Chance Encounters

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Jolene’s body swayed to the pulsating music emanating from the large speakers at the base of the stage at the back of the smoky club. She walked towards the bar, barely noticing the people packed into the small room. She hummed softly along with the singer on stage, to a song she knew very well, because she’d helped her sister write it. Stepping up to the bar Jolene leaned up against it, leaning forward slightly, her already short skirt, slipping up farther, revealing even more of her pale shapely legs.

Slowly Jolene sipped her drink, her hips still swaying to the beat of the music, her eyes closed. She felt someone come up behind her, an arm snaked around her waist and pulled her back up against a firm chest. She turned her head slightly and looked up at the beautiful man holding her in his arms. He leaned in towards her face, and she could smell peppermint and alcohol on his breath. She shivered when his fingers slipped under her blouse and touched her flat stomach, and arched her back like a cat towards his rough fingers.

Nick didn’t know what brought him to this club tonight. He was only passing through town, him and a friend visiting for a few days, then back home to Boulder Colorado. But now, for some reason, his body was pressed against this beautiful stranger’s body, one hand exploring her stomach, the other resting on her hip as her back arched. Her head was turned towards him and his lips lingered inches from hers.

Before he knew it, they were stretched out in the back seat of her car, barely a word spoken, aside from the moans and purrs emanating from the back of her throat. Nick’s lips were wrapped around her nipple, sucking and laving while his fingers pumped quickly between her legs, in and out of her dripping wet sheath. He could feel her fingers scratching the back of his head as she held him tight against her breast.

Jolene couldn’t believe she was doing this. She’d slept with guys before, not many, but she had her fair share of sexual experiences. Never like this before. Never with a total stranger. Never in any place other than a bed, at her or his house. Never without a condom. She knew she didn’t have one, and was pretty sure he didn’t either. And what scared her was that she didn’t care, just as long as he didn’t stop touching her. “More.” She moaned loudly, arching her back and running her hands down his naked back. How had they gotten naked so fast? The whole thing was a blur. His fingers left her body, and she whimpered at the loss, only to let out a long guttural cry as he thrust his hard length deep within her.

Nick grunted at the feel of her tight wet body wrapped around his cock. His hand slid down her thigh, and pushed it up, draping her leg over his shoulder so he could slip deeper inside of her. She moaned and dug her nails into his arms. The sound was music to his ears. He was positive he’d never heard anything so beautiful. Their hips moved together, hers lifting up, as he thrust down, causing quiet moans and whimpers to erupt from her mouth.

Jolene licked his throat when he lifted his head up. She liked how his skin tasted, salty and something distinctly male. His Kastamonu Escort mouth covered hers, and their tongues battled together, fighting for dominance over the other, but the movement of their hips stayed steady, and smooth. She felt his hand dart between them and start to stroke her clit. She couldn’t keep it up. Her body was demanding completion. She dug her nails harder into his arms and cried out into his mouth, bucking her hips against his and arching her back as she came. Her body shook with the power of her orgasm, her inner walls clenching tighter around his manhood until he couldn’t hold back any longer and came too, spilling his seed deep within her womb. A shaky kiss was placed against each other’s lips and Jolene let her leg slip down from his shoulder, wincing slightly at the soreness in her body now.

Nick kissed her softly, his hands smoothing gently up and down her sides, until he noticed she couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer. He smiled slightly. She looked so cute trying to stay awake to keep kissing him. “It’s ok, you can sleep.” He whispered against her ear, and felt her body relax completely beneath him as she drifted off to dream. He stayed there a while, watching her sleep, the way her chest raised and fell with each breath. “Goodnight.” He whispered kissing the side of her mouth, then picking up his clothes and pulling them back on. He found hers and dressed her again; leaving her curled up on her side, sound asleep, looking like an angel. He made sure that she had her purse before closing the door and locking it, then walking to his motorcycle. With one last glance at her car he revved the engine and took off.

Jolene made her way through the club, smoke floated around her, and she inhaled deeply, wishing that she could take a break so she could have a cigarette, but no, she couldn’t The place was packed as usual. But this time it was for someone new. She’d never heard of the girl before, but she was a decent singer. Jolene held the tray of drinks up high as she squeezed between two chairs. She managed to get out of the crowd safely and headed back towards the bar after delivering the drinks. She felt her foot catch on a raised board in the floor and started to fall forward. She didn’t have a chance to try and catch herself because she felt a strong pair of arms enclose around her waist, and her face and chest were pressed up against a well-built chest. “Thanks.” She said thankful that someone had caught her so she didn’t make a total fool of herself. She straightened up, but the arms didn’t release from her waist.

“Excuse me.” Jolene said trying to take a step back as she looked up at the face of the man holding her so tightly. A quiet gasp made it past her throat when she saw who it was. The man that often invaded her dreams, and made sleep impossible. His hand touched her bare skin, as her shirt slipped up slightly from her efforts to get out of his arms, causing her to shiver with desire. How was it that he could do this to her? She wondered. How could just a simple look or touch made her want to melt into a puddle of Jolene jelly?

