Big Mike Ch. 18

Big Tits

I put my black leather collar on just before opening the door to Mike’s place. I couldn’t bring myself to actually wear it at work but I figured I’d pretend that I had to make him happy. I opened his door and heard the sound of video game gunfire. I poked my head in to see the backs of Mike and Aron sitting on the couch with the screen lighting up an otherwise dark room.

I heard their banter, muted by the Playstation’s volume. I was about to announce myself but instead I chose a stealthy approach. I took off my shoes and silently walked up behind them. Aron was an average sized guy, probably in the direction of two hundred pounds, but he looked little sitting next to Mike’s broad, rounded back. My hands floated up behind each of them and planted down suddenly on their heads.

“Die, motherfuckers!” I shouted.

They both spazzed out and twisted around in their seats in a flurry of Jesus Christs and What the Fucks. I retracted from Aron’s flailing arm and pulled my arms up with a defensive pose and a smirk.

“Your door was unlocked. That’s dangerous. I could’ve been a psychopath.”

“Could’ve been?” Aron joked in a flat tone.

“Don’t worry, I’ll punish her.”

“Oh, shit.”

I had earned myself some punishment from Mike, and I wasn’t sure if I should be excited or afraid. I also realized that that was the first time that Mike had mentioned anything sex related in front of both Aron and I. This led me to a sudden introspective query as to how much he had told Aron about us and what dirty details had been described to him. They half-heartedly returned to their game but kept their focus on me.

“Can I turn these lights on?” I asked as I flipped the switch. “Sorry to interrupt the dark bachelor man-cave thing.”

“Oh that’s fine. I should probably eat dinner anyway. How was work?” It was Aron asking me instead of Mike. The big man kept his eyes on the screen and made no additional effort to address me. I spoke to Aron as I noticed him notice the leather collar around my neck. It matched my black dress but nonetheless stood out a bit.

“It was uh…fine. A little awkward.” I hadn’t really talked to Aron since I had begun my little hooker role play with Mike. I wasn’t sure if I should be speaking to him like normal or being submissive and sexy. I wasn’t sure I was even able to play that role in front of anyone other than Mike.

“Hey, but Mike isn’t really a bachelor anymore, is he?” Aron said it as the slightest provocation, but neither Mike nor I reacted with ay mirth. I couldn’t answer him; I wasn’t allowed to. Instead, Aron and I looked to Mike and waited.

“What, this girl?” Mike began. “She’s not my girlfriend, she’s just some hooker who keeps coming around. I pay her and then she leaves. Isn’t that right, Felicia?”

He said it like a joke but I had no idea how to answer. Aron looked to me with a timid smirk.

“Uhh…I prefer ‘Lady of the Night’ but, sure…”

The conversation instantly became super awkward because none of us knew what the state of our relationship was. Aron nodded along with a forced laugh but soon excused himself to the kitchen. Mike pried his eyes away from the screen for long enough to give me a quiet command.

“In the bedroom. On your hands and knees on my bed.”

I obeyed swiftly, leaving Mike sitting on the couch and Aron in the kitchen. I put my things down, quickly stretched out and cracked my neck, and assumed my desired position on Mike’s bed. I rested on my elbows and knees in the centre of his bed, with my low back arched and my ass facing the door. I wore my tight black dress over a white top. Since Mike had sent me to work panty-less, my bare growler was showing.

I waited. I heard Aron clanging pots and pans in the kitchen and I heard the gunfire of Mike’s game. I heard them speak for a while, what sounded like casual banter. I heard a few small laughs and wondered what he was saying about me, if anything at all. I sat there in doggy-style position wondering if I was ever going to meet his parents.

And then Mike came in. The door opened and closed swiftly and my heart suddenly jumped at his presence in the room. I didn’t turn to look, keeping my eyes facing his pillows. I just heard his lurching footsteps and his heavy breath. He stood there for a while without touching me or saying anything. I felt my heart pound and I wondered if he knew what a hold of suspense he had over me. I felt one of his big palms gently caress the top of my head, and it reminded me that he absolutely did.

