Christmas Surprise


I pulled my car up in front of the address I had searched for. I was 99% sure this was the right place. I sat in the car trying to get my courage up. Could I go through with this? I didn’t think he’d be upset with my unannounced arrival, but surprised? Absolutely. Shocked? Probably. Angry? That was the kicker. I sure as hell hoped not. I was willing to take the chance, though. He’d asked me and invited me plenty of times, but responsibilities and my own fear of relationships had kept us from meeting. We’d been texting for a month now, and some of our exchanges had ended up being…well completely pornographic.

I walked up the sidewalk to the big white house with pillars. The outside was dappled in twinkling white Christmas lights. A picture-perfect wreath hung on the front door with a red velvet ribbon. The front facing windows were alive with golden light and people moved back and forth behind them, doubtless engaging in that fabled “good cheer” that normal people enjoyed over the holidays. I was not a normal person, and my family did not engage in good cheer as a rule. I hung back, not sure if I trusted myself to crash this image of family unity. I had a bottle of wine with me which I hoped would excuse my intrusion, or at least make it seem less bizarre.

I almost walked up to the door to knock, then hung back and thought better about it. Instead, I pulled my phone out of my pocket.

Me: Hey what are you doing?

Him: Hanging with my family.

Me: Go open the door.

Him: What??

Me: Go open the front door.

I stood there waiting, my heart was racing in my chest. What was he going to think of this? More importantly, what was he going to think of me? I’d been terrified that I would disappoint him when we finally got to meet in person. I’d be shorter than he thought, my tits would be disappointing, I was fatter than my pictures had made me seem, I looked too tired. I thought of a million things at once that he wouldn’t like. It was too late to back away now. Even if I hid in the bushes, my car was parked out front and I’d described it enough that he’d know it was mine. How many Subarus with Star Trek stickers all over the back window could there be?

I shifted my weight back and forth and fidgeted with the bottle of wine in my hands. I was sweating and started to worry that my deodorant would fail and that, combined with the snow that was landing in my hair and melting the little bit of curl I’d managed to tease into it, would cause him to mistake me for a homeless person in search of a little help instead of a hopelessly romantic, sex starved, crazy chick without appropriate boundaries. What was I thinking, crashing someone’s family Christmas?

The door opened, and my smile faltered. Instead of just him, there were four other people standing there with him, all wearing equally puzzled expressions. His wasn’t just puzzled. I saw at least ten different emotional responses flit across his face. Shock, excitement, nervousness, uncertainty, and maybe a dash of lust. I wondered what was happening inside his pants as he stood there taking in the fact that I was standing here in front of his parent’s house instead of safely on the other side of a phone. I held out my hand to his and he grasped mine to shake it. His hand was warm, and it sent a tingle up the length of my arm that settled deep in my belly. He squeezed it twice, imperceptibly, sending me a signal, but I had no idea what it was.

“Hi, I’m Rachel,” I said. “You must be James, right?” I winked at him. He opened his mouth to say something, then closed it. Opened it, closed it again. It looked a little bit like a goldfish impression, and I couldn’t help but laugh. He was still shaking my hand. I looked at him making eye contact, then looked down at our hands and he dropped it like it was a hot coal. He ran his hand through his dark curly hair and smiled.

“Yes,” He cleared his throat and tried again. “Yes, I’m James. It’s really nice to meet you. Finally.”

The woman standing next to him in a red shirt and white sweater took him by the elbow. “James?” She asked.

“Mom, this is Rachel. Rachel, this is my mom.”

“I’ve heard a lot about you,” I said. Her eyes were warm and welcoming. She looked surprised.

“Well, get out of the way!” She said to him. “Let her in before she freezes to death out here!” She took my hand and led me inside. The younger James look-alike took my coat. He could only be James’s younger brother. “I’m Meredith,” she said. “You’re…Rachel?”

“Yes, that’s me,” I said. I locked eyes with James and gave him a dangerous smile that I tried to soften with my eyes. You’re on the ledge, now, baby. What will you do now?

