Caveman Sex


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Something different. As usual, I want to know what you think! If you like it or if you don’t, please take the time to comment to let me know!

Hope my story turns you on,

xoxo theshywriter


The cave walls are painted orange and gold by the flickering light of the fire. Outside, it is cold. A blizzard is raging, snow and ice whipping through the night air. Inside, it is warm.

She sits by the fire. She is happy that she has a fire and a cave. There is thick furs strewn over the floor of the cave and she reclines naked upon the lushest, most comfortable one.

This is as good as life gets for a cavewoman, really. She has a full belly and she is safe and warm. As far as survival of a species goes, she’s only missing one thing… there is not much she can do about furthering humankind in a cave by herself, however. Her hand will have to do tonight!

She lies back on her furs and begins to stroke herself between her ample thighs when suddenly she is shocked by a gust of cold air blowing in through the cavern entrance! A huge furry paw pushes aside the heavy skins that hang as a door and a massive figure staggers inside. Towering nearly to the ceiling of the cave, and covered head to toe in fur, the being most closely resembles a sasquatch.

She sits up. She knows it is very likely that under all the furs, there might be a man… which means it may not be just her and her hand this winters evening! This makes her happy.

Man or not, whatever it is close to frozen. The hides it is wearing are caked with frost and icicles that are already beginning to melt in the heat of the cave, forming a puddle at its hairy feet. To her surprise, it stumbles and collapses on the cave floor. She jumps to its side and begins to pull the soaking cold balıkesir escort furs off. What good is a man if he’s dead? Dinner, perhaps, but she’d prefer to have a little fun first!

Eventually, she uncovers what is indeed, a man. A fairly nice one, too. Big and strong and hairy. Just how she likes them! His lips are nearly blue and his fingers and toes almost colourless. He shivers with cold and fatigue. She roughly pulls him to a fur beside the fire. She is large and strong and has no trouble moving the big man around. She procures some bear tallow from her stores in the back of the cave and vigorously rubs it into the man’s limbs. She rubs his chest and shoulders and down his arms until red flares in his cheeks and he’s groaning in pain as feeling returns to his fingertips. She turns her attention to his thick, muscular thighs, using both her rough hands to massage him from hip to knee. With pleasure, she notes that his cock has begun to regain some blood flow as well! She rubs down his calves and feet. He gasps in agony as the hot, red feeling returns to them. She kneels between his feet and keeps slowly rubbing up and down his legs. He lies there panting and she watches his broad chest rise and fall. He blinks and seems like he is coming back to himself. If he had been out in the storm much longer he surely would have been taken by the cold… What a pleasant surprise that he has found her cave!

She crawls up between his legs and leans over him. She presses her torso to his and looks into his eyes. She can feel his hardening cock pressing into her stomach. He is tired and weak, but he meets her gaze and holds it. She brings her face close to his, until his beard tickles her chin. She takes a deep breath in and tastes his essence. His chest rises underneath hers as he breathes her in in return.

She plants a sweet kiss on his lips and reaches under herself and firmly grabs his cock. His lips lightly press back against hers. She sits up between his legs once more, taking a good look at him. It looks like this man has lived through a few rough winters. She runs her free hand over his muscled torso which is knotted and pocked by scars. She can’t help but to tangle her fingers in the thick reddish brown hair on his chest and give it a little tug. He bares his teeth and a hiss of breath escapes his lips. His whole body is covered with hair, almost deer coloured. It grows thick on his chest, running in a line down between his legs. His stomach and thighs are dusted with it and it thickens again on his forearms and calves. Even his fingers and toes have visible hair growing on them! She has never seen anyone with this much hair, let alone such an odd colour, and finds herself fascinated. The hair on his head is thick and long and his beard is red as flame. It is very strange to her, but she’s intrigued. His hair is reddest at the base of his penis, which she finds most intriguing of all…

All the while she has been stroking his cock and it is fully hard and hot with blood now. His eyes are closed and he is breathing steadily. His skin is all a healthy pink colour, but she decides she will take it easy on him tonight, for she has a feeling the snowstorm will last for a few days. She had stocked her cave so she would have provisions for weeks. A little less with a man to feed, but he could find a way to make it up to her. Of course, he could probably use something to eat right now…

She got up and climbed over him, straddling his chest so her pussy hovered over his face. She started stroking his cock and his hairy inner thighs. She took his large balls in her hands and fondled them, lightly squeezing them. He quietly moaned. His cock is staring her right in the face now, and she can only resist it for so long! She grasps it at the base with one hand and places her other hand on his inner thigh, applying some pressure on his perineum. That gets another moan out of him! Finally she takes his cock into her mouth and moves her lips up and down the shaft, letting some drool run down to the base. She spreads her saliva up and down his penis with her hand, making a gentle twisting motion. She circles around the head with her tongue, running it over the slit in the tip. Another moan!

To her surprise and relief he raises his hands to her waist. He begins to rub her all over her thighs and her hips. He squeezes her ass, spreading her cheeks and baring her cunt to him. She pushes her hips back into his hands, wiggling her ass in his face. At long last, he pulls her hips down so she is sitting on his face. With him now enthusiastically licking her pussy, she begins to suck him in earnest. She takes as much of him into her mouth as she can and he begins to thrust up to meet her. As he thrusts deeper and harder into her mouth, she feels herself losing control. She is grinding herself on his face with vigour. The stars begin to rise in her vision and she starts to shake. He wraps his arms around her trembling hips and holds her tight to his face as she comes. She has to release his cock from her mouth so she can breathe. Her orgasm seems to last forever. Eventually she rolls off of him, panting and exhausted. He rises to his knees above her and strokes his cock. He gently lifts her head and she willingly opens her mouth for him. He shoves his cock as deep into her mouth as it would go and pumps his seed deep into her throat. She swallows it all and smiles at him. He smiles back.

They lie down by the fire, warm and safe and satisfied. This really is as good as life gets for a cavewoman.

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