Cocky Girl’s Heart


Author’s Note : All characters engaged in sexual acts are over 18.

Bilan sighs, tying her long hair up in a high ponytail. The 18 years old Somali beauty is inside the library right now. Earlier, the tall girl’s been napping. Unfortunately, she just had a terrible nightmare about her parents. Most of her classmates can rely on and look to their mom and dad for protection and guidance. But not Bilan, though. Hers have been arrested and locked up. Her father is a refugee who came to this country a long time ago, where he met her mother, a second generation immigrant. The two married and had her, and they were a happy couple for a long time. But then Bilan’s dad wanted to take her back to Somalia so he could get her through female genital mutilation.

When Bilan found out what her father had planned, she was terrified. The girl had begged her dad not to go through with it. But he didn’t listen. In fact, he got so angry that he beat her several times and locked her in her bedroom. And her mother didn’t help her either, being a meek, subservient wife. She was all alone. Eventually, the beautiful girl read an article online and figured out what she had to do. She hid a spoon in her underwear, setting off the metal detector at the airport. When she was taken aside, she explained everything to the officials, who promptly had both of her parents arrested for abuse and trying to take her out of the country to be mutilated.

Her uncle and grandparents are both very kind to her and took great care of the girl. They are very rich and gave her everything she needed. But there’s something that is still missing from the gorgeous teen’s life. Something, or rather someone, she desperately craves. Clay, a shy white boy in her class, who Bilan is deeply in love with. He is so sweet and adorable, and every time she is near him, the girl feels warm. The way he smiles at other people when talking to them, the way he bites his lower lip, how he is always in a cheerful mood. Everything about him is perfect.

He is at the restaurant across the street right now. She knows he is. She’s been following him around every day for the past few months, working out his exact habit. The girl takes a deep breath and gets up from her seat. Bilan decides to go over there to see him and then try to flirt with the boy. If she doesn’t do it now she might lose her nerve. The girl is usually very confident, being a sexy, gifted athlete. Her cockiness on the volleyball court comes from being very successful over the past several years. But he makes her nervous and unsure of himself when she thinks of hitting on him.

She has been obsessed with the boy ever since he defended her from racist classmates when they were younger. The athletic girl puts her book back in her bag and leaves the library. On her way to the exit of the school campus, her volleyball teammates and best friends Sheila and Amy intercept her. “Hey, Bilan!” Amy greets. “Where are you off to now?” Amy is a tall athlete, nearly as tall as Bilan is, but not quite there. She is almost as beautiful as Bilan, and so is Sheila. Both of them are just as popular as she is and they hang out all the time. Normally Bilan would go for lunch with them but she has somewhere else to be right now.

“I have an errand,” Bilan replies cryptically, deciding not to tell her friends. They both think he is a dork and wouldn’t agree with her dating him. If she tells them she has a crush on Clay, they’d think she is out of her mind. Bilan doesn’t want that. Her friends just mean so much to her, being one of the very few people who accepted her right from middle school, before she became a stunning athlete. Back then, she didn’t have many people rooting in her corner, unlike today. “Listen, I’d really love to go for some extra practice with you but I have to go right now, okay?”

“Yeah, sure,” says Sheila, a broad shouldered, stocky brunette. She is even more muscular than Bilan, who is one of the strongest girls in school, but Bilan is more agile and a lot faster, as can be seen in various tournaments. “We’ll see you later in the afternoon then.” Then the brunette and Amy head off towards the gym. Bilan checks her makeup with the compact and then heads for the school exit. She looks at the time on her phone, glad to see that there’s still forty minutes left before her next class. Clay should still be there, finishing up his lunch. He usually comes back to school with a lot of time to spare, but it would still be too early to come back now, even for him.

As soon as she’s outside, she walks across the street. The girl adjusts the hem of her shirt slightly and tells herself to calm down. It’s going to be okay. She is beautiful, smart and funny. And that’s not just her talking herself up. A lot of people have described her that way, both girls and guys. She can charm the pants of Clay. She just needs to believe in herself, and she does. Soon she is outside the small restaurant where he often has his lunch. Opening the door, she enters it with a smile on her face. Looking almanbahis around, the black Amazon quickly finds her target and approaches him.

