Commander’s Delight


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Duke had become rather brash as of late Since the reinstatement of the G.I. Joes, the other Joe’s grew more and more concerned with Dukes behavior. Each member did what they could to try and help their leader, rather second in command, but nothing seemed to work. Duke’s wildness on the battle field, while impressive and heroic, was dangerous and no end could be seen.

To lighten their leaders mood, the Joe’s threw a huge birthday bash for Duke. Everyone was present, with presents! Oddly, Duke himself hadn’t even realized it was his own birthday, making the surprise that much more greater. But not all Joe’s were as clever as Shana M. O’Hara, codenamed Scarlett. Scarlett had given much thought into what was eating the Joe’s field commander from the inside out and soon came to only one possible conclusion and one possible solution. Sexual Frustration.

“Cover Girl…” Scarlett called out to another female in the room.

The party had now been going on for several hours, much longer then it probably should have. Infact, Duke had already retired to an empty portion of the headquarters to collect himself. Naturally, he was also thumbing through his giant mound of presents. He was not displeased at a new set of antique revolvers that he had received.

Cover Girl, rather Courtney A. Krieger, turned around to look at Scarlett, who had called her name. Cover Girl had yet to see Scarlett the entire party but when she did, her words disappeared. Cover Girl was the fashion model of the group but she strongly disliked being viewed as just another gorgeous, dumb female. Because of this, Cover Girl didn’t dress in attire that showed off her natural assets. Apparently Scarlett was unhindered by such vows.

Cover Girl ran her perfect hand through her long curly flowing locks of crimson self consciously as her wide eyes wandered along the scrumptious form of scarlet before she mustered up a response.

“Scarlett. Hello. How are you…?” Cover girl spoke gently, a finger lacing through one of her locks, coiling it nervously before stretching the curly strand straight. Covergirl found her eyes wandering over Scarlett as they spoke. Scarlett stepped closer, and closer, giving the former model an even better view. Cover girl knew that she was not the only one astonished by Scarlett’s wardrobe, or lack there of.

“Oh, you know, enjoying the party!” Scarlet said in a silky smooth voice that washed over Covergirl immediately and enticingly. Covergirl exhaled for a moment in response, obviously becoming prisoner to the unnaturally erotic voice of her commander at arms.

Scarlett was indeed breathtaking. She no longer donned upon her lithe, athletic form the typical bulky attire of a Joe. Where once was a skintight body suit topped with a pale leotard , now was just a simple two piece black bathing suit. The waist band of her bikini bottoms were exquisitely pulled down tenderly to reveal her shapely hip bones. So low was the minuscule material that Cover Girl knew that Scarlett was had a small bush of red pubic hairs in her nether regions. Cover Girl could only secretly beg that those panties would slip down just another inch, just one more. Scarlett didn’t need to look at Cover girl to know where her eyes were. Infact, Scarlett was disinterested in the gawking from Cover Girl and choose instead to look around the large room where the party was, ignoring Cover Girl sensual glances.

Cover Girl nipped at her lower lip as Scarlett advanced toward her position. All she could do was stand in bewildered silence.

“Have you seen Duke? I was planning on going swimming with him. A… birthday present if you will.” Scarlett finally spoke “But I don‘t think I will be wearing these little things.” She teasingly winked, snapping her panty band. It seemed like forever and the two females were nearly on top of each other. Scarlett took her naked arm and swung it over Cover Girls shoulder, her hand grasping just a slight handful of that curly hair from the tanned females head and slowly pushed it to the side toward the bikini clad Joe. Scarlett didn’t have to lean her head to the side to whisper as Covergirl followed the guiding hand of Scarlett. Cover Girl came to Scarlett, not the other way around.

Cover Girl didn’t, couldn’t resist such a provocative, sensual touch, however, she did curse herself for under dressing, or maybe, more to the point, overdressing. She was no match for the swim-ready Scarlett. Upon Cover Girl’s body was an elegant, eye-catching violet dress which had a slit up the side of each of her legs. It hugged her form snuggly, making her shape all that more attractive but nothing could compare to the sheer brazenness of Scarletts own attire. Cover Girl was dressed to look alluring, but Scarlet was majestic and awe-inspiring.