“Good little kitty.” Mike petted me a few times, gently Kastamonu Escort running his fat hand from my head down to the curve of my lower back. The third time he let his hand cup around my butt and gave it a soft squeeze. He was very gentle and it terrified me.

“How much money did you make?” His deep voice seemed to have even more power because I couldn’t see him.

I pulled about a hundred and fifty bucks out from my bosom and held it up in the air. Mike quickly snatched it from me and crumpled the wad in the palm of his other hand.

“It’s all mine, since I own you.” He tossed it on the floor as though it were a piece of trash. “But you’ll get it back in wage after I’ve used you for a few hours. How many more shifts do you have to work?”

I enjoyed the touch of his strong hand circling around my butt. The pleasure distracted me from both his question and the fear of his domination.

“I…uh…I have one more shift in another week. I couldn’t get out of it.”

“Yeah, and I’ll punish you for that when the time comes.” The fear returned. “And as for tonight…I have to punish you for working…” The butt circles stopped and his hand instead gave my hips a gentle pat. “…and for sneaking up on us…” Another gentle pat. “…and I’m guessing you didn’t really wear that collar all night like I commanded.” Mike finished with a firmer smack.

“I…wore it…” My response was feeble, and the grip of his hand increased.

“Felicia…do you really want to lie to me right now?” His deep voice was fat with gravity and seemed to be forcing me deeper into his bed.

“No, sir. I’m sorry. I didn’t wear it.”

Mike chuckled to himself for a second, running his fingertips along my back and around my hips.

“No, of course you didn’t. Because you haven’t been properly disciplined. I haven’t broken you in right. It’s my fault, really…”

I was physiologically perplexed because I was both terrified and incredibly turned on. My body was receiving mixed signals from my brain and it couldn’t decide to become aroused or pump adrenaline.

Mike suddenly sat down on the edge of his bed, causing one side of his mattress to bend under his tremendous weight. My doggy stance collapsed to one side and I fell into his hip. He sat facing the door while my head still faced the opposite wall. His big arm cradled me in against his belly and thigh while his hand found a comfortable place on my butt. His fingertips dug gently between my bare buttcheeks. With just the weight of his arm and the gentle wiggle of two fingertips, I felt compressed and controlled. We still hadn’t even made eye contact since I’d come back.

“I was thinking about your other boyfriends…” I immediately didn’t like how he started the conversation. “You had five, right?”

“Umm…I only had two boyfriends. I’ve been with five guys.”

“Right. Five other cocks in you. Five other men teaching you to suck dick, and lick ass, and ride like a cowgirl.”

Mike appeared to be delving into a Clerks-like analysis of my sexual history. It was a common take among guys who’d had less sex than their girlfriends. I didn’t dare interrupt him.

“You’ve let these other guys teach you things and leave their mark on you. So I figured if you’re my property…then I better leave my mark on you. Something that you’ll never forget.”

The wiggle between my buttcheeks, despite being so gentle, send my heart pounding. It was clear exactly what he meant.

“Ooh, you’re tensing up there.”

“Mike…uh…” I didn’t know how best to object to him stuffing his massive cock into my asshole.

“What? You don’t wanna try new things?” His fingertips began probing deeper toward my anal verge, threatening me with playful circles.

“Mike, please…don’t just go in-“

“I will if I feel like it.” His deep voice was calm but commanding. He pressed one fat fingertip against my taught anus like an elevator button, but he didn’t go in. “You’re scared?”

“Yes…I’m not ready.”

He returned to petting my butt, his fat hand kneading across my ass and thighs in big strokes. The momentary threat of penetration hadn’t disappeared; I couldn’t trust Mike to understand or care how astronomical the challenge of taking his cock would be.

“Well, don’t worry…I’m not doing it tonight. I’ll give you a day or so to get warmed up.” He gave my butt another gentle pat. “You can have a few nights to think about it. My big dick stretching out your ass…fucking you in the stomach…”

I would’ve enjoyed the dirty talk if I wasn’t Kastamonu Escort Bayan stressing about never being able to shit properly again. Mike was really rather diabolical, giving me the waiting period to stress, knowing that I didn’t want it but ultimately would submit.