“Hi, Clay,” she says to him, sitting down opposite the object of her desire. Clay looks up from the plate and blushes. She adores how cute he is whenever his cheeks redden. It makes her enjoy smiling at him, despite feeling slightly nervous whenever she does so. “Would you mind if I join you?” Bilan asks. He quickly tells her that she is welcome too, his alabaster skin more tinged with redness than ever before. He’s always eaten alone but now someone is with him, and that someone is a gorgeous athlete with an excellent sense of humour too. Of course he’s flushed.

Clay struggles to chew the roasted chicken in front of her, being very self conscious. Thank goodness he got a haircut last week. Otherwise he’d be a mess right now, trying to flatten the mop that is his hair in its most usual state. “Yeah, sure. I’d really love to have lunch with you,” the shy young nerd mumbles, trying to meet her eyes. Bilan giggles and Clay feels his heart skip a beat. No, he has to be in control of himself. He can not start acting like a gawking moron in front of her now. He just can’t. Urgh, why does he have to be awkward like his dad? Could really use his mom’s high confidence right now, but of course he couldn’t just summon it.

“Thanks, baby,” she replies. Clay nearly chokes on his food, unsure if he heard her correctly. Did she just call him baby right then? It can’t be, right? He is just a nobody and she is the hottest girl in the school. But then Bilan says “What’s the matter, baby?” Clay turns redder than ever before and she realizes why he is blushing so madly. “Oh, I get it. It is because nobody ever called you that before, right? Don’t worry, Clay. I like you a lot, you know? I really want to go on a date with you. Would you be open to that?” Now he is gaping, doing a very good imitation of a fish on land.

Bilan gives him a kind look and Clay can feel himself calming down. He then takes a deep breath before saying “Yes, I’d really love to date you.” Bilan is now smiling widely. She has never, ever grinned like this before. The girl knew he would say yes, even before sitting down here at the table. But it is still reassuring to hear it from his lips like this. The lips she intends to feel on her pussy soon. She is going to do all sorts of dirty stuff to him and he won’t be able to say no. She is going to get everything she ever wanted. He’s going to give her his lips, tongue and cock. Clay is going to cum inside her holes soon. He just doesn’t know it yet.

“Great!” she says. “I’d call this our first date but it isn’t fancy enough. Let me take you out on Saturday. That can be our first date.” Then she orders herself orange juice and some pasta, and starts talking to him. “So before me, did you ever have a girl ask you out before? Did you ever ask a girl out on a date, Clay?” Bilan asks, despite already knowing the answer. There is no way he had ever asked a girl out, and if one had asked him out before she did, she would have known already. She is very well aware of who is dating who at their school, keeping herself up to date via various sources.

Once her food arrives, she starts eating. Clay orders himself a fruit punch to drink while he waits for her. “How do you make everything look cute?” he blurts out before he can stop himself. She looks at him curiously. “I mean, like when you wipe your lips with that paper napkin, that’s cute. How do you do that?” Bilan chuckles slightly. Looks like pussy whipping him is going to be even easier than she thought it would. She might not have to put in much effort at all, judging by how he is reacting to her presence today. The tall ebony leans across the desk, her face close to his. He blushes even more now and she smirks at him impishly.

“It’s not what I do, it’s me,” she tells him. “I’m cute, Clay. I’m very cute.” His cheeks suffused with redness, he glances aside coquettishly. She seizes her chance, leaning in and giving him a peck on the cheek. This makes him squeal and she giggles. “By the way, we can’t tell anyone about us dating,” Bilan tells him, suddenly serious. Clay frowns, confused. “I’d really love to go public with you, but my friends think you’re a loser. And I can’t really blame them either. I mean, you’re thin and weak and can’t play any sports. But don’t worry. I still like you. I just can’t let them know we are dating, alright?”

Hearing her say all of that stuff to him hurts his feelings, but Clay hides it well, not wanting to ruin the chance he just got. Here is the perfect girl, asking him to date her. If he has to put up with some secrecy, then so be it. He can do that. It’s not too difficult. Clay nods. “Okay, I won’t tell anyone we’re dating,” he promises her sincerely. When the bill arrives, Bilan insists on paying for him, despite him protesting. Finally, Clay says “Fine, but I’m paying for our first day.” Bilan smiles and he smiles back, waiting for almanbahis giriş the receipt. Then she heads back to the school, telling him to go five minutes after her, so no one will see them together and suspect a thing.

