Blackmailing a Feminist Bitch

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Summary: An 18-year old daughter manipulated; a bitch mom dominated.

Notes: The concept of Syndom was first used in the Bride Submission series.

Thanks: To BLUE for the unique idea that led to this story and his suggestions that led to the lengthy plot.

Thanks 2: Thanks to Robert, Wayne, goamz86 and Mike for editing.


1. A LENGTHY PROLOGUE with interludes of incest

Syndom is a powerful secret society that has silently been manipulating world events for centuries. This male dominated society believes women are subservient: both sexually and socially. The society, besides having powerful men in almost every country in the world, especially in Europe and America, although Saudi Arabia is quickly closing in, also believes incest is a natural progression in the family cycle. You reproduce, you raise them, you train them and eventually when they are of legal age, the daughters become submissive sex slaves to their fathers.

Yet, as the 21st century began, their power seemed to have been slowly weakening through the now fifty year trend towards equality in women’s rights. Thus, Syndom decided it was time to take control of society as they had in the 1950’s and earlier.

The most common, popular symbol of a woman’s place underneath men in Syndom, besides the requirement that obviously all three holes were to be easily accessible for pleasure, was that they must wear silk stockings at all times. Deciding it was time for a sexual revolution, and a return to the lost fashion of nylons, Syndom purchased a few different pantyhose companies and created a new worldwide business called Silk Stockings.

Syndom, having billions of dollars to spend, set up stores in prime locations in malls around the world, and went about getting celebrities to promote their product, not only in thirty second commercials but also half-hour infomercials where the implication was obvious… stockings empower sexuality (the irony of the real purpose that all Syndom sluts wore nylons notwithstanding).

Sometimes Syndom paid the celebrities (money always talks) for their participation in commercials and for wearing stockings in music videos, movies and in public; other times, the women were Syndom sluts who just obeyed their male Masters. (Syndom sluts existed in every field of work: pop stars, movie stars, doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, directors and in every level of government…just to name a few).

Yet, in the fine print of the contract, it was always agreed that these women would also wear them in all their movies, music videos and public appearances which gave their product literally twenty-four hour product placement. It was on commercials, in music videos on YouTube, TV shows, concerts, posters and the big screen. It cost Syndom a ton of money, but money was never an issue for the very rich secret society.

Big name ex-Disney pop stars were the easiest to recruit as they wanted to change their wholesome image; they were quite eager to be the sex symbols of the more exotic thigh high line (the most popular of Silk Stockings’ hosiery lines). In a few months, thigh high stockings were common in high schools and worn by the majority of the coeds at the bars and sorority houses.

Over the next year, sales boomed, especially in Europe, where women were always trying to follow the newest fashion trends. There were special nylon-only fashion outfits in edgy cities like Amsterdam where the silk stockings were being sold for ten times their retail price because of their popularity. Young women and teenagers were the first to jump on the bandwagon as their favourite singers and actresses hawked the nylons.

Not surprisingly, the feminists were irate with the very sexually charged commercials that they believed should not have been allowed on prime time television, but Syndom had connections everywhere including television. Concurrently, the feminists argued the various media forms of Silk Stockings all implied that for young girls to be popular they must wear items that were meant for the bedroom. Syndom continued to fuel these fires by creating more provocative ads and having their celebrity models shift almost entirely to thigh high stockings with skirts so short that the entire lace top was visible…which, in turn, became the newest fashion trend for young women.

The confrontation came to a head when leading feminist American lobbyist Eva Parsons went on CNN and demanded the federal government clamp down on Silk Stockings’ pornographic advertisements pointing out the negative impact it had already had on once adorable Disney stars and classrooms across America.

Eva Parsons really got on a roll with her criticism of the newest all girl supergroup, Silky Sin, and their debut album “Stocking-Tease” which featured each of them in some sort of nylons playing a game of twister.

Parodying the Spice Girls, each of the four sudden celebrities wore a certain izmit rus escort type of hosiery:

Star always wore thigh highs

Cherry always wore sheer pantyhose

Brittany always wore garter belt and stockings

Tiffany always wore sheer knee highs

Of course, unknown to the world, each of these four young ladies aged 19-21 were Syndom Sluts who were submissive incest slaves to their families (both paternal and Syndom).