“You’re a friend of James’s?” She Sefaköy escort asked.

He stepped in. “Yes, we’re friends.” He said.

She was puzzled. “But, you’ve only just met?”

The younger James interjected. “Mom don’t be a dope. They obviously met on a dating site.” James flushed scarlet and I did feel a little bit sorry for him, but I could tell that in spite of this strange situation, he was glad to see me, and it made my heart shiver. She turned to him, quizzing him with her eyes.

“Yes, okay? We met on a dating site.” He ran his hand through his hair again. It was standing up all over now.

Behind them, a male voice harrumphed in what I thought could have been disapproval. The younger James spoke up for both of us. “Jesus, you guys. Tons of people meet on dating sites now. It’s not weird. How do you think Leslie and I met?” He asked.

From somewhere deeper into the house a woman’s voice called “Match Dot Com.”

“So let her in. Obviously she’s not some kind of criminal, she brought booze!” He took my elbow and led me through the foyer into a formal living room. “Don’t mind them,” he said. He had me feeling completely at ease. James was still standing in the doorway holding the bottle of wine like a sommelier waiting to find out if this selection would do. “This is my girlfriend, Leslie. And I’m Josh.

“It’s really good to meet you,” I said. He kissed my cheek, a gesture I found very charming and kind. James was definitely the winner in the looks department if you compared the two, but Josh could probably talk a catholic school girl out of her knickers.

“Thanks,” I said. “James’s told me a lot about you as well.”

“Well, it’s all a pack of lies. James has not, however, told us anything at all about you. That’s what I want to know about.” James had cached the wine somewhere in the kitchen and seemed to be almost dancing around trying to keep his family from asking about us. The last three weeks our conversations had gotten hot and racy, dirty picture sent back and forth. He didn’t need to worry, I wasn’t going to divulge our personal phone sex files, but it was kinda cute.

“Stop crowding,” he said.

“James, did you just meet? In person, I mean? For the first time?” Meredith asked.

He didn’t say anything, couldn’t seem to find words.

“Duh, mom,” Josh said. “Of course they did!”

“I think it’s sweet,” Leslie said from her place on the couch.

James came to my rescue then and I was glad he wasn’t going to make this as awkward for me as I was making it for him. “I invited her for dinner, but I didn’t think she was planning to come.” I relaxed a little. He’d just made this a lot easier. “She doesn’t have family here, and I didn’t want her to be all alone.”

“Honey, that’s sweet,” Meredith said and kissed his cheek. I felt a little jealous. I wanted to be doing that and a whole lot more. She turned to me. “Well, Rachel, you’re more than welcome. I’m glad you came. I need to finish some things up with dinner, so make yourself at home.” She turned to her youngest son. “Josh! Get her a glass of wine. Don’t just stand there staring at her.”

Josh left to get the wine and James took my elbow and pulled me back out to the foyer to talk. “What are you doing here?” He asked. I searched his face for any trace of anger, but I didn’t see any. What I saw made my nethers heat up. I’d racked my brain to come up with the perfect outfit to wear, something that he’d love, that would turn him on, but not make his parents think I was a call girl. I had chosen a simple black dress with a high neckline in front but an open back. He ran his hand over the material that clung to my hip and pulled me in for a hug. God, he smelled good.

“I wanted to surprise you. I thought you might like an unexpected Christmas surprise. Are you mad?”

“God, no, I’m not mad, just shocked to see you! Thrilled to see you!” He stepped in even closer to whisper in my ear. “Thrilled to have you right here within touching distance at last.” He kissed my earlobe and I shivered.

“Well, I brought you a present.”

“Rachel, why did you do that?? Obviously I don’t have anything for you!”

“Oh…you will,” I said and handed him a small wrapped box.

“Should I wait to open it?”

“Jesus, no!” I said, laughing. “Open it right now.” He fumbled with the wrapping paper and pulled out a small object, turning it over in his hands a few times before flashing dangerously excited eyes toward mine.

“Is this what I think it is?”

