Clarisse Ch. 02


As Phillipe bent down to kiss her still wet lips he suddenly became a unicorn, or at least that’s how it looked to Clarisse. A horn seemed to grow out of his forehead. She screamed as she realised it was in fact the tip of a sword that had been plunged into the back of his head. As she watched, horrified, his eyes grew dim and he collapsed across her kneeling body. She screamed as hot blood coursed over her bared breasts.

Unknown hands pulled the body away and threw it to one side. Phillipe’s assailant withdrew his sword with a sickening sucking sound.

He ran the sword through his glove to clean it of blood then replaced it in its scabbard.

He walked over to Clarisse

“Please Monsieur” She wept, terrified, “Please don’t kill me!”

” He leant down, grabbed her shoulder and hauled her to her feet.

” Sorry to break up your party” He said ” But these are my woods! Anything and anyone that strays into them either dies or belongs to me! Now your friend there died..” As quick as a flash she felt the point of a stiletto knife prick her throat.

“..You gets a choice!”

“You” She gasped “I belong to you!”

” Ah How sweet! It must be my uncommon good looks! Right get walking! That way!” He pushed her in the direction of the heart of the forest and away from the road.

They walked for what seemed like hours. Clarisse had somehow managed to tie up the ripped ends of her bodice to cover most of her breasts but by now modesty was the least of her worries. She had lost her pretty little court shoes some kilometres back and she good feel blood oozing from her blistered feet.

“Stop!” she raised her eyes from the ground to find herself in a little clearing. The dawn’s early rays lit up a small timber hut at the far edge.

“That’s my place! A few basic rules before we get there. What I says goes. What Beth says goes. That’s it. On you go!

” Monsieur.. Your accent.. It is strange!”

” Oh yeah. One more thing. From now Anadolu Yakası Escort on you speak English!”


“English! Frog hurts my ears! On!” They covered the last hundred yards to the hut. As they approached, its crude front door opened and an attractive woman came out tucking an errant strand of blond hair behind a pretty ear.

“What you got there Tom?”

“Aristo being damn near raped back by the Calais road!”

“Bastards! What’s your name love?” She smiled kindly

“Clarisse!” Well you comes with me! Looks like you could do with a hot drink!”

In the small, but warm and comfortable, hut Clarisse learnt the odd couple’s story. Tom had been a sailor in the British Royal navy. After a contretemps with a bullying boson (Which the boson lost along with his life) Tom had had to run away. He’d got word to his wife Beth and she had, by a circuitous route, joined him here in these woods where they had lived for the last six months. Strangely, the revolution had made things safer for them. The republic didn’t take kindly to armed British marines searching the French countryside for runaways.

Beth was so sympathetic to Clarisse’s tale of flight and assault by her groom that she found herself telling her about her strange feelings of desire during her forced pleasuring of Phillipe.

“Bless you child!” laughed Beth “Them’s just a normal eighteen year old’s desires!”

“But aren’t they sinful?”

“That I can’t tell you! Ain’t no religious myself! Tell you this though; There ain’t no better feeling than a man’s hard cock pounding your pussy!”

“Beth!” Clarisse was shocked.

“Oh Lor but you’ve got a lot to learn my girl!” Beth suddenly let out a peal of laughter “And I may as well be the one to learn you!”

Beth then outlined a plan that both scandalised and excited Clarisse

That night when Tom returned with a brace of rabbits he found Beth seated on the straw bed that took up most Kurtköy Escort of the space in the hut. The little French lady was seated on the stool by the fire. Beth was smiling at him in a strange way.

“What?” He asked putting the rabbits on the hearth

” We going to do a spot of teaching Tom my man!”

“Teaching?” He asked warily

“Aye! We’re going to show this young lady how we fuck!”


” Close your mouth you great gawp! She’s eighteen and knows nowt of the world! She can’t survive this bloody revolution without knowing what men want from women! We’re going to change that!”


“And if you’re real lucky ..and only if she wants to mind, she might give that old prick of yours a tug! Don’t look at me like that! iI’s all agreed”

Tom looked at Clarisse and she gave a slight but definite nod

“So take your top off!” Don’t look at her she’s just goin’ to watch unless she says different.

Tom shrugged and undid his shirt and pulled it off. Beth stood up and twirled her fingers in his chest hair.

“Now Clarisse you see how muscled his shoulders and chest are? And they way the hair on his chest forms an arrow that points into his trousers?”

She dropped her hands to his belt.

Tom stopped her hand

“If I’m going to be some sort of performing monkey..I ain’t going to do it alone. Take off your dress!”

“Aye aye sir!” Beth turned and smiled at Clarisse. She reached down and in one motion pulled her simple dress over her head and tossed it on the bed.

Clarisse was shocked to see that she was completely naked.

“Don’t have much call for underwear in the woods!” Beth smiled

She had a beautiful body, slim shoulders, large pert breasts, enormous brown nipples, a tiny waist and wispy blonde pubic hair at the junction of her thighs.

Beth turned back to Tom “Better Sir?”

Tom nodded mutely

“Well now, where were we? Oh yes!” She Pendik Escort dropped to her knees and tugged at his belt. The buckle came undone and she slowly pulled his rough leather trousers around his flanks and let them rest on the floor.

Tom stepped out of them.

“Are you sure about this?” He was looking at Clarisse

“Do you want us to stop love?” The kneeling naked woman asked without looking at her.

“No!” whispered Clarisse who was only too aware of the warmth flooding her lower belly “Please no!”

Beth reached into Tom’s long underwear and pulled out his cock. Perhaps it was because of a stranger watching but it was already rock hard.

“Now this is where a man keeps his brains my dear!” Beth was slowly stroking his shaft. “Capture this and you have the man! Come closer look!” Clarisse left her stool and took a step towards her

“Come on come on! Here!” Beth patted the floor beside her, Clarisse joined her on her knees.

“See how I am stroking the shaft? Gently for now we don’t want him to go off too soon now do we?”

Tom who had his eyes shut just groaned

“See how hard it has got? And how it is weeping at the end?” Beth lasciviously placed the tip of her tongue to the end of the turgid cock

“My groom made me put his in my mouth?” Said Clarisse fascinated

“Like this?” Beth opened her pink lips and engulfed half of Tom’s cock and then slowly withdrew from it. Tom uttered an ecstatic cry

“It is nice to do even if not forced my dear!” Beth licked her lips. “It copies the sensations of a cock sliding into a cunt.

Again Clarisse was shocked to hear the words but she could not take her eyes from the erect penis so close to her eyes.

“Would you like to touch it?” Beth offered

Tom’s eyes flew open

“Please!” Clarisse reached out and touched her second cock. It was quite a bit bigger than Phillip’s and it was warm and hard.

“Stroke it with me my dear!” Beth put her hand over hers and together they stroked the length of his shaft

“I…I Can’t…” Tom grunted and semen flew out of his penis hitting Beth’s face and breasts.

“My but you’re exited Tom!” Beth smiled I think you’d better take off those nice clothes my dear! This could get messy!”

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