside to the warmth and to a bed.

I dragged myself along with my bag to the front door. A musical tone sounded distantly as my finger released the doorbell button. I heard the patter of feet running to the door and there she was with a huge smile on her face as the door swung inward letting a flow of warm inviting air envelop me.

Kay grabbed my coat and pulled me into the warmth of her home. After closing the door of the coat closet where she had hurriedly hung my coat, Kay turned and flung her arms around my neck pulling us together in a big welcoming hug.

“I’m so glad you came. I’m so glad you are here,” she exclaimed. She released me and backed away taking a long up and down look at me. “God, how long has it been since we saw each other last Jay?” she asked.

“Dunno,” I replied with a smile of my own, “four or five years I guess.”

“It is so good to have you here. You must be beat though.”

“Yeah, not to bad yet though. What I would really like to do is take a shower, have breakfast and some hot coffee and just hang out and talk.”

“That sounds good. Let me show you your room and the bathroom and I’ll get some breakfast going. I already have some good coffee on.”

Kay took my bag and led the way to the bedroom and pointed out the bathroom I was to use.

“Where is Parker?” I asked about her husband who everyone I knew who knew him thought he was a monumental jerk.

“He stayed in town at the Denver office last night. Big case going on and he has been spending a lot of time there. He should be home later this evening though,” Kay replied. Her husband was a personal injury lawyer. A guy she married when she was just barely out of high school.

Kay put my bag on the bed, as she turned around, her robe fell open and she did not pull it back together. I caught a glimpse of her breasts through the V of her loose fitting top as she straightened up.

“Hmmm,” I thought to myself. This brings back memories.

Kay reached over putting her arms around me again, smacked me quickly on the lips, walked out of my room and said, “Jay, I am so glad you are here. Take your time. I’ll fix some breakfast.”

I got my toiletry articles and headed for the bathroom with thoughts of Kay, where we grew up together, some of the history we had when we were younger, more naive and did stupid kid stuff. Just thinking about it now caused a tense swelling to occur between my legs. Jesus, I could not believe it. I had tried to not think about what had transpired between us several years ago. My older cousin had actually seduced me. It had been brief, fun and never discussed in later years.

I now wondered if she thought about those times much. Was she thinking about them now?

I got in the shower and was enjoying the hot pulsating, soothing message of the water caressing my body when I heard the door to the bathroom open. I turned to see Kay walk in, place a cup of coffee on the counter, briefly look at me through the glass shower door a slight smile on her lips as she turned and left without saying a word. I looked down at myself. My cock had been heavy and somewhat long between my legs, but now it was rising up as it filled with blood.

“What the hell?” I thought. I finished my shower, put on a clean shirt and pulled on my jeans.

Kay was pouring orange juice as I walked into the kitchen. We ate breakfast together talking about the past few years and filling each other in on our lives. She married, no children, me not married, no steady girlfriend. I noticed that when we talked about our past, she had a beautiful smile on her face. When I steered the conversation to her current life, she lost the smile, her shoulders slumped, she drew in on herself. Nothing was said about her walking in on me in the shower.

I held on as long as I could but finally had to surrender and tell Kay I needed some sleep. I headed to the bedroom as she cleaned up our breakfast dishes.

I came slowly awake. I dragged myself out of bed, went to the bathroom, relieved myself and brushed my teeth. It was early afternoon and the house was quiet. I went looking for Kay and as I walked by the master bedroom, the door ajar, I could see Kay was standing in front of the mirror, naked. Her brunette hair was brushing her shoulders, her long legs sweeping up to a round firm ass, her ass flowing gently into a narrow waist. Hands on her hips, she contemplating the reflection of her breasts; the gentle slope tracing down toward the fullness supporting round, dark pink, silver dollar sized nipples. No sag; pert. I could see her face in profile, just as cute as I remembered it. She turned and disappeared beyond the wall. I bursa escort took a deep breath. God she looked good. I could hear the water of a bath being drawn, then turned off, and then the sound of rippling water. I imagined her lithe body sinking into the inviting warm water. My cock swelling as I wondered if she remembered.

