Blacking Donna


My name is Bill, a successful 55 year old black businessman. In my late teens I developed a strong liking for white females and ever since I have indulged myself whenever the opportunity presented itself and over the years I have enjoyed a number of extremely sexy white ladies. I am 6’4, 230lbs and very dark skinned, and even if I say so myself I am in good physical shape.

Enough about me, the object of my long held lust is a married white lady named Donna. Donna is now 32, tall, slim and firm, she is 5’9, 125lbs or so with dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes. She is quite small chested at 34b, but has a slim waist and wide child bearing hips that I have wanted to hold since she was a cute shy teenager. She is a very successful professional woman who is very highly regarded by all who deal with her.

Donnas dad is an old friend of mine and I have watched Donna grow from a toddler into the confident successful married woman that she is today. I was a regular visitor to her home, at least 2 or 3 times a week and she grew up regarding me as an uncle, even nervously calling me “uncle Bill” on some occasions. I still remember clearly the day I realised she was no longer a child and that I had lustful thoughts about her.

It was just after her eighteenth birthday, I was having a beer with her dad, discussing politics, when Donna and her friend Susan returned from the beach, both wearing skimpy bikini’s that made me stare, particularly at Donna. I am certain that I stared wide eyed at her, how her bikini clung to her small breasts and stretched across her firm pubic mound, the fabric like a second skin where it tucked between her long silken legs. It was difficult to maintain the conversation with her dad as I gazed at her.

Donna was quite naive and obviously did not realise that my eyes were undressing her as I crossed my legs to keep my growing bulge hidden. Her friend Susan did see that look in my eyes, she blushed, glanced at Donna and then me before she dragged Donna upstairs to her bedroom and the moment was gone.

Some weeks later I was again in Donna’s house chatting with her parents. I had to go to the bathroom, when I passed Donna’s bedroom on the way the door was open and Donna was standing before a mirror in just a bra and panties, the sight took my breath away and I stood there rooted to the spot for a moment until her head turned and her eyes met mine briefly, she blushed brightly and looked away as I continued to the bathroom.

Neither of us ever spoke about the moment, but I did strive to push the thoughts I had about her from my mind. I wanted to strip her, explore that hot body and fuck her so bad, but I treasured her dad’s friendship and knew that making a move on Donna would be an irreversible step.

I pushed my thoughts to the back of my mind and things returned to normal over the following years, Donna and I often spoke alone about anything and everything. Donna went to college and met a young man called John who she fell in love with and after a short courtship decided to marry at a young age. The wedding was a difficult occasion for me, seeing Donna look stunningly beautiful and sexy in her gorgeous virginal white wedding gown, brought back all my lustful desire for her.

Donna was stunning and so desirable, I kept my distance for most of the day but eventually I did have to dance with her at her insistence. Her gown looked so white with my hands on it as we moved to the music and chatted, I teased her about her honeymoon, but all I could think about was removing her dress and lingerie and spreading her long sexy legs wide. Those thoughts made me quite hard and at one stage my bulge brushed her tummy, she either did not notice or let it pass as the dance continued. I kissed her cheek when the dance finished and wished her the best, adding that I would be calling for a coffee anytime I passed her new home.

I was true to my word and became a regular visitor to Donna and John’s home as I passed by a few times a week. If I saw either or both of their car’s there I would pop in for a coffee and chat, John and I became quite friendly and often shared a few beers with or without Donna being there. In effect I had resumed the role of older friend or uncle type figure for both, often helping out when an extra pair of hands were needed to move furniture etc. Then one day recently everything changed. Donna and John have been married for over 10 years, they have no kids as both have concentrated, successfully, on their careers.

One warm summer’s day I was passing by, with some time to kill, when I saw Donna’s car in the driveway. I pulled in and walked around the back of the house as I usually did.

I called out, “Hey Donna, how are you today?” as I walked into the kitchen through the back door. Donna was sitting at the kitchen table concentrating on her laptop screen as she typed.

I obviously startled her, she gasped, “Oh hi Bill.” In a very flustered fashion as she closed her laptop quickly and looked at me with an extremely flushed face.

I calmly gungoren escort sat opposite her. I immediately noted that she was wearing a very tight skimpy top that clung to her firm, obviously braless breasts, her nipples poked through the fabric, looking so hard that I had to wonder what she had been doing when I disturbed her.