I smiled. “Try it and find out.” He pushed the button and I felt me knees quiver a little. I grabbed hold of the doorframe to steady myself. I closed my eyes. The feeling Escort Yenibosna inside me was sooo good. The little vibrator was a lot stronger than I had thought it would be. I hadn’t wanted to try it on my own-I’d wanted him to be the first one to use it. His smile was a thousand yards wide. He pushed the stop button and I was able to stand up straight. “I thought this might make for an enjoyable family evening. You’re in charge baby.” I patted his ass. “No one will know but you and me.” I walked back toward the living room and I could feel his eyes tracing down my legs, I hoped he liked my shoes. I planned to be wearing them later when he unwrapped my wrapping paper and then had his way with me.

Josh handed me a glass of wine and gave James a curious look as he stuffed the little remote into the pocket of his jeans. James’s dad was sitting on the couch watching my favorite holiday movie, It’s A Wonderful Life, on the TV. I was suddenly nervous and at a loss as to where I should be sitting or what I should be doing. James saved me from my awkwardness again and took my hand, pulling me over to the couch. His dad gave James the side-eye, then slid over so that we could sit next to each other. He held my hand for a moment, then released it. On one hand, we knew each other so well, on the other, his parents were operating more under the assumption that we had just met and were therefore little more than strangers. We kept a few modest inches between us, even though neither of us wanted to.

Suddenly my pussy was totally buzzing. I caught my breath, painfully aware of how close I was sitting to James’s dad. I could feel James next to me, stifling his laughter as I fought to keep a straight face. I flexed the fingers of my right hand, brushing up against James’s thigh. He slowed the buzz down a little and I was able to control myself a little better. I was getting wet, I could tell. I was glad I’d made the choice to wear panties, although I had considered leaving them behind. He shut it off and took his hand out of his pocket. My face was red with the effort it had taken to keep from breaking, and I found that the thought made me hot all over again. I actually broke out in a sweat.

I asked James where the bathroom was in a whisper and he pointed. I excused myself to go splash a little water on my face and catch my breath. I locked the door and turned on the tap. That sensation of pleasure rocked through my core again, even harder than before. I grabbed hold of the countertop and bent over at the waist. It felt like a combination of my wand, a little, and being fucked nice and slow from behind. I found that I instantly wanted to be fucked nice and slow from behind. At least, at first. I was panting now, holding the counter with both hands. I could almost feel James bending me over and fucking me right here on this bathroom counter. I found that I wanted that, too.

The vibrator shut off and a small cry of dismay escaped my mouth before I could clap my hand over it. It started again a few seconds later, and I was glad my hand was still covering my mouth because I gasped and then groaned with pleasure. I slapped one hand down on the countertop and wished more than anything that he was in here right now. He cranked it up one more notch and I couldn’t breathe. My pussy squeezed that little vibrator so hard I actually nearly squirted right there. I slowed down my breathing and concentrated on keeping myself and my panties dry. Well, at least not soaked. God knew how many times He’d done that to me over the past few weeks. Almost daily I’d had some thought, or a conversation with him, or sometimes just some comment would get me started. The more I thought, the wetter I became. The wetter I became, the more I thought about wanting to be pounded somewhere inappropriate. The vibrator powered down through each speed and finally shut off. It buzzed one more time and then was done completely. Somehow, I knew this was James’s message to me that dinner was ready. I washed up and made sure I didn’t look terrible, and then exited the bathroom to find everyone getting seated around the table. James had saved me a spot next to him, but on the end of the table this time so I would have fewer people sitting near me.

James’s dad-no one had told me his name yet, and it would be awkward to ask now-stood to give a toast of Thanksgiving. I’d have to ask James about his dad’s name later, when we were alone for a moment or two. The thought of being alone with him sent butterflies all through my stomach. I sat in the chair and tried not to squirm. Just knowing what I had inside me and the potential for deliciously inappropriate pleasure at the dinner table he had under his control was distracting. Halkalı escort bayan I was sitting in half alert expectation of pleasure to come. I wouldn’t know when, how much, or how long, and I found that I really liked that. It was almost like the idea of being tied up. I was at someone else’s direction. He buzzed me once and I spasmed. It shut off and I stretched, trying to play the jolt as a shot of back pain or something like that.

