Boys will Be Boys

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Big Dick

It were the final days of high school.

Summer had started early that year. All of us sweating in class rooms with only one fan blowing the slightest of breezes. Only the thought that classes were basically symbolic now, with all of us having already gotten our final grades, got us through our final weeks.

It’s on one of these days during break that our best memories of high school would be made.

“My nuts are so full,” Clive said, ushering a new topic of conversation that suddenly put everyone on edge. We were sitting in the quad like usual, chilling between the pillars overlooking the yard where everyone else was sitting. We were the group of guy seniors, most of us football and basketball players, and no one dared to come near us.

Clive was the joker of the group, so he could get away with saying anything. Blonde, with spiked hair, and a stumped face that made every joke even more hilarious somehow. But he was built like a man already, tall with broad shoulders and a flat stomach. He was the opposite of me. A tanned, short, slightly overweight boy still, most referred to as looking like a girl.

“Bro, I swear this weather got me boned up 24/7” Rachid said as he casually grabbed his package in his trainers.

Rachid was Moroccan and typically tall and slender, always wearing trainers wherever he went, no matter the temperature. He was what the girls found pretty. A full stubble, thick brows and dark brown eyes that sparkled with mischief. We all knew he’d been getting laid since the dawn of time, so his sexual prowess was earned if anything.

“Don’t you have a girlfriend?” Ryan said, uncharacteristically quick witted. Ryan was the captain of the football team. A brooding, quiet guy, who could pass for twenty-seven. He often did when going out. He was more gym built than Clive, with bulging biceps that seemed to burst from his t-shirts, and big pecs that almost looked like boobs. But in a manly way.

The rest of us were more nerdy. Jake was fit for his height, black haired, with rock hard abs, but he was shy and studious and only joined basketball because he physically could score, not because he particularly enjoyed it. Tyrone was the chubby one of us, with glasses and also a major mathlete, but he had these total out of the blue comments that made everybody laugh. Plus he was kind, so the jocks didn’t mind hanging out with him.

Nick was skinny as a bone and tall like a tree, clumsy and also very studious. He was on both the football and the basketball team only for his height and though he tried, he’d never have the coordination of a jock. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, he was also a major bully.

And then there was me. The guy everyone just kind of hung out with. Not because we were close friends, but because no one especially disliked me. I was fine to tag along on school trips and here in the quad, but any invitation was always circumstantial, not personally addressed.

I knew it was because of how feminine I behaved, or more clearly, how feminine my body was. No matter how much I tried, I always wiggled my ass when walking up the stairs, couldn’t take a hit without screaming like a girl, had man boobs that actually looked like boobs and a disproportionate thick ass. Everyone called me gay, especially Nick, I had gotten so used to it it didn’t bother me anymore. I wasn’t though. I had a girlfriend named Tracy, and the sex felt amazing. That gained me some respect, I think.

“What girlfriend? Her parents won’t leave us alone for five seconds and she never wants to do anything. I fingered her once at the movies and she was dry as fuck!” Rachid replied, causing everyone to chuckle. “I’m a n18 year old dude, I need to fuck all day every day,” he continued.

“I watch so much porn you guys, I nut like six times a day,” Clive said. The chuckles continued.

“Same,” Tyrone said, with his trademark matter-of-fact-ness. Everybody laughed out loud.

“You guys are pathetic,” Ryan said. Everybody knew he was a virgin by choice, religious and saving himself for marriage. Porn and girls were not on his radar.

“Don’t tell me you wouldn’t stick it in a nice warm hole if it was right in front of you,” Rachid said mockingly.

“I have more respect for women than that,” Ryan said serious.

“I don’t,” Clive said, breaking the tension.

“No, you are the hole,” Rachid built on it, stepping on the bench Clive was sitting on and pressing his crotch in Clive’s face, while aggressively pushing his head towards him with his hand. Clive replied pretending to gag. Everybody laughed.

I got a weird knot in my stomach. This was pretty gay, but everybody seemed to think it was normal?

“Stop, you guys are making me hard,” Jake said under his breath. Everybody fell silent, before erupting in laughter. And indeed, Jake rearranged a big bulge in his pants.

“See? It’s normal. We’re at the prime of our lives, we should be fucking all the time. We should have school mandated fuck breaks, to relieve our natural bahis siteleri instincts,” Rachid lectured.

“Relief them then,” Clive said as he stood up, turned around and flashed us a bright white ass that made everyone recoil. Out of all people, Ryan stood up and slapped it, jokingly.