I chuckled, “Are you working from home today Donna?”

Donna replied in a trembling voice, “I have a major presentation to prepare, and decided to do it from home instead my busy office.” Her erratic breathing slowed, but she looked quite nervous as we chatted for a few moments.

When I asked how her husband John was, she told me he was away on business for the rest of the week. She blushed profusely when I laughed and teased her about being a naughty wife in his absence.

After a few moments I asked, “Are you going to offer me a cup of your great coffee or will I have to get it myself?”

She blushed and giggled nervously “Of course Bill, milk and sugar as usual?”

I smiled, “That’s my girl you know what I like.” as she slowly stood up from the table.

I blinked at what I saw when Donna stood! My eyes went real wide and all those old feelings I had for Donna suddenly flooded my mind, when I saw the skirt she was wearing. It was a red plaid, school girl type, skirt, the type sold in adult stores, no more than 9″ from waistband to hemline. Above the skirt were 3″ of bare toned flesh between it and the bottom of her tight top, the skirt was so tiny that it barely covered her ass and pussy.

She could see the shock on my face and went a bright red as I smiled, “Nice skirt Donna!”

My cock reared inside my pants as I stared at those long sexy toned thighs. Donna was clearly uncomfortable as she moved to the far side of the kitchen to make my coffee. I stared at her as she worked, her back to me, my mind reeling, wondering what had been going on.

I started to make small talk about my own work as I turned her laptop to face me and opened it up. I almost gasped when I saw the window for an adult chat site. The open window showed the conversation I had obviously interrupted. Donna had been chatting with some guy with an ID called “Blacking the Female”. I glanced at Donna, her back to me, that little skirt barely covering her firm ass as she seemed to take her time making my coffee.

I kept up the casual conversation as I scrolled upwards on the online conversation. I had to bite my tongue when I saw my own name mentioned. She had told this guy my age, appearance, how I was a close friend of her dad’s and how she had fantasised about me for years. There in her own words I saw her tell him how her friend Susan had told her the day I saw her in the bikini and how it affected her and the day I saw her in her bra and panties and how she got wet when she saw me stare for a moment.

Reading her own words made my already swollen cock throb harder inside my pants. I continued to scan the conversation and keep an eye on Donna, noting that this guy was encouraging her to tell me what she wanted, the conversation progressing to him requesting she dress right as was.

I smiled at the realisation that she obviously wanted me as much as I wanted her for all these years. I deliberately left the laptop open and facing me as I watched her move towards the fridge, my eyes glued to the hem of that tiny little skirt, something I never ever imagined her wearing.

Donna was obviously aware of my eyes on her as she asked again, “Would you like milk in your coffee Bill?” She did not turn to look at me as she spoke in a trembling voice.

I sat there staring, licking my lips slightly as I replied, “Yes please Donna, I always do.” I watched intently as she opened the fridge and reached down to get the milk from a low shelf, her movements were stilted as she kept her legs tight together. However, to my delight and expectation, that little skirt rode up the backs of her firm thighs to give me a glimpse of a pair of pink panties.

My eyes widened even more when I saw a clearly wet spot over her plump pussy lips, confirming that her nipples had been aroused when I saw them poke through her top. I sat there with a smile on my face as I watched her add milk to my coffee before turning to face me. Her cheeks were a very bright pink, her green eyes went wide when she saw the laptop open, and she looked at me and could clearly see how I now stared at her.

She came slowly back towards the table, clearly nervous as she spoke, “Here’s your coffee Bill”.

As Donna set the mug on the table between me and the laptop I reached out and brushed the outside of her thigh very close to the hem of her skirt, “That is a real cute skirt Donna.” smiling up at her as I let my fingers linger on her silken firm thigh.

I felt her tremble, but she stood still as I lightly caressed the outside of her thigh with the fingers of my right hand, my left hand gripped the mug of coffee, I lifted it to my lips and sipped as I looked up at Donna’s bright istanbul escorts red face, her eyes darting to the open laptop and back to my dark staring eyes.

I took another sip of the coffee as my fingers kept up a light caress on her thigh, then spoke, “You do make great coffee Donna.” My dark eyes now locked on hers as my fingers started to creep higher on the outside of her thigh, the little skirt rising with them.