Once school’s over, he is about to leave the building when Bilan finds him. Grabbing his wrist, she drags him over to a dark corner and then uses her other hand to grope his cock and balls. “You have a lot of cum in your balls,” she tells the flushed geek. “I want to feel it inside me. I want you to shoot your load down my throat and in my cunt. And you’re going to do that. You’re going to fuck my face and pound my pussy tomorrow. White boys are sluts, born to worship black girls with their cocks and cum. Remember that, Clay.” Then she kisses him on the lips and strolls off, leaving him with a throbbing boner.


Three months after their first date, Balin and her cute boyfriend Clay are going strong. She is very pleased with how well he has adapted to his role. He’s proven to be a very obedient lover, always eating her out and letting her suck his cock whenever she wants. She loves nothing more than making him surrender to her, spilling his hot seed in her hungry mouth as she greedily swallows every last drop of it, his balls swinging into her chin as he cums. The best part is that he is also willing to kiss her after she’s given him a blowjob. None of her friends could get their guys to do that.

Right now, she is at the volleyball court with Amy and Sheila. Clay is watching her train nearby. She isn’t aware of that though. The girl is talking to her friends, who have seen her hang out with the boy a couple of times before, when she wasn’t careful enough. “Seriously, Balin. What are you doing hanging out with that loser?” Sheila asks her. “Clay is such a geek. It could rub off on you. You should stop hanging around him already.” Amy nods along, clearly agreeing with her sidekick’s judgment. Balin sighs, not sure what to say to her friends. She is in now way ready to tell them the truth about her relationship.

“I know he’s a loser,” she remarks, unaware that Clay is nearby and can hear her. She is only saying this in order to placate her friends, but her boyfriend doesn’t know that. “I am only hanging out with him to get his help on my Literature assignment. That’s all. Honestly, do you think I have a crush on him or something?” Amy shrugs. “That’s ridiculous. I’d never have any feelings for that tiny dork.” Sheila chuckles lightly. Clay feels his heart breaking and he walks off silently, while his girlfriend continues to speak to her friends. He feels like a dozen hot knives are impaling his heart right now, twisting around inside.

Balin continues to practice the sport with her friends, with Sheila remarking “I do think that he is kind of cute, but he is still a loser.” Frowning, Balin feels slightly jealous. Sheila has fucked a few guys she has called ‘adorable losers’ ; ie. too geeky to date but cute enough to fuck once and toss aside. That’s what Sheila does. She’s a player, wooing guys and banging them for one night, then telling them int the morning that they mean nothing to hurt, breaking countless hearts. Amy snickers. As possessive as she is though, Balin trusts her boyfriend to be faithful to her and isn’t too worried, not knowing he heard her insult him for her friends’ approval.

She trains hard before it is time to leave. The girl then goes into the locker room, taking a quick shower. Balin enjoys feeling the warm water cascading down over her ebony skin. Her chocolate skin is covered in a light sheen of sweat from working out and she quickly washes herself, making sure to clean her hairy pussy too. She plans to sit on her boyfriend’s face tonight when she goes over to his place. His parents are out of town and she intends to stay over for the night, having packed her bag for that purpose already. Her hairy cunt throbs as she thinks about how she’ll be squirting all over his face and in his mouth.

Once the final class of the day is over, she gets to the Porsche her grandparents bought for her. She drives over to his house quickly, wanting to get there before he does so she can surprise him. Balin arrives even earlier than she expected herself to and waits outside the house. When he’s back, she smiles and approaches him for a hug. To her surprise, he glares at her. “What’s wrong, baby?” the black teen asks her usually shy boyfriend. Then she feels horrified as his eyes begin to well up slightly. She is noticing the tears and grows very concerned. “Did something happen? Is someone bullying you?” Balin asks, suddenly feeling protective.

“Why do you care? I’m just a loser, am I?” he asks. Balin feels her blood turn to ice. So he heard what she said. She quickly shakes her head, looking frantic. “Please don’t insult my intelligence by lying. I was there. I heard what you said to your friends.” Balin quickly grabs his shoulders as he spins around, trying to get into his house. She wouldn’t let him though. almanbahis yeni giriş She has to talk to him right now. She can’t let him push her aside. “Just explain. I’ll give you two minutes. Tell me why you called me a loser when you were talking to your friends. Go ahead. I’m listening.” Then Clay plants his hands on his hips and stares at her expectantly.