Also, Syndom, knowing sex sells, made an edgy, provocative, sexually charged, music video for each track on the album.

Eva trashed the young girls for dressing like tramps, using sex as a weapon and writing provocative, demeaning lyrics including the title track “Stocking-Tease” with the chorus:

I’ll be your stocking tease

I’ll do anything you please

I’ll drop down onto my knees

I don’t care if everyone sees

Because I’m your stocking tease

Other tracks included “Crotchless Pantyhose,” “School Girls and Knee Highs,” “Nylon Girls Have More Fun,” “Toenail Temptation,” “Two Girls and a Boy,” “School Girl Twirl,”, a racy cover of ZZ Top’s “Legs,” and their second single “Thigh Highs Are Fly,” which included more sexually charged lyrics:

Thigh highs, thigh highs are fly

They’ll get you any guy

Show a little leg

Every guy will beg and beg

To touch your S-spot

Your silky sin spot

Thigh highs, thigh highs are fly

They’ll get you any guy

If you tease and flaunt

You’ll always get what you want

A cute guy who has lots of money

You can be a cute trophy honey

Thigh highs, thigh highs are fly,

They’ll get you any guy.

Eva went on a tirade about the complete filth of the album and the manipulation of the girls who had been turned into bimbo sluts by the male dominated recording industry. “Where are the parents of these young ladies? Where are the role models? My husband would snap if our daughter was ever in such a video or group.” The irony was that, unknown to the lobbyist, the parents were instrumental in the girls’ dress and sexual identity.

No one knew who Syndom was, of course, nor that they were the real men behind the nylon boom. Instead the public head of Silk Stockings was multi-billionaire Carl Williams, a 22nd generation Syndom member. As he watched the very pretty, uppity, feminist rant, he thought to himself, ‘Who is her daughter?’ As he continued to listen to the woman rant, he pondered to himself, ‘Wouldn’t our stock explode if we could get feminists like her, who are already wearing pantyhose, although not our brand, to promote our cause?”

He called CNN and as expected was quickly added to the conversation.

David Harper’s eyes went big as a member of his staff whispered to him who was on the line. A moment later, he announced, “Well, we have a big surprise. Carl Williams, CEO of Silk Stockings, has called in to defend his company.”

Eva sighed heavily, this was her opportunity to shine and she didn’t want to have to share the spotlight with this sexist pig, or get her lobbyist point muddled by him.

“Welcome, Carl, it is great to have you join this conversation,” David warmly greeted.

Carl responded, “I was just watching your show, as I always do, and thought your guest was being a little prejudiced on her point of view of my company.”

Eva sharply quipped, “I’m a lot prejudiced.”

Carl laughed softly, “I was trying to be civil.”

Eva shot back quickly, wanting to stay on the offensive, “Civil? You are attempting to take civility back decades.”

“And that’s a bad thing?” Carl questioned, knowing this would piss her off.

“What a pretentious answer,” Eva sighed dramatically.

“It was actually a simple question. Society, most would argue, isn’t as good as it was back in the fifties, when things were simpler,” Carl countered, knowing it would piss her off.

“When women were submissive housewives who brought their men their slippers after a hard day’s work,” she sarcastically quipped.

“I didn’t say that, you did,” Carl pointed out, before adding, his tone sly, “It is interesting that is the first thing that pops into your head. Are you still the submissive one at home, Mrs. Parsons?”

“Yes, all women are submissive to their husbands,” Eva sarcastically quipped.

“Again your words, Mrs. Parsons, but it is an interesting theory,” he replied, no sense of irony in his tone. “Nowhere in our promotional pieces do we remotely suggest women should be submissive to their men… although I have found many women indeed do enjoy such a traditional relationship.”

Eva scoffed sharply, “Traditional relationship? What next, polygamy?”

“Again your words, Mrs. Parsons.”

She responded, “The fact of the matter is, your product objectifies women and makes the viewer of your porn believe that they must wear such trashy outfits to fit into today’s society.”

“Are you saying today’s izmit escort women are too stupid not to see through such sexist propaganda, if your view is right?” Carl shot back, already imagining a time in the near future where he was fucking her, or better yet fucking her in front of her daughter. Suddenly an idea formed. What about making a secret subsidiary company that would make stocking focused porn movies…maybe even using women like Eva to star in them.

