College Failure


Failing in college is not how Lacey planned her first year to go. Ho was she meant to go home and tell everyone she was not going back after the summer because she had been kicked out for failing!

I have to go and speak to my professor. She thought. Maybe he will tell me how I can make the grade up over summer before I go back home.

It was a hot day that day so she wore a tight white vest and a short black pleated skirt that barely covered her ass. Well surely this sexy little outfit will convince that old codger to let me do some make up classes.

Lacey walked over to his office and knocked on the door. She was so nervous and scared that he was going to turn her away.

‘Come in.’ a deep voice shouted

‘Hi Professor Krank, it’s Lacey from your Sociology class.’ He looked up from his pile of papers on his desk and slid his glasses down to the end of his nose.

‘Ah yes the girl that seemed so promising and then started to fail miserably. I can only assume you have come ask about your grade.’ He sighed.

‘Yes Sir, I don’t know what happened. All I know is I cannot go home and not be able to return after summer. I can’t go home a failure.’

He sighed and stood up indicating to her to take a seat. As he stood the chair sighed at the relief it had from his weight. You see Professor Krank was a large man of about 55 years of age. He walked over to the door and shut it the blinds over the window on the door indicating that he was in a meeting.

‘Well let’s hear it then, what excuse can you give me that will justify you failing so badly when you started off so well.’ He said, perching on the corner of his desk.

‘Professor please, I don’t have any excuses apart from being seduced by the social life college has to offer after classes. Please if there is a way that I can do some make up classes, I will do anything just to stay in college.’

‘Anything?’ he said raising his left eyebrow.

‘Yes anything I am desperate, I really cannot go back home and tell them that I have lived up to their expectations and failed at college.’ Lacey could feel the tears starting to well up.

‘Surely if your family thought you were going to fail then there would not be a problem with you coming home with this unfortunate news.’

‘You don’t understand Professor I came to college in hope that I could prove to them that I am not just a pretty face or a dumb slut and that I am smart and can succeed in life. Really I will do anything to stay, a make up class, anything.’ She started to cry into her hands.

‘Now now Lacey, I am sure we can come to some sort of agreement.’ He said as he lifted her head out of her hands.

For the first time since she had entered the room she could really feel his stare on her barely clothed body. She started to feel a little uncomfortable, moving her head away from his hands and squirming in her chair in an attempt to cover herself up. This was not how she wanted it to go, she just wanted to tease him into giving her some extra classes, not make her feel uncomfortable.

‘So you will be able to give me some extra classes before I leave for the summer?’ She said cautiously.

‘Well,’ he said, ‘there is one option. I believe that you’re just in need of a little… direction. A little guidance. Someone to manage your time more effectively and make sure you study evenly for your classes. Someone to punish you, if need be.’

Lacey looked up, her face red from crying, meeting her professor’s eyes briefly before looking down at his desk. ‘P-punish me?’ she asked, her voice shaking.

‘Yes, punish you,’ Professor Krank replied. ‘Make you accountable for your actions. Or, you can just fail. I thought your education meant more to you than that, but-” He shrugged nonchalantly and folded his arms across his large body.

‘I-I thought you meant extra classes. You can’t do this I will go to the Dean.’

‘And tell him what Lacey? That a respectable Professor of this college has said something to upset you? Or that you came into my office in a skimpy little slutty outfit like that ready to seduce me into passing my class.’ He laughed at her and then moved off the desk and sat back down on his chair. ‘Now be a good girl and come and lie across my lap with your little ass in the air, or you fail my college.’

Lacey started to cry again shaking her head in disbelief. This is not what I had in mind, he can’t do this. She looked at him Nevşehir Escort with pleading teary eyes and all he did was pat his lap. Ok so maybe it will just be a light spanking and then I can go, it will all be over with soon, he can get his kicks and we will all be happy. She stood up and walked over to where he was sat and lay face down across his lap.

‘There’s a good girl,’ Professor Krank said, letting his hand rest on her ass, caressing her through her skirt. He shifted in his seat before moving her, pulling and pushing until she was resting over his thighs, her ass up in the air, her groin pressed tightly against one of his fat thighs. ‘Give me your hands,’ he ordered calmly pulling his tie free. ‘A girl like you, I’ll bet you’ve never been spanked properly. I’m not going to have you try to interfere.’

Oh my God. He was right though, she had never been spanked. She heaved in a breath, feeling intimately aware of her body as she reached her hands behind her, letting him take them and tie them behind her back tightly. She could feel his warm thigh against her groin, the blood rushing to her head as he pressed down on her back slightly, angling her ass up in the air. Her breath came in quiet pants as she squirmed.

With her hands tightly secured behind her back, the professor wasted no time in lifting her skirt. He smirked at the wet spot on her white panties, fingering over it lightly, feeling Lacey jump.

‘Maybe this won’t be such a punishment after all you’re so wet that you’ve soaked through your panties. Maybe this is what you needed all along, hm? Someone to take charge and make you accountable for your actions. You wouldn’t be the first girl. Nor will you be the last.’

