Caught in the Storm Ch. 03


Denver had driven through the rain trying to figure out what to do next. Her stomach was churning and her heart was still hammering in her chest. She had been driving around aimlessly for the last hour trying to figure out what to do, and the smell of her arousal was making her nauseous.

A dull headache was starting to throb in the back of her head and the pounding seemed to be beating with the rhythm of the rain hitting her windshield. Her eyes were puffy making it difficult to navigate through the rain, but she didn’t want to go home yet, sure that her brother would be waiting for her. She drove around town, and when she stopped she was sitting in front of the liquor store. Thinking of nothing better to do, she grabbed her stuff and locked up the car.

Quickly she navigated the isles of the liquor store, found what she wanted and left. If she stayed in there long enough, she was bound to see someone she knew, and she didn’t think that was the best idea in her current condition. Standing on the sidewalk next to her car, she rummaged through her bag looking for her keys. The rain had started again and drop-by-drop it was making Denver’s hair stick to her face and neck. A chill ran down her back as the wind howled and blew her hair into her face.

It almost seemed fitting that she never saw the man approaching from her rear. It seemed comical really. The man was nice but insistent when he asked for her purse and Denver had actually laughed out loud — surely this couldn’t be happening.

“Ohh, I’m so scared,” she said over her shoulder mocking the man behind her. “I’m not in the mood for this.” She said still rummaging through her bag. She hadn’t heard enough of the man’s voice to tell which one of her friends it was, but she definitely didn’t need this right now.

Finally her fingers brushed along the metal ring and she pulled her car keys from her bag. Denver stepped from the curb to walk around the driver side of her car but before she could move further, she felt her neck snap back. Her eyes widened in fear as she realized the man behind her wasn’t a friend and at the moment he had a fist full of her long brown hair.

“I’m not kidding cupcake.” Denver could feel the man’s hot breath tickling her ear, as he pulled harder on her hair. White dots danced in front of her eyes as the pain in her scalp grew more intense. Without thinking, she dropped her bag and reached back behind her head trying to pry the fingers from her hair.

The fear that was mounting in her forced her heart to beat out of her chest and finally it occurred to her to scream. She inhaled deeply prepared to cry out for help when a rough and calloused hand clamped over her mouth. Reacting without thought, she bit down on the side of the man’s hand until the metallic taste of blood filled her mouth.

“Ow!” The man yanked his hand from her mouth and she tensed waiting for him to silence her for good. “You stupid bitch, you broke the skin.” Denver opened her eyes in time to see the back of the man’s hand collide with her face. Denver fell to the ground wrapping her hands around her head, waiting for the next blow. She was still lying on the wet pavement when she heard the sound of her tires screeching away. She stood, tried to fix her hair and walked back into the liquor store.

“Call the police,” she said to the woman behind the counter, bile rising in her throat. “I’ve just been robbed.”


It took about four minutes for the cops to get there and she couldn’t imagine why no one had called them before. In her mind the event had stretched on forever, but she knew it couldn’t have taken more than a few minutes because no one else witnessed what happened.

The police took her statement and reported her car, purse and credit cards missing. The EMTs checked her vitals and bandaged the small cut she had on her cheek and gave her a couple aspirins. The scene was starting to clear and Denver drew a deep breath.

“Would you like me to drive you home, miss?” Denver smiled but shook her head not at the officer.

“Thanks, I’m gonna walk. I kinda just wanna be alone right now.” He nodded his head and handed her a card with his name and number on it. She slipped it into the pocket of her jeans; the fact that she didn’t have a purse to put it in wasn’t lost on either of them.

“If you need anything ma’am, feel free to call.”

She smiled. “Okay.” She watched as the few remaining police officers got into their cruisers and pulled off. Her eye caught sight of a red mustang sitting on the corner and if she had any tears left in her she probably would have burst into hysterical sobs. Denver wanted to turn and run but her adrenaline rush was gone and she was left feeling sluggish and tired. So she stood with her feet planted on the pavement and watched as her brother approached her; hands in pockets.

