Chuka Humus Bank


Tshombe took us through the farm showing us his banana plantation. He explained to the group of five how to create a ‘humus bank’ for the young plants. He had started with digging deep holes in which he laid dry leaves, then a layer of green leaves. Each layer was liberally sprinkled with ashes, then doused with lots of water to encourage faster decomposition.

If one were to visit this hole after a month I can imagine it would be very smelly! I commented, tongue in cheek.

“It would, confirmed our host. But we all know that decomposed material is very good for plants. Tshombe had completely missed the whimsical tone in my voice.

The young plants, which were specially bred at the Kenya Agricultural Research Laboratories, were then stood upright, before being supported with some of the soil that had been removed to make the hole. He said it took seven months before they would start bearing bananas, but after that new shoots would be produced at the rate of several a year. Thus if a farmer had fifty such holes for a start, each would have several shoots in two years, assuring him of ten to twenty bananas ready for market every year. One advantage of banana, he further explained, was that apart from the heavy labour of planting the original fifty, no more work was required beyond getting rid of weak shoots to leave room for the stronger ones to thrive.

Ann his wife was with us throughout, adding an explanation here and there. She was also an expert in the growing of bananas, although Tshombe told us she concentrated more on livestock. It became apparent that banana leaves made very good fodder for the cattle and goats that kept her otherwise busy. She was a buxom woman with breasts that showed themselves to be quite large under her clothing. I wondered what they would look like released from their confines. No doubt they would swing tantalisingly. I brought my mind back to bananas by main force. We were being shown how to make supports for the trees, when they were carrying growing bananas. The stem is not very hard and sometimes can become overwhelmed by the weight, break and fall to the ground before the banana is ready. So one has to offer support in the direction that the tree bends. Tshombe showed us how to make poles of about seven feet tall, nail two short pieces of wood at the top slanting at slightly differing angles so that they supported each other. The end result was a Y-junction at the top of the pole, which would be placed astride the banana stem while the opposite end would be stood firmly in the ground. With that support the plant and its offspring would grow to maturity.

I learnt a lot that day despite that I had grown up in a farming district and neither livestock nor bananas were new to me. I took Anns number as I already had Tshombes. Ostensibly it was so that I could talk to either of them when I returned and was implementing the humus bank’ method of growing bananas. At the back of my mind, however, I had images of meeting her secretly so that I could admire those wonderfully large breasts. How that could be arranged I had no more than a vague idea.

Thank you for the wonderful lessons. We arrived safely, I texted Ann that evening. The journey from Chuka was only 160km and should take two and a half hours at the most but in these days when there was so much road construction going on, it had taken three and a quarter hours to get home again.

Thank you for honouring our invitation. We enjoyed your lively interest, unlike most of our visitors.

I will start work on my first ten banks tomorrow. I may need a lot of hand-holding, I replied.

I admire your enthusiasm. Feel free to call me about the process any time. Good night!

Sleep tight.

Throughout the following week I was in contact with her or Tshombe about the details of preparing the Büyükçekmece escort holes. I took time with that knowing that once the bananas were in the soil, there would be no opportunity of opening them up again to make corrections. When I had all ten planted according to the procedure, Ann being the more effusive one sent me an SMS, Well done! With bananas you have eradicated any possibility of going hungry ever again!

“Unless there is a famine, or a visitation of locusts. You must come and see them before I dig another ten, I challenged her on a Friday evening, not for a moment expecting that she could take me up on it. After all they could not possibly visit all their clients at home.

How lucky can you be? I have a Boys and Girls Brigade seminar at Thogoto next week. Isnt that quite near your place?

“You mean you were selected from your Parish? I can hardly believe this!”

You mean you will be there? How exciting that we will next meet working in the Lords vineyard!

She sent me a photo of herself sitting outside their house. In case you have forgotten what I look like. At any rate you will first meet me in the midst of other uniformed officers.

“( ( ( I may be older than you but not so old that I would forget your lovely face. I almost added, ..and your superb boobs, but discretion won the day.

