Catching Fish Ch. 03


Author’s note: Coach Fish has just overheard a conversation between the student he’d just had sex with and her best friend. He finds out they worked together to seduce him, and he has no idea what the rest of their plan is. He decides he must meet them and find out what’s going on.


Kylie came into class wearing a form fitting knit shirt and her short little flowered skirt. Of course, I’d told her it was my favorite yesterday. We shared a secret warm smile, and I placed my hand on the small of her back as she walked by. During class, she looked at me with a mischievous grin, then slowly let her legs drift open enough under the table to show me her panties…but after (accidentally?) glancing at them (the pink ones again), I looked her in the eye, smiled, and shook my head a tiny bit. She pouted, but closed her legs and adjusted her skirt.

While leaving for lunch, I pulled her aside for a moment and told her I wanted to follow them when they went home so I could check for Jake.

“We were so busy yesterday, I didn’t have a chance,” I quietly told her with a little knowing smile. “It’s my duty to make up for my mistake.”

“Oh, don’t worry. Shana and I will be fine, I’m sure.”

“No, I really want to do it. Plus, you guys are going there anyway, I’ll just follow you and drive on by when I see he’s not there. What time are you leaving?”

She seemed confused, but agrees to it anyway – must be some kind of ‘guy thing’. They all had their own cars, so I met up with them at the 7-11 and followed then to Kylie’s house. When they got there, both girls parked on the street and walked up to the front door, while I sat out front with the motor running until they went inside. Kylie waves at me from the door, and I drive away.

For about a quarter mile…where I turn and take the back access road. Parking in the trees, I cut across her back yard, walk up to the patio door, and softly knock on it. Through the glass, I can see both girls come towards the door and see me outside. First surprise, a quick look at each other, then a rush to open the door and friendly – but confused – greetings.

“Hi Mr. Fish! What’s up?” Shannon asks. She seems to be the leader here.

“I just parked out back ’cause I need a glass of water. Can someone get one for me?”

“Of course!” “Sure!” they both head to the kitchen. I go into the living room and sit in the chair Kylie sat in yesterday. The girls are whispering in the kitchen, and when they come out together (with one glass of water), they look at me with a hint of suspicion.

I take the water, and they both watch me as I take a good, long pull. Satisfied, I put the water on an end table, look up at the girls, and says “Ladies, why don’t you take a seat. I think we have things to talk about.”

Their reactions were instantaneous, and totally different. Kylie’s eyes flew wide in panic, and she blushed that pink color I’d seen so often. Shannon’s eyes were fire. She subconsciously pulled herself a little higher, leaned forward…man, that girl is aksaray escort a fighter!

The looked at each other, Shannon shrugged, and they sat together on the love seat, waiting for what I was going to say.

“OK, I called this meeting, so I’ll get it started. Important things first.” I stood up and walked over to Kylie, raising her chin with my finger, and gently kissed her on the lips. Ignoring Shannon sitting right beside her, I looked into Kylie’s eyes and said “That was one of the most amazing events in my life, what you and I did yesterday. I will never forget it. Nothing can ever take it away, and I want to say thank you.”

Kylie kissed me back, but suddenly froze. Shana was here…and she wasn’t supposed to know! Shannon was quicker, and immediately figured out the implications of what I had just done. But still, when there’s nothing left to do, you might as well bluff.

“Mr. Fish! What are you doing?!” Shannon cries. I ignore her, look into Kylie’s eyes one more time, then go back and sit down.

“Here’s the situation, here’s what we all know: Kylie and I had sex yesterday (quick smile to her), and you guys both were involved in setting it up.” Denials, protests, I wave them quiet and go on.

“Now, don’t get me wrong – if it all came around, I would do it again. Like I said, it was an amazing thing for me. But I’m now in terrible danger, and I need to know more of what’s going on.”

Again claims of innocence and bewilderment, both talking at once, and I yell “Stop!” The girls immediately shut up, and I look at Kylie and say “I was outside your window yesterday after I left, and I heard what you said to Shannon.” Now, both girls looked shocked.

Shannon jumps up and comes out fighting; “You were outside her window listening to her?! What are you…spying, creeping, some kind…”

I hold my hand up to silence her, and talk to Kylie. “After I left yesterday, I remembered I hadn’t looked for Jake out front. I cut through your side yard to check, and on my way back I heard you through your window tell her I’d just left. That made me stay and I listened to the whole thing.”

Kylie looked down at her hands folded in her lap and nodded, while Shannon lost her wind and sat back down.

“OK, now here’s what I have to know: First, why did you guys do this? Second, how many people know, and can it stay a secret? If you aren’t trying to destroy me, we can’t let it get out. Kylie’s 18 so no jail time, but I’d certainly lose my career and marriage. Finally, what’s the other big secret that’s so bad I can’t find out?”

Sitting together, the two girls looked younger than they were. One scared, the other nervous, they looked at each other and Kylie said “We have to tell him.”

Shannon shakes her head no, but Kylie keeps eye contact with her friend, puts her hand on her leg, and says “He’s a good man. He’ll understand.” Shannon’s shoulders slump, and she makes a small nod in defeat. Kylie leans forward, and takes a breath.

“We started thinking about this last month when we talked about my problems with Jake,” Kylie began. “Everything I said about my love life was true, and Shannon wanted to help.”

