Black Men are Gods Ch. 13

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Hey, there. It’s me again. Stephen Voltaire. A big and tall, openly bisexual Black man of Haitian descent living in the wonderful yet cutthroat world of urban America. And I’m having tons of fun during my last days in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. In less than two weeks, I’ll be in the province of Ontario, Canada. Most specifically I’ll be residing in the city of Ottawa. I want to start a new life there. There are better educational and career opportunities down there. I have an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from Brockton Community College but it’s no good to me in the U.S. because I can’t use it work legally. Long story. Let’s just say someone screwed up my immigration papers. Anyhow, these are my true tales of getting by in the city.

Right now, I’m having some fun with my buddy Anderson. He’s a tall, lean and totally sexy young Haitian-American I met during my days at Bay State College. Like me, he hails from a conservative middle-class family living in the West Brockton area. This sexy brother was easy on the eyes. He was going to Gibbs College at the time we met. We’ve kept in touch over the years. Anderson is a brother who’s really into white chicks and Hispanic women. I’m almost completely indifferent because I know he swings both ways. That’s why I’m riding his long and thick Black cock right now. Anderson has me on all fours, face down and ass up. My sexy Black stud grips my hips as he thrusts his dick deep into my ass. I haven’t gotten fucked by a man in a long time. I guess I missed it. Anderson fucks my ass like ass fucking is going out of style. I guess he missed fucking men too.

A lot of people can’t believe I get down the way I do. I played football in high school and I was on my college’s wrestling club. I spend a large percentage of my time chasing tall, busty and big-bottomed Black women. I like chubby Black women with big tits and big round butts. They’re fun. Especially istanbul travesti if they’re into anal sex. However, as much as I like these women, sometimes I have needs that only a gay or bisexual man can satisfy. That’s why I invited Anderson to my house this afternoon. This sexy brother is definitely what I needed. I’ve been banging too many women lately. I was beginning to think the flavor of men was something I could do without. I’m glad to find out that I was wrong.

Anderson flipped me on my back because he wants to look into my eyes as he fucks me. I’m totally cool with that. While Anderson slams his dick up my ass, I stroke my member. Man, this is fun. I totally missed doing that. Anderson fucked my ass hard and I screamed as he pounded me. Hot damn. I loved the feel of Anderson’s long and thick cock drilling my asshole. He fucked me until he came, then he made me suck his cock. I sucked his dick right after he fucked my ass with it. I licked his cock and hairy balls clean. That’s the way I get down, folks. Afterwards, Anderson and I hit the showers. We are just fuck buddies. We’re not boyfriend and boyfriend. He’s got several females that he’s seeing and he’s got school to take care of. And I’m leaving town soon. Neither of us needs any drama right now so hooking up this afternoon was cool. Exactly what we both needed. Anderson left the house, and went back to Westgate Lanes, where he lived. As for me, I sat down watching TV.

They were giving Jamie Foxx on BET. It’s one of my favorite shows. That Fancy chick was hot, though definitely too skinny for me. I can’t blame Jamie Foxx’s character for going gaga over her, though. She’s really something. I was watching the show when I heard a knock on my door. I went to see who it was. The person at the door was Myra Pierre, a friend of my aunt Gina. Myra is one of those Haitian women your mama warned you about. She’s a chubby, big-bottomed istanbul travestileri and dark-skinned slut who goes through men the way normal people go through underwear. My aunt thinks she’s a whore but would never say so to her face. Myra is on her third divorce and has four sons by three different men. When she’s not chasing Black guys half her age, she’s either drinking or running this adult video store she owns in Brockton’s east side. Myra goes to the local Haitian-American catholic church and she acts like she’s a saint on any given Sunday. She looked me up and down and licked her lips. I guess this bitch is lusting. I’m almost completely different and told her in an annoyed tone that my aunt wasn’t there.

It’s four o’clock and my aunt, who works as a nurse at the local hospital, doesn’t usually come home until six. All of her gossip maven friends know that. Myra told me that she knew my aunt wasn’t alright. I rubbed my eyes and glared at her. What did this woman want? Myra told me that she noticed how good I’ve been looking lately. I sighed. In the city of Brockton, everybody’s horny. Male and female, Black or White, straight and gay. The women seem hornier than the men. I looked at Myra. She wasn’t pretty in the face but her curvy body, big tits and huge ass appealed to me immensely. It’s well known that Black men like curvy women. Especially curvy women of color. White guys got lousy taste in women. That’s why they like chicks who are borderline skeletal bitches. Maybe that’s why they’re such insecure, limp-dick and spineless, passive-aggressive rude bastards. In my community, we don’t play that. I smiled at Myra and welcomed her inside. What the heck? I got a couple of hours to kill.

And that’s how it all began. Somehow, we went from the doorstep to the living room and started doing the nasty. Myra was on her knees, sucking my long and thick, uncircumcised Black dick like travesti istanbul there was no tomorrow. She licked my cock and balls eagerly, polishing them with her tongue. After she got done sucking my dick, I got myself some pussy. Myra got on all fours and I fucked her from behind. I smacked Myra’s big Black ass while slamming my cock into her wet, sloppy pussy. Myra squealed as I fucked her. Her pussy was too sloppy for me so I had a go with her ass. She was all for it. Told you she was a freak. I spread Myra’s plump butt cheeks wide open and pressed my cock against her backdoor. Slowly, I inserted my dick into her asshole. As expected, Myra’s asshole was much tighter than her pussy. Also, it felt warm and tight around my cock. I love fucking Black women in the ass. Especially big-booty mature Black women like Myra. They’re so much fun to butt fuck. I gripped Myra’s wide hips tightly and slammed my cock into her booty hole.

Why do I love fucking Black women in the ass? I don’t know. It can’t be because I’m a bisexual Black man. Lots of straight Black men have the same sensual interest. Maybe it’s because when we see a Black woman’s big and round, naturally sexy butt we get filled with lust. Yeah, that’s probably the reason. Whatever. All I know is I’m having a lot of fun sliding my dick in and out of Myra’s asshole. The big-booty mature Black woman shrieked as I fucked her in the ass. Folks, her screams were music to my ears. I fucked her asshole until I came, flooding her booty hole with my masculine seed. Then I pulled out and made her clean my cock with her tongue. Hey, I know exactly what this feels like. Once all was said and done, Myra left the same way she came.

I went back to watching sexy African-American music videos on BET since The Jamie Foxx Show was long over. I’m simply enjoying my last days in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. A town where people of African, Asian, Hispanic, Cape Verdean and Middle-Eastern descent are the majority of the population. I wonder what Canada will bring. I’d love to live in a racially diverse Canadian city like Toronto or Brampton. I guess I’ll see what happens when I get there. Wish me luck, people. Peace.

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