Business Trip


I had to go out of town for a meeting with one of my clients. It would be an overnight, and I asked my assistant Katey if she would like to go too. I certainly could use her help keeping things organized. “Of course I would, sir”, she eagerly agreed.

It was a four-hour flight, and Katey rested her head on my shoulder as she dozed off, her soft, ample breast pressing against my arm. I definately had a thing for Katey, and having her so close to me felt good. I looked down and saw that her skirt had ridden up her leg as she napped, revealing the flesh of her thighs.

When we arrived I was exhausted. Our hotel was an Embassy Suites overlooking the river. Katey stood at my side as we checked into the hotel, her arm linked in mine. The desk clerk looked at us knowingly as I asked for adjoining rooms. “Just call if there is anything else you need”, she said as she handed us each our key-cards, almost smirking.

We took the elevator to our rooms on the 12th floor. The bellboy helped with our bags. “Separate rooms, sir?” he queried, as he put Katey’s luggage on the bed.

Katey went right to the big picture window and looked out. “Oh sir!” she exclaimed, “it’s beautiful!” I went to her side, and slipped my arm around her waist. The window overlooked the city skyline across the river, the sunset light gleaming on the buildings.

“Wow, it sure is,” I agreed. “But babe, I am really beat. If it’s okay with you I think I’ll lie down for a few minutes before dinner. If I fall asleep, can I count on you to wake me up?”

“Of course sir,’ she answered. “I’ll go visit the shops, maybe take a walk. First tho, go ahead and lie down, and I’ll help you get settled” She stepped to me, her hands reaching to my tie to unknot and loosen it. “There, more comfy sir?” As I stretched out on the queen size bed, Katey undid my shoes and tugged them off, gently massaging my feet for a moment. Then she moved up to my head and kissed me on the lips. “You have a nice rest, sir. I’ll see you in a little while.” She turned on the radio to a country music station, the volume low, and left the room.

I must have dozed off, as perhaps two hours went by without my realizing it. As I opened my eyes I saw the moon gleaming thru the big window. There was a tickling sensation on the bottom of my feet, indeed, that is what awakened me. As the room came into focus, I saw Katey sitting at the foot of the bed, smiling. “Wakey wakey, sir?” she giggled, as she brushed a feather along the bottom of my feet.

“HEY! You stop that!” I hated to be tickled, and Katey knew it.

“Why should I?” she responded playfully, her fingers now grasping behind my knees – a very ticklish spot. “Will I get in trouble?” She increased her probing with her fingers, making me writhe to escape her. “Come on sir … time to get up!”

“YES you’ll get in trouble, young lady!” I sat up quickly and grabbed her wrist to prevent her from tormenting me further. My face was close to hers. She leaned forward, her eyes lidded, her lips slightly parted, inviting me. I kissed her fully yet gently on the mouth, lingering there a few moments. A warmth grew in my loins.

I broke the kiss, my hand still firmly gripping Katey around her wrist. An interesting thought came to mind. “You are so bad,” I said. I think you need to be restrained.”

With my free hand I completed unknotting my tie, and slipped it from around my neck. Then I wrapped it around Katey’s wrist. “Oh, sir … are you going to tie me up?” She seemed a little startled at the idea.

“That is exactly what I am going to do, young lady. There will be no more tickling here! But first, I have to get your sweater out of the way.” I grabbed the hem of her light pullover, and drew it up, lifting it over her head and off. She was wearing a lacy bra underneath. Her free hand went instinctively across her chest to cover herself.

“What are you going to do?” she whispered, suddenly no longer the one in control.

“I am going to tie you to the bed. And then I am going to tickle you … but I won’t be using just my fingers.”

Her breath caught in her throat as she took on a submissive role. “Alright, sir. I guess I deserve it.”

“That’s better. Now, lie down and give me your hand.” She complied, resting her head Konya Escort on the pillow. I took the loose end of the tie around her wrist and looped it around the bedpost, securing it there. Next, I went to my luggage. I had brought an assortment of 3 additional neckties, and pulled them from my bag. Not saying a word, she watched my every movement. I went to the other side of the bed, where I wrapped a tie around Katey’s free hand then around the opposite post. She now lay on her back,, her arms stretched apart and tied, wearing only her bra above her waist.

“Now, where is that feather?” I grinned as I looked around, finding it on the floor where Katey had dropped it. Picking it up, I brushed it teasingly under her chin and along the side of her neck as she bit at the corner of her lip to avoid laughing. “Ohhhh, you might laugh now, but just wait …” I warned.

“Sir, what are you going to do?” she pleaded.

“This” I answered, as I drew the tip of the feather over the skin of her chest, then over the cups of her bra. “Hmmmmm … I think this needs to come off too.”

“Oh no sir,” Katey teased. “Please don’t undo my bra.” And she rolled her torso side to side, feigning a struggle to prevent me from reaching the clasp between the cups. But reach it I did, undoing it with a flick of my fingers. As I pushed the cups aside, the flat of my palms brushed over Katey’s nipples.

