Cassandra’s Revenge Ch. 04


Dear readers, I apologize for the long delay for the finale of this story. Life often leaves us little time for the things we enjoy and my writing has certainly been the first victim on the list. However, after a long hiatus, I have finally finished.

As far as a recap, I highly recommend reading the first three chapters, but I will be brief. Cassandra (Cassie) has wrangled her close friends into a day of wild sex on camera in order to get revenge on her shitty, soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, Kaiden. There’s been some crazy shit so far, but things are going to get just a little bit crazier before the end. Lives are going to change and revenge will finally be at hand. Enjoy…

Six adults sat in what had been an ordinary living room only a few hours earlier. Cassie was still recovering in Chris’s room, but now, the Kay’s couch was going to need a serious steam cleaning as well as his. Everyone had a chance to examine what they had all been doing with a little more clarity. Katie was still curled up, her orgasmic highs leaving her without enough strength to try moving. Chris sat heavily in the recliner, his recent exertions also showing telltale signs of fatigue. Ashley was hovering between Katie and her husband, still concerned about her friend’s well being and secretly debating whether or not she would take Katie’s advice to try double-penetration. Don, Mike, and Pat were all still panting heavily, trying to get their heart rate to a more reasonable level and sneaking glances at each other that resulted in short chuckles of disbelief.

Everyone in the room was wondering just where all this would lead. After all, it was one thing to be good friends, even close friends. The guys could hang out and bullshit and the ladies could share clothes or gossip. But this? This was two marriages and three single people thrown into potential chaos at every turn. The wrong word or the wrong action could spell disaster for any or all of them at a moment’s notice. To make matters worse, they had all gone past the point of no return already. The choice of whether or not this was a good idea was already made and now the consequences could be disastrous. Resentment, anger, jealousy…all the options were on the table just waiting for the one thing that could set them off.

In an attempt to stave off that potential possibility, Mike chimed in with, “Who’s hungry?” This was immediately answered with a unanimous affirmative via various grunts or groans. Mike chuckled as he pushed himself off the sticky couch and grabbed the cordless phone from the kitchen breakfast counter.

“Chinese?” he asked, which was also acknowledged by five positive sounding noises.

Mike dialed from memory and ordered up a significant portion of the menu. He made sure to lean towards the lighter dishes and things with more noodles and rice, thinking it would probably be helpful to get some serious carbohydrates into everyone. With the order placed and a delivery time of half an hour, he headed back to his spot on the big couch and sat somewhat uncomfortably on the cold, damp cushion. After making sure she was still ok, he pulled Katie into his lap, enjoying the feel of her large, bare breasts warming his groin.

“So…that just happened,” he said as nonchalantly as possible while looking at his friend’s naked bodies.

Pat, Don and Chris chuckled quietly while Ashley gave a soft, ‘hmmm’ and Katie attempted to stretch her overtaxed muscles. Suddenly, she sprang up as if she had been bitten and cried, “Oh, shit!” in a fairly alarmed voice. Everyone in the room froze, instantly concerned and startled at the same time.

“What is it, Hon?” Mike asked, somewhat distressed by his wife’s sudden exclamation.

“Um,” she stalled, “I’m not sure how to really say this.” The look on her face was a mixture of guilt, worry, and fear.

“It’s alright, Dear,” Mike consoled her, “We’re all friends here, right?” A look around the room was answered by nods and smiles.

“Well…um…do you remember how we had talked a few weeks ago about how Don and Peach were so lucky and that maybe we should start thinking about having a baby?”

“Yeah, I remember?” Mike answered in a somewhat confused tone.

“Well…” Katie swallowed, “We said we should, right? That it was a good time and that we were as ready as we were ever going to be?”

“Yes, Sweetheart, but what’s the…” Mike’s question trailed off as the intuitive leap landed on the other side.

“Oh, shit!!!” Don and Peach both shouted in unison, joining Mike’s conclusion.

“Um…yeah,” Katie went on, “I stopped taking the pill the next day.” The sentence hung out in the air for several seconds. Pat and Chris were a little slower on the uptake, but then they both got it.

“OH, SHIT!!!” they yelled. If it hadn’t been so serious, it would have made for an excellent comic routine.

Memory of the days’ events flooded their recollection and concern spread across their faces like a cloud moving past the sun.