She trembled and nodded, “Thank you Bill.” in a barely audible whisper.

I smiled, my eyes slowly moving down from her face, taking in her firm straining breasts in that tight top, lower to where her midriff was exposed and then down to where that little skirt was slowly rising before my fingers. Donna’s arms were hanging straight down at her sides, I chuckled, “Yes that’s a real cute skirt, I’m sure John loves it!” as I stared at the slowly rising hem.

She trembled and let out a tiny whimper and then in a stammering voice whispered, “It’s not for John.”

I looked up into her face again, sipped my coffee and then set the mug on the table, I glanced at the open laptop where her conversation was clearly visible, a smile spreading on my face as I looked back up at Donna.

I grinned, “So I gathered Donna, quite a pleasant surprise I must say!” All the time my fingers were creeping up her thigh, working the hem of her skirt before them, I turned on my seat to face her, knowing she would see the bulge in my pants. She blinked at the sight, her eyes going wide, her lower lip gripped between her teeth as she shivered.

I trailed my eyes downwards again to where my dark fingers were against Donna’s pale firm thigh, that red plaid skirt now raised enough to give me a glimpse of her panties and the wet patch over her pussy slit.

I licked my lips, my nostrils flared with lust, without looking up I spoke in a low authoritative voice, “Lift your skirt Donna, give me a proper look at your pretty pink panties.”

The sexual tension was rising exponentially as I watched her hands shake, but they moved, lightly gripping the hem of her skirt she raised it very very slowly as I stared. Her panty covered mound and the tops of her thighs were slowly bared to my gaze as her shaking hands lifted the skirt higher until it was just a strip of material just above her hips.

The pink fabric of her panties was stretched across her flat firm mound, where it disappeared between her thighs a clear wet patch had spread. I glanced up, her bright green eyes stared down at me.

I smiled “Such pretty panties Donna.” then looked back down as I moved my hand and used my dark index finger to make a lazy circle on her pubic mound through the stretched pink fabric.

She shook but remained silent, her lower lip gripped between her teeth as my teasing finger circled slowly downwards, I could feel her heat through the fabric and the fact that she was shaved smooth. I stopped moving my finger as it pressed against her just above the top of her pussy slit and her clitoris

I looked up into her eyes and hissed, “You’re a dirty wife Donna, you have been thinking about me touching you, haven’t you?”

Still holding her gaze I moved my finger a fraction lower to press against her engorged clitoris through her panties.

Donna shook and gasped, “Yesssssssss ever since that day Susan told me you were undressing me with your eyes.”

I flashed her a wide smile, “You’re a horny minx Donna, and wet too after your dirty little online conversation!” I moved my finger as I looked up at her, pressing along her panty covered pussy slit, I could feel the lips hot and swollen and so wet, the sensation sending blood rushing to my already swollen cock as Donna’s feet shuffled apart a few inches.

I watched Donna’s eyes close as her hips swayed just a little, my eyes dropped to where my finger eased further between her slightly parted thighs, tracing her aroused slippery pink folds through the pink panties, creating such an arousing looking camel toe. Donna’s fingers gripped her skirt so tight, her breathing sounded erratic but she did not utter a word, her hips swaying ever so slightly towards me and then back again.

Without looking up I spoke, “I don’t think you want these on anymore, do you Donna?” as I gently eased my fingers inside the waistband of those panties on either hip.

Her response came in an excited hissing voice, “Billllllll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” as I hooked my fingers inside the garment and started to slowly work them downwards.

Donna’s smooth freshly shaven mound slowly unveiled as I savoured the moment, working her panty waistband down so very slowly, my eyes glued to that spot, my breath heavy hitting her exposed flesh as I exposed more and more. I noted that the crotch of her panties clung to her swollen wet folds as I worked her panty waistband down her thighs a little, before pulling from her slit to give me a perfect view of her glistening pink pussy lips, so swollen, parted ever so slightly.

The sight nearly bayrampasa escort took my breath away as I slide her pink panties down her thighs and calves to rest at her ankles. Staying in my chair, I bent and lifted one foot at a time, slipping the little garment fully from her.

I looked up to see her eyes bright and glazed, staring at me, I smiled and lifted her panties so the wet spot was against my nose. I inhaled deeply as I held her gaze, the aroused scent of her pussy flooding my senses.