“Well…you have to be gentle when you do it. You could really hurt me…”

“Mm-hmm…” His deep voice was accompanied by another pat.

“We need to use lots of lube…otherwise…I’ll die…”

“Mmmmm…” Mike bassy growl suggested he wasn’t overly concerned. He squeezed my whole ass with his hand and then released my butt to deliver a firmer smack.

“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t wreck my own property. I’ve still got you rented for another week and a bit.” Another slap sent a ripple through my body. “Now let’s stop talking about that. You’ve got a more immediate threat to worry about.”

Mike put both big hands around my hips and dragged me across his lap. He lifted up a handful of his belly and shoved me halfway underneath. My final position was an embarrassing display. I was face down in the middle of his bed with his belly smothering most of my torso. My hips were slung across one of his big, corpulent thighs with my ass in the air and my legs hanging over the edge of the bed. One big hand secured my hips in place while the other slid up my thighs to the crease of my buttcheeks.

“Ready for your punishment, slut?”

I murmured a response, though with my face mashed into his mattress and crushed by an avalanche of belly, I’m sure he didn’t even hear me.

The first spank was harder than I expected, and he didn’t lighten up from there. Every few seconds his fat palm would meet my tender ass. My yelps of pain were muffled under one or two hundred pounds of hairy flesh. He ended up spanking me about twenty or thirty times, and every few spanks his cadence would slow and his force would intensify. I started tearing up halfway through, and by the end my body was trembling from the pain. In my mind, I was begging each smack to be the last, and when he finally stopped my tears were mixed with pain and relief.

He pulled me out from his lazy entrapment and cradled me in his arms. His palm gently rubbed my pink, tender ass while I rubbed my tears with my fist.

“You alright there, girly?” I couldn’t answer right away. I didn’t want look at him either. I huffed out a pouty breath and covered my face with one hand. “Did you learn your lesson?”

Still, I hesitated. “Mm-hm.”

Mike caressed my butt and let me wallow in his arms. I knew that there was no apology coming, there was only the question of what he would do with me next. I didn’t want him to apologize, but I wanted some lifeline to pull me from the tide of his overwhelming oppression. I wanted a momentary reprieve from feeling like a piece of meat on his plate.

Instead, his hand slipped under my butt and between my thighs to stroke the next tender, wet slab that would be his second course. His fingers clutched my hip and his fat thumb pressed into my slippery taint. I let out a pained whimper as his big digit shoved into the warm space inside me.

I turned my head away and shut my eyes, still feeling victimized from his touch. I made a weak effort to resist his probing thumb, pushing his wrist away with both hands. His thick, hairy forearm gave up an inch only take back three, forcing his thumb deep into me. I moaned sharply and squeezed his fat forearm helplessly, my hands feeling tiny against the bulk of his huge arm. My resistance seemed to arouse him; his heavy breath and deep, quiet moan increasing up above me.

The tip of his thumb was glistening with nectar. He pulled it out and began flicking my clit. I huffed a frustrated and aroused breath and dug my nails into the flesh of his arm. My increased grip told him how powerless and how aroused I felt, and he reciprocated by stimulating my more and more, twiddling my clit until I was burning with pleasure.

I let out an audible moan, and Mike seemed pleased. He abruptly stopped and pulled out his dripping thumb. I felt the angry wince of having my climax denied, and let a pout slip as I glared up at him. Big Mike just smirked down at me, slowly brought his fat hand to him mouth, and proceeded to suck the juice from his thumb.

“Mmmm…tasty pussy juice.” His deep voice gave everything he said a hint of intimidation; even the suggestion of my taste sounded like a threat. “Now turn over.”

I was slow to move, but Mike flipped me like a rag doll onto his thigh, ass in the air. Escort Kastamonu He yanked up my black dress so that even my lower back was fully exposed. His other bulky forearm leaned into me, and I felt his bulk pressing into my back. I was face down into the mattress again and his wet hand spread my legs. This time his thumb had a different destination, and I felt its tip tease the verge of my anus.