Shannon jumps in, “It sucks that Kyky has had so much trouble with her boyfriends. She’s hot…”

“Damn straight” I inject. They both smile, Kylie beams and Shannon goes on “and deserves better. So we wanted to get her a lover. Older men take more time…”

“Damn straight!” Kylie pipes up, and we all chuckle.

“and a married man has to be discreet. We both know you and like you, you’re hot for an older guy, and Kylie had a crush on you anyway. The choice was pretty easy…getting you in the sack was the hard part.”

“We knew you wouldn’t make any moves,” Kylie says, “you’re around beautiful girls all day, and there’s no rumors of you creepin and peepin. So I had to, well, step it up.” Now she smiles at me with a Cheshire cat look that is pure sex. “I flashed you my panties once…you remember, I know you looked. Then, I showed you down my shirt, so you could see my boobies. But I got too excited, and my nipples started growing. I know you saw that, and I got embarrassed. But I looked up, and saw you were embarrassed too. It was obvious we both wanted it…we just needed a way.”

“And that’s where I had my idea” cuts in Shannon. “Kylie’s house is empty till after 8, you can park in the back out of sight…it’s perfect. But we needed a way to get you here…we knew you wouldn’t come on your own. And that’s where the ‘big secret’ is that is going to make you mad.”

Both girls look at each other again, some invisible signal passes between the, and Kylie takes a big breath – hesitates – then blurts out:

“Jake isn’t stalking me.” They both fall silent and look at me to see how I’d react.


“He’s not stalking me. When I broke up with him at the mall, he bailed and I haven’t seen or heard from him since. Shana said we should pretend he was ’cause we knew you would want to protect me.”

Damn, I thought. These girls had thought of everything. I should have been angry at finding out I’d been lied to, yet was actually glad there was no danger from Jake. And if it was true that I was only being recruited as some kind of first aid sex healer…well…I realized I was cool with that, too.

So now I come to the crux of the situation: “Who else knows?” I ask.

They both looked shocked again, and cry “Nobody!” at the same time. Kylie says “Shana and I have been besties since middle school. She tells me everything, and I tell her everything. EVERYTHING. You and I are pinky swearers” little smile, “but I have secrets with my bestie from everyone else. Neither one of us will EVER tell something on the other. NEVER.” Shannon nods emphatically as she talks.

“The only lies we told you were about Jake coming back, and that was just so we could get you in the house. And, you liked what happened, didn’t you?” Shannon asks, a twinkle in her eye.

I smile at Kylie and says “Yes. Definitely yes.” As she smiles back, Shannon leans forward and asks, “So what happens now?”

“Give me a sec…I l have to think.” We all sit together in silence for a minute or two.

“OK, here’s my take: I should be angry…but surprisingly, I’m not. You guys were right that I probably never would have fallen into this without some help, but I’m glad I did and you don’t have to worry about that anymore. In fact, if you” I look at Kylie “want to do this again” she quickly nods “so do I. But we have to make some changes.”

“I don’t want to try and get in the middle of you two, and I don’t want to know all your secrets. But, I HAVE to know anything about me or this situation – I’m the one in danger, and I’ve got more experience and ways to deal with stuff. On this topic of Kylie and me…and this whole crazy plan you guys had…we have to to be completely open with each other. Agreed?” They both nod emphatically.

“Next – this HAS to stay between the three of us. Tell one person, and it is a lock they will tell someone else. And with a story as juicy as this one, it will be everywhere in an hour. Can you guys agree to that?” Kylie nods, and Shannon speaks up:

“We’re good at secrets…we’ve kept this one for weeks. Promise.”

I look closely at their faces, but they’re both looking serious and committed. I nod, reach out one hand to each, and say “OK then, we’re agreed. Shake.” We do a clumsy three way hand shake, then Kylie beams and melts into my arms. I hug her softly and stroke her hair, and she mumbles into my shoulder “I’m so glad you’re not mad. Yesterday was such a big thing, and I was scared of what would happen if you found out we tricked you. I didn’t want us to stop…”

Shannon starts to back away, and with a lopsided smile says “I should get out of here, and leave you two love birds alone.”

I look at her, and while still embracing Kylie, say “You don’t have to go. As much as I’d like to,” quick squeeze and a smile at the girl in my arms, “yesterday had to be rough on Kylie…I think we should rest some more.”

“I am still kind of sore. But, you’re coming over tomorrow, right?”

“Coming over tomorrow? But, there’s no Jake, so why…” Don’t be an ass Coach. “Sure, I’d love to. And we’ll take it slow, see how you feel.”

“Any slower and we’d never get anywhere!” my horny little student quips. I reach down and pinch her tight butt, and she squirms away with a little girl scream and a smile.

“OK, I’m out of here. You ladies have fun, I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” They walk me back to the patio door, and I walk out and head to my car. Glancing back, I see the two girls turn to each other, bounce and shriek as they join together in a big hug. I turn back, smile to myself, and get in my car to drive away.

Well, I think. I came here mad, hurt and worried, making plans in my head for all kinds of possibilities. I’m leaving reassured, and excited about being with Kylie again tomorrow.

As I turn onto my street, a new thought occurs to me. They say they tell each other everything, they were in together on a plan to seduce their teacher…what else are they together on?

How close ARE these girls?

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