Kay was younger, but just as beautiful the first time I saw her naked. We were young, hormone driven and my cousin somehow had determined I would be willing to satisfy her curiosity about males, penises, her own body and sex. I wondered if she reflected on that time as fondly and as often as I did?

We spent the afternoon talking. We were beginning to discuss what to do for dinner when the phone rang. Kay answered the phone in the hallway, her voice a soft unintelligible murmur. “Parker is not coming home until very late if at all,” she informed me as she walked back into the room. After some hesitation “I want to take you somewhere special to eat. Do you have a dinner jacket or sport coat along?” she asked.

“I have a leather sport coat in the car, would that be adequate?”

“Yes, that will be adequate. I am going to put something nice on. Plan on 30 minutes and we’ll be off?

“Sounds good,” I replied.

I ran out to the car and pulled my leather jacket out of the trunk, went back to my room and pulled on my nicest pair of pants and comfortable white shirt. With my leather jacket in place, I looked quite presentable. I waited in the living room watching the last of the evening news.

“What do you think?” Kay sighed seductively as she swirled into the room.

I looked up and did a sharp intake of breath. “Wow” I said slowly, softly and very sincerely. She was wearing an evening gown that literally caressed her body. the sleeveless top flowed from her shoulders down across her chest, her breasts lightly molded as it continued down her body and clung to her slender hips, falling to just above her knees. Kay twirled, raising her arms above her head revealing the long opening of the dress from her shoulders to her waist. A flash of her breasts, no bra as the twirl caused the fabric to balloon out for the briefest of glimpses, then falling back to again caress her flesh. As she walked to the coat closet I could clearly see the outline of Kay’s long legs through the sheer fabric of the dress. She opened the door and as she reached in to get her coat, the fabric stretched across her bum, smooth, no hint of panties. An unspoken question flashed through my mind, “Thong or no panties at all?” and my penis was getting the uncomfortable swelling between my legs. I needed to adjust it, but couldn’t in front of Kay. “Would she see the bulge forming” I was wondering silently.

Kay handed me the coat and I slipped it over her arms and onto her shoulders. Her perfume wafting over me as the coat enveloped her body.

“You are just stunning Kay,” I finally managed to get an intelligible compliment out. “Too bad Parker isn’t here to enjoy this, but lucky me. You look fantastic and that dress is to die for.”

Putting her arms quickly around me, she reached up and gave me a quick peck on the lips, then headed to the garage door. Kay drove. On the way to the restaurant, she reached over and patted my thigh, “Jay, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are actually here. I have thought about you so much since you said you would be able to come.” Her hand remained on my thigh. At first I did not think anything about it thinking it was just a touch that was conveying her pleasure at my company. Her hand moved slightly. Was it the bump in the road, or was it intentional. Her palm was now resting just above mid thigh, her fingers curling to the inside, lightly touching not more than an inch below my yet again swelling penis. Did she realize where her hand was resting? How could she not?

As we pulled into the parking lot, she placed her hand back on the steering wheel. She pulled to the entry and the valet opened her door and admired her as Kay swung her legs out of the vehicle and stood up. I walked around, offered my arm and we strolled into the restaurant.

Kay had me check her coat. I again enjoyed the fragrance she was wearing as I lifted the coat from her body. My breath caught as I noticed her breasts and especially her nipples were visible through the less than totally opaque fabric of her dress. The direct and brighter light of the cloakroom penetrated the black fabric highlighting the the contours of the body so perfectly draped by her gown. When I handed the coat to the check girl I caught her staring at Kay. I wondered if she was staring because she looked so great, or had she noticed the sheerness of the gown as well?

As Kay turned from the brighter light, the image of her breasts faded, just a hint of darker nipple still present as the fabric caressed her breasts. She must have known that the lighting here was subdued. I admired the play of fabric against her ass with each step she took as we followed the receptionist bursa escort bayan across the room.

Kay obviously had called earlier in the day and made reservations. They took us to a small curved booth in the corner. The restaurant was busy, but not completely full. The usual murmur of conversation and clinking of dishes and silverware surrounded us, but not unpleasantly loud. Several heads turned as we walked between the tables on the way to ours. Could they appreciate the sheerness, or was the light subdued enough that they could not see how translucent the fabric actually was, I wondered. I enjoyed the play of the fabric across her ass I wondered, panties?