“Oh…” I perked up and tried to turn my head in alert, but the weight of his arm and elbow kept me pinned in place easily. “Mike…”

“Shhhh…I’m just going to take a peek inside…don’t panic.”

“Please…be careful.”

“Shhhhhhhhhhhh.” He quieted me easily, his thumb just beginning to spread my anal sphincter. “Do I own you, or not?”

I sulked back down, my chin pressing into the mattress.

“Yes, you do.”

“Mm-hmmm. And do you exist for my pleasure?”

The duvet muffed my voice as I pouted a response.


“Every inch of you…is for my pleasure.”

I huffed out a pained breath as his thumb sunk in, spreading my anus and delving into my rectum. His thumb was wet so it slid in without much resistance, but the girth was more of a challenge to my virgin ass than I’d ever experienced. He gently bent his digit inside of me, causing me to clutch his bedsheets and tense up.

“Okay, okay…I’ll just keep it there.”

I was able to relax slightly as it seemed he had enough restraint not to force in any further. His thumb stayed still and bent, almost holding me in place, while the tip of his middle finger grazed my labia from top to bottom. I was already wet enough that his fingertip easily slid back and forth, about one inch deep.

“Nice and wet…because you need a good stroking.”

“Mmnn.” I murmured in nervous pleasure as he teased my clit, taking my mind off the thumb in my ass. The weight of his fat forearm was heavy on my back. His stroke increased and I felt delightfully helpless.

“Mmm…you’re so wet. I want you this wet all the time. Like, whenever I snap my fingers…you just start dripping…”

Mike’s expectation wasn’t too outlandish. He already had the power over me to prime my body for his pleasure with a simple touch, and command me to the floor with a single word of his deep emperor’s voice.

Mike hammered my clit until it was tender and swollen. I wanted to grind my hips into his bulky thigh, but his thumb was like an anchor, holding me in place. He obviously felt I was climaxing, and his finger left my clit and plunged deep into me.

“Ahhh.” My muffled yell caused Mike to chuckle. He enjoyed both my pleasure and my pain, and he forced me to feel both as he fingered me roughly and deeply. We kept on like that as my breathing became heavy panting, and finally another muffled yell of orgasm as my muscles clenched around his big middle finger. Mike took the opportunity to shove his thumb deeper into my ass. I buried my face further as my pleasure and pain climaxed together. “Mnnnnnnnnn.”

Mike chuckled in amusement. My anal sphincter was stretched taut around the second knuckle of his thumb. The fat digit curled gently inside of me.

“How was that, slut?”

I panted heavily, one side of my face pressed down into his duvet. “Hahh…hahh…good…” Mike chuckled to himself again.

“And you like having your ass played with?”

I panted, hesitating to answer. I couldn’t say that I didn’t enjoy it at all.

“Yes, daddy…oh fuck!”

Mike suddenly pulled his thumb halfway out of me. I clenched handfuls of duvet cover as he slowly pulled the rest out. For a moment I could feel the empty space in my rectum that I’d never experienced before. Like when he’d pull his dick from my pussy, I felt his absence from my body.

Mike rolled me over in bed and leaned over me, smiling down like an asshole. I looked up at his grizzly, handsome face, his thick beard framing the smirk on his thick lips. He looked so damn sexy to me in that moment; his power over me blossoming in arrogant, casual domination. His free hand moved over my face.

“I already had a taste…” He stuck out his thumb, fresh my the warmth of my anus. “So now you can taste yourself.”

Mike’s crude suggestion and arrogant smile didn’t turn me off; nothing could in that moment of control he held me in. I parted my lips and looked up into his eyes as he placed his thumb against my waiting tongue.

“Now suck the thumb, baby.”

I obeyed instantly and Mike smiled even bigger. My tongue discovered the tang of my own asshole as my lips sucked eagerly. Mike had prepped my ass for what was soon to come. I wasn’t sure if I could really take his huge cock but as I looked into his eyes, I knew that I would, along with another other thing that crossed Mike’s mind. He had given a few days reprieve, but it was inevitable that Mike would leave his mark on me.

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