Nick Kastamonu Escort Bayan stared down at her face. When he’d stepped forward to catch her he hadn’t known that it was the girl that he’d made love to in the back seat of her car almost two years ago. He didn’t know why he still had his arms around her, but he felt her shiver, and heard a high pitched cord from the band on stage and his arms fell from her waist and he stepped back quickly. He watched her stare at him for a second longer before virtually running to the bar and putting down her tray.

Nick continued to watch her as she worked frantically. Trying to avoid any looks at him. She stood at the bar, talking to the guy behind the counter and shook her head before rushing outside. No matter how hard he willed his feet to stop, he followed her out the back door of the club.

Jolene breathed hard, leaning back against the brick wall. She’d been trying to ignore him. That guy. But it had been useless. Finally she knew that she had to just get out of there or she’d do something very wrong. She took a long drag from her cigarette, and then slowly let it out. Why him? Of all people. And what was he doing back here? She felt a presence in front of her, she could feel the heat radiating off whoever was standing in front of her. A hand touched her cheek and she knew that it was him. His skin still smelled the same, but his hand felt stronger. Fingers slipped into her hair and she let her cigarette fall from her fingers to the ground so that she could lay her hand flat against his chest.

Nick watched her face, her eyes were closed, and she was biting at her lips that were shinny and looked full and delicious. He leaned in and flicked his tongue out against her lips. They tasted like fresh picked raspberries. He gently stroked the back of her head, and listened to her purr like a cat. A small smirk grew on his face, as she pressed closer to him, her hand slid down his chest and under the front of his shirt. “What’s your name baby?” He whispered against her ear.

Jolene let out a quiet moan. His voice was so deep, and thick she could imagine it wrapping around her the same way his arms had earlier. “Jolene.” She whispered finally opening her eyes to look up at him in the dim light of the light hanging over the door to the club. “And you?” She asked before leaning in to capture his lips in a passionate kiss. Her hands slipped back up his chest to rest on the back of his neck, and tangle in the hair.

An intense kiss was exchanged. Lips crushed together, tongues dancing, and fighting with each other as they had in their last meeting. The kiss was melting everything around them away, the club, the dirty alley, even the brick wall that they were leaning against to keep upright. But the world came crashing back down when a voice entered their world. “Jolene? Jolene where the hell are you? We’re packed; get your ass back in here.” I masculine voice boomed in their ears.

Jolene grabbed her handsome strangers hand and pulled him quickly down the side alley towards the parking lot. She pulled her keys out of her pocket and opened Escort Kastamonu the door before looking at him again. He got in on the passenger side and she smiled slightly, slipping in beside him and driving to her apartment.

They climbed the stairs together towards the third floor. Arms entangled together, mouths fused as one, barely separating to breath. Jolene fumbled with her keys for a second before getting the right one and pushing open the door to her apartment. It wasn’t small, but it wasn’t huge. It was perfect for her. Immediately she dragged him down to her room, not giving him any chance to look around or even think of anything else.

Together they tumbled down to the bed, kissing deeply again. Clothes were tugged and pulled at until they lay naked, and pressed together. “Nick.” He finally spoke, his hand gently kneading her breast in his hand, gently pinching her nipple. She was even more beautiful then she had been two years ago. Her body more developed, her breasts slightly larger, and everything about her was just slightly different.

“What?” Jolene asked, half moaned, arching her back towards his well skilled hand.

“My name. It’s Nick.” He leaned in and took the other nipple into his mouth and gently bit down, causing a quiet shriek to explode from her mouth.

“Nick.” She murmured, then licked her lips and said it again, this time as a throaty purr causing Nick to thrust up between her legs. He trailed his tongue up her throat till he found her mouth, and slid past her sweet lips, to taste her tongue.

Jolene kissed him deeply, stroking her fingers through his hair. She could feel his length pressed up against her wet folds and rocked her hips slightly, trying to somehow maneuver him inside of her. He seemed too distracted by kissing her, and touching her breasts, so she rolled him onto his back and sat up, looking down at him. He smiled at her and she smiled back. He had an amazing smile. She slipped her hand down and wrapped it around the base of his cock and led it to her heat. Biting down on her lip she moaned as she felt him fill her up. No one else compared to him.

Moaning his name quietly she started to rock her hips against his, slowly slipping up and down his length, while his hands held her hips, guiding her. The movements started slowly and deep, taking their time to explore one another’s body. Her back arched, and her hair now longer darker hair brushed against his legs with every thrust. The urgency of the moment grew. Jolene’s body rocked over his, her fingers gripping his shoulders, her head still arched back, loud moans poured from her mouth, with the occasional cry of ‘fuck’ or ‘shit’ but so far Nick’s favorite one had been ‘ohmyfuckinggoddon’tstoprightthereohshitfuck.’ They’d been in this bed for hours. Touching, exploring, fucking, and gently making love.

Nick slid his hand between them, and found her clit instantly. His fingers wrapped around it and gently rubbed quick circles out of sync with the thrusts of their hips causing Jolene to scream out his name and buck her hips violently as she came. Her nails dug harder into his shoulders and he hissed, thrusting up as he spilled his seed inside of her. Her body collapsed on top of his, harsh fast breaths came out against his neck and her body shuddered occasionally as she drifted off to sleep. Smiling he held her, his lips pressed against her forehead, as his fingers traveled up and down her spine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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