Big Woman Finds Love


You know how older brothers and sisters will tease the youngest one about not being part of the family. My sibs were always telling me that mom found me in a basket on the doorstep and I believed them. It seemed obvious to me when I’d compare myself to the rest of the family, all of them dad, mom and both my brother and sister were slim and athletic. Not me I’m fat, I’ve always been fat and I felt I didn’t belong to my family. Mom and dad were always encouraging me to lose weight but I took it as harping and their refusal to accept me for what I was. It seemed the only solace I could find was with food, which only made me get fatter.

Somehow, I made it through my childhood although lonely without friends or love. In my mid twenties, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and see if I could turn my life around. I joined a diet club and a health club and tried to stick to both regimens. I won’t tell you how I weighed but I will tell you I had already lost forty pounds. I was so happy with my success I went out and bought the largest leotard they made, I knew I looked silly in it but I thought it would give me encouragement to make myself look better.

I was at the gym late and it was crowded so I had to use a machine that was unfamiliar to me. I couldn’t seem to get it set right and was getting frustrated. This nice man next to me stopped his machine and came over to help me get it going. We talked as we exercised together and it made the time fly by so fast I was surprised to see my time over. When I got off my machine, I was covered in sweat and breathing hard, I think I must have stood up too fast because I got dizzy. My new exercise partner again jumped off his machine and came to my aid. I told him I would be all right but he insisted and he took me outside to get some fresh air. He said he was concerned that my blood sugar might be low and suggested we go next door to the Starbucks and get something. He was so nice I went without thinking of what I was wearing and how ridiculous I looked. We sat on the patio drinking our lattes and eating big scrumptious muffins. I commented on how long it had been since I had anything sweet like that. He put his hand on my arm, I looked up into his eyes, he said,

“Please you have such a beautiful body, don’t go crazy with weight loss. şişli escort It would be a crying shame if you turned into one of these skin and bones type.”

I told him I was a long way from any bones showing, he smiled at me and I noticed his kept his hand on my arm. Right out of the blue he asked,

“Would you go out with me?”

I was insulted, I was ready to say what a cruel prank but then I looked at him and his eyes were sincere. I managed a yes but I was still in a state of denial.

“Wait a minute I don’t even know your name.”

He laughed at his faux pas and told me his name was Eric, and then he told me he already knew my name from my gym bag. I glanced at the bag at my feet and saw Patrice on the tag.

“Well my name is Patrice but everybody calls me Patty, you know like ‘Fatty Patty’.”

“I want to call you Patrice. Patrice I want to be honest with you right from the start and that means I have to tell you something, well this isn’t easy, OK, Patrice, here it is, you see I’m a married man. Please just listen to me I’m involved in an unhappy marriage, and there is no way out of it. If you could find some way to accept that, I would love to spend some time with you.”

What was he saying, did he want me to be ‘the other woman’. I had never even been ‘the woman’ but I didn’t care at least not for now and as I said yes I began to cry. He came to my side and apologized for hurting me. I stopped him and I told him I wasn’t hurt I was happy.

I left my car at the gym and he took me to my house in his car. As soon as we were inside, he turned me around and kissed me softly. We sat on my couch kissing and my insides felt like they were on fire. My head was spinning and I kept asking myself why this man would want anything to do with me. Finally, I had to know so I asked him why. He asked if he could be honest with me, and when I nodded, he said,

“When I helped you off that elliptical I was staring at a trickle of sweat running down your chest and between your breasts. It took all of my self-control not to lick it up. You looked so soft and vulnerable and I just wanted to hug you.”

We ended up in my bedroom and after he called his work to say he wasn’t coming in we made love. It was my first time at least with a real man as I had long istanbul escort ago lost my hymen to a plastic battery operated toy. This was so much different than that, he took his time sensing my inexperience and he was so gentle.

After we talked and he told me about his wife.

“Typical Beverly Hills bitch, Pilates on Tuesday, Yoga on Wednesday, and Dance on Thursday, I swear she looks like a skeleton with skin. She has no time for me or our children and believe me there is nothing soft about her body or her heart.”

Eric said that she even refused to have a baby fearing what it would do to her physique and the only way they could have a family was to adopt. They adopted two Asian girls and I could tell by the look on his face when he talked about them that he loved them dearly. I asked why he didn’t leave her and he said the bitch would take his daughters just to spite him.

Therefore, I did become the ‘other woman’ and I would see Eric when he could steal some time from his family or job. Yet our time together became so valuable to me that I didn’t want to miss even a second of it. I gave up everything for him because I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to be with him. You ask how a woman, unloved for her whole life can find a man who loves her unconditionally, well I can’t answer that. Each time Eric left my bed to go home to his wife, I wept with sadness and the fear I’d never see him again. The very few times he could sneak away long enough to spend the night were heaven. After sex, he would snuggle between my breasts and sleep contently yet I refused to sleep wanting to enjoy each moment with my lover. My lover, I grew up thinking I’d never use those words and yet here I was with a man in my bed because he desired me. Eric would always start out gentle with me but I wanted more, I wanted to give myself to him, I wanted him to use me for his pleasure because he had given me so much. He made me feel like a princess but I wanted to become his slut. I learned to give him a blow job and to swallow his cum like ice cream. I loved, and he did too, to put his penis between my breasts, then I would bend down and take the tip in my mouth but when he was ready I would pull him out of my mouth and he would ejaculate over my breasts. I’d never wipe it off; only beşiktaş escort rub it in to my skin. I learned to please him in ways I never would have even dreamed of before I knew him.

He called one Friday to say his wife was going out of town and at the same time his mother had called and begged him to let her have the kids for the weekend. This was so exciting to be with him all day and all night had been my dream. I hurriedly took a bath and as I started to get dressed I changed my mind, I was going to remain naked for him all weekend. I met him at the door wearing nothing but a smile; he was inside me almost before we got the door closed. After, we dined au naturel and when I spilled wine on my breasts, Eric licked them clean. We went to my bedroom and made love again and after he came I teased him that he would be out of sperm before dinner and then what would we do for the evening. He said he’d show me, first he began kissing the back of my neck and then around to my ear where he took my lobe in his mouth and gently sucked. After doing the second ear, he kissed down my throat to my breasts. He put his face between them and I squeezed his face between them with my arms. Every place he touched me with his lips sent a jolt to my groin. He even lifted my arm and nuzzled his nose in my armpits before he licked them erotically.

“Patrice your soft body drives me crazy; I just want to taste you, to feel you all over with my lips.”

He got up and went to the end of the bed where he picked up my foot and began kissing my toes one by one and then he was sucking them. I couldn’t believe how many erogenous zones he managed to find on my body. I was so excited I begged him to fuck me; yes, I actually said that word. He said he would but not yet, as he spread my legs then buried his face in my slit. I came as soon as his lips touched my clitoris, and only then did he mount me to give me what I craved. I have no idea how many times we climaxed that weekend but I do know I was so sore that I called in sick Monday.

You know this story has to end sadly don’t you. Well your wrong, Eric’s wife ran off with her female Yoga instructor and she was glad to leave the children with him. Now not only do I have a husband but two adorable little girls to love and spoil to my heart’s content. To think that all of this happened because I chose to pick an elliptical machine next to my future husband is almost unbelievable. I can hardly remember that lonely fat girl that not even her family loved, always alone and without hope for future happiness.

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