“Don’t put words in my mouth,” she snapped.

Carl wanted to quip ‘I have something to put in your mouth’, but instead calmly clarified, “I’m just trying to understand your rationale. I believe each consumer is quite capable of making up their own mind as to what is appropriate for them.”

“That is fine for adult women, but for our teenagers and even tweens, your product is inappropriate, your advertising is immoral and your hidden message is appalling,” Eva countered, regaining her focus.

“Appalling message?” Carl asked, although truthfully she was completely correct, the whole creation of the company was part of a global attempt to make women become submissive to male society… to correct the past hundred years of the slow evolution of the women’s equality movement which had greatly weakened society with all this touchy-feely left-wing philosophy. For thousands of years, men ruled the world and women obediently followed. It was time to turn back the clock to a simpler time and Silk Stockings was just the first piece of the puzzle to creating that male dominated society.

“Don’t play dumb,” Eva said, smiling for the first time, feeling she was finally regaining the upper hand, as she always did. “You know full well the impact your propaganda pornography has had on society.”

Carl, who was already bored with the conversation, and was close to coming from the lengthy blow job his daughter had been giving him for almost half an hour, countered, “Well, I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I see you are wearing nylons while protesting nylons, kind of ironic don’t you think?”

“Pantyhose with the proper attire is classy and sophisticated,” Eva explained.

“So the pantyhose you are wearing makes you classy and sophisticated, while the pantyhose Silk Stockings sell is sexist and derogatory?” Carl questioned.

“Your product, I am sure, is fine,” Eva sighed, realizing he had put her in an awkward position, before quickly countering back, “It’s not the product I am criticizing, it’s the advertising and the implied behaviour that goes with it.”

“But, and I apologize for sounding crude here, you are wearing nylons and I don’t think anyone on television watching right now assumes that you are a slut,” Carl said, purposely pushing the envelope.

“How dare you!” She gasped, fire in her eyes.

Carl continued, amused as hell, “But I’ll tell you what, I’ll have someone send you some of our product, you would be a great spokesperson for us.”

“Hell would have to freeze over first,” Eva scoffed, unable to believe the gall of this pretentious prick.

“Never say never, Eva,” he said, rather sing-song, purposely calling her by her first name,

“It’s Mrs. Parsons,” she shot back, again full of fire and brimstone.

“Yes it is,” Carl agreed with an amused chuckle, before adding, “Thanks, David, for having me on your show, next time I will be sure to be there in person.”

David who had watched and listened along with his viewers finally spoke, “That would be great, and thanks for calling in.”

“Always a pleasure,” Carl said, before hanging up and ordering, “Deep throat, Mercedes.”

The hungry daughter, who had listened to the entire conversation and was sopping wet, eagerly obeyed taking all of her Daddy’s cock in her mouth – something she did daily.

Carl watched his beautiful daughter bob hungrily up and down on his cock, something she had been doing for almost three years now, since he first gave it to her when she returned for Christmas break during her first year of college, six months after her eighteenth birthday. She was a great cocksucker, had a tight cunt and an amazing ass, but to top it all off she was a psychological genius. He said, “I think, baby girl, that once you swallow Daddy’s cum, I have a new mission for you…a very challenging one.”

Mercedes took her daddy’s cock out of her mouth and asked, “More challenging than taking all Mr. Codwell’s eleven inch cock in my ass?”

“A different type of challenging,” Carl chuckled, as he decided he wanted a piece of his daughter’s ass, now that she had mentioned it. “Ride Daddy’s cock with that tight rosebud of yours, honey.”

“Yessss, Daddy,” Mercedes eagerly obeyed, wanting to be fucked badly. She straddled her dad’s erect cock, put her nylon-clad feet (she always wore nylons, of course, as a Syndom slut) on his legs and slowly lowered her ass onto his cock.

“Besides being beautiful and smart, you are damn flexible,” Carl groaned, as his cock disappeared in his daughter’s ass.

“I’m the kocaeli escort perfect Syndom sluttttt,” she moaned proudly, as she took all her dad’s cock in her ass.

“That you are,” he grunted, as she began bouncing up and down, taking all seven inches of his cock.

“I love your cock, Dadddddddy,” she moaned, loving her ass filled.

