Cemetery Challenge

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We were all out drinking on the beach after graduation. Everyone in our circle wanted to get together before some of us would move away to college. We sat around the bonfire taking in the warmth away from the chilling sea breeze. The flames danced in the salty wind, skewing our faces in shadows and warm light in the dark of the night. Curtis decided to break the silence.

“Who wants to play a game?” He took a swig from his bottle and stood with his other hand in his coat pocket.

“Ugh, no, I know what your games are like,” replied Eddie. He recalled all the dirty party games he would get them to join.

“No no, I swear this ones different! Come on, Dante, you want to, right?”

I sipped my beer and asked, “Well what is it if it isn’t risque?” The guys chuckled.

“A game of chicken!” We all rolled our eyes and groaned. “Hey, I said it wasn’t like that! I mean chicken chicken this time!”

“What is it then man?” Leo questioned. He downed his third beer.

“Y’all know that legend about the nearby cemetery right?” Said Curtis.

“Oh no, no no no, we are not doing that!” Eddie exclaimed. Everyone and their grandmother knew about the legend. No one had even been buried there in the last century. They say that a vampire lives in the mausoleum at the farthest corner of the cemetery. If you go in there, you don’t come back out; at least not alive.

“Chicken,” the three of us called out in unison. We chuckled and Eddie crossed his arms at us.

“We are so doing this!” Leo chimed.

“So, how are we doing this?” I asked.

“Whoever gets the closest wins of course,” Curtis smiled.

“Wins what?” Eddie asked.

Curtis thought for a minute and looked around, sipping his beer thoughtfully. “I’ll put in fifty bucks,” he shrugged.

“Shit, I’ll bet on it,” Leo added another fifty to the one in Curtis’s hand. Eddie and I looked at eachother quizzically. I figured what the hell and added the thirty five from my wallet. Eddie blew a disgruntled raspberry and scrounged together a bunch of ones from his pockets.

“A hundred and forty two bucks babyyy!” Leo and Curtis sang together. “Let’s fuckin gooo!” Eddie and I kicked out the fire and tried to pick up as many of our discarded bottles as we could before we all headed off toward the car.

We arrived at the front of the cemetery shortly and Curtis parked just outside. “I really don’t want to do this man, I-I’m gonna stay here…” The three of us opened our mouths to speak, but he cut us off. “I fuckin know I am you jerks, just make sure you come back in one piece ok?” We all awed at Eddie’s sweet gesture jokingly.

We got out of the car back into the chilling night air. We were farther away from the ocean, but somehow it felt even colder here at the graveyard. A shiver brushed through all three of us. We exchanged looks and walked toward our doom. The deeper we went, the more unkempt, old, and dusty everything appeared, from the greenery to the headstones. We came to a point where we stopped walking. The atmosphere felt so tense.

Curtis turned around to see Leo and I looked petrified. Curtis pulled the wad of cash from his pocket and tucked it into a vacant flower holder.

“Alright fellas, we know the name of the game?” Leo and I gulped and nodded. “Alright, uh, let’s go then,” Curtis said. We all faced the distant mausoleum. It looked like it would start breathing like a sleeping bear. None of us moved. We stood there for what felt like an hour before Leo took the first steps. His movement encouraged Curtis and I to take our first steps too. We inched closer and closer to the old, cracked building. It was covered with moss, ivy, and cobwebs. The white marble pillars were dusted with the dark earth and mud. The iron gate was heavily rusted and crumbling under its own weight. Leo stopped walking.

“Yo I’m bursa escort bayan out guys, this is too crazy,” He gasped.

“Ch-chicken,” Curtis managed to squeak out. He stopped just behind me. I kept going. “No way, Dante man you’re a legend!” Leo and Curtis whooped and hollered from behind me. I felt like the mausoleum was breathing me in. I was nearly touching the gate with my outstretched hand.

“Dante, Dante! You proved it dude, come on!” The guys tried to call me back to safety. In a trance, I felt the icy iron bars in my fingers.

“Chicken.” I announced flatly. I looked up and met the eyes of a tall dark figure hiding behind the cold bars. I was frozen where I stood, fear locking me in place. I heard my friends scream and run away behind me. A gust of chilling wind blew the gate open and threw me backward into the dead grass. The figure drifted in the direction of my fleeing friends. I briefly caught the scene from my upside down view before blacking out.

When I awoke, I was surrounded by soft silky satin. The dark was only illuminated by a single candle’s flickering light. It didn’t feel nearly as cold as before, in fact, it felt warm. My eyes followed the light to the holder of the candle; the dark figure from before. I bolted upright where I sat.

