Contest Ch. 04

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After completing her first task of having her massive tits tortured and abused by Jared’s friend, Danielle took a day off, avoiding her tasks for a bit. After all, she needed a bit of rest after the brutal treatment to her poor breasts, they were sore all the next day. It meant taking a chance, since she knew that Violet was going out and doing another one of her own tasks, but she really couldn’t face doing another task, especially since they were so unappealing. Her next task that she had to do was going to Jared’s friend’s party, so she would just wait for that and hope that Violet would end up with a task that would make her need to rest a day as well.


With her long blonde hair falling in loose waves around her naked upper body, Danielle looked quite appealing as she walked through throng of people – mostly males – at the party. It was a gorgeous house, lots of tall ceilings and tasteful decoration. Of course, the most decorative part of the evening were the half-naked girls walking around with serving trays of food and drink. On Danielle’s tray there was some kind of pastry filled with fruit and nuts.

She felt very exposed with her massive breasts hanging in front of her where everyone could see some of the faint stripes and bruises that still covered the pale flesh of her tits and her nipples were still sore to touch. But at least she was mostly recovered, even if she hated having so many people seeing her boobs exposed like this – especially since a lot of the men were inclined to give them a casual feel as they took a pastry from her tray. It wasn’t as if the brief skirt that she’d been given to wear covered much of her either – although from the hints of Jared’s friend Nelson, the host of the party, later she wasn’t even going to have that. She and two other girls were going to help serve as dessert – quite literally as the dessert. However, that was something she didn’t want to think about for the moment, mostly she was just grateful that since Jared was aydın escort at the party this was on thing that she didn’t have to have taped.

Circulating gracefully through the crowd, her blonde hair waved against the curves of her breasts as she offered a pastry to Jared.

“Enjoying yourself?” he asked her as he bit into the sweet food.

With a slight laugh she answered him, “Not exactly, but this is a lot easier than the first one.”

He nodded understandingly, “I watched that tape, it looked like you enjoyed yourself at the end, although I can understand why you’d think this is easier.” his gaze took in the faint prints of damage still visible on her breasts and she blushed at such intense scrutiny. Taking his gaze from her impressive cleavage he nodded over towards the other side of the room, “Chris said he’d be glad to be of service again any time you want, apparently you’re on in his top 10 for great breasts.”

Danielle looked across the room to where the cute Spanish guy from a night ago was lifting his glass in salute to her, and she blushed at both the implication and the compliment. “Doubtful,” she said dryly, “I don’t know if I’d want to put myself through that again, no matter how much I enjoyed myself at the end.”

“Pity,” murmured Jared as he started off away from her, taking just long enough to pinch her nipple before he went. She grimaced a little and made a bit of a face at his back as he walked away, then turning she caught sight of Nelson who jerked his head at her, letting her know it was time to get ready to be dessert.


Jared grinned as Danielle was rolled in on a cart with the other two girls, by far she was the main attraction. The other two girls had whipped cream covering their breasts and pussies, with some cherries stuck on top and a small mound of glazed fruit on their stomachs. Danielle, in comparison, had half a chocolate covered banana stuck in her pretty pussy, her legs wide open on the cart, there were several lines of chocolate chips going aydınlıkevler escort down her stomach to her whipped cream covered pussy mound. On her large tits there were two huge mounds of whipped cream with chocolate syrup and cherries all over them, and in her mouth there was a candied apple. Her face looked less than amused at the set up, although he thought she looked delicious. Lined along each cart were strawberries, bananas, grapes, and pastry, all to be dipped in the whipped cream – or the girl’s pussy depending on your taste.

Immediately there was a crowd around each of the carts, Jared joined the one around Danielle of course, watching as one bold patron pushed the banana in and out of her cunt, making it a little sloppy with bits of the fruit and her pussy juices. Danielle moaned as the people around her rubbed fruit against her body and pussy, tasting her sweet juices as they ate dessert. The girl shivered a little with so many hands all over her, licking the residue of sweet cream from her body, and since most of it was one her massive breasts she was tantalized and teased as their tongues moved all over her heavy globes and nipples.

Finally, there was just the sweet sloppiness of her pussy left, and as she looked down between her legs, she realized that Jared was standing in the place of honor, grinning maliciously at her. Men on either side of the cart took her legs and spread them wide, making it easy for him as he leaned over her pussy. Starting with the last bit of cream on her mound, he licked it clean, exposing her shaved mound to the surrounding crowd. She blushed with the blatant exhibitionism as so many people got a close-up view of Jared licking her wet and messy pussy.

Sliding his tongue along her folds he tasted the sweet bits of banana that was mixed in with her musky juices. Danielle moaned and bucked her hips a little, still embarrassed to be at the center of so many people’s attention, but feeling the pleasure running through her as her ayrancı escort pussy responded to Jared’s skilled tongue. She’d forgotten what a good pussy eater he was, and she bucked a little as his tongue actually slid into her tight hole, licking its entrance clean. Pushing two fingers into her, he scooped out the remnants of banana from her hole and sucked his fingers clean, licking them lasciviously as he smiled down at her.

Having mostly cleaned her pussy, he lowered his mouth to her soft wet folds, intent on making sure that she got the most out of the experience. He could tell that she was already incredibly aroused, her pussy was leaking sweet juices onto the cart. Sliding his fingers back into her hole, he pumped them as his tongue licked all around her pussy, sending little waves of pleasure through her displayed body. The men surrounding her watched with lust in their eyes, some of them actually reaching into their pants to rub their hard dicks as the girl before them arched her back as she moaned, massive breasts pointing straight up into the air. As Jared sucked her swollen clit into his mouth and rolled it between his teeth, she started bucking and her breasts bounced and flopped all over as her body heaved.

The room was silent except for her impassioned moans, everyone was watching now as Danielle’s body thrashed on the cart, pleasure sweeping through her as Jared skillfully manipulated her pussy. As his fingertips rubbed against her g-spot, he bit down gently on her clit and she started cumming, sweet juices pouring into his mouth and over his fingers as she arched her back and cried out loudly.

Slowly, her flushed body came down from its orgasmic state, and she blushed deep red as the surrounding audience began clapping, Jared sliding his fingers from her pussy allowed the woman standing next to him to lick her sweet juices from his hand. Danielle wanted to sink into the floor as she realized that everyone at the party had watched her orgasm, but all she could do was smile weakly as the applauded while her cart was rolled back out of the room.

Her last thought as she slipped into bed that night was that at least it hadn’t been nearly as bad as her first task. She wondered what tasks Violet had now done over the past two days… well she’d call her tomorrow and find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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