Confronted with Homophobia Pt. 05


Holding his deflating cock in my mouth, his knob so sensitive to any stimulation, I slowly let it slide out of my mouth his cock dripping the last of his cum in my wanting mouth. Robert pulled me to my feet, he stood inches away from me, his lips ready for my own. I pulled him in closer, Robert could taste the cum that was still in my mouth, his cum.

“Oh Tom that was the best blow job I have ever had in my entire life, you know all the right spots to lick me, it was all perfect, you’re perfect Tom.” Robert said lust in his eyes.

Robert and I kissed till his cock was rock hard once again, I laid down on the bed him on top of me, he wanted to play with my cock now.

“Tom it seems bigger than my own cock, the skin is so loose, I love the feel of it in my hand, Robert played with my cock till the head was coated in precum. He leaned in and licked at it, first a soft lick, then he took the knob in his mouth sucking the precum out of me, Robert swirled his tongue around my knob, the sensation was driving me crazy, my balls soon pulled in, my cock ready to explode.

“Oh yes Robert Yes do that, suck it, here it comes Babe, suck my cock Robert.” I screamed his name as my cock shot him in the mouth face, neck all over.

Robert tried to lick it up but I had never blown so much cum in one session in a very long time. I laid there spent, my balls drained, I was exhausted. Robert came to kiss me, I took his face in my hand and licked his face and neck clean of the cum I had just deposited there. Robert collapsed on me his head on my chest, he too was spent. I reached over and shut the lamp off, pulled the covers over us.

Robert quickly dozed off, I held him to me as he soon was snoring a soft gentle snore, he would pull me in tight like I was trying to get away from him, I ran my hands over his back as he slowly drifted off once more. Robert dreamed, calling my name more than once in his sleep, even saying he loved me at one point.

I kissed the top of his head and I was out, I woke at around seven in the morning Robert had gotten up to pee, I was soon behind him my bladder ready to burst. As I passed him I pulled him in for a kiss, at first he was nervous shy, gaziantep escort think he had some guilt, remorse of what we had done. I pulled him tight to me, he seemed uncomfortable.

“Tom what about you and Jimmy?” Robert asked me.

“Jimmy and I are friends with benefits nothing more than that, I feel more of a connection with you Robert, you and I could have so much more than Jimmy and I ever could hope to have.” I told him honestly.

I slowly pressed my lips to his, he slowly relaxed and kissed me back, pulling me to him, the guilt leaving his body, his cock arching pressing against me. We stood there liplocked in the entrance to the bathroom like two teens making out.

“Robert I have to pee get back in bed it’s way too early for us to be up.” I said to him pulling away from him.

Once I peed I washed the sleep out of my eyes, fixed my hair, when I walked into the bedroom there he was naked his cock rock hard pointing skyward. I crawled in between his legs, licking sucking and kissing my way up to his beautiful cock. I sucked his one ball in my mouth first then the other, I was careful not to hurt them, they did carry the precious cargo I so loved.

Robert was laid out his hands laced behind his head, in control, I released his one nut then the other, I ran my tongue up the shaft pressing the precum out of the piss slit so I could lapp it up. I took Roberts knob in my mouth just the knob, my tongue licked sucked and kissed his knob trying to coax out some of his precious clear juice.

I swallowed his cock to the base, I sucked it in tight in my mouth and throat, my tongue under his cock cradling it like it was breakable. I slowly worked his cock base to tip the strokes long, the suction just right. Roberts balls rolled, pulled up his cock stiffened, his cock jerked in my mouth as he pumped me full of his beautiful white cream. I swallowed and savoured every last drop of his wonderful cum.

Robert laid there his hands still behind his head, screaming as his cock unloaded in me, this silly grin on his face, totally relaxed, his balls drained, his cock softening. Now he wanted his turn with my cock, but I had other ideas, I laid on my back he assumed it would be him between my legs, I pulled his legs over my head, his cock hovering over my mouth and face.