On the last day of the seminar, each Presbyterys officers were to return together in the same matatu they had hired to bring them. Those like myself, who came from nearby, could make their own arrangements. I set it up that I would leave before the final ceremonies were complete, so that I could take Ann to see my banana plantation, without disrupting their schedule for going home. So she arranged that they would pick her up at Uthiru when they were done; she would remain in contact with the leader of their group to make sure everything was coordinated properly.

I drove off with her towards home. She was looking radiant, whether from the experience at the seminar or that she was finally with me alone, I could not tell. Neither did she.

In the plantation, Look at the neatness of your rows, Fred! And the health of the young plants.”

I learnt from the best in the land didn’t I? This caused her to call me a flatterer.

I invited her into the house for a cup of tea before I delivered her where her matatu would pick her up for the journey to Chuka. This afforded me the first opportunity to envelope her in a big bear hug. She melted into my arms just as if she were expecting it, and would have felt let down if I had not offered her one. I enjoyed the feel of those large mammaries against my chest. I laid my palm against her cheek, drawing a moan from her. She pushed her groin against mine, offering me her body.

But she pulled away just in time, for if we remained joined for much longer, I might have attempted to kiss her. I do not, gentle reader, know for certain but I have a feeling that things would have degenerated fast from that point. Either we would not have had time to take the tea, or I would have been forced to take her all the way to Chuka. That would not be politic, for her fellow officers would be left with a suspicion that she had done something she did not want them to be witness of. There is no knowing if one of them would not croak to her husband about that last day, and what would follow from there. There were too many risks involved.

So I was glad in a way when she broke the embrace and we sat down to tea in the most innocent manner imaginable. Then I took her to Uthiru bus stop to await the arrival of their vehicle. They must have taken time packing or something had turned up, for we sat in the car for over twenty minutes before they reported themselves having arrived.

What a waste Çatalca escort bayan that we had to hurry through our tea, then have to wait 20 minutes for the matatu! she said as we waited.

Good thing you stopped me kissing you when you did, or things would have gone downhill.

Is that what you were planning to do? I did not know! Her eye held a twinkle.

Since we had been together at the seminar I left her to wait for the bus, or her fellows would have connected her disappearance with me. This is the yoke church workers always have to deal with, being ever on their guard against suspicion or being talked about, thereby ruining their reputation. The fear they labour under is a great burden, but they use nice phrases to cover their uncomfortable feelings, so that they do not seem less than intelligent, while some of their actions are definitely in that category. I am one of them, and have to understand how to whitewash everything I do with the accepted wordings, so that I am not accused of having lost the faith.

Ann kept me abreast of their progress homeward. I thus knew when they reached the city and turned northward. Thika, Makutano, Sagana River, and the junction were passed in succession. I felt a stab of jealousy, wishing I were on that trip myself. I soon will be, I promised myself. Embu. That meant they were only 30 or so minutes from arrival. Runyenjes was the next town they passed through. I texted her, I should come there and have tea with you very soon. We might have sufficient time to have a kiss with it!

“( Yeah, if your courage does not desert you at the crucial moment. (”

And if you do not freak out and push me away at the crucial moment! (” All pretence that it was about bananas had long gone, so when I gave her a date for my visit to Runyenjes, she was as hot as iron. Just as she had kept me in the know I texted her as I reached each well-known town. At Embu she told me she was leaving her home so that we would meet about halfway.

I took a room at Genesis Hotel on the main street of the town and told her to find me in the restaurant. What for? Didn’t you have breakfast at home? she was full of cheek.

True to her word she did not want to take anything and wanted me to hurry through mine, which I did. Gladly. I sent her up with the key, to follow as soon as I was done. You can be sure I was almost in her footsteps.

This time she was the one to grab me hungrily. I held her tightly and told her, “I do not want ever to let you go!

Her body language screamed, Take me. I am all yours. Her groin was mashed up against mine, she was kissing me, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth, her hands held the back of my head like she did not want to let me go either. I unzipped her dress in the back, drew it off her shoulders, and pulled it off her body. She was in a light blue bra and panty suit. I shook my own clothes off with no mind to where they were falling, as if I would not need to wear them on the way home. Nothing mattered to us at that point. I pulled her off a bit to admire her large boobs encased in that blue bra. I bounced them on her chest before I said, May I see these lovely melons?