“These need to stand up more,” I said. “And I have just the thing.” I took one of the other neckties and wrapped it tightly around the base of Katey’s right breast, then did the same with the left. Now her breasts were bound with the ties, making them protrude markedly up from her chest, her rosy nipples pointing invitingly toward the ceiling. I again took the feather, now stroking and teasing her swelling nipples. She arched her back up, trying to reach to the feather with her nipples as I brushed it lightly over them.

“I think your nipples could use some teasing with something better than a feather.” I said as I stood along the bed, near her head. “Look over here, young lady. And don’t take your eyes from me.” My fingers playfully went to the button of my trousers, undoing it, then do my zipper. My cock was bulging within, and Katey’s eyes were glued to me, a little over a foot away but unable tor reach. As I slowly drew the zipper down my hard cock strained against my blue silk briefs. Katey circled her lips with her tongue. I enjoyed watching her face as watched me hungrily.

Stepping out of my pants and peeling my shirt off, I was naked but for my briefs. I knelt on the bed near Katey’s head. “What’s the matter babe, do you want some of this?” I cupped my hand over my bulge, squeezing and manipulating it, only inches from her wanting eyes.

“Uh huhhhh … I dooooo .. please sir, let me have it.”

“All in good time, young lady,” I answered. Then I slowly drew the waistband of the briefs down over my hips to around mid thigh, by cock standing at full attention. Taking it in my hand, I moved toward katey’s bound breasts. “First, let’s see how you like being tickled with a hard cock!” I touched the tip of my erection to her nipple nearest me, and she moaned at the sensation. A gleaming drop of precum oozed from me and onto her breast, so I smeared it around with the head of my cock. Then, straddling her tummy, I “tickled” her other breast in the same fashion, pressing my cock firmly against it, indenting her flesh with it. She strained at the ties on her hands, wanting to touch me, but I would not allow it. Her breathing had become rather ragged now, and her hips were arching rhythmically up and down.

“I have learned my lesson, Sir,” Katey whispered. “Won’t you please let me go?”

“Not just yet, young lady,” I replied. “The lesson isn’t over.” I stood now at the foot of the bad and looked down at her. “Grab the headboard and spread your legs for me!”

Katey inhaled sharply. She gripped the slats on the headboard, and for a tantalizing moment raised and parted her knees, allowing me a glimpse of her pantied crotch under her skirt. Then, smirking, she slammed her legs together. “That’s all, sir. That’s all you get to see.” she teased.

“Oh really now?” I stared back into her eyes. “Remember which one of us Konya Escort Bayan is tied up. Do it. Open your legs for me!”

“Uh uh”, she shook her head.

“Well in that case … it’s a good thing I have two more ties, isn’t it.” I pounced onto the bed and in a single movement reached under her skirt to the waist of her black panties, yanked them down her thighs and off. She gasped, feigned a struggle as she strained at her bound hands, then immediately pressed her legs togther. “That isn’t going to stop me, young lady,” I grinned, as I retrieved the last two of my neckties from my bag. I securely tied one to her left ankle and to the footpost of the bed. Then I moved to the other side and tied her right ankle. Katey’s body heaved with ragged breath as made the last tie to the bedpost, forcing her legs apart as I tightened it securely. I took one of the fluffy pillows and slid it under her ass, arching her body upward with her glistening pussy at the pinnacle.

Again I stood at the foot of the bed so she could watch, and stripped off the remainder of my clothing. Katey’s eyes were lidded as she stared at my cock, standing out at full erection. “Do you want some of this, young lady?”

“Oh yes sirrrrrr”, she answered. “Let me free and I will show you” She once more feigned to struggle against the ties.

“In due time, my dear, in due time” I walked around the bed and stood next to her head, my cock only a foot or two from her face. She opened her mouth and strained toward it. “No, that’s not what you’re getting, not just yet …” I teased. Then I picked her panties off the bed where I had dropped them, and held them up to my nose, inhaling. “These are such pretty panties young lady … and they smell so good, too … here, would you like to smell?” I dangled them over her face, allowing Katey to take in the scent of the pussy-drenched fabric. “Don’t they smell nice, young lady?”

Her chest heaved as she sniffed at her panties. “Uh-huh” she whispered.

“And I bet they taste good too” I went on. “Here, have a taste …” With two fingers I pressed the crotch of her panties between her lips, pushing more and more of it into her mouth. “Go ahead, suck your pussy” I directed, as she tasted the fragrant juices, licking and sucking it from the fabric.

I returned to the foot of the bed, kneeling on it between her open legs. Just looking at her for a moment, I reached up and pulled the panties from her mouth, and replaced them with two fingers on my right hand. “Mmmmm, get my fingers all wet babe … I have plans to use them” She sucked my fingers in deeply, and swirled her tongue around them vigourously, wetting them with her saliva “What are you going to do, sir?”

“Tell me Katey,” I queried as I pulled my fingers from her mouth and held them poised over her crotch. “how many orgasms in a row can you have?”

“Oh my god, sir … I don’t know … but I hope I am about to find out!”