“All the women are hating you right now Kay. Their guys couldn’t keep their eyes off of you,” I complimented her.

She smiled with pleasure, scooted close to me took my arm in both of her hands and hugged it to her chest, her breast pressing firmly against my upper arm. “Thank you Jay. I don’t get many compliments and I don’t get to go out very often. This is fun,” she said as she pressed my arm into her breast again.

God, what was she doing to me. My cock was swelling uncomfortably between my legs again, caught folded down between my legs. I squirmed just a little.

“Are you OK?” asked Kay innocently while releasing my arm.

“Oh, yeah, just fine,” I mumbled.

Our waiter arrived, ignored me, gave us our menus and went over the specials. I watched him intently enjoying the affect Kay was having on him. His eyes kept wandering to her breasts. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of them. Kay played like she didn’t notice, but she had a smile on her face the entire time.

“You are having fun aren’t you Kay?” I asked.

She smiled into the menu without answering, wiggling a little closer to me in the booth, her thigh now touching mine lightly.

She told me what she wanted, and asked me to chose the wine. “I’ll be back in a minute” she said while standing. I watched her walk slowly through the restaurant. I could see the light passing between her legs all the way to her crotch. Jesus she was bold. I noticed all the heads turning again. “Did they notice as well? Who cares?” I asked myself rhetorically.

Our orders placed, I anxiously awaited her return. I wanted to feast my eyes on her more. And there she was, flowing across the room toward me with her eyes intently focused on mine. I slowly took her all in not caring that she would see me looking at all of her. My eyes were drawn to her breasts, enjoying each one individually, noticing the dark outline of each areola. Admiring the now firm nipples pressing through the thin fabric. Tracing down her body, my eyes stopping at her crotch trying to catch a glimpse as the dim light passed through the thin fabric of her gown.

“Was that dark area her pubic hair?” I asked myself. Jesus, she wasn’t wearing any panties. I reached between my legs and adjusted my cock so it could have room, now pointing up and becoming incredibly erect and hard.

As I adjusted myself, I caught Kay’s eyes looking at my arms under the table. A smile coming to her lips as her eyes came back up to mine. She slipped into the booth, leaning over, the deep V of her neckline falling from her chest, her breasts clearly visible for a brief moment.

She scooted around next to me again and asked “Are you sure you’re OK? You looked a little uncomfortable.”

“Kay, I think every guy in this place is uncomfortable right now, including your cousin.”

“Why would you think that?” she asked demurely. I felt both her right hand gently touch the top of my thigh as she put her left arm around my upper arm, pressing her breast against me.

“Just watching you walk through the restaurant in that dress…” I didn’t finish.

I couldn’t. Her hand had moved up and was at the top of my thigh, her fingers almost touching my penis, the fingers just grazing the edge of my scrotum. My penis was now fully erect. Jesus.

Mercifully, the waiter returned and served our food, poured the wine and left us alone in our own little world. The food was wonderful, the wine even better. While we were waiting for the desert to arrive, Kay asked quietly, “Do you ever think about it?”

There it was. The past. The past we had tried to keep hidden and silent. I looked up and met her eyes. I briefly thought about playing dumb, but instead simply said, “Yes.”

“Me too,” Kay breathed softly with relief. And with that, her hand cupped my hard cock, the warmth of her hand welcome on my erect penis. I moaned softly.

I reached up and slipped my left hand under the fabric of her dress eagerly cupping her left breast. Enjoying the fullness of her breast in my hand. The nipple became erect and firm under my palm. Kay sighed and squeezed my penis.

Our desert arrived, we sat up hoping the waiter had not noticed, but of course he had. Trying to hide his smile, he placed our deserts and coffee on the table and asked us “Do you need anything else?”

“No” escort bursa we both replied, just wanting him to leave.

“What do you remember most?” Kay asked as she picked up her fork and cut into her cheesecake.

“Seeing you naked for the first time,” I answered as I closed my eyes and saw the vision in my mind. lying there in the field, her breasts bare, the mysterious thatch of dark pubic hair, the pout of her labia visible between her spread legs. I opened my eyes, hers staring at me.