Robert took my cock in his hand and started to stroke it, he loved how the loose skin slid over the knob covering it like it was gone. I took his semi erect cock in my mouth, his cock twitching, ready for more action. I licked his cock base to tip, then taking his balls in my mouth, I could see my prize, I wanted I needed to get my tongue in this mans ass.

I rolled his balls in my mouth, I slowly spread his legs so his ass was closer to my mouth, I pulled his legs forward his ass right there inches from my mouth, his hole hairy the pucker so tight, I slid my tongue along the mans taint, Robert was moaning, his back arching, his voice getting higher as my tongue got closer to his hole.

My tongue was barely touching him it grazed his hole, Robert dam near screamed. I slid my tongue along his crack, my tongue poking his hole as it slid by. I held his ass spread open for me as my tongue went into overdrive, I lapped at his hole, then pressed the tip of my tongue to his pucker, Robert clenched his hole when I tried to get in.

“Robert Babe push out when I try to get my tongue in, believe me you will enjoy it.” I instructed him.

I pressed my tongue to his pucker, he pressed out my tongue slid in, my tongue roamed his hole finding his spot. Robert was on the edge, his cock ready to explode, his mind blown by what I was doing to him.

“Tom Oh My Tom Please Oh Yes Right There Tom Harder Harder TOM.” Robert yelled as his cock exploded all over my chest.

Robert collapsed on me his legs on both sides of my head, his face on my cock, the orgasm had done him in, he was spent, he needed sleep. I gently rolled him off, wiping us off, pulling him on top of me. Robert laid on me slowly catching his breath, he looked me in the eyes.

“Tom I could have never imagined that a man could make me cum by licking my hole, sticking his tongue in me making me wail, Tom my balls ache, but it’s a good ache, I have never cum so much in such a short period of time.” Robert said to me looking me in the eyes.

“But Babe we have just begun, we are off today I have so much more to show you, those balls need to be drained a few more times today.” I said to him smiling.

“Tom please I need a break for a bit I am still tired and my cock is numb.” Robert said to me.

I rolled him off, me getting on top of him, I pressed my lips to his, my cock rock hard ready for more action, I kissed him all over, down his chest to his cock, I took his semi erect cock into my mouth.

“Please Tom just an hour or so, I can’t do this again.” He pleaded with me.

“Seems your cock is into it.” I said licking to his erect cock.

I sucked his cock deep into my mouth, his cock quickly responded to all the stimulation I was giving to him. Robert was propped up watching me as I slurped down his cock, his fingers laced to each other behind his head, his face a wave of euphoria.

“Dam you’re a really good cocksucker Tom, My balls are ready to blow again, Oh yeah do that, right there Tom Oh my your going to make me TOM.” Robert yelled as his cock spilled more of his precious cream into my mouth.

Robert laid there his eyes closed, his cock slipping out of my mouth, his balls slowly descending in their sack. I climbed up the mans chest to his face, I rubbed my cock on his lips, my cock a firehose of precum, Robert stuck his tongue out lapping up the precum I deposited there. The man was getting better with a cock, his technique was improving, my balls retracted , my cock swelled. I quickly shoved my cock deep into Robert’s willing mouth.

I shot the man full of my cum, it spilled out of the sides of his mouth, my cock continued to cream his mouth and face. I pulled out of his mouth replacing my cock with my mouth, I kissed him, rolling him on top of me. I licked Robert clean, he was done he needed more sleep, his cock shrivelled, his balls drained.

“I did tell you I would drain those balls of yours I am a man of my word Sir.” I said to him smiling.

“Yes Tom you sure are, but I need sleep Tom your wearing me out.” Robert said snuggling in his head on my chest.

I pulled the covers over us, he and I slept another two hours, Robert woke up first, he laid on me watching me sleep, his hands on my chest his chin on his hands. I woke to his smiling face, he pulled himself up, his lips on mine.

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