“Boy, you better hide that, cause you know how I feel about anal,” Rachid said.

“Yeah, it hurts if you don’t use lube,” Tyrone quipped, making everyone bend double again.

“You did anal?” I heard myself say. Not actually, but in my experience, everyone fell silent. I thought I had said the wrong thing. Everything up till now had just been basic boy banter, but I made it too serious. Too weird, like I always did.

Instead, Rachid took the floor as he always loved to do.

“So much. Girls who have to stay pure for marriage only let you do anal, so they stay a virgin. I’ve pumped so much ass, you would get jealous,” Rachid said turning around talking to everyone as if he was a leader in a cult. And in truth, we all were mesmerized by his story.

That Euphoria show is all fun and games, but the truth is almost none of us had sex regularly. Even I had only had it three times with my girlfriend and it was always after a party when she got drunk. I’m sure Jake, Tyrone and Nick never had any. Ryan definitely didn’t. Clive said he did, but then everything’s a joke with him and every girl he ever tried to book, declined publicly. So Rachid’s confession was like hearing a master speak of his art. We all wished we were that lucky.

“Is it as good as it looks in porn?” Jake said quietly, his bulge still not down.

“Better,” Rachid said determined. “Pussy is nice and all, especially when you get it drippin’, but ass….” he let out a sigh and stretched his fingers in the air as if he was holding a big booty. “Ass is made for dick, man. It’s tighter than any pussy you’ll feel, you can smash it and a fat ass can take the hits, and it will never make you pay child support.”

Everybody laughed, but I’m sure each and every one of us was bricked up.

“You haven’t done anal,” Ryan said confidently. Rachid looked at him with big eyes dramatically conveying his disbelief.

“No way a girl will have let you, let alone more than one,” Ryan argued.

“Yeah, isn’t it painful?” Tyrone said, this time more serious.

“And isn’t it, like, nasty?” Jake asked. We were all really students.

“Who said I did girls?” Rachid snorted as if Ryan had said something ridiculous.

“Wait, you’re gay?” Tyrone said, his face cringing.

“Fuck no. It ain’t gay if you’re doing the fucking. You’re just fucking a hole thinking about pussy. You know how easy ass is to get by? Way easier than vag, man. My uncle took me to this transvestite and we both fucked her so hard she couldn’t walk.” Rachid had lost none of his confidence saying this, though he basically admitted he’d fuck a man. I think. I’m not up to date on the woke rules.

The silence was palpable. All of us were kind of waiting what to say. Either we’d start piling on him for being gay, or we’d admit none of our dicks had gone soft during this story.

“So you’re a lady man, ladies’ man,” Tyrone quipped, opting for a comfortable third choice.

“Man, I wouldn’t give a fuck how she’d look, I just need a hole,” Clive said as he stood up and started thrusting the air.

“Same, I even fucked some faggot’s ass, I don’t give a fuck. At least I’m getting my balls drained in warm flesh, while all you virgins are jerking off to porn with your hands.”

The decision had been made, Rachid wasn’t gay and we were all horned up and jealous. If anything, he looked like a god right now.

“Damn, I want to fuck warm flesh,” Tyrone said, still drooling.

“Guess a hole is a hole,” Jake said.

“I can imagine that,” Nick added.

This infuriated me. This guy who had called me gay for as long as I’ve known him for even the most normal things, went full pussy when it came to Rachid admitting he’d been fucking guys. Guess it had nothing to do with my sexuality and everything with the fact I can’t beat him up.

“It’s not gross man, most of the time ass gets clean, unless you don’t wash or eat trash,” Rachid continued answering Jake.

“And yeah, you got to go slow, but you have to do that with pussy too. Difference is once you’re all the way in, you can go crazy. Those sluts love getting pounded, unlike most girls here,” he turned to Tyrone this time.

“That’s kind of hot, I admit,” Ryan said. We all started cheering and shoving him.

“What? It’s smart. I can’t get with a girl and just wait, Rachid found a loophole,” he admitted, shrugging at the laughter.

“He found a butthole,” Tyrone added. Easy, but effective. We all started cheering Rachid on and jumping around.

“Not really, it’s still kind of gay,” Nick said then. The laughter turned into uncomfortable snickering.

I was kind of relieved to hear him resort to his habits, but even I understood that this is the response everyone had canlı bahis siteleri been dreading. If we’d admit Rachid was gay now, after we had already been turned on by it, we’d be gay too.