“Tell me,” Kay said. “Tell me what you were just thinking about.”

“It is a vision of you burned into my brain. We are in that bean field, remember?” I ask.


“You undressed in front of me and laid on your back with your hands behind your head, your face tilted and watching me. You had a shy smile on your face. But, I wasn’t looking at your face. I was devouring you with my eyes. Your boobs, the wonderful naked mounds on your chest moving with each quickening breath you took. Your nipples hard and erect pointing at the sky, pink areola tight around them. You spread your legs as you saw my eyes go to your crotch. You wanted me to see your pussy didn’t you?”

“Yes,” she was smiling.

“Your pubic hair was a magnet for my eyes, dark on your skin. When you spread your legs and exposed your privacy to me, do you know, I almost came in my pants right then?” I asked.

“Hmmm,” smiling again.

“I was mesmerized. Your labia were clearly visible, lightly furred with your dark pubic hair. Did you know, do you remember that you were wet? Moisture was glistening between your labia. I did not know until later that it was because you were so turned on by exposing yourself to me.”

“Oh yes, I remember very clearly.”

“Then, you asked me, “Are you hard?’ Do you remember?”


“I could barely breath much less talk. I was in pain I was so hard.”

“Then I asked you to show me,” Kay interjected softly with excitement in her voice.

“Yes. I undressed in front of you. I remember a little gasp when I pulled my underwear off and my fully erect cock sprung free.”

“The size of it surprised me, it was so stiff and stood so straight, it looked like a sword. Do you remember what happened then?”

“How could i forget? You reached over and took my cock in hour hand and I came. Just exploded and I ejaculated all over your hand. I was so embarrassed.”

“You shouldn’t have been. It was incredibly exciting for me. Feeling your cock pulsate like that. Feeling it pump your cum out, seeing it spurt and feeling it land on my skin. I almost came too. Then feeling your penis soften in my hand. I loved the feel of it. I didn’t want to let go ever.”

“Then I asked if I could touch you.”

“Yes. And I was desperate for you to. I could hardly wait for you to touch me.”

“Your breast were heaven when I first felt them, soft and warm in the afternoon sun. I can remember so clearly the firmness of your nipples, already erect but the surrounding areola soft and warm. My penis started getting hard almost immediately I was so turned on.”

“I loved it when your hands touched me. An electric shock went through my body, making me shiver with pleasure with your caress. But, I remember clearly how my pelvis arched up. I wanted your hands between my legs in the worst way. My clit felt swollen, the tension so intense. I needed release so badly.”

“I remember wanting to touch your privacy, to feel your labia, to touch that moist area and explore your sex. I was too shy. I didn’t know how to start. I was so shocked yet so pleased when you took my hand in yours and guided it between your legs. You took my fingers and pressed them between your labia, your hips pushing into my hand. You held my hand there guiding my finger to your clit. I remember your moan of pleasure so clearly.”

“Oh god, I am so wet now talking about it. Re-living it like this with you. You were so gentle. I came so quickly I couldn’t believe it. It felt so wonderful.” Kay was nuzzling my neck with her lips. I felt her tongue touch my skin giving me goose bumps.

“I was so excited by your moans. I didn’t even know until later that you had an orgasm. I just knew I loved the feeling of your wet pussy. I loved the tightness that enveloped my fingers as I explored your vagina for the first time.”

“And I loved the feeling of your fingers pushing deep inside of me. I loved it so much, but I wanted more. I wanted you to put your cock in me so badly. When I saw your penis becoming erect again, I had an uncontrollable desire to have you inside of me.”

I suddenly realized that my hand was inside of Kay’s dress, fondling her breast and nipple. Kay’s hand was on my swollen cock gently rubbing and probing between my legs.

Kay pulled on my shaft saying, “Do you remember how I pulled you to me? Held your cock and guided you to my wet pussy. Your cock growing in my hand as it approached my opening, becoming hard and stiff as the head of your cock split my labia and entered my vagina, sliding into my canal, filling me?” she purred into my ear, my cock twitching in her palm.

“I remember,” I sighed. “I am going to cum right here if you keep that up.”

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