Carpenter Games


(This story was started by Sultry Sieren before she let me work on it. It’s her premise and her inspiration that should get the praise on this one.)


Angela McCloy, an interior designer at Dangerous Designs, was trying to finish the sketches on her latest assignments. She couldn’t concentrate though because of all the noise the carpenter, who was redoing all the shelving and cabinets in the office, was making. Kevin Byrne may have been the best at what he did, but if she needed silence to get some work done. There was a part of her that wanted to tell him where exactly he could stick his hammer. She finally gave up on waiting for him to be done, so she stuck her head out of her door to ask if he could take a break. Her words stopped on her lips when she saw him swinging his hammer with his shirt off. She could see every muscle ripple with each move he made.

She stood there frozen, unable to make herself move from the sight before her. It was like watching her personal tease. Somewhere in her mind she had the thought that she had gone too long without getting laid because he was turning her on way too much. When he bent over to retrieve another nail, all thoughts went out of her mind as the denim of his jeans stretched and pulled to showcase a very firm tight ass that she just wanted to grab. It wasn’t long until she felt herself getting up the nerve to complain.

“Sir…” she started to say before his figure came into view again. She just sat there staring at him for a good few minutes before his voice shattered her image.

“Look, lady, I have to get this stuff done today or it’s going to cost your boss another day’s work. Now if you quit staring at my dick long enough, maybe I can get back to work!” She felt herself gulp a breath of air before she opened her mouth again.

“Well, maybe I wouldn’t have to stare at that “dick” of yours if you wore looser pants or something.” She clasped her mouth with her hand after she spoke. Normally, Angela wasn’t so mouthy at guys, but this one seemed to have unleashed her inner gutter snipe. She looked wide eyed at him as he seemed to gloat at her torrent of words. He started walking towards her.

“Want a closer look?” he asked as his hand reached down to undo his tool belt. Angela walked backwards to her chair and sat down before his shirtless physique walked into her office. He took a look around at the sketches on her wall and the small desk she drew on before he walked in towards her. Angela was in complete awe as she watched his manhood encased in denim edge closer before her hands shot forward of their own volition. Her hands started rubbing it through its denim coffin. He began to undo his jeans before she stopped him.

“Let me do that,” she whispered as her hands unbuttoned them and started Isparta Escort undoing the zipper. She was pleasantly shocked to find him without underwear under those jeans. She started to pull down his jeans just below his crotch until his member rose up to meet her. Her hands hesitantly reached up and began to stroke his cock gently.

“I know you want to do more that rub it, you stuck up snob,” he snickered. She looked up at him wanting to be cross with him for calling her that. Instead, she slightly opened her mouth and allowed her tongue to just lick the crown of it slowly. She looked up at him almost mockingly.

“Would a stuck up snob do this?” she asked before she slowly took a small portion of his cock within her lips and sucked hard. She saw his head snap back in pleasure before she quickly withdrew her mouth. She knew she had him where she wanted him as she leaned forward and licked the underside of his cock before she spoke again.

“I could be a bitch and just leave ya like that. But since you seem to be enjoying it,” she started to respond as she slowly took his length into her mouth again. Two thirds of his length went inside her mouth that time as her hand found the base and began kneading it. Kevin could feel himself giving up control over the movements of this sucking office freak. She moved back and allowed his cock to fall out of her mouth one more time before she stood out of the chair.

“I think your knees would thank me if you had the chair,” she said teasingly. He fell into it in approval. His cock wobbled a bit before she knelt down between his legs and began to pull down his jeans to his ankles. It took a bit of effort before his sack was exposed and she found the spot where her tongue would play next. She knelt back down between his legs and started slowly licking her tongue up his testicles while her eyes opened wide. He was too busy leaning back with his face towards the ceiling before she grabbed his cock again and took it into her mouth. Her sucking was deliberate, labored; an act of a woman desperate for cum. Kevin almost felt himself getting ready to climax with just her mouth when he had sense enough to try to stop her.

“You don’t want me to waste my cum in that pretty throat of yours, do you?” he asked arrogantly. Angela’s response was more deliberate. Her mouth opened a bit and took all his member down her throat as she began to suck even harder before his cum began to shoot. She not only swallowed it all, but even caressed his member with her tongue before she finally let its flaccidness loose. She then knelt up in Kevin’s face.