He peeled her panties down slowly over her pearly thighs, exposing her smooth, round ass. That ass would be a fiery red by the time he was done with it. He stroked her buttocks slowly before sliding his fingers down, slipping between her folds. She was so slick and hot against his fingers, so ready for him when he hadn’t even started playing with her yet.

He brought his hand down on her round, perfect ass with a resounding slap. Lacey let out a loud cry. It stung, making her squirm, fighting against the tie keeping her arms behind her back. Feeling that sting, she changed her mind.

‘I don’t want to, you can’t make me. Just let me go, I’ll just fail and… I don’t know. I don’t want to do this. I’ll tell!’

‘We have talked about this and you can’t back out now that you are on my lap and tied up. No one will believe a little slut like you, Lacey, no one.’ He sniggered as brought his hand down again making her cry even more.

‘Now now I can’t have you making this much noise.’ He reached into his bottom draw and pulled out a cock gag and forced it into her mouth before fastening it tightly at the back of her head. She had no choice but to suck on the rubber cock.

Taking his time, he warmed her up slowly, as his palm came down on her exposed, helpless ass cheeks. Lacey whimpered, moaned and cried out behind the gag. Whilst Professor Dean enjoyed the sounds thoroughly, the cock gag made sure they were muffled enough not to leave his office.

She could feel her buttocks warm and sting as he spanked her. But the pain wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that each hard slap drove her groin down, rubbing her clit against his fat thigh. She moaned and struggled against the tie around her wrists, helplessly stimulated as he spanked her. Her clit throbbed in time to her pulse, her nipples brushing against her bra with every jolting spank, sending waves of sensation through her. Every time she pulled against her bindings she moaned with arousal. After a couple of minutes warm up, the professor paused, rubbing his hand over her stinging, hot buttocks.

‘You take on colour well,’ he complimented, sliding his finger into her wet pussy, taking it out and sliding it into her virgin ass, feeling her shudder against him, hearing her muffled scream. He chuckled at how tight she was.

‘So tight, Lacey, is this a virgin ass hole we have here? I think we will have to do something about that.’ He leaned over to the draw down by her head that revealed a hidden treasure of sex toys, she watched him pull out a red cone shaped toy. ‘This is the smallest I have my dear but it will do perfectly for popping you ass cherry.’

Without warning he rammed the butt plug up her soaking pussy and twisted Nevşehir Escort Bayan it round making sure that it was well and truly soaked with her juices. Lacey moaned as he pulled it out and pushed it against her virgin ass hole. He laughs softly as he draws the butt plug back out of her ass and then slowly pumps it in and out. Pressing it deep he leaves it there.

He runs his fingers back along her pussy. She was so wet that he didn’t even have to force his finger in – it was dripping. He spread her lips to get a view, admiring the dewy wetness.

‘And I see you like it even more than I anticipated. That’s good. I’ve been looking for a slut bitch to keep for some time, now. You’re starting to look like you fit the bill. I like it when my sluts get wet from the abuse I give them. You ready, sweetheart? Because that was just the warm up.’

He brought his hand down with a hard crack, feeling the sting against his palm, chuckling as Lacey’s back arched as she writhed in agony. He started up a hard, harsh spanking, driving her down with every blow. By the time he was done with her, her ass would be so swollen and red that it would look purple.

Sobbing quietly to herself, he held her down and spanked her brutally. Whimpering, she rocked back and forth, trying to wriggle off his lap. All she succeeded in doing was grinding down against his thigh, building her unwilling arousal until she was panting with pain and pleasure. Every time he hit her, she jerked and clenched around the red butt plug invading her ass. Grunting, she rocked down against the professor’s thigh, a wave of pleasure washing through her. She could feel it building, her toes curling as she sobbed — she knew that once she came, it would be a hundred times worse, but she couldn’t stop it. Her muscles locked up, her body jerking and twitching, her clit throbbing. Giving a high-pitched wail, shuddering and twisting on her professor’s lap, plug in her ass and her buttocks almost purple from the spanking. Her pussy squirted fluid, dripping it onto his thigh as her stomach clenched and her orgasm exploded through her.

Professor Krank just chuckled as he felt her come against him, twisting and whimpering on his lap. He spanked her all the way through it, his hand heavy, not stopping even as her whimpers and moans of pleasure turned into cries of agony. Finally, he let his hand rest on her bruised, swollen ass, stroking the reddened, beaten skin with his fingers. Reaching for the plug, he gave it a little twist, feeling her shudder and twitch against him.

‘Now you can convince me how sorry you are by riding me, or I can spank you until you’re ready to apologise like the slut you are.’ He gave her ass another sharp spank, the sound of skin against skin echoing through the room. ‘But first I am going to lick that wet cunt of yours. Lie back on the table with your legs spread.’

He stands her up and takes the cock gag out of her drooling mouth and throws it on the floor as he pushes her back on the table. Not wanting another spanking she winces as she opens her legs wide for him to see her naked shaved pussy. Before she realised his head was between her legs and he was sucking and biting on her swollen clit as he shoves his fingers in her very wet pussy. Still very aroused from her first orgasm Lacey starts to feel her second one build up very quickly.