He looked worse since the last time she’d seen him. He still had the same jeans on but now he had on a sweatshirt. Something Denver whished she desperately had. His hair was a mess, Isparta Escort his eyes were red rimmed and the beginning of stubble could be seen. She watched as he stepped up onto the curb not exactly sure what to say. If Denver had her way, it would have been weeks before she was ready to talk to him, but apparently the universe had other plans.

“Den-“, he started, looking down at his feet.

“How did you know I was here?” She watched as his face flushed, and she could already guess what he was about to say.

“It doesn’t matter.” He said with a sigh dragging his eyes to meet her gaze. “If its okay, I’d like to take you home.”

“Answer the question, Mikey.”

“I went out with the girl from the liquor store a couple times. She called me after she called the police.”

Denver threw her arms in the air and started to walk away. She knew it wouldn’t get rid of Mike, but she had to distance herself from him. She could hear the sound of his shoes coming after her but she didn’t slow down.

“Denver. Denver, c’mon don’t be like that, it was a long time ago,” Mike said grabbing at her arm.

“Don’t be like that?” she said her voice rising. “Don’t be like that? You just don’t get it do you?”

“No! No I don’t, please explain it to me because I have no idea what your problem is.”

Denver spun around and smacked into her brother’s chest. She hadn’t expected him to be standing that close to her.

“All your life you’ve gotten what you wanted when you wanted and when you were done with it, you forgot all about it. I am not gonna be your newest flavor of the week Mike. You’ve never had to work for a thing a day in your life, and because of that you think you’re entitled to everything and everyone. Well not me. Go fuck the slut in the liquor store again. I don’t give a shit what you do, just get me outta your system.”


Denver furrowed her eyebrows. She had expected him to say a lot of things, but that definitely wasn’t one of them.

“What do you mean no?”

Mike didn’t answer.

“Whatever, I’m tired, I’m wet, I’m cold and I’m going home.” Denver turned to continue walking down the street but stopped when her brother reminded her that the guy that took her keys also had the key to her apartment. She wasn’t going to ask him out loud to drive her someplace else, so she didn’t protest when he took her by the elbow and led her to his car.

Nothing was said the entire car ride, and she was having difficulty distinguishing who was more upset. He hadn’t spoke and she refused to apologize for anything she said, especially because she knew she was right. She stared out the window trying to avoid looking at her brother. He was giving her the silent treatment and she knew he could keep this up for days.

Somehow things had changed and he was the one brooding in the seat next to her while she felt oddly calm for the first time all day. When they pulled up to his apartment he didn’t say anything. He shut off the car, got out and walked into the building. Denver stayed a few steps behind him as she watched Mike get his mail and head for the stairs.

He opened the door to the apartment and left it hanging open for Denver. He pulled his sweatshirt over his head, walked to his room and shut the door. He came out a few minutes later with a towel, a pair of boxers and a t-shirt in his hand. He threw them on the couch and retreated back to his room and shut the door.

Sighing Denver took the clothes and the towel and headed for the bathroom. She shut and locked the door and turned the shower on. She peeled her wet clothes off and dropped them on the tiled floor. For the first time all day she looked in the mirror. Her eyes widened at her reflection. She looked awful. Her hair was a mess, her eyes were puffy and red and there the bandage over her cheek she had forgotten about.

She made sure the water was hot enough and she stepped into the shower trying to let the blistering water wash the memories of the day away. She grabbed the soap, lathered her hands and lazily began to wash her body. Denver closed her eyes and tried not to imagine the feel of her brother pressing her up against the living room wall in their parent’s house. She tired not to think about the look in his eye when his fingers where teasing her slit. She tried not to hear the strain in his voice as he begged her to cum on his fingers. She tried not to feel the tension in his muscles as he tired to restrain himself.

The moan that escaped her mouth startled her, but she didn’t stop. Harder and faster she rubbed her clit allowing two fingers at a time to enter her. Through clenched teeth she rode out the waves of her orgasm struggling to stand in her brother’s shower. Her body clenched around her fingers as she sighed and let the water wash away the evidence of her arousal. Through heavy eyes, she finished washing and stepped out of the shower.