“Well gaziantep bayan escort hold on,” Chris piped up, hoping to gain some perspective on the issue, “What are the odds that one time is going to get her pregnant?”

Every head turned to stare at him and he wished immediately that he could melt into the fabric of the recliner. Then, one by one, they all realized that Chris hadn’t been upstairs earlier. The looks of accusation quickly dissolved into averted glances.

“What?” Chris suddenly demanded, wondering why they had all looked ready to slap him one second and whistle past the graveyard the next. “What did I…?” his question also went unfinished as intuition leaped again. He suddenly remembered that he hadn’t been part of this little shindig from the get-go. “NO!?” he asked in complete disbelief.

Katie nodded wordlessly, guiltily holding up two fingers. Chris sank back in the recliner like the air had been knocked out of him. The room itself felt like a held breath, waiting for a scream or a cry. This was an unexpected twist that outweighed the heaviest of any other concerns. There was no longer any other worry about jealousy or hurt feelings, it was all buried beneath the shock of what might have just happened, could already be happening. Slowly, inevitably, all eyes turned to Mike. His face was a mask of calm, betraying nothing of the turmoil everyone expected him to be feeling. The more they watched him, the calmer he seemed, as if he were blissfully unaware that at this very moment, his wife might be conceiving another man’s child.

After an indeterminable length of time, he gently extricated himself from Katie and signaled for Don to follow him. Katie began to whimper, holding back tears of dread as Ashley tried to find words that might be of any help. There weren’t any. Don went with Mike to the kitchen, his brain firing on every cylinder as he tried to anticipate Mike’s reaction. What he didn’t expect was calm, rational, conversation.

Pat, Chris, Katie and Ashley sat in complete silence, all dreading the inevitable outrage that was sure to come. For almost ten minutes, they waited, hearing Mike and Don quietly conversing and wondering what could possibly be said that would make any of this alright. Finally, the two of them returned to the living room and Don sat next to his wife while Mike took center stage.

“Okay,” he began in a calm, controlled voice that held no trace of anger, “Don and I have discussed the obvious and I’ve come up with a solution that I am alright with as long as everyone else can agree as well.” He paused, making certain that everyone was paying attention. Satisfied that they were, he took a deep breath and continued, “Don is my best friend and I love him like a brother. As I’m sure we’re all aware, after today, things are going to be different…are already different between all of us. To be honest, I’m excited and intrigued by the changes ahead and what it could have in store for everyone here. That being said, I am okay with things happening as they happen on one condition…” Again, Mike paused. After seeing that everyone was waiting for the final verdict, he went on, “If, and it is still if, Don has gotten Katie pregnant, we will keep the baby and raise it as our own. However, if that’s the case, then Peach and I will also have a child that they will raise as theirs.”

The proclamation hung in the air for several heartbeats. Finally, Katie broke the silence. “Wait, what!?” she asked with concern. “Can that even possibly work?”

“Well, what’s done is done. I can’t, in good faith, blame Don for what may or may not happen. He was unaware of the situation and both you and I gave full consent. I also cannot blame you, Dear. It’s not exactly something you should have forgotten, but with all the craziness today, we have all been a little more than distracted.

“Don and I think that this is the best way to make things right and he’s okay with the idea. It’s all wait and see for now anyway, but I think it’s best to make the decision now. The only thing left is to determine whether or not you and Peach agree.”

Mike sat down on the couch next to Katie and took her hand to kiss it. She had tears welled up in her eyes, loving her wonderful husband more in that moment than she could ever remember. He was so kind, and understanding. Any other man would have probably flown into a rage and thrown away years of friendship and marriage with it. Mike was a different breed, that was certain. Now, however, it was Ashley’s turn to show her true colors. An ultimate moment of truth. It didn’t have to be said that if she declined, the Kay’s would still raise Don’s child as their own, probably without any serious resentment or bad will. Despite that fact, Ashley would know that that child was in fact half of her own husband and may become a source of friction between all of them in the years to come.

Without really overthinking it, she said, “Alright, I’ll do it.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Katie squealed like a child at Christmas and flung herself at her best friend. Ashley caught her in a big hug and started to laugh as the tension fled the room. It was infectious, causing everyone to join in the relief that a crisis had been averted.

