Coming Out

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1. One Drunken Night

He said the condition would permeate slowly. He said it had been a battle, but now it’s not that bad after getting use to the idea. No one new, he hid it well. Jesus fuckin’ Christ, I’ve got a girl, a job, a dog, and, and, I can’t let this happen.

Raw sausages at first, he said he liked them, they were good for technique, but had to use carrots to break himself in. Carrots and sausages for ten years, what’s he got for an arse, a fuckin’ food processor.

Well it looks as if I’m the same, ’cause I’ve been shovin’ candles up my butt for the last six months. My mum, God rest her soul, always said that I was the light of her life and my ole man, he’s a bit of a bastid, said I got on his wick, if only they knew there twenty-five year old son was hiding in a closet, those closet doors can stay tightly shut as far as I’m concerned, as he said: “The condition will permeate slowly.” Perhaps I can plug my arse and make do for a while, it might just go away. Anybody knocks at my closet door, I’ll say, “Fucking hell man, what ya think I am, gay?”

2. The set up

He tricked me, The ruse was this: I was to go to the shopping mall wearing a baseball cap turned wrong way round, on a blind date to meet his sister, set up one drunken night, four nights ago. Also, I had to wear a blue T-shirt and wait outside Argos. He said be there for 2.00pm, she’d be there for 2.10pm wearing the same.

I waited outside Argos. Two o’clock came and went, and so did ten-past and twenty-past. At two-thirty I noticed my date walking toward me through the crowd, but hold on! There was something wrong with this picture I was seeing, this female was male! He’s set me up! The Bastid!

‘Hello, my name’s Donald,’ he raised his hand to greet me. I took it and shook it, introducing myself as Ronald. “Ronald and fuckin’ Donald,” I thought to myself, He’s about my age, but have to admit it, better looking than me.

‘Shall we go to Starbucks Ronald?’ Donald asked. ‘It’s much more comfortable than standing here.’

‘Okay’ I replied. We walked toward Starbucks on the other side of the Mall.

We sat opposite each other with our frothy cappuccinos canlı bahis in hand. Donald had just taken a sip which left a frothy moustache atop his upper lip. ‘Well Ronald,’ Donald spoke up, licking at his frothy moustache in mid-sentence, ‘Simon told me you were scared of coming out, and that you were still a virgin.’ I almost choked on my cappuccino and stared at Donald speechless. ‘That’s alright, he continued, ‘we’ve all been there. My first time, about three year’s ago was with a big hairy sailor. He sorted me out, couldn’t sit for a week.’ I almost spat warm coffee as I stood to leave, but Donald grabbed me by the arm and said,’ It’s okay, Hugo and I are history. I think he is somewhere sailing the Seven Seas.

‘Donald,’ I said, still standing, ‘this is a mistake. I’ve been set up by that bastid Simon.’

‘No Ronald. Simon said you’re in the closet, I was terrified of coming out, didn’t till my twenty-first birthday. He said you told him one drunken night after he told you of his sausages and carrots. I know the pain you are going through, and how your girlfriend left you ’cause you asked her to push a candle up your butt, she wouldn’t understand, they never do.’ Donald stopped talking, let go of my arm and renewed his frothy moustache. ‘Listen Ronald, I’ve got some candles back at my place, there the best, from Ikea. What you say we go back to my place and burn our candles at both ends.’

3. Burning Candles at Both Ends

Donald walked up the communal staircase in front of me. I found myself staring at his jean-clad arse cheeks, as he walked tightly up, one by one, to his place. “What-the-fuck-am-I-doing,” I thought to myself and dropped my gaze to the stairs. ‘Here we are,’ said Donald. He rummaged around inside his pocket and took out his keys. He opened the door and I looked around a tidy little bed-sit.

‘Well then Ronald, here we are.’

‘Yes,’ I said. We both stood next to his bed facing each other. He put his arms around my neck and pulled me toward him. His lips pressed against mine. I froze. His wet tongue forced its way into my mouth. I unfroze, and forcibly pushed him away and he bounced onto the bed. ‘Fuck off, you queer bastid!’ I bahis siteleri spat out at him.