“Please, remain calm,” he said with a low soothing voice. The soft candle light lit up his handsome chiseled features. He had pale skin, dark short messy hair, and what looked like dried blood surrounding his full lips.

“Wh-who are you?” I choked out.

“I am Kain,” he gently replied. His voice was helping me stay calm. My heart rate rested and I relaxed into the satin sheets of the coffin I was lying in.

“Those guys, my friends-You…?” I quipped.

“Drank them, yes. They’re gone now,” he wiped at his bloodied mouth with the butt of his hand.

“And me? Why didn’t you? Why am I-“

“Shhh now,” he pressed a cold finger to my quivering lips. “No one has ever come so close. You called to me, you see?” He looked deeply into my eyes, kneeling beside me.


“Yes, you. I haven’t felt a calling as strong as your own in over a hundred years.” He cupped my face in his hands and stroked his thumbs over my cheeks. My eyes moved from his piercing eyes down to his lips. I was captivated. I leaned into him and pressed my lips into his. I was met with a deep sigh that must have been held back for ages. He returned my kiss with vigor; he kissed with intense pressure and desperation. I took his face in my hands as he had mine. Kain got up from the ground and straddled me as I laid in his coffin, careful not the break out lips apart.

His hands traveled down my face to my neck. One stayed there applied with a light pressure while the other continued down my chest and stomach. I gasped into him when his fingers sent chills throughout my body. He slid his cold hand underneath my grass stained t-shirt and brushed it across my skin teasingly. His hand made its way down to the button of my jeans and popped it open. He pulled down my zipper and reached into my boxers.

I jumped at his cold touch and gasped again. “Mm, the flesh is so warm,” he cooed. I bit my lip and let out a moan as he wrapped his hand around my cock and began to stroke it. My hands found their place at the back of his head. My hips began to buck into Kain’s hand meeting his stroking rhythm. We locked eyes as he milked moan after moan out of me. There was such a strong hunger in his stare. He broke away to pull down my pants the rest of the way. He briefly stood just above me to remove his own and added them to the growing heap on the ground.

He straddled me again in the coffin and we took hold of each other’s cocks. “Mm, I can’t get enough of this heat,” he growled. He kissed into my neck as we jacked off each other’s cocks between our bodies pressed görükle escort together. I thought I was going to lose it, but it was too soon. I wanted more; I wanted him. “I want you,” we whispered in unison.

He met my gaze again and sat up. “Spit,” Kain ordered softly, holding his palm to my lips. I did as I was told and he lathered it into my dick. I bit my lip and moaned at the sensation and the anticipation. When he was satisfied with the lubrication, he positioned himself over my dick and pressed me into his hole. We groaned together, his overpowering mine. Kain rested his hands on my chest and stroked toward my collar bones to support himself. My own hands found their place on the vampire’s hips. Once he had me all the way inside his ass, our lips met in a panting kiss. I felt like I was about to cum already.

I moved one hand onto Kain’s dick and began stroking vigorously. He finally started moving against my cock. His ass slapped against my body. He moved his lips down to my neck again, freeing my mouth to release my moans into the room, joining the rest of our sounds echoing throughout the mausoleum walls. With each pump of my cock inside Kain’s ass, I was closer and closer to a burning orgasm.

His lips on my neck suddenly became his teeth piercing my flesh. Fear began to course through me as well as the brink of orgasm. My blood spilled onto my neck, and my cum shot through Kain’s insides. I cried out in both agony and pleasure. My hands grasped at his back, my fingers digging into the loose fabric of his shirt. I felt my life slipping away from me as well as my blood, both trickling down the throat of the vampire. The fluttering candle lit stone ceiling was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.

When I awoke, I had a pounding headache. I was still in the cemetery, but I was out in the grass resting against a gravestone. It was sunrise, but it seemed so bright. I rose to my feet, and seeing as I was fully clothed again, I made my way to the entrance. Curtis’s car wasn’t there. Eddie must have already driven off. How long had it been? I found my phone in my sweater pocket and unlocked the screen to find several missed calls from Eddie just a few hours ago. Jesus, he must be so freaked out. I decided to make my way to his house on foot.

I made it there shortly where I was glad to find Curtis’s car in the driveway. I went to knock on the front door, but it was open. I let myself in and called out into the empty house. “Eddie? You in here bud?” At first I heard nothing, then I heard stumbling from upstairs.

“Dante?! Oh thank god, I thought you were all dead! I thought it fucking killed all of you man!” He ran in to hug me with tears in his eyes. He quickly drew back when he saw my blood drenched neck wound. “Whoa, holy shit a-are you ok?”