Do you want to? looking at me with daring.

I reached back and unclasped the bra, let it fall partway off her shoulders. I paused to look at her face. She pulled me in for a kiss. I returned my attention to the boobs. Any moment now I will come face to face with the object of my dreams. I slowly drew the straps off her shoulders revealing more and more of that tantalizing flesh. As the swell of them came into view, I drew in my breath. For such large ones, I was surprised that they did not droop under their own weight but were gloriously rounded. The edge of the aureoles began to show, darker than their surroundings, Escort Esenler beginning to gather in the coolness of the air. Lastly the nipples were revealed by the falling bra. They took after the main organ, being so rounded that they looked like marbles embedded on the aureoles; only that the marbles had faint wrinkles on them. I held each large globe up in my palm, admiring the wonderful symmetry of them. I ran my thumbs on the undersides approaching the nipple, which I was aching to feel.

You have the most beautiful boobs I have ever seen! My instincts when I first met you did not lie to me.

What did they say? with that naughty twinkle.

I fell in love with them right away. I lowered my mouth to the right nipple and licked it lazily. She squeezed her legs together and moaned.

Fre-eeeed! I ran a circuit around the aureole and then sucked the whole nipple and much of its foothills into my mouth. Now she screamed outright, Uuuuwi! You are killing me!

I moved action stations to the other boob, leaving the thumb and forefinger on duty at the right one, squeezing it gently. I sucked the whole nipple into my warm mouth. She stamped on the carpet like an impatient horse, grabbed the back of my head, pressing it to her bosom. I pulled it out, letting the teeth graze lightly as I let it spring free. Oooooh, my Gawd! she screamed, rubbing her thighs together. The power she held my head with told me she had come into her panties. Time enough to verify that, I thought.

I lowered her body onto the well-made bed. Rolling her onto her back I continued my assault on those boobs I loved so well. Her hand kept a firm grip on my head. I moved my mouth back to the right nipple and made a valiant effort to swallow the whole mammary. I felt the nipple tickling the back of my throat. Her legs were doing a dance of their own invention of the bed. As I pulled the boob out of the mouth, I sent one hand south to scout that panty-covered terrain. As soon as I passed the navel, she moaned loudly, evidently anticipating where that hand would end up. Down one thigh the scout explored and up again, crossing over to the other thigh to explore it in like manner. Then I allowed it to pay a courtesy call on the pubic mound. The hand slid between the thighs, feeling the outer lips of the cunt. I also felt a warm wetness. She twisted this way and that, which I took for impatience to feel my fingers on her flesh. The thumb hooked the elastic and peeled the panty down. I examined the gusset to find a thick deposit; the juice that had poured out when she came.

You do come easily my darling, I told her, while parting her lips with my forefinger, keeping active in sucking the nipple and rolling the other between the fingers of the other hand. She tried to throw one of her cheeky ones but she was beyond coherence by now. My finger slid on her juices, and my whole body was jolted by excitement. When I found her clit, it was thick, softly firm and coated with a film of delicious juices. All of a sudden I wanted that clit in my mouth. Before she had any time to register the fact, I had moved my mouth from her boob, and between her legs. Her hand tried to hold my forehead as if to stop me but my tongue had already found her slit and was sliding along her juices of arousal. I hooked the end of the tongue into her hole and she screamed again in shrill voice.

Up the valley I crept to find that nub of pleasure I had felt with my finger. When I flicked it a number of times she lost all language and was moaning and talking gibberish. I pulled the clit into my mouth, pushed it out partway and pulled it in again. I did this with increasing speed and was rewarded with a clamping of the thighs together, the most shrill scream in unintelligible language, and an outpouring of her juice into my mouth, almost too much of it. I fought valiantly to swallow it and only a few drops escaped down to the crack of her ass. I relented at this point hearing her panting desperately. I lay my head against the side of her thigh as she came down gradually. I looked up to her face, over the mounds of those lovely boobs. She was just the most beautiful woman!

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