Cabin Fever, Chapter 1


The anniversary of our entering our Master/submissive relationship was soon approaching, and I wanted to do something special for pet. It had been five wonderful years since we had her Collaring Ceremony, and I hadn’t regretted a single moment of it. We had shared some wild adventures, and learned things about each other that I am certain without this D/s framework we never would have known. We had both grown and grown together, and I wanted to give her a special anniversary to show her how much it meant to me that she was my submissive and my wife. A co-worker of mine at the office had a friend that owned a cabin up in the mountains. He would rent it out to people he knew or who were known to be “responsible adults” – in other words, he wouldn’t rent to just any shmoe that asked him! And I didn’t blame him… big hotel chains might be able to absorb the costs of a wild party and its inherent damages, but this was his summer house. And he didn’t want to have to spend the summer fixing it up after a destructive renter had trashed it! I talked with this co-worker of mine a few times about the cabin, and he showed me some pictures of it when he had rented it himself. It looked nice and he said he would put a good word in for me, so I was looking forward to using it for our anniversary. And I got word one day that he would rent it to us. I got his contact information, and gave him a call one day while I was at work. We set up the dates and rates, and everything was ready as far as the cabin went. Now, I had to make sure the other preparations were in place. A few days before we were to leave on our weekend getaway, I went shopping. I left for work as usual, and as far as pet knew that’s where I was headed. What she didn’t know was that I was only going to be there for the morning. That afternoon I had taken off work to do the shopping and make the rest of the arrangements for the weekend. I went to an “adult toy store” in a neighboring town (the one we went to initially to get our first bondage toys) and picked up a few additional items, both bondage-orientated and regular toys. Then, I went to our local hardware store for some other things I had in mind. Once I had the needed items for our weekend play, I went home that day at the regular time. But before I went inside, I stashed all the things I had bought in the garage and covered it with some other garage “debris” so she wouldn’t be tempted to peek inside the box! “Hello, Master! Welcome home!” she said, as I walked in the door. It is always such a pleasure for me to come home to my beautiful pet and her welcome makes all the aggravation and stress of the workday melt away in her deep blue eyes and warm, honest smile. “Hello, pet. How was your day?” I asked her as she took off my coat. “Fine, Master, but I missed you.” “And I missed you as well. But I am home now,” I said, Escort Güngören kissing her. “Yes, Master, and I am so glad,” she said. “Oh? And why is that, little one?” I asked. “No reason, Master. I just really missed you,” she said. “Well,” I whispered low as I reached down to her crotch, “maybe I will have to do something about my absence then.” “Yes Master,” she replied in a throaty whisper. I lowered my face to her tits and licked one of her nipples, rasping my tongue over the nub as she arched her back slightly. “Oooh, Master, that feels so good,” she cooed. She reached down to hold the tit up, offering herself to me. I accepted and sucked the nipple into my mouth, sucking and biting it gently, then a little harder. She moaned softly and reached up to pull my head closer. I took her by the wrists and held her hands behind her back, using my arms to trap her and hold her in place. She moaned again as she felt my strength firmly keeping her from wriggling or escaping. I licked and sucked on each nipple in turn, enjoying the sight of my pet with closed eyes, moaning her pleasure and watching those little buds stiffen and swell as I toyed with them. “Is that pussy wet for me, slut?” I asked. “Yes Master,” she moaned hoarsely. “Would you like to see?” “I think I would, pet. Show me,” I said, releasing her wrists and kneeling down. She took a small step back and spread her legs, looking at my face for a reaction. “I said, show me,” I repeated. She spread her pussy lips to show me her pink softness. I reached out and pulled her to me roughly and buried my face in the folds of her pussy. “Oh god, Master Ohhhh, yes!” she said as she felt my tongue probe her womanhood. She pushed my face deeper into her. “Yess… Oh, right there, Master! Oh god!” she spread her legs further apart urging me deeper and opening her pussy for my exploration. I took advantage of it too, licking the sides, her puffy pussy lips, and drawing small circles around her clit. The latter technique drove her wild, and her legs began quaking with the strain of fighting off her growing need. I kept up the pressure on her, not letting her cum, but not letting her cool down either. “Oh, Masterrr,” she growled her need to me. “Oh please! I… I…” I slipped a finger up to touch her asshole and she jumped, forcing herself onto my tongue as I pressed my finger forward. I didn’t enter her, but I kept my finger on her anus nonetheless. She reached back to move my hand, but I swatted it away. She liked having me play with her asshole, it really got her hot, although she was still a bit shy about entering her. Personally, I enjoyed “rimming” her – licking around her asshole and even poking into it slightly while fingering her pussy. It never failed to make her insane with lust and she would cum just from my doing that if I let İnnovia Escort her! “Master… Oh please may I cum? May I cum for you?” she pleaded. “No. Not here,” I said. I stood up and took her over