“Now, this is just if Don got you pregnant,” Ashley said with a grin.

Katie squeezed her tightly before holding her at arms length. “What if it wasn’t if?” she asked, suddenly serious again.

“Well, clearly he’s capable,” Ashley said, indicating her belly and getting another laugh, “but we can’t be certain he did unless you have a crystal ball or something.”

“But what if we made it certain,” Katie added conspiratorially. “What if,” she paused for emphasis, “he got me pregnant on purpose?”

“What!?” everyone said at nearly the same time, causing another uproar. Everyone started to talk at once, immediately protesting the absurdity of the idea in a multitude of ways.

“Hold on, hold on,” Katie raised her voice to be heard over the din. “Why not?” she asked when the shouting dwindled. “Think about it. What could possibly bring us closer as friends than that? After today, we’re all going to be different. This is a once in a lifetime, life-changing experience here. So, I’ll have a baby with Don and Peaches will have a baby with Mike. No if’s. We’ll just plan it that way.”

“Hold on a minute,” Mike interjected, “My idea was meant to be an emergency measure. This whole thing shouldn’t even be up for discussion. Nobody was talking about it being intentional.”

Katie spun to face her husband, “But why not? What difference does it make whether it’s accidental or not? I’ll have Don’s baby and then you can have one when Peach is ready again.”

“Now hang on,” this time Don interrupted, “that’s kinda crazy. I mean, it’s one thing to do this out of necessity because we all got carried away, but on purpose is just nuts!”

“Why?” Katie turned her gaze on Don, “we all just agreed that it would be fine if it happened. Would that change when it happened? After all, we’re best friends, we love each other, we will certainly love our kids, our kids will grow up together and love each other. Is it really so important that they be from the established couples only? After today, established couples has kinda’ gone out the window, don’t you think? After all this, can we really go back to the way it was yesterday?”

“What about when they’re older?” Mike asked, trying to find holes in a solidly logical argument. “What do we tell them?”

“I don’t know, Honey. What were you planning on telling our child if Don is already the father? And that isn’t even the right word if we’re raising it as our own. You would be the Dad. Don would be the Uncle. Does it matter that he fertilized the egg?”

“To be honest, I hadn’t really thought that far ahead myself. And you have entirely fair points. I guess we could all decide when or even if the time comes what we would say. And it’s not like it would be a big deal as long as we all care about each other and love our kids regardless.”

“Woah, woah, woah, slow down, Pal,” Don exclaimed, “are you really agreeing to this?”

“Yeah, Buddy, why the hell not?” Mike shrugged.

“Yay!” Katie squealed again and flew into her husband’s embrace. “Now,” she added, looking back at the Hayes, “it’s all up to you guys.”

Ashley and Donovan looked at each other and could literally see the gears turning in each other’s heads. They didn’t speak, neither one knowing if the words even existed that could bring form to their tumultuous thoughts. A million, million things could go terribly wrong with this plan. Legal issues, privacy issues, intimacy issues, the list was all but endless. And yet, as they looked at each other, they saw the love they held for not only each other, but for everyone in the room as well. Crazy as it may seem, they both nodded to each other in agreement.

“We’re in,” Ashley announced, turning towards her best friend.

“Yeah?” Mike asked.

“Yeah, Man,” Don replied.

“Yes!” Katie exclaimed, squeezing her hubby and kissing his cheek.

“Well, if that’s what you are going to do,” Cassie said as she strolled in from the kitchen and plopped down on the couch, “then I am going to have a baby with each and every guy here!”

The casual statement was so outlandish, so incredulous, so mind-blowingly crazy, everyone in the room turned into bug-eyed owls. It was also at that very moment that the doorbell rang.

“Oh, fuck!” Mike gasped, realizing they had all lost track of time with the recent turn of events. “The food!”

Everyone scrambled like underage teens being raided by cops at a party. Chris was the only one even remotely decent and Mike was fortunate enough to have left his wallet next to the bowl for keys by the door. Just as the doorbell rang a second time, Chris managed to fish out a hundred dollar bill and open the door. The delivery guy had two huge bags of food and Chris had to direct him to set them inside on the floor. He paid with the hundred, muttered, “keep the change,” and hurriedly shut the door in the guy’s face.