Feeling satisfied with herself, she toweled off and dressed in the clothes Mikey had left for her. She Isparta Escort Bayan cracked open the door, feeling the cool air from the hallway spill into the bathroom. Denver padded barefoot down the hall and let out a sigh of frustration. She watched as Mikey feigned sleep on the couch where she was expecting to spend the night. Even if he was mad, he was still being polite. She turned on her heel and headed for his bedroom. As quietly as she could, Denver shut the door behind her and felt blindly around for the foot of his bed.

She cursed out loud as she stubbed her toe on the edge of the bed. She pulled the covers back and slipped into the bed. She sank into the mattress and pulled the sheets around her. She inhaled Mikey’s masculine scent and could feel it assaulting her senses and gently coaxing the wetness between her legs. Denver shifted under the covers trying to allow sleep to over take her but she could only focus on where she was and the feeling of the sheets rubbing against her skin.


For one reason or another, Denver’s eyes fluttered open as she was pulled from her sleep. For a second she was disoriented and had forgotten she was in her brother’s bed. Her eyes scanned the room for the angry red glow of the alarm clock and was annoyed to see it was blinking 2:47am. She took a deep breath and listened to the darkness. She turned trying to see the dark corners of the room, but she couldn’t. Now, she felt like she was being watched.

“What do you want, Mikey?” She said into the darkness, knowing he had to be somewhere in the room.

“You never play fair.”

Denver rolled her eyes in the dark. “What the hell does that mean?” she tried to tell which corner of the room his voice was coming from but couldn’t.

“You walk around acting like you’re in your own little world and nothing else matters.” Denver didn’t know what to say, so she waited for him to continue. “Like you are the only one with feelings. Well you’re not Denver, and I’m sick of bending over backwards to please you. The world doesn’t revolve around you.” Denver was still shocked into silence when she sat up in the bed.

“What are you talking about?” she asked trying to keep her voice from shaking.

“You think this was easy for me? Do you have any idea how long I’ve been fighting this?” Denver furrowed her eyebrows in the dark because she couldn’t compute what she knew her brother was about to say.

“Fighting what?” she asked encouraging Mike to continue.

“This!” he shouted making her jump. “Being this close to you. Just being in the same room with you drives me crazy. The way you chew your lip when you’re confused, the way you laugh when you’re scared. How you always hate asking for help, the way you squint your eyes when you try and remember something. How bad you are at telling jokes. Its everything, Denver, and I can’t figure out why you hate me so much. All you do is push me away. What changed Dee?”

Denver tried to swallow the lump in her throat. She couldn’t bring herself to tell him what had changed, so she addressed another concern.

“Mikey,” she said softening her voice. “I don’t hate you.” Denver untangled her legs from her brother’s sheets and watched as his dark shadow moved toward the edge of the bed.

“Then what’s the problem, Denver? Have I done something to you?” he asked as he sat down next to her.

Denver turned and tried to look into her brother’s eyes. It was difficult in the dark, but she could make out the worried expression on his face.

“No,” Denver said in a hushed voice. “Its just that everything always comes so easily to you, and I don’t wanna be the next thing for you. I know how you are Mikey and when you get bored with something, you forget all about it. Just like your toys when we were little and just like all the girls you’ve dated. And don’t think I don’t know, because I’m the first one they come running to when you break it off trying to figure out what they did wrong. Today shouldn’t have happ-.”

Denver was silenced with her brother’s lips. She was shocked at how much passion and urgency he’d pressed his lips into hers. She kissed him back forgetting her resolve to stop this exact thing from happening.

He broke the kiss, leaving them both breathless. “Don’t ruin what happened today. It was perfect for me…until you ran out…and then got robbed.” Denver smiled despite her herself.

“It may have been, but it can’t happen again. Its not right.” Denver took a steadying breath. “You are just gonna have to get me outta your system.” Even as the words were coming out of Denver’s mouth she was praying he wouldn’t listen. For too long she’d watched him date girl after girl consumed by jealousy that it wasn’t her. She wanted her brother more than she wanted to admit, but she still had to be the voice of reason, even if neither of them wanted to listen to it.

Denver could hear the frustration in her brother’s voice. “I’ve tried, and I’ve tried with a lotta women. I thought it was Escort Isparta just a phase that I was going through…I figured every guy wants his sister at some point, and eventually they get over it. Obviously that didn’t work for me,” he smiled nervously.