to the dining room table. I hefted her onto it and she laid back. “Now, pet, I’m going to eat your pussy and make you cum. But you’ll still have to beg for it. And I may not let you cum right off – you taste so good, I want to savor your tasty pussy!” I told her. She obediently spread her legs wide for me and pulled her knees up to her chest so I had plenty of room to get at her. She grabbed her calves and held her legs in position while I bent to the task before me. With her pussy drooling and her asshole winking at me, I began eating her out in earnest. I love the taste of pet’s pussy and could eat it for hours – far longer than she can stand me there! As I chewed on her clit, I slipped my index finger into her sopping pussy and fingered her for a bit, letting her juices lube up my finger for later. It wasn’t but a couple minutes (unfortunately) before she was back on the edge of her orgasm. This time I would let her cum, but in my own exciting way. “Oh, Master! Oh, I’m going to cum! Please! Please let me cum for you!” she whined desperately. “Now you can beg better than that, pet! Make me believe it!” I said, lifting my head and letting her see her pussy juice all over my face. This made her even more aroused. “Please, please, Master, please, I need to cum so badly! Please!” she begged again. “That’s better. But I think you have more in there. One more time, pet,” I said again. “Please, please! Oh God! Oh God, please, please let me cum, Master! Oh, I’ll do anything you want, just please let me cum!” she wailed, desperate to gain her release. “That’s my slutty pet. Okay, you may cum,” And I punctuated my permission by shoving that lubed index finger into her asshole up to the middle knuckle. “OHH!!” she shrieked as she came. The shock of my index finger plunging into her asshole sent her careening over the edge of her orgasm and she exploded right there on the table. I held onto her as she came, bucking upwards with her legs as she poured her juice onto the table under her. This made the table and her slippery and I had to hang onto her tightly and hold her down, the restriction causing her to cum even harder. Finally the waves subsided and she relaxed, panting and giggling on the table, covered in sweat and her own cum. “Thank you, Master. I needed that. I was tempted today to make a mistake, but I held out for you. And now I feel MUCH better!” she said. “Well, to be honest with you, I needed it too, pet. And I got to say it’s a hell of a nice welcome home to boot!” I kissed her as she laid there. I helped her off the table and then took her around the other side. I wiped my hand over the Kağıthane escort bayan puddle of pussy juice she had leaked there and then spread it over her tits. “Keep that there for me. I’ll take it off later,” I told her. “Yes, Master,” she said, smiling. “Would you like to go up and get out of those work clothes? I have your clothes laid out on the bed.” “Yes, I think I will. Thank you, pet.” I kissed her again. “You are so thoughtful.” She smiled. “Anything for you, Master.” We sat down to a delicious dinner of pot roast and as we ate, I told her of my plans – at least the part she needed to know right then! “This weekend, pet, we are going away. Don’t ask me where – it’s a surprise. But we’ll be leaving Friday as soon as I get home from work. Now, I want you to wear that little black mini-dress… you know, the halter-top one cut almost to your navel in front, and cut down to the small of your back in the rear. I like the way it looks almost painted on you… it shows off all your luscious curves!” “Curves hell, it shows my goosebumps if it’s cold out, Master!” she said. “Yeah and if it’s cold out it shows a couple other things!” I said, pinching her nipple playfully. “Master you’re incorrigible!” she smiled. “Yeah and you wouldn’t have it any other way, would you pet?” I asked. “No, Master,” she said. “I love your ‘bad boy’ side!” “Now, of course, you won’t be wearing any underwear under that dress, and I want you to wear your thigh-high stockings and your silver heels,” I told her. “As for any other clothing, well you might want to bring a pair of jeans and a top, a light jacket, your boots, and maybe something sexy to wear at night.” “Yes, Master,” she said, puzzled at the combination I threw at her. But she laid out the clothes I told her to and after I looked them over, she packed them in her suitcase. I packed my things as well, leaving out my “working clothes” – my leather pants, open-front sleeveless shirt, and square-toe boots. I put the two suitcases by the door for tomorrow when we would leave… Work that Friday was light, fortunately, since I doubt I could have concentrated on much anyway. Finally, the time came for us to head out on our adventure. Pet still had no idea where we were going, and I meant to keep it a secret for as long as possible. I got home that evening and before I went inside, I put the box of things I had bought a few days earlier in the trunk of the car. Then I went in and got my pet. She looked absolutely amazing in that dress. Her hair was made up in a cute ponytail, and her makeup was flawless. She met me at the door, kneeling like usual, but I quickly picked her up and kissed her. I didn’t want her to ruin her stockings for one, and for another I wanted to get on the road quickly. I took my beauty out to the car and seated her with a kiss, placing the blindfold over her eyes and buckling her in. Then brought out the suitcases and put them in the trunk and got in. I figured we’d grab a bite on the road. So we were off. We made it through town easily enough, and soon we were on the open road. That’s when I put my plan into action. As I drove, I placed my hand on her thigh.

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