Scarlett chuckled under her breathe as she whispered into Cover Girl’s ear. “I know you like Duke. I heard from him that you actually came onto him one time. Want to know a secret?” With that, Scarlet opened her mouth and lashed a tongue soothingly, shamelessly against Cover Girls ear.

Cover Girl became weak in the legs. Her eyes slowly closed as her own hands gently caressed her silky violet dress, running sensually down the length of her sides as she exhaled in a forbidden sigh. Oh God! What was Scarlett doing! In the middle of a party no less. Cover Girl couldn’t hear the words coming from her companions mouth. She could, however, hear the enhanced droning of that warm breathe against her bare, naked izmit otele gelen escort ear.

Scarlett knew her actions were working. She playfully murmured under her breathe before running her tongue wetly against the earlobe of Cover Girl before snagging just a little tiny piece of it into her mouth, suckling it. Cover Girl squirmed and gasped sensitively. The torture continued on the super model, she having forgotten that she was actually asked a question. It seemed only second nature to Cover Girl that one of her hands journeyed to the side, caressing along the bare side of Scarlett’s before venturing backward to the erotically near peeled off panties of Scarlett, stroking along the rear – end.

Scarlett’s ass was taut, firm, but yet they still had just enough fat in them to sink her fingers into. “Yes…” Cover Girl finally spoke up after a hearty inquiring of “Hmmmm?” from Scarlett.

“I know you want Duke. So do I.” Scarlett spoke gently.

“Me, like Duke…” Cover Girl said exacerbated, as if that was untrue.

“Are you going to play coy with me all night, Cover Girl… Mmmm Courtney… or do you want to hear what I have in mind?” Scarlett said softly, suckling the ear even more furiously then before. Every action Scarlett did, Covergirl returned the favor as she teasingly slipped a finger along the crack of the straight red-haired females ass.

Duke was resting in a small office. It wasn’t his own but he was sure that no one would be using it tonight on account of the party – After all, no one would be able to find him if he was loitering around a place where he didn’t belong, and he wanted that. Wanted to be alone. With feet resting up on the desk as he sat in a comfortable chair, Duke wore a tan shirt and green pants, his typical wear for war and battle. He Hadn’t even washed it since the mission he just came back from, a little spot of blood burning brightly in the center of his chest. His muscles rippled as the shirt tried desperately to contain his bulky, masculine figure. He sat behind a desk, feet kicked up, admiring one of the two revolvers he had just received. It was a beauty, that was a fact but as he felt the cold, heavy contraption in his hand, he slowly placed it down into his lap as his eyes found something entirely different to focus on.

“Scarlett?” Duke said as the female Joe walked across the hallway outside of the room. She paused. Bingo. ‘found him’, she thought.

Scarlett turned toward the room and crept inside, not closing the door. Behind her, Cover Girl slipped in also. There was a long silence. Duke’s eyes widened as he found himself unwittingly caressing the naked flesh of Scarlett. She was exquisite, but it didn’t hurt that the pale-ish female was standing side by side with Cover Girl who had more of a tanned appearance. The stark color contrast was amazing and each of the redheads had a special zest, a flare with their own hair. Scarlett’s was straightened with a long lock that was pulled over her shoulder, which hung down and slipped enticingly between her sleek black bikini clad breasts. Duke realized that the lock of straight redhead belonging to Scarlett was trapped, imprisoned not only by the two firm breasts but was tucked under the material that connected the bikini cups just center of Scarlett’s chest.

Next to Scarlett resided someone even more erotic. Cover Girl, the beautiful, sensual, sexual model who joined the G.I. Joe’s to prove something to someone, or to everybody. Duke had never seen someone so shamelessly gorgeous before, yet she seemed slightly shy. A crisp red glow illuminating from her sharp featured cheeks. Cover Girl’s hair was curly, and while not as provocative as Scarlett’s, had its own allure. Duke thought about Cover Girl all the time but he never really saw her dress so spicy before.

“Now then.” Scarlett lifted a foot up behind her and hooked the open door with her bare foot and tugged the door shut. It closed loudly, the sound echoed in the room causing both Duke and Cover Girl to snap from their own introspectiveness.