Denver watched her brother as he sat next to her completely uncomfortable with the fact that he wasn’t in control of the situation. She had never seen him so nervous and it made him all the more sincere.

“Mikey-” she said quietly.

“Wait, before you say anything else, if you are gonna turn me down, please don’t say it out loud. Just don’t say anything, and I will get up and leave and we don’t ever have to talk about this again.”

For a second, Denver didn’t say anything. She could feel her heart start to pound and she tried to calm herself down. She wasn’t sure how to begin what she wanted to say, and her brother took that as a sign of rejection.

“Right,” he said standing. He was almost to the door when Denver shouted for him to wait.

“Will you spend the night in here tonight?” They both knew what she was asking. “If I do, there’s no going back, Denver.”

“I know, Mikey.” She moved under the covers and watched as her brother approached the size of the bed. When they were little, they slept in the same bed all the time. Denver loved knowing that her older brother was protecting her from the invisible monsters that lived under her bed. But this was different. She didn’t see her brother, she saw Mike, a man she’d known her entire life. She watched as he climbed into the bed with complete sexual confidence, and it scared her.

She laid herself flat as he lay on top of her watching as the shadows of the night danc over her face. Slowly she watched as he lowered her face to her, feathering kisses on her neck. Taking his time, he kissed down her collarbone lifted her t-shirt and kissed the swell of her breasts.

“Excited are we?” he asked before taking one swollen nipple into his mouth. She arched her back trying to get more of her breast into his mouth. She moaned as he licked and bit her left nipple while teasing the other with his fingers. He moved down her body with a quiet intensity that Denver wasn’t expecting. It almost seemed like he had forgotten about his pleasure and was completely focused on hers.

He kissed down her belly and dipped his tongue into her belly button. She watched with excitement as he continued to kiss lower. He got to the band of her boxers and slowly peeled them off her and threw them behind him.

“Spread your legs for me.” Shyly she opened her legs. “Wider.” That wasn’t a request. She spread her legs wider and watched as the top of his head moved closer and closer to her sex.

Denver’s breath caught in her throat as his tongue snaked in between her pussy lips lapping up the juices flowing from her body.

“Oh, God!” Denver tangled her fingers in his hair pushing him harder into her pussy. Slowly he licked up and down her pussy lips like he was trying to taste it all. He spread her lips and clamped his mouth down on her clit, making her howl out in ecstasy. Teasingly, he inserted two fingers just enough so she could feel it.

“Stop teasing and just do it.”

“Do what?” he said with a grin.

“Eat me you fucker!”

That’s all he wanted to hear. He sucked hard on her clit and hummed making her body shake. He paused and rammed three fingers into her soaked pussy finding the little spot inside her that was making her leg shake. He removed his fingers and slid his tongue inside her pinching on her clit with his thumb and forefinger. He flicked his tongue up and down her slit and watched with pleasure as her body started to clench, just when he felt she was seconds from releasing, he stopped.

“What are you doing?” she asked breathlessly.

“Making this last,” he said with a shit eating grin.

Denver watched as he slid up her body and hovered over her. He looked into her eyes seeking the approval he knew she’d give. She smiled as she could feel is erection obscenely pressing against her leg. Until that moment, he had completely forgotten about himself. He was so consumed with being with Denver he hadn’t realized he was about to burst out of his pants.

Denver reached up and laid delicate sugary kisses on his face and lips urging him on. He kissed her back telling her that if they went too fast, he would be finished before they could get started. This shocked him, because usually foreplay didn’t do much for him. The sensation of cumming was either brought on by a wet mouth or a tight pussy…and he had yet to experience either with Denver.

He felt her trembling hands unbutton his pants and slide down his zipper. Mike gasped as he felt Denver wrap her fingers around his hard cock. He pulled her hand away trying not to blow his load into her small palm. He took a steadying breath and asked if this is what she really wanted.

“With everything I am.”

Slowly, just like everything else he’d done that night, he began to slide his cock up and down his little sister’s slit stirring her moisture and coaxing a moan from her throat. Wanting to remember this moment for the rest of his life, he gently pushed his cock head into the tight wet folds of her pussy. With one hard thrust, he pushed himself into her depths.

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