“Then let’s do some exploring, shall we?” Still looking into her face, with my palm facing up as I knelt between her outstretched bound legs, I pressed a fingertip between the lips of Katey’s pussy. Her slit was wet with her juices, and my finger slid easily along it. It felt hot to my touch, and she let out a soft moan “Yesssss … sir .. please …” With her legs spread by the ties and her hips raised by the pillow under her ass, her pussy opened easily to my probing fingers. I slipped one inside her, wiggling it as it entered … then two, my fingers making a “come here” motion as I caressed the walls of her vagina, probing for that certain spot. Her gasp let me know I had found it, and she arched up hard to meet me. “Ohhhh … did I find a good spot?” Katey only moaned in response, her hips bucking as I plunged my fingers in and out.

“Make me cum, sir … please …” she begged, as my fingers flashed faster and faster and she thrashed about under my ministrations. I could sense her climax building, the lips of her pussy almost grasping my fingers, willing them into her. Then … “Aghhhhhhh…” she moaned, arching up high as her orgasm coursed through her body. Lubricating juices gushed from her pussy onto my hand and oozed down onto the pillow under her hips, wetting it. Then she sank back to the bed, Escort Konya panting.

“That’s one.” I leaned over her and kissed her on the mouth, whispering in her ear. “How about another?”

Katey responded by whispering back to me, almost pleading, “Sir, in my bag …”, her eyes motioning me to her overnight case on the bureau. I opened it and looked about inside, digging through her clothes and lingerie until I found a zip-lock bag in the bottom. In the bag was a huge, purplish dildo.

“Ah haaaaaaa,” I grinned, holding it up. It was eight inches long and at least two inches thick, molded of a smooth gel-like material. “Want to have some fun with this, do you?” She panted and writhed as I returned to kneel once again between her parted legs. Looking down at her glistening pussy I ran the tip of the dildo up and down along her lips, smearing her juices on it. Then I leaned over her and held it to her mouth. “Here, have a taste, young lady … mmmmm, I bet it’s good!” Without hesitation Katey sucked it in and swirled her tongue over it, licking her sweet juices from the toy.

Then I returned it to her crotch. “Do you want this, babe?” I teased, turning the vibrator knob and tickling the bud of her clitoris with the tip.

“Let me have it sir .. I can take it … give it all to me!” she begged, thrusting her hips to me and parting her legs even wider. With that, I eased the huge plastic dong into the opening of her pussy, pressing deeper and deeper inside until she had swallowed it entirely, only the control knob remaining exposed. As I pulled it out, I slid the vibrating tip up to her clit, then slid it back down and plunged it into her pulsing hole, repeating this motion over and over. Katey gasped loudly with every thrust, her body bucking hard. Again, I felt she was ready to climax, and I pushed the vibrator in to the hilt, stretching her pussy as it filled her, my knuckles pressed against her clit and transmitting the vibrations from the dildo. She screamed as her second orgasm broke through her, her mouth open wide and her head tilted back.

“Two”, I counted, as I withdrew the now slippery vibrator and lay it on the sheets, then sat on the bed near her head, allowing her to recover a while. But I was not through with Katey yet. “How about you, young lady, are you hungry?” I asked as I knelt near her face, holding my raging erection in my hand. “Do you want some of this?”

“Oh God .. yes sir .. I am very hungry. Please feed it to me.” And she strained against the ties, trying to reach my cock with her mouth. I teased her with it, allowing her to just touch it with her lips then rubbing it along her jaw and cheek.

“Here … lets try this”, and I moved the pillow from the back of her head down a little so it supported her neck, tilting her head back. Then I straddled her, facing her feet, my cock and balls dangling over her face. I felt Katey’s tongue reach out to lick the underside of my scrotum, an incredibly sensitive and erotic spot, nearly sending me over the edge. “You got the idea babe, lick my balls …” And she eagerly sucked them into her hot mouth, one then the other, her tongue swirling around them.

Scooting back, the tip of my engorged cock pressed to her lips, and she sucked it between them, for the first time feeling my shaft in her mouth. With her head tilted back as it was, my cock slipped in easily and deeply. So aroused, I knew I would not be able to last long. I bent forward over her, my own mouth reaching for her crotch as we embraced in a 69. I quickly found her clit with my extended tongue, licking feverishly around it. My hips rocked back and forth as I thrust my cock in and out of her hungry mouth. Then I noticed the big dildo, lying where I left it. Taking it in my hand, I again slipped its fat tip into her opening, then resumed licking and sucking at her clitoris. As I thrust the vibrating plastic penis in and out of her pussy, Katey sucked my real one in and out of her mouth.

We bucked, writhed and heaved together on the bed, willing ourselves to orgasm. “Kateyyyyy … omgggg … I’m cumminggggg” My fat cock erupted in her mouth as she took me deep, hot cum splashing into her throat and on her tongue. Simultaneously, she wailed as yet another climax enveloped her, her pussy clenching the dildo as my tongue lashed at her clit.

Exhausted for the moment, I turned and undid the ties on her wrists, allowing her to encircle her arms around me as we gently kissed. After a few moments to catch our breath, she put her lips to my ear, and whispered … “one”.

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