“Oh God Professor I think I’m going to cum!” she screams as her pussy floods his mouth. “Fuck me now. Please please fuck me I need it so bad!”

He lifts his cum covered face from between her legs and slaps her hard across the face.

‘That’s for cuming again all over my face.’

Grabbing her by the hair, he pushes and pulls, stripping her skirt off her and positioning her until she was straddling his lap, naked from the waist down. She was facing him, and he looked at her, loving how helpless and pathetic she looks with big eyes streaming with tears.

‘If you try to escape, or you don’t do as you’re told, I’m going to put you over my desk and whip you with my belt,’ he said. ‘Fuck, I’ll whip your cunt if you so much as put a foot out of line.’

Reaching between them, he shoved her vest up over her chest, admiring her breasts. They were full and perky, milky and perfect right in front of his face. The nipples were hard and swollen from her arousal. The professor took a breast in each hand and squeezing them hard. He chuckled as she gasped, leaning Escort Nevşehir in and sucking one of her tits into his mouth, rolling the pert nipple between his teeth, biting just hard enough to make her gasp and arch her back with pain. He sucked her nipples for several long minutes, pulling, biting and rolling them until they ached. He was going to have so much fun tying up these pretty breasts and whipping them, or clamping the nipples and stretching them until she screamed.

She gasped and moaned throatily, arching her chest into his attentions, trembling and twitching as he worked her nipples until they were so sensitive that even the slightest brush of his fingers or his tongue made her squirm. It hurt, but in such a good way that she couldn’t help but arch her back and offer him her tits, wincing when he got too rough bit her. But she couldn’t deny that her pussy was dripping wet, that her nipples were hard and aching for his attention.

Taking in a breath, breathing in her scent, Professor Krank slid a hand between her legs. He pushed two fingers inside her, groaning at how wet she was. He could feel her pussy clamping and squeezing around his fingers, trying to draw him in. Through the thin wall separating her ass from her pussy, he could feel the red butt plug still buried inside her, and he chuckled. Unzipping his pants with one hand, he pulled his dripping cock out. Pulling his fingers out of her and replacing it with the head of his cock.

“I want you to slide your hot cunt down on my dick,” he groaned out, his cock throbbing just at the thought of sinking into that tight heat. “I don’t want you to stop until it’s all the way inside you. If you stop, I’m going to whip your cunt before I fuck it.”

Lacey whimpered, sobbing helplessly. She could feel the head of his cock at her opening — it seemed so much bigger than his fingers. She pleaded with him with her eyes, but she knew it was useless. She shifted, lowering herself slowly down on his huge, thick cock, feeling it open her up slowly. She winced, breathing frantically as she gingerly pushed down.

“Too slow,” Professor Dean grunted. Grabbing her hips, he forced her down on his cock, lifting his hips so he could slam up into her. He groaned as his cock slid inside her warm, wet cunt in one thrust. “You feel so good, slut.”

He moaned, starting to use his grip on her hips to fuck her in long, strong strokes. He slammed deep inside with every thrust, like he was trying to get as deep inside her as possible. Sliding a hand between her legs, he rubbed his fingers over her swollen clit — she was still horny from her spanking, and she shuddered as he touched her. She pressed her tits against his lips and he started licking and sucking on her sore nipples.

Gradually, it became easier. Her cunt was so wet and slick from her arousal. Her chest heaved, her body shuddering as the professor fingered her sweet little clit. His dick moved against a spot inside her that made her moan. Eventually, she gave into the demands of her throbbing clit, grinding down against his fingers every time she slid that rock hard cock all the way inside her. The feeling inside of Lacey was building stronger and stronger as he pushed himself deeper and deeper into my tight little pussy.

She could not hold on any longer and experienced a powerful orgasm. The professor felt her orgasm before she tensed — strong muscle contractions went through her pussy, grasping and milking his cock like her cunt wanted his seed. He moaned, working her clit faster, rubbing quick circles over it as she shuddered on top of him, her toes curling as her chest heaved, her breasts jiggling right in his face. He leaned forward, biting and sucking on a nipple as he fucked her through her orgasm, feeling her hot, tight cunt gush around his thick dick. Finally, as she moaned wildly, he grunted, thrust deep into her wet cunt and exploded inside of her, biting harder on her nipple as she screamed out in pain. He pushed her off once he had finished cuming in her soaking wet pussy.

‘Now lick and suck my cock clean, you dirty slut.’ He grabbed her hair and thrust his cock deep into her mouth until she started gagging and then moved it back out holding her at a position that meant she could suck their juices off his cock.

‘Whilst you do that I think we should talk about you coming back after the summer.’ She started to suck even harder making his cock come back to life. ‘I can’t change your grade but you will be back as my little toy. You and I enjoyed this too much to stop and you have so much more to learn.’

Lacey finished sucking off the Professor and looked up at him and grinned.

‘I was hoping to start my training now.’

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