Car Ride


Texas. Your home. I have not traveled nearly enough in this life. But with you, I would go anywhere. And do anything. I can picture your home. Feel the warmth of the big Texas sun. Warm like your chest. Sun shining. Blue skies. Just riding in the car next to you. Some goofy so-and-so song you know all the words to playing through the speakers. You sing along overdramatically. Windows down, wind in our hair. Sunglasses on. Passing through fields of green with pops of blues and reds every so often. On our way to nowhere important with all the time in the world.

You have blue jeans on. You know I love you in jeans, a t-shirt, and a smile. I am wearing blue jean shorts and a t-shirt. Just the picture of comfort and casual. Like we have always been and will always be together in peace and tranquility like this. Timeless.

My feet tap along to the music, as your fingers drum the steering wheel. My arm is out the window enjoying the breeze. Our other hands are clasped, light and loose so the sun doesn’t permanently fuse them together. I love to trace around your wrist, the soft underside of your arm, the inside of your elbow. Soft zones. So many pleasant sensations.

My legs tremble and spread slightly just thinking of you. I slide over in my seat, closer to you, and lean my head on your shoulder. Both of my hands now grip your arm. Oh! The smell of you! I close my eyes and think about your naked body. Images from the shower and king size bed pop into my mind and replay. Such a happy place to be!

You ease in your seat, things becoming tighter and harder as you pick up the smell of my hair and perfume. I place my hand on your chest and feel you take in a deep breath. I lean up and kiss your neck. Just a taste of you with my tongue. I don’t want you to lose too much control while driving. Your hand moves to my bare thigh and I gasp. Its amazing and I want more.

I turn upward from your neck and find your ear. It’s such a rush and a thought has crossed my dirty mind. I bite your ear gently, release it and lick the lobe. My breath is hot on your face as I say,

“We need to pull over darling.”

“But it’s the middle of the day, there are so many people…”

I think yeah, the three cows and tumbleweed we passed so deserve a show.

“Fuck.” alanya escort You say.

Your eyes glance into the mirrors and along the skyline, looking for anything to help you in this situation. I slide your hand further up my thigh, under my shorts, to the very wet patch that has formed there. I watch as you bite your lip and whisper my name. I say your name, my voice thick with lust and desire. I run my hand down your chest to the bulge that has formed between your legs. I want you, and I want you now.

Some thing about the clean air and freedom of nature is making this so soulful. I find your belt and slowly undo it, then begin to fumble with your jean button and zipper. My hand slides inside your boxers and feels you completely. Your body stiffens, not entirely certain you can keep a clear head driving and being touched like this.

I squeeze your manhood and feel the car lurch forward, your feet pressing down with pleasure. Dangerous. That’s ok. I have more ideas. The sunshine is giving way to a gorgeous Texan sunset. I pull my hand away and you moan. I am not a tease Darling, just taking a fork in this sexual road.

I turn in my seat to face you and remove my seatbelt. Sunglasses still on because I want the mystery of looking into your eyes without you catching mine. Locking eyes always speeds up the passion and I hope to make this take forever.

I slowly remove my shirt, watching you catch side glances and trying to pay attention to the road. I have a purple lace bra on today. From my younger days, it pumps my breasts up very nicely for you to see with or without a shirt on. I trace my fingers around the bottom of my bra, then up around the top of each cup, just wishing it was your fingers or tongue.

I lean my head back against the window, hair whipping in the wind. My fingers follow the lace around the back of the bra and unclasp it. I pull it off, releasing my breasts into the wind and feel the car being pulled back and forth. Car swaying while you try and concentrate but enjoying the show. Swaying breasts are the perfect distraction.

Bra is off and out the window it goes. Who needs breasts caged anyways? I hear you giggle. I use my hands like you would and cup each breast, slowly letting my fingers find my own stiff nipples and grasping them between my fingers. So hard. So much I want you to do to me. I bite my lower lip.

My left hand stays on one breast, fingers squeezing slowly and releasing my left nipple. My other hand meanwhile, it glides down my body. I find my own shorts button and undo it. Just as you like, I am wearing no underwear underneath. I lean forward onto my knees in the seat, my nipples just inches from your face. I find my own lips, plump and wet for you. I can hear your breathing, ragged with need and want.

I put on such a naughty show for you, sliding my fingers in and out of my fold, imitating what you have done to me these last few days. Still maintain the squeezing and releasing on my nipple with my other hand. So hot and wet and ready to burst, I feel myself getting closer to the edge from this private show.

“Don’t you dare” you choke out amidst my pleasurable sighs.

“Watch me” I reply, a wild sex-driven smirk showing under my dark glasses.

I glance down to your hardness and let myself climax completely. You growl. Not anger, but jealousy. Jealous of my hand. I smile even bigger and lean my breasts as close to your face as I dare, without letting you touch.

Now you have had it. Taking me to the limit was your job, and I stole that from you. You pull over, gravel and dust creating a small tornado as you brake. Its darker now, the sun has almost set. You turn the car off and step outside. You rip off your sunglasses and toss them into your seat. I slowly remove mine and just watch as you come for me, eager to be claimed by you again.

In an instant you are on my side of the car, opening the door. I turn towards you and kick my legs out of the car to take a step out. You bend down and place your hands on my thighs, gripping them so I can feel your fingernails in my flesh with so much pressure. You kiss me. Hard and passionate. Those lips, so soft and delicious and sexy. They open, and I find your tongue.

Your hands find the top of my shorts and tug. I lift my ass up and, in a flash, my shorts are gone. You are on your knees. Your face with those precious lips and that tongue have found my nipples. I moan, it’s so much better now that you are touching me. You use your tongue and taste a line down to between my legs. Gentle kisses at first. Your hands are on my breasts, squeezing them seductively. I can barely breathe, you do this so well.

I spread my legs completely open to you, and you take full advantage; slicing into me with your tongue. So hot. So hard and fast. So much of you. I can’t keep my body still, my hands run through your hair and I wish I could touch more. You suck, and nibble and lick and I feel myself explode in your mouth. So much better when you do it.

But no, we can’t stop here. You kiss my thighs and I lean forward to kiss your lips. I can taste me as I am tasting you. So hot. I step out of the car, completely naked next to you. I place your hands on my breasts and stare into your eyes. You slide your hands down to under my ass and lift me up onto the side of your car.

I lay back and spread myself, so ready for you to finally be in me. You grab yourself and slide your penis up and down my flesh, teasing me oh so well. I glance up at your face, and as we lock eyes, you enter me. Absolutely breathtaking. The heat. The pressure. Your pace picks up and I am squirming, pushing harder onto you as you pump into me and fill me deeply. I moan and say your name gently.

I see that you are getting so close, but I have another surprise. My body explodes yet again and vibrates around your penis. You are pushed even closer to your limit. But I have a surprise ending. I slide off you, and turn you around, your ass now pressed against the car, me on my knees down in front of you. I hear you trying to still your raging chaos by taking in the night air.

I push my breasts together and run them up and down the length of you. Up and down with friction as my mouth gets closer and closer. I see the fire in you rising again and I am done teasing you. I release my breasts to grip your thighs and pull you deep into the back of my burning throat. Your hand is on my hand following my pace. I pull you in so hard and swirl my tongue around the tip, my hands around your thighs holding you in place.

I feel you come and glance up just in time to see your head fly back in release. I swallow, and my hands guide me back up your chest, my nails scratching slightly on my climb back up to you. I kiss your neck and collapse onto you. What a lovely ride we have had! Never made it to a specific destination but found each other and that’s what really counts.

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