“Yeah man, I’m fine,” I held his arms gently in reassurance. “Maybe we should sit and talk about last night.”

“Sh’yeah, you don’t look so good,” he said leading me to the couch.

“I just have a migraine, I’ll probably be fine,” I said sitting down.

“Fuck, I’ll get you some water,” Eddie said as he rushed into the kitchen. I rested my head in my hands between my legs and squinted my eyes shut hard. I felt like I died last night. Eddie returned with a bottle of water and a damp kitchen rag.

“Here, drink this and I’ll clean you up.” I opened the bottle and took a sip, instantly feeling nauseated.

“Eugh, oh god that tastes awful, what the fuck,” I gagged as he took it away.

“Damn, you really feel that bad? What happened out there man?” He asked, dabbing his cloth on my neck.

“No no, I feel fine,” I said. He finished wiping away the dried blood and began to get up to get a bandage. I grabbed Eddie’s arm before he was out of reach. “Dude are you sure you’re ok?”

“I think I…” I looked at bursa escort bayan his neck and back at his eyes. “I need something else.”

“Wha-what do you mean Dante?” He asked nervously, looking away. I pulled him back down onto the couch with me. He was practically sitting in my lap. “You,” I said softly. “I need you now Eddie.”

“Come on man, stop playing around, you know I-” I pulled him toward me into a kiss. He broke away after a few seconds. “That’s not funny Dante,” he chortled breathlessly.

“I’m not joking,” I replied. “And you totally didn’t hit your head,” he laughed. I pressed my hand into his chest and gently pushed him back against the arm of the couch. I leaned forward after him and put my right knee between his legs. “Does this feel like I’m joking Eddie?” I asked, pressing the knee up into his groin. He gasped out a no and grasped at my arms on either side of him.

“Tell me what you want.” I said, lowered to his face. I gently ran my fingers through his hair and he bit his lip while drinking in mine with his eyes. We met each other’s gaze, and he made up his mind. Our lips crushed together with a wave crashing intensity. My knee continued pressing into him, earning a few more groans from his throat.

Past the physical passion we were feeling, I was plagued with an insatiable thirst that water couldn’t satisfy. I knew what I needed, and I needed it desperately. I moved my hands down to Eddie’s crotch to take over my leg’s duties there. I rubbed and squeezed his dick through his jeans. He was already pretty hard, but I felt it tense up under my touch.

“Oh god, please,” Eddie begged. I obliged and popped open his button. My hand searched inside his boxers and revealed his straining uncut cock. I couldn’t resist moving down his body and popping it into my mouth. “Oh shit Dante!” He exclaimed in surprise and ecstasy. I coated it’s length in spit, which wasn’t difficult since I was salivating from hunger. I took in his seven inch length and applied pressure with my tongue running along the underside. Eddie was writhing underneath me and trying not to cry out, holding back not only his moans but his orgasm.

I could hardly hold myself back. My need for Eddie and his blood was so strong, I felt like I was losing myself as I brought him closer to the edge. I rubbed my own cock over my pants. I almost couldn’t take the pleasure and released my frustrations through low groans over Eddie’s cock in my mouth. “Agh, fuck, Dante I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” He wimpered. I quickened my pace, milking him with my head bobbing up and down. I increased the pressure on my own member. I was going to cum with him.

His moans came in intervals and turned into gasps as he began to under my mouth. “Fuck, fuck!” He exclaimed. His cock spasmed in my mouth and blasted rope after rope of warm silky cum down my throat. With a deep groan, I sunk my teeth into his hard meat. His moans quaked and he tried to escape my mouth. I pressed my free hand into his stomach to hold him back. My cock released a lazy spurt or two of it’s own inside my boxers. I continued sucking his dick, his warm blood and cum mixing delightfully against my tongue.

Eddie’s writhing slowed as I brought him from the brink of orgasm to the brink of death. “Dante?” He panted. I looked up at him, still sucking away. Along with his blood and cum, I sucked the life right out of his eyes. His body went limp under me, his dick following soon after. Satisfied with my meal, I let him pop out of my mouth and licked the excess mixture from my lips.

I got up off of the couch and pulled up Eddie’s pants for him. I found a throw blanket in the linen closet and draped it over him. I looked at his lifeless face and briefly felt that tinge of guilt and regret. I put it out of my mind and made my way out of the house. I decided to take Curtis’s car from the driveway, figuring it would cause less suspicion. I didn’t know where I would be going except that I would prefer somewhere more densely populated. I knew my life was going to be much different from now on because of what I had allowed myself to become.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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