‘Ronald, you bitch! No need to be so rough,’ he spat back, as he sat himself upright on the bed. We both looked at each other in silence, and then Donald spoke. ‘Listen Ronald, you’re gay, or else you wouldn’t be here. You’re here now, only us. Try it, you might like it.’ He got up from the bed and walked over to his midi system. ‘You’ll like this. it’s a cover version of “I’m not in Love” by the Village People.’ He pressed play and the Village People sang out.

Donald cavorted slowly to the music. He lifted off his T-shirt revealing his slim hairless torso. I looked on nervously as he kicked off his trainers and dropped his jeans. He jived slowly wearing only a pink posing pouch with “look inside I’ve nothing to hide” written in gold lettering across his bulge.

‘Come on Ronald, it’s free, join in. I’m single, let’s mingle. If you let me I’ll make your G-spot tingle.’ He caressed his bulge to his little rhyme, but he saw I wasn’t getting into

the spirit of it all and stopped dancing. He looked at me and said, ‘Come on Ronald, lighten up, I’ll shove a candle up your arse, there the best, from Ikea.’ I smiled and said, ‘You’re so comfortable with it all, I don’t know if I can do this.

Donald dropped his posing pouch revealing a four-inch flaccid slender cock, and well proportioned balls, covered with short black downy-looking pubic hair. He walked over to me and took my hand, placing it over his credentials, his hand over mine, and said, ‘When I take my hand away and if you take yours away, then just walk out the door and that’s that.’

Donald looked into my eyes and took his hand away from mine. I froze up again, but enjoyed the fleshy flaccid warmth of his cock against the palm of my hand. I wrapped my hand around his cock and it grew from flaccid to semi-hard. ‘Ooh Ronald, That’s it. don’t be shy,’ Donald crooned in a soft feminine tone. I began to wank him slowly, his cock now full and erect, a slender eight inches. He undid my jeans as I wanked and they slid down my legs to the floor. Donald’s cock suddenly ejected from my grip, as he dropped to bahis şirketleri his knees. He pulled down my boxers to my ankles and my erection twanged before his face. He took my cock in his hand and looked at it. I lifted my T-shirt and was pulling it over my head when I felt a wet warmth engulf my cock, he had mouthed it. My knees went weak and gave under me as a delicious shudder ran up and down my spine, I fell to the floor, my T-shirt, arms, and head in a tangle.

4. A Slop, A whack, and a Crack

I lay flat on my back on the floor. Donald lifted my jeans and boxer shorts over my ankles, twirled them about his head and whooped, ‘Yippee! Let’s ride ’em cowboy.’ The words “Breakback Mountain” flashed across my mind’s eye as I untangled myself from my T-shirt. Donald sat on my legs and shuffled up to my erect cock, it bobbed from side to side before being steadied by his firm grip. It felt good as he caressed my over-stretched phallus skin. I took Donald’s ragging hard on and wanked him vigorously. ‘Ooh, take it easy cowboy,’ he moaned, ‘wank it, don’t yank it.’

Donald took his hand off my cock and shuffled up and sat across my chest. My field of vision was filled with his asking cock and winking jap’s eye, it kissed my lips and asked to enter. His pommel parted my lips and my mouth widened to accommodate his shank. I felt his cock hit the back of my throat, as he began to fuck my mouth. Slowly at first, then quicker as his excitement grew. My eyes bulged as I drew in oxygen through my flailing nostrils. My heart pumped with excitement and confusion, forcing blood around my body, feeding my enlarged manhood, which I wanked furiously.

Donald pushed his cock further down my throat and I choked. a claustrophobic fear took me and I pushed him off me. His cock dis-mouthed with a SLOP! And he hit the floor with a WHACK! He jumped to his feet and shouted, ‘What the fuck! You crazy bastid!’ In a flying rage I sprang to my feet, swung a punch which connected with his head with a CRACK! He spun and landed on the bed.

As he recovered I looked at his naked body. A surge of lust ricocheted through me. I gripped his thighs and lifted his smiling arse toward me. I parted his cheeks and his brown knot opened, and I filled it with my virgin cock.

I fucked Donald with pleasure and a long distant relief exploded inside me. Donald was fucked and I was out.

The beginning

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