“I love all of you, baby girl,” he countered back, knowing he wouldn’t last long as her ass milked his cock.

“What’s my task, Daddy?” she asked, always eager for another task. She flashed back to her last task, seducing the daughter of a rich oil baron, who happened to be a member of the KKK, and making a video of her eating a few black girls’ pussies while declaring that she loved, “Black cunt,” which mortified the Texas oil tycoon. The video was enough for him to change his view on the pipeline that the Texas governor, a member of Syndom, wanted to go through.

He explained, “You need to find out about this Eva Parsons’ daughter, and, if she is of legal age, it is time to test the theory of all she would never do.”

“Challenge accepted,” Mercedes quipped.

“You and your Barney quotes,” Carl laughed, his daughter was in many ways the female version of the Barney Stinson character on the television show ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Nylons were her suit and she was always after her next conquest. She was indeed the perfect Syndom Slut.

She rubbed her clit furiously, wanting to come when he did, as she cornily quoted, “It’s gonna be legend-… wait for it… and I hope you are going to come soon.”

Carl was indeed close and yelled, as he bucked up to shoot his seed deep in her ass, “Dairy.”

“Yesssssss,” she screamed, her orgasm flooding out of her cunt as her ass was simultaneously filled. She kept riding her daddy’s cock for another moment before cramping up and falling sideways off him and onto the couch.

Carl smiled, as he saw some cum leaking out of her ass, “Hard to believe you used to not like it in the rear.”

“Now it’s the mini-cherry on top of the regular cherry on top of the sundae of awesomeness that is my life,” she responded, Carl assuming it was another Barney quote.

“So you’re in for your newest mission?” Carl asked.

“Recon will begin as soon as I recover from my orgasm,” she replied, still breathing heavily.

“To make it more interesting, no cock for your pussy or ass until you have succeeded,” Carl said with a devious smile.

“Daddy!” She pouted.

“Don’t worry, you can still suck your dad’s legend, wait for it,” he paused, not really knowing the exact words of his quote, but liking the pun that popped into his head “”dary.”

“Oh Daddy, that was a terrible pun,” she said, playfully hitting him.

“Now go find out about her,” Carl ordered as he flipped the channels to sports highlights.

An hour later, Mercedes came downstairs and said, “This will be a very interesting mission.”

Carl asked, not even looking up from the book he was now reading, “How so?”

“She is a grade twelve senior,” she opened.

“Eighteen?” Carl asked, finally looking up.

“Three weeks ago,” she answered, with a big smile on her face.

“That’s good,” Carl nodded, “that’s very good.”

“She is easily one of the most wholesome teenagers in America,” Mercedes continued.

“So were you until a little after your eighteenth birthday,” Carl pointed out, fondly recalling taking his daughter’s virginity.

“True,” she shrugged, smiling at the fact that her Dad didn’t know just how big a slut she had been in her first college semester before he claimed her as a Syndom slut. “She is in the church choir, the President of her school council, editor of the school newspaper, a member of debate club where she just won the state championship, and…”

“And what?” Carl asked, patience not being one of his virtues.

Mercedes, loving the shock value of things added, “The best part is she is the leader of the chastity club at her school.”

“Fuck off!” Carl gasped, the thought utterly delicious. If they could turn her into a submissive slut, they could use that to turn her mother into their sexual and political plaything. If all went well, Eva Parsons would be a lobbyist for his cause.

“Fuck me,” she posed all sultry.

“No cock for you,” Carl shot back, parodying the soup Nazi in Seinfeld.

“Well no soup for you then,” she pouted, lifting up her pussy in an attempt to change her Daddy’s mind.

“I think I have a lot of types of soup available if I get hungry,” Carl smiled back, wondering where his wife was.

“But I’m the full meal deal,” she smiled, putting her nylon-clad foot directly on his crotch.

“That you are,” he laughed, “but I imagine I should save something for your mother.”

“Does Mommy have these?” she asked teasingly, lifting up her t-shirt and cupping her firm tits.

“I think she does,” Jasmine responded, from behind, watching her daughter trying to seduce her husband.

Mercedes turned around and smiled, “Hi, Mommy.”

“Have you already fucked your father today?” Jasmine asked.

“Not in my cunt,” Mercedes answered with a pout, the mother-daughter conversation not like most in the country.

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