I lowered the panties and grinned, “A momento Donna” and slid them into my pocket, then moved my hands to her hips as she continued to hold her skirt raised.

I kept looking up into Donna’s excited flushed face, her nipples now poking through her top like two miniature cocks, as I started to move my large dark thumbs inwards from her hips, tracing her smooth firm pubic mound, moving downwards ever so slowly as they teased. My eyes never left Donna’s as my thumbs crept downwards and inwards.

I chuckled, “Do you have something to tell me Donna?” with a wide grin on my face.

Donna’s feet shuffled wider apart, her fingers dug into the fabric of her skirt, I could see her firm breasts rise and fall through her top.

The words came tumbling from her panting mouth, “You know Bill, you saw what I wrote to him, you know what I have wanted!”

I nodded and hissed, “Yes I do but I want to hear you tell me!”

I glanced down to where my thumbs were almost touching each other on Donna’s smooth mound, just above where her clitoris was clearly peeping, just the tips of my stretched fingers against the outside of her firm thighs.

My eyes looked upwards to Donna’s face again, I raised an eyebrow and hissed, “Well?”

Donna visibly shivered and started to speak, “Susan told me the day you stared at me, I didn’t realise how you looked at me, but when she told me I started to think about your big black body on mine. Then you stared at me in my underwear, I got so wetttttt from that short look, you could have fucked me that day if you wanted to!”

I chuckle, “Mmmmmm so you were a dirty young lady as well as a dirty wife now Donna.”

The kitchen went silent apart from our heavy breathing. Donna just nodded at my words, then I, moved my thumbs so they pressed against her engorged clitoris from either side.

Donna gasped, “BILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!” Her hands let go of the skirt and gripped my shoulders as her entire body shook, her mouth open and panting as she stared at me with those wide green eyes. Her body trembled, her eyes now clearly displaying that ‘fuck me’ look.

I kept my thumbs lightly pressing against her clitoris from either side and whispered, “Anything else you want to confess Donna?”

She nodded and in a panting voice told me how she lost her virginity to a young guy I knew she was dating, but that she imagined it was me fucking her, the words sent a shiver through me, my thumbs pressed harder against her clitoris, she squealed, “Oh fuck BILLLLLLLLLLLL” as her hips jerked and her fingers dug into my shoulders.

I eased the pressure of my thumbs on her clitoris, my eyes watching her very flushed face, she panted, “At my wedding, I felt you against me, you were hard, I know it. I was so wet that night, John thought it was for him, but it was for you Bill!”.

A huge grin spread over my face, I moved my hands, my left hand gripping Donna’s hip, holding her steady, without a word I raise my right middle finger for Donna to see, her eyes locked on it, her lips slightly parted, the wet tip of her tongue appearing momentarily to lick them.

I looked down to her smooth pubic mound and exposed pussy lips, her feet shuffled wider in anticipation, the sides of my dark hand brushed her pale inner thighs as I reached between her silken firm thighs. I felt her fingers flex on my shoulders, she whispered my name, I pressed the tip of my middle finger to the very back of her pussy slit.

She was so aroused, her swollen pussy lips parted like a ripe flower, the tip of my finger pressed between them and as she whimpered I trailed my fingertip all along her slit until it touched her clitoris, her pink pussy lips parting revealing the bright glistening pink to my gaze. Donna shivered her breathing coming in little pants as she dug her fingers into my shoulders for support. She felt so hot and so slippery to the touch.

Without looking up I moved my fingertip back in the opposite direction, and hissed, “You are soaked Donna, you are hot and wet for a black man! What would your husband say?”

When I felt her opening against the tip of my finger I stopped moving it, I looked up, her face was so flushed, her lower lip once more gripped between her teeth, I pressed my finger upwards, into her welcoming opening, her eyes went wider, I pressed further up into the molten wet maw of her dripping cunt, easily sliding it completely inside her.

She shivered and moaned, her cunt felt like molten wet velvet around my finger, I felt her squeeze it as her eyes closed, the sensation was so arousing to me, I could feel she was quite close, but wanted her orgasm to be on my cock, not my finger. I held my finger there for a few moments as her pussy walls rippled and gripped it, her wetness leaking out onto my hand.

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