“How would you know, princess,” Rachid said, turning up his tough guy act. Compared to him, Nick really was a princess, gelled blond hair, slick back, fancy rich boy clothes and a watch that probably cost more than all of our parent’s annual income combined.

“If you fuck a guy up his butt, that’s gay, even if you’re doing the fucking.” Nick said, digging himself in, after having just tried to talk along.

“Man, I could fuck you up the butt and it wouldn’t be. I don’t get turned on by dudes, bro. I’m not a fairy on a parade or jerk off to Timothy whatshisface. I want to fuck girls. I’m attracted to girls. But there are no girls. So instead of girl ass, I fuck guy ass. Close your eyes and turn up the porn and you won’t feel the difference. But like I said, you wouldn’t know.”

Nick stayed quiet, spotting all of our desire to let this go. Rachid didn’t though.

“I even fucked some of my friends. They ain’t gay either. They’re just doing me a favor. Every man has a G-spot in his ass, so if it gets fucked, it feels good. Wait till a girlfriend puts her finger in it, you’ll cum like you never have before. The difference with being gay is, you enjoy it because it’s a man. If you enjoy it in spite of it being a man, it’s just your bodily response to a favor for a friend, plain and simple.”

“Sounds gay to me,” Nick said.

All of us “oeeeh’d”. He was pushing it, and we knew it. Rachid got closer to him.

“Bet that idea got you horned, didn’t it, princess? Bet you secretly jack off to gay porn so you don’t know what it’s like to be a straight man. To just enjoy the feeling of skin inside a hole just to get off and still want to fuck girls afterwards. Bet if you get fucked, you’ll turn into one of those cocksuckers who craves dick all day. Well I got a dick for you princes, turn around and take it,” Rachid grabbed his crotch again, only this time the outline of his very hard cock was easily recognizable.

Nick swallowed his fear away and stayed quiet.

“I don’t know, it does sound kind of technical,” Jake pondered, without judgement. He was a thinker after all.

“You got porn with guys getting pegged by girls right? Are they gay? No, they just like assplay. Heck, even if a tranny fucks you, it’s still because she looks like a girl.” Clive reasoned.

“I once saw a video where I was convinced it was a girl getting fucked in the ass until the camera zoomed out and it was this really girly boy. Had a thong on and everything. That butt looked smooth as hell,” Tyrone admitted. Everyone laughed, thankfully. Who hasn’t been there?

“All this talk got me so horny, can’t we hire a hooker?” Clive said, rubbing his crotch. His cock outline was visible too. My own cock jumped.

“Yeah, that sounds better,” Nick said, not letting go.

“You go pay for your pussy, man, I get off for free,” Rachid continued, equally stubborn.

“I don’t care, who gets his how, but I need to jerk off now,” Tyrone said.

It became very clear, that we were all incredibly turned on. Every single one of us was bulging, most of us slightly rubbing our cocks through the fabric. The heat didn’t help. I thought about going to the bathroom before the next class and rubbing one out, because my balls were tingling and my mind could only think of Rachid’s story and fucking ass.

“Which friend?” Ryan said, looking at Rachid.

“What?” Rachid said, looking still at Nick, asserting his dominance.

“You said you fucked some friends. Which friend?” Ryan repeated, smirking.

This seemed to put Rachid over the edge. He looked furious, bruised in his ego perhaps by people questioning his thinking and, more importantly, his sexual motivations.

“Follow me,” he said and he walked out of the group.

We all stared at each other. Was he joking? Was he going to do what we thought he was? Were we going with him?

Jake and Tyrone didn’t hesitate long, grabbed their bags and speed walked after him. Ryan was still smirking and followed too with Clive. Nick looked at me and I got up and followed them, filled to the brim with excitement. I also didn’t want to stay alone with Nick longer than I had to. Of course, it was already too late. I was an open target.

“Must be nice for you all this talk. Finally everyone’s as gay as you.” He said.

It stung, I can’t lie. I had felt a sense of relief hearing everyone talk, that being gay or at least doing gay stuff wasn’t the worst thing in the world. Despite me not wanting such things. If you’re called something for years, it’s nice to hear everyone being cool about that thing. I also felt guilty, as if he caught me in a lie, even when all of us were hard as rocks.

“Whatever, princess,” I heard myself say as I walked off. I was prouder than ever.