“Afraid you can’t get it up again, jackass?” she asked as her hands found the buttons to her blouse and began to slowly undo them. Her hips gyrated slowly on top Isparta Escort Bayan of him as she opened it towards him. . She knew in her mind that he was trapped because even if he could get up, the jeans around his ankles would make him less of a flight risk. As she exposed her lacey white brassiere to his gaze, she started licking her lips seductively. The blouse fluttered to the ground as her hands reached down to where her skirt was buttoned around her waist. Soon, her skirt joined her blouse on the floor and she stood there clad only in her lacey white bra, her white high cut panties and her heels.

Kyle let off a high pitched whistle as his dick waved up a bit. She cooed a little before she reached behind her back and slowly unhooked her bra before throwing it at him. He caught it before he gazed upon her nipples standing before him erect and excited. She looked at his gaze and knew where they were focused before she moved forward, her right hand offering her right breast to his greedy mouth. She was rewarded with an eager set of lips latching onto it and sucking hard. The spark was shooting through her straight to her needy pussy.

“More… please,” she begged as his hand reached up and latched onto the other one. His hand was rough on her soft skin, almost abrasive in the good way as he fondled. His mouth kept sucking on her tit almost to the point that Angela felt he would never let loose. She looked down and saw his member stiffening more as he played with her tits. Her left hand slid down and moved the fabric of her panties to the side. Her trimmed pussy was already yearning for relief. As she scooted closer to his cock, Kyle held her fast.

“Oh no, Ms. Prissy, I’m fucking you my way,” he said before lifting her up and planting her on her back on her desk. Her pussy sat there exposed mere millimeters from his prick before he rubbed it against her.

“Is this what you want you teasing slut?” he teased.

“Please!” she answered almost breathlessly. His response was immediate as he slid his cock part way inside her. Then he stood there, feeling her trying to ease more of it inside her.

“Shove it in me!!!” she yelled. He held firm for a moment before flexing his hips and pushing forward impaling her on his dick. His thrusts were merciless as he tore into her needy box. She had her hands gripping on the edge of the desk above her head to steady his thrusts. She felt one orgasm tear through her as he kept slamming her. After her climax subsided, he pulled out unceremoniously. She looked up at him with an evil glare.

“Why did you do that?” she yelled at him. His smirk reappeared.

“Since you swallowed my first load, it’s my turn to tell you where I am finishing this time,” he said before pulling her Escort Isparta up from the desk. He swung her around until she was facing away from him before bending her over.

“Oh no you’re not,” she tried to protest before he slid back into her pussy from behind. His thrusts felt slightly harder. As his cock slid into her, she felt her nipples were rubbing against the desk top and his hands were gripping her hips even harder. His strokes were more consistent using her pussy to stroke him off. She looked back at him and smiled when she saw his look of determined concentration. She knew immediately how to get back in control.

“Don’t you want to fuck my tits, you ass?” she yelled almost stopping him in mid stroke.

“Oh no, you teasing bitch, I want to shoot my load in this tight ass of yours,” he responded before removing his cock from her velvet sheathe. He grabbed her panties with his grip and began to try to slide them down before grabbing a letter opener off the desk and using it to slice her panties open above her pussy. There she remained, her pussy and ass exposed to this carpenter between the remnants of her panties as he began to rub his spit on his cock. He took his left index finger and began to slowly slide it up and down her rear entrance before she spoke again.

“Top left drawer…,” she panted. He opened the drawer to find a bottle of Astro-glide. He smirked a bit before he spoke.

“You are a needy slut, aren’t you?” His hand opened the top and squirted a dollop into his palm before rubbing it on his finger. This finger then slowly started sliding in her past the outer ring until his finger slid in as deep as his knuckle. She moaned loudly as he started fucking her ass with his finger. It was a few more minutes of fingering before she started yelling at him again.

“God, you better fuckin shove that thing in my ass!” she demanded. Kyle smiled triumphantly as his cock was poised at his promised land. As he slid in slowly, he could feel her breath holding fast.

“Let it out and relax. Otherwise you’re not gonna be able to sit down for a week,” he berated her before he felt her loosen up in his grip. As his cock began penetrating her rear entrance, she flinched again and let out a Banshee yell before she collapsed on the desk again. He started slowly sliding back in forth while she moaned enjoying the sensations his dick was causing inside her. Her left hand slid down and began rubbing her pussy slowly while he pumped away.

As she started pushing back against his cock, he started to feel his balls tightening. He started pushing forward more deliberately before his cock started spewing inside her. She could feel his essence flowing inside her bowels as he started pulling out slowly, leaving her in a pile on her desk. As he found the jeans he wore into her office, he looked at her and yelled.

“That was awesome, Angela. Are you sure you have to go back to work tomorrow?” Angela smiled at her husband as he walked back to his project. She started dreading returning to her real office the next morning.

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