“Scarlett? Why are you dressed like that? Hey, not that I am complaining though. You should go on Missions like that. But then if you did that, there would be no need for lil ole Betsy over here.” Duke chuckled holding up the revolver for Scarlet and Cover Girl to see. Scarlett ignored the gesture, but Cover Girl did look at it, it was an amazing gun… Even at this moment, she became a little envious of the gun. Or maybe, just maybe, it was because Duke couldn’t keep his eyes off Scarlett!

Scarlett turned around, revealing her sultry rear-end. The crack of her ass was clear as day and just beneath it was her suffocating tight bikini bottom which squeezed her medium sized firm ass cheeks much more firm. Scarlett casually reached for the blinds and pulled them over the door and the other two office windows. It seemed so natural and she laughed sensually at the joke. “Funny, Duke. But no, no, no. Tonight, I am not Scarlett. Tonight, Duke, you can call me Shana or O’Hara. Which one would you like?”

Duke awkwardly laughed low. This was getting odd. Very odd. He knew what these actions would lead to but he was still in disbelief and oddly out of his confident waters. “O’Hara it is then.”

“You like that name because you are comfortable calling me that, isn’t that right?” She purred before walking to the desk. Her movement was tauntingly slow as she rounded the desk toward dukes position. Duke’s eyes, hell, even Cover Girl’s eyes, was focused on Scarlett’s finger as it traced along various items on the wooden surface of the desk. The finger then slipped upward and under Duke’s chin.

“O’Hara?” Duke said quizzically.

“Call me Shana. Got it, Duke.” Shana said gracefully, bending down to Duke and planting a kiss on his lips tenderly. It was a gentle, soft, passionate kiss where it was more about the precision of izmit anal yapan escort Shana’s tongue upon Duke’s lips that really mattered.

Cover Girl sucked in her bottom lip, one of her hands ran about her side, feeling that enveloping smooth material of her dress before slipping forbiddingly downward to her thighs, her inner thighs to be exactly. She felt a tingle since she had seen, and lightly petted Scarlett — Shana —, but now she had an itch. An itch that couldn’t be ignored. This was really happening!? Duke wasn’t the only one in a daze of confusion, arousal, and disbelief.

“what about her?” Duke said after regaining his breathe. Shana’s hands were placed on the arms of the chair in which Duke sat in. Shana’s face was still ever so tenderly near his own. Duke could see her lips tremble with sexual energy, her teeth running along a small bit of lip, chewing it. Shana’s eyes danced flutteringly to Duke’s own eyes, to her chest and to the revolver in his lap… but maybe Duke was thinking about the wrong revolver.

“Oh, her?”

Cover Girl was didn’t notice they were talking about her. Both hands now running strikingly along her outer to inner thigh. She nuzzled her thumbs along her crotch as her hands completed their long, soft, sensual stroking movement.

Shana laughed a little, purring before turning around a little, her eyes focusing now upon the in – heat Cover Girl. “Hey, CG, you like being called Cover Girl or would you like me to be moaning out another name?”

Cover Girl immediately stopped her slow, tender arousing strokes of her hands in lieu of placing one palm against her pelvis, her fingers now pressing against her crotch. Cover Girl could feel the fabric of her lacey panties against her bald, freshly shaven moist cunt. Shana had a bone in her mouth and she was running with it! She wanted this to happen no matter what, didn’t she.

“Courtney” Cover Girl offered up tenderly as she gasped in a soft exhaling moan.

Shana turned to look at duke before barraging him with soft, sensual pecking kisses. “Apparently Courtney.” Shana said between kisses. Shana’s hands grazed along the solid shoulders of Duke, caressing his tan shirt before her delicate fingers, including her nails in the wake of her touch, stroked down his forearms, lingering ever so often to sample and delight in the strong, firm flesh of Duke.

All the while, poor little cover girl was standing by herself but that didn’t really seem to be much of a problem for her. Her adventurous hand now lustfully found itself snaking through the slit in her violet dress which stretched, up to her hip, and dedicatedly perched that hand just by her lacey teal panties, under the dress. Nabbing a pinch of her undergarment, she tugged upon it, making the otherwise elastic wear stretch and dig in-between her nether regions. It was impossible to get her damp panties wetter – but apparently as she sawed the panty string along her labia folds, it was definitely possible. Courtney gasped out in heated moan as she watched with delight as Scarlett slipped herself massagingly upon her commanders body.