Then he began to pass dishes around the table, and I knew I was safe for a few minutes, at least long enough to put some food on my plate. I passed to my right when each dish came to me. When everyone had what they needed his dad said a brief prayer and everyone dug in. I was aware that again I could feel orgasmic pleasure at any moment. It was just a push of a button away. I put my napkin on my lap and suddenly there was a hand beneath it, rubbing along my inner thigh. My fork was poised in mid air between my plate and my mouth. God, I wanted that hand to travel northward and find the part of me that had been aching for him this whole time. I thought I’d lose my mind if he kept that slow stroking going much longer.

He took his hand away and I remembered that my fork was still stuck there, halfway to taking a bite. I stuffed it into my mouth to keep any sounds from coming out. Meredith asked me what I did for a living, where I was from, and all the general questions any mom would want to know about some weird stranger showing up unannounced for dinner to claim her son. I did my best to answer, but my thoughts strayed from the conversation. I must have stopped mid-sentence, because a tiny little jolt of pleasure coursed through my midsection and then was gone. I almost dropped my spoon in my mashed potatoes. But it did bring me back around to the conversation. I worried that his parents would think I was having petit mal seizures or something.

Gradually, thankfully, the conversation turned, and I was no longer the focus of it. I could sit quietly, undisturbed, and fight not to squirm with the vibrator constantly buzzing quietly inside my pussy. I kept my face straight and pretended to be interested in the conversations, but my mind was completely gone. All I could think about was fucking. I almost wished I had the temerity to stand up, shove his chair back, and climb on, pulling up my dress and riding him like it was the Kentucky fucking Derby. Sometimes he upped the power and I had to squeeze my thighs tightly together to keep hold of myself.

Just as everyone was finishing, I excused myself to use the restroom. I’d begun to soak my panties and needed a little time to compose myself. The door clicked shut behind me and the vibrator kicked into top speed as soon as it did. I reached down and touched myself, and found that my pussy was absolutely dripping. I thought of him between my legs and reached down to rub my clit. It felt so good. It was as smooth as the satin of my dress. I put my two fingers in my mouth and tasted my own honey while my pussy quivered with desire. I wanted to be filled. To be fucked up one side and down the other. I wanted to cum and cum and cum with his mouth pleasuring me. Sweat stood out on my forehead as I continued to touch myself. In a minute I was going to cum. Here in his parents’ guest bathroom. Oh fuck, it was coming. I was breathing hard, leaning against the wall as my fingers did the things I wanted him to do to me. The sensation built…and built…and then I couldn’t contain it anymore. I put the inside of my wrist against my mouth and stifled my groans of pleasure, riding my climax to its inevitable end. I needed it to stop now so I could compose myself. I went to the sink on shaking legs and turned on the water. Instantly, the vibrations stopped. Clever man. He knew what he’d just done. I smiled.

I had to get out of there before something bigger happened. I put myself back together and then returned to civilization. I told James I had to get home before the bad weather came in. His parents thanked me for coming and Meredith kissed my cheek, telling me how nice it had been to have me. I nearly choked on that, thinking of the innuendo. James walked me to the door. “Do I get a kiss?” He asked. I gave him a chaste, almost sisterly kiss and asked him to text me when he got home. “Drive safe,” he said. He seemed puzzled. I thanked him for “having me” and walked slowly to my car.

An hour later, my phone beeped telling me I had a text. “I’m home,” it said.

“I know,” I texted back.

“How do you know?”

I turned up the volume on my notifications.

“Text me again.”

“What are you talking about?” My phone beeped loudly.

The door opened and he stopped short in the doorway to his bedroom. I had arranged myself on the pillows on his bed, a big red satin bow tied around my breasts and a much smaller one positioned just over my pussy. I was still wearing my fuck-me shoes. His mouth just hung open while he looked. He stepped into the room and shut the door.

“Merry Christmas,” I said.

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