I followed the group past the building into the bushes. canlı bahis We walked past empty classrooms alongside the long the fence. Usually this is where the stoners were, but I guess it was too hot in the sun today. We kept walking around the corner, which was the far end of the school. It touched on a small forest. Man made of course; we even planted trees here on Earth Day. It was absolutely see through but quiet. No student or teacher found it worth the journey.

It was however, a dead wall, with no windows. Here we found Rachid, smiling broadly, with his cock out.

For lack of a better word, it was a beautiful cock. It wasn’t super long or anything, but just the right length to stand up firmly and be proud of. Of course it was circumcised, but better yet, it was surprisingly broad in the middle, giving it kind of a bend downwards from gravity alone. A really beautiful cock. Underneath, swinging a pair of equally beautiful, round balls.

Everyone started laughing at how happy Rachid look.

We’d all seen each other soft in the showers, but seeing another guy’s cock, Rachid’s, hard and out and proud, hanging from his trainers, was intoxicating. I even felt myself leak a little. But we all felt it. The sheer horniness of it all. The laughter was genuine but also partly to mask the discomfort. We were crossing a boundary here and we knew it. But most of all, we were all incredibly turned on. The tension between us unbearably hot.

“Come here and bend over, baby,” he said looking at us.

We all looked at each other confused. Did he expect us to volunteer? Who was he talking to?

As if summed by a teacher, Clive stepped forwards. We all audibly gasped.

Clive pulled down his pants, again, and exposed his bright white ass to the sun. He leaned forwards and immediately took on the shape of a woman. His chest against the wall and his back arched, his big butt standing out, ready for entrance. We all looked on breathlessly as Rachid let out a thick wad of spit drip on his cock. He grabbed it with his hand and spread it all over his cock, making it a shine in the sunlight. He then walked over with his legs far apart so his pants wouldn’t drop to Clive’s ass. He let out another big gulp of spit for his hand and rubbed it in between Clive’s cheeks.

All of this should’ve felt incredibly gay, but the way Clive stood, the way Rachid did it all so confidently, the way even he rubbed his spit on Clive’s asshole, as if he was fingering a vagina, it all felt completely legit.

Clive snickered like he always did when he pulled a prank on someone and Rachid grinned too. With one hard thrust, Rachid made his entire cock disappear into Clive. Seeing that big hard Arab cock disappear into that puckered white hole was as hot as seeing a cock disappear into a vagina in a video. Only this was real life, and the cock belonged to a friend and the hole to another. Two men, fucking each other like man and wife.

“Ah fuck!” Clive let out, cringing his face in pain.

“Shut up, you’re used to it,” Rachid said jokingly.

“Holy shit!” Nick whispered in disbelief.

The others started laughing and cheering the same. We were completely blown away and hyped up. Clive and Rachid laughed out loud as if they were doing something funny. And they were. This was no different from rough housing, pulling pranks, slapping each other with towels in the shower or pantsing each other in the quad. This was just boys doing to each other what only boys liked to do.

Rachid started moving his body and he was now actively fucking Clive.

They looked at us the entire time, as if giving off a show. But it was so relaxed, so completely normal. They both still had their clothes on, they were laughing like they were joking, they were still their normal manly self, only doing this thing we’d been taught wasn’t for just men.

Still, it undeniably looked like fun.

Rachid was now really pounding hard. He held Clive’s sides and just completely swung his entire body into the fuck. First at a steady pace, now growing more erratically. He pulled out as far as he could, with his shimmering cock visibly for us to see, save for the tip, which stayed inside the dark ring which clamped down on him. And he smashed back in, making Clive arch even more and moan like a woman, before he turned his face goofy again, laughing and sticking out his tongue. But it was definitely fucking. Like in the porno’s, pure, hot, hard fucking. Two guys, two straight guys, fucking ass because it feels good.

“Man put away that camera,” Rachid said jokingly to Tyrone, who had pulled out his phone. “Enjoy it cus you’re never seeing this again.”

Tyrone didn’t need to hear it twice and put his hand in his pants and pulled out his cock. It wasn’t big, but it was thick and very dark, with a bright pink head. He furiously started pulling it.

Jake had already had that idea and was quietly jerking his firm, average sized dick, without looking away at the spectacle before him.

I followed suit. I couldn’t keep it in. I might burst within seconds, but I had to jerk off too. This was by far the most erotic moment of my life. Far more controlled and experienced than any late night fumbling I had done with my girlfriend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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