“Having fun, yet? I love the way cover girl is serenading us with her own lusty desires. Don’t you?” Scarlett spoke huskily as she slipped down Duke’s body as he sat in the chair. With dexterous fingers, Scarlett undid his military issued pants. Duke’s member throbbed under his pants and it was clearly noticeable, more so when Scarlett finally began to unzip the pants. Out popped his already well hardened cock, peeking gloriously from under his lax boxers.

Exhaling, Duke leaned back in the chair as he felt scarlet’s pale colored fingers nimbly run up and down his shaft, each time she stroked, her grip tightened, tugging and slowly pulling the cock completely free from the boxers which now rest just under his aching ball sack. Duke, having had his eyes closed from sheer pleasure soon began to open them and look down into his lap. Was Scarlett… Shana really doing this! She might not have been naked but that was the furthest thing in his mind right now as her tongue lashed at his cock. With one playful stroke of Scarlett’s tongue, she took in a generous glob of precum which had been oozing on the tip of his large, mushroom head.

“Oh yeah…” Duke said laughing a little under his breathe, sinking back into the mood — and the chair. “You think you can handle it, Master Sergeant O’Hare?”

“We will just have to see, won’t we?” Scarlett teased as her silky soft hand gripped around the shaft, firmly stroking it, her thumb pressing tenderly onto the belly of the phallus. Her pout, purposefully bright crimson lips wrapped around the head, slipping it past them she accepted the cock down to where her precisely stroking hand resided.

“Come over here Courtney, you look like you need to be touched.” Duke said, feeling in a partially giving mood, his birthday or not! The flaming hot redhead walked over to her command. Leaning in ,her tongue swirled around his lips in anticipation. She bent down, some of her fire-engine red hair curtained over dukes face as she leaned in for a kiss. Though curly, it was extremely long. Duke felt it on his heavy breathing chest. As they kissed, Cover Girl took her own hands and ran them along his shirt, slipping it upward. Scarlett, sensing the movements; with cock in one hand, a good portion of it inbedded deep in her mouth, she allowed her free hand to slip up against his now naked chest, feeling his muscles. Scarlet herself was not by any means weak- where she was firm and taut, and in, he was visually well cut, with a six-pack that Scarlett now enjoyed tracing her fingers through.

The shirt came off rather easily, it didn’t hurt that all three of the people in the room desperately wanted it off. Scarlett continued to suckle on the cock, balls now ungripped, and Cover Girl was leaning and making out with Duke. “I have sansürsüz escort bayan wanted to do this for so long. Not… exactly this… but I am not complaining.” Cover Girl said between kisses.

“Neither am I”

Duke let out a moan as Scarlett happened to say something also, but with his cock lodged so far into her eager mouth, he only felt the odd movements and strange sensations. But God, did it feel good.

Cover Girl took a handful of Scarlets straight hair, tugging it from its position inbetween her breasts, and cover girl offered her own little helping hand by pushing Shana down against the cock, burying her face in it. She accepted, with a little struggling and gags. Scarlett obviously enjoyed having her commander hilted in her warm, wet mouth.

Cover Girl with her other hand started to quickly undress, but it was not quick enough for Duke. Duke grabbed at the flimsy piece of revealing attire and pulled to each side, ripping it in half, cleanly to boot. The seams undid themselves accordingly and all Cover Girl needed to do was slip from the straps of dress.

“That’s one way of doing it.” Cover Girl chuckled, licking her lips. She wore no bra. Cover Girl’s breasts were pudgy, hanging just ever so lightly, dropping under the weight of their clearly fat contents. But they bounced and jiggled so invitingly that Duke was forced to immediately address them with a feverish, aroused, hungry grip. The flesh squeezed between his fingers before Cover Girl leaned forward, her hands wrapped around Duke’s head, using it as support, just rubbing her naked, soft tanned arms in his blonde hair. With her body arched, she dangled her breasts just out of Dukes mouths reach. Twirling a nipple in his finger, he brought his teeth down upon it, pulling it so Cover Girl got a little closer. Both hands gripped one breast as he fit the plump thing into his lustful mouth.