He bent down, retrieved a to-go box labeled chk lo-mein, and headed back to the recliner. As he settled in and snapped his chopsticks apart, the rest of the entourage returned, sheepishly putting on t-shirts and their assorted underwear.

“Well, that was awkward,” Mike chuckled as he brought the rest of the food over to the coffee table. Everyone piled onto the couch and began to dig in, passing boxes around to share. For a while, they were all too preoccupied with eating to think about anything else.

Then, Cassie said after swallowing a huge bite of an eggroll, “I’m serious.”

Everyone looked at her and the look on her face was giggle inducing. “What!?” she demanded, feigning indignation.

“Cass, c’mon,” Pat soothed, “you weren’t out here for the whole conversation. The only reason it was even being discussed was out of concern that it may have already happened. You can’t seriously expect us to believe that you want to have four kids with four different guys, that’s crazy!”

“Well, Patrick, you’re right. I don’t want four kids with four different guys. What I want is for all four of you to keep fucking me until I’m pregnant. And I’ll keep getting pregnant until all four of you have fathered at least one of my babies. So, in reality, there could be a hell of a lot more than four kids!” Cassie was so adamant that it was difficult to doubt the voracity of her conviction.

“But, but that’s…Mike, help me out here, Buddy,” Pat finally retreated.

Put on the spot, Mike was still clueless as to how he was supposed to have a better argument. The idea was insane, but he didn’t want to say that. “This is getting out of hand! Maybe we should all take a few days to work this out.”

“What? Why?” Cassie protested. “It seems like Katie already made a convincing enough argument. I didn’t hear all of it, but I caught most and I want to be included.”

“Okay, how are you going to afford that many children?” he asked instead, putting Cassie on point with some legitimate practicality concerns.

“Well, how about I work for you?”

“You mean, like a secretary, or something?”

“No, silly, I’ll work here, as your live-in house mom. And over at the Hayes’ as well. Think about it, you all have jobs that keep you pretty busy. What are you going to do once you start having kids? I know you can afford the money, but what about the time? I’ll quit my crappy job and be Mrs. Mom. That way, I’ll have a place to stay, you’ll have a nanny slash maid, and we’ll all have kids together!”

Everyone chewed some more food while they chewed their thoughts as well. Katie was the first to speak up, “You know what? I’m all for it,” she declared matter of factly.

“Really?” Mike replied. “Are you sure we should be encouraging this?”

“Well, to quote the phrase of the day, ‘why the fuck not?'” Katie put on her emphatic charm. “I mean, we just agreed to swap babies between the wives, so what difference will this make?

“Sweetie,” Katie redirected her comments to Cassie, “regardless of my fuddy duddy husband’s obsession with practicality, I for one think it would be hot as hell to watch him put a baby in that belly of yours!”

Mike nearly choked on the mouthful of egg foo yung he had just taken. “Jesus!” he spluttered, his wife’s boldness taking him by surprise.

“What about me?” Pat asked, suddenly feeling like his chances to be with Cassie were slipping away again.

“What about you, Silly?” Cassie said with a grin. “I said all four of you, didn’t I?”

“That’s not…what I meant was…what I’m trying to say…” Pat fumbled for the right words, trying to admit his feelings without ruining the mood.

“Patrick Joseph Antonuk!” Cassie scolded in a mocking tone, “Are you jealous?”

“N-no, that’s not it, I was just…um…well, I was hoping you…shit I can’t talk!” he exclaimed, hiding his face in both hands in a very uncharacteristic show of embarrassment.

“Cause you can only be my boyfriend if you’re not going to be jealous,” Cassie quipped. Pat looked up from his hands with a face that made everyone chuckle. The unspoken ‘really?’ was written all over it.

“Yes, Silly,” Cassie answered anyway, “but just keep in mind what happened to the last guy who tried telling me what to do!”

“Ha!” Pat laughed, relief that his opportunity hadn’t passed flooding his face. “Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to be him.”

Everyone else joined in the mirth, ignoring the fact that Cassie had just successfully diverted the conversation away from the bigger issue.

“And on that note,” she continued, “I think we should all give Kaiden a nice third act to finish off my revenge.”

“Hear, hear,” Katie cheered and everyone else joined in.

Cassie practically sprinted to Chris’s room and came bounding back with the camcorder. She checked to make sure it was where it left off before pushing record and aiming it at her own face.

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