Balin takes a deep breath. “I was afraid,” she whispers. “They are my best friends. They think that you are a loser and I went along with it, because I was scared. I didn’t want to lose my friends, Clay. But you mean more to him. I now realise how wrong I was to say that stuff. It was the worst thing I ever did and I will never do something like that again.” She looks at the nerd, pleading with her eyes. “Please, baby. Will you forgive me?” Clay could feel his heart melting. “I’ll suck your cock to make up for it. Just let me give you a blowjob,” she says, grabbing his cock through his pants. He shakes his head, much to her surprise.

“I forgive you, but I don’t feel like doing something like that right now,” he tells her. “So no, you are not going to suck my dick today. We can cuddle in bed but we’ll do nothing sexual today.” She sighs, nodding. But in her mind, she is already plotting to do something to him when he is asleep. He has no right to deny her his cock and cum. He belongs to her, after all. She is going to do what she wants to him. Soon, they are in bed together, lying under the covers. Clay kisses her on the forehead before lying down and then dozing off. Balin takes her chance, starting to fondle him through his pajamas. She rubs his dick, feeling him stiffen. Heat is being emanated from his prick as she strokes him.

The black athlete jerks her boyfriend off as he sleeps, then yanks his bottoms down. His dick springs up and she licks her lips, looking down at it. It is a small dick but because she loves him, the girl also loves his cock, even though it is a lot smaller than she would have liked. She caresses it, rubbing the shaft. Clay moans in his sleep as Bilan beats his meat. Her hand squeezes him, gripping him tightly. She clenched her fist and pump him. He is so vulnerable and she knows, loving the power she has over him, reveling in it. The thrill is amazing and she loves her control so much.

She uses her other hand to massage his nuts, rubbing Clay’s balls gently. Bilan squeezes them, treating the hanging pair with care, knowing how sensitive they are. The girl stimulates his dick and balls at the same time and yet he is still fast asleep. She smiles to herself as she thinks about how he will react to her touching him when he wakes up. It is making her cunt very wet. Her pussy is soaked and the musky scent fills the air. The tall jock continues to rub her cute boyfriend’s penis as he sleeps. It is clear that he is going to cum in minutes now. Now is the time to do what she’s been waiting for.

The ebony athlete slides down the bed to kiss his cock, licking it with her long tongue. She wraps her lips around the spongy tip, sliding them down to the base. By now, Bilan has engulfed Clay’s whole dick. His entire cock is inside her mouth and she starts bobbing her head up and down. He moans louder and is now shifting, but has yet to wake up. It is turning her on like crazy to be doing this. She is sucking her boyfriend’s cock after he told her no. The control she now has over him is intoxicating. It is getting to her head and she enjoys the sensation, feeling her snatch heat up with lust, loving the taste of his cock in her mouth.

Clay mutters something in his sleep but then his eyes flutter open. They widen in shock as he finally realizes what his horny girlfriend is doing to him. He is stunned to find his dick in her mouth and her head bobbing up and down in between his thighs. “What the heck?” he asks her. Bilan just smirks around his cock. “Baby, please stop now. I told you I’m not in the mood tonight. And besides, I didn’t really wash my cock that thoroughly. Wait until tomorrow, okay?” he asks her. Bilan stops sucking him off and shakes her head with a grin on her perfect face. “What do you mean no?”

“You are my boyfriend. Mine. I can suck your cock whenever I want to. I do not need your consent,” she tells him in a firm tone and then goes right back to sucking him off. He stares down at her in shock as she gives him the blowjob against his will. No matter how he tells her to stop, she doesn’t. She keeps on sucking his member, swirling her long tongue around it. Her mouth is so wet and warm, and he finds himself now thrusting up into the orifice, forgetting the fact that Balin had violated him in his sleep and is still taking advantage of him right now.

She bobs her head up and down very aggressively, sucking him off until he is very close to orgasm. Then the tall girl stops, looking up at him, withdrawing her mouth to say “I want to feel your hot cum pouring down my throat.” Her words make his dick spasm and then she wraps her lips around it again and sucks him much harder than before. It proves to be too much for him and the boy cries out before ejaculating, firing his cum into her mouth. She gulps it all down, enjoying the creamy taste of his semen and drinking all his seed. Clay keeps on cumming in her mouth until his balls are empty.

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