Scarlett was doing his job rather well down there, but eventually she let the member escape her mouth, this time much longer then a breathing pause. She stood up, her hands grazing along the shaft as she watched the scene of Duke and Cover Girl going at it. Turning around, her hands now slipped her black bikini bottoms to the side as she sat down onto Dukes lap. Duke had noticed Scarletts absent actions but frankly, he and Cover Girl were doing just fine until he felt a slight patch of hair rub against her cock before a hole was placed upon his head.

Scarlett continued to descend herself upon Duke’s cock. Her pussy was wet, just soaking wet, and hot, just the right combination to entice the commanders cock to tense up and become that much more ridged. Scarlett’s pussy was tight, it was forced to be pushed open, and a lot of pushing and pressure was needed to widen her suffocating gripping tight twat. Duke had fingered that Scarlett only really could use two or three fingers to get herself off. Her lovely nectar ran down the shaft of his cock, the stream of slowly, yet gushing cream slipped down his ball sack and dripped to the floor steadily as Scarlett continued to ram the cock deeper into her burning, needy cunnie.

“Oh god yes!” Shana screamed out as her body gyrated, each gyration gave birth to a new shudder of exhilaration and passion from Shana’s trembling body. It felt so good as she rob that cock underneath her. Wickedly, Scarlet tightened her pussy, choking the cock so much so that even if Duke wanted to orgasm, he might not be able to. She tightened herself ever so quickly, just enough to hug herself as she ascended and descended upon the length of that girthy, throbbing cock.

Cover Girl took her hand and reached around to the gliding, elegant body of the swim ready Scarlett. Seeking out with her fingers, she finally grazed upon Scarlett’s clit, rubbing it heatedly as she watched Duke suck her fat tanned breast. “Don’t think you can just cum inside her and not me.” Cover Girl laughed softly as she closed her eyes, soaking in the sensation of his harsh, lusty suckles of her highly sensitive breasts. Cover Girl rubbed her chest against Duke’s face, squishing his face in between her pillowy soft breasts. With nipples as hard as a rock and as big as a cherry, she enjoyed rubbing it against Dukes lips, teasing herself and him at the same time.

Like a dog in heat, Cover Girl, with legs slightly parted, rubbed her crotch against Duke’s arm. Duke noticed this and placed a strong hand against her crotch, his fingers were unstoppable, not even the panties could slow his rush. His fingers slipped into Courtney’s dripping cunnie. The sound of their entrance and feverish movements resounded clearly, apart from Shana’s gasping moans and screams of Bliss.

“Cum for me Duke!” Scarlett grasped, she was now in the throes of her own deep, passionate orgasm because of the cock inside her, but Cover Girl was very much a factor of her mind-blowing and quick orgasm. Cover Girl smiled as her eyes rolled up into her head. “Oh god, just like… like that” The model scarlet spoke tenderly as she felt her own illuminating, sensual orgasm wash upon her lithe, athletic body. That itch was getting scratched all to well from two thick fingers duke produced animalistic ally inside her.

Duke as well orgasmed, feeling the wetness gushing down his hand, with breasts smashing against his face, and a provocative knocking of his cock lodged just so perfectly inside Shana’s gasping, panting, tensing body wasfar too much for him to hold on any longer. One of his arms wrapped around Scarlet’s side, pulling her offbalancedly toward him. She plopped into his lap as Duke firmly jolted himself forward before letting out, what he thought, was the best orgasm of his life.

Cover Girl sat upon the desk, panting. Duke lay in the chair, smiling. Shana leaned against Dukes strong chest, sighing in contentment.


“Were you wearing a condom, Duke?” Cover Girl asked sofly, sighing from such an orgasm.

“No…” He said distantly.

“You didn’t… You might have gotten Shana pregnant?”

“Really! Damn it. I didn’t know that.”: Duke said

“Now you know.” CG said.

“And knowing is half the battle.” Scarlett chimed in — patting